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  1. This is a team, particularly under Peterson, that scares me around playoff time..
  2. Exactly. Buffalo fans know the Bills always do better when ignored, counted out, etc. I hated them being the "favorite" last year by many... that sort of attention never helps this team. Bring it on...
  3. They did actually suspend him for a game... and Belichick apologized to McDermott afterward. I always thought it was another incident of "in-game bias" by the refs though. They were looking right at him while he did it and no penalty... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/rob-gronkowskis-one-game-suspension-for-dirty-hit-on-bills-tredavious-white-is-upheld/
  4. My best guess at the moment is that Minshew finally gets a shot as a starter for 2023. I have some personal rooting interest with Minshew, so I'm a bit biased. However, Indy also has the 4th pick in the draft, so I'd guess they'll also draft a QB.
  5. So long Lil Dirty... We'll miss ya...
  6. I’d prefer they trade out of the first, given the right opportunity. However, staying put.. a MLB or versatile OG/C or OT would be ideal.
  7. Sit on my couch next season and use my credit card on something else perhaps. Watch “Rudy” on repeat. At least then I can witness a happy ending.
  8. Give credit where credit is due. He’s the best QB in the NFL with the best offensive coach and the best scheme. Give Josh Allen an Andy Reid and things may change..
  9. Allen needs a great offensive mind on his side, better protection and consistently strong running game. Do those things, and watch this offense thrive with him.
  10. I’d put some strong emphasis on the offensive coaching, offensive line and running game in the offseason.
  11. Allen needs an offensive QB guru like an Andy Reid or Kyle Shanahan type in his ear for a few years… and he’s likely not going to get it. This QB deserves more…
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