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  1. Excellent... Not sure I’d go that far, but Gronk deserved more than what he got. I always felt Jarvis Landry deserved far more than what he got for the Aaron Williams cheap shot. But as the OP said, the NFL’s bizarre and inconsistent response to these on-field issues proves their gross incompetence on such matters.
  2. Any Bills defenders taking notes for the next time they play Jarvis Landry...?
  3. Both lines and QB would absolutely come first, imo... work on everything else after that. There should always be consideration for best player available as well, regardless of position.
  4. I used to read those cover to cover. Felser was my favorite sports journalist at that time and I always looked forward to his articles in Shout. I still have a few stored away.
  5. C+ Run the damned ball, Daboll! Consistently!!!
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexkay/2019/10/14/detroit-lions-at-green-bay-packers-monday-night-football-week-6-tv-schedule-odds-and-picks/ “Green Bay was swept by this opponent in each of the last two seasons, but oddsmakers believe that string of losses will come to an end this evening. The books have installed the Packers as a 3.5-point favorite on Monday Night Football, but that line has shifted rather significantly since opening at GB -6. The public isn’t responsible for this adjustment, as approximately two-thirds of all bets (66%) and cash wagered (68%) against the spread is backing the home side. The sharps have been pounding the Lions ever since the game went up on the board, forcing a big swing in Detroit’s favor. The total has been far more stable, dropping just a half-point since starting at 46.5 points. The public is clearly rooting for a high-scoring battle, evidenced by 68% of tickets and 67% of money wagered on the over.” 🤔🤔🤔
  7. This is a terrible example, if the argument is that the refs are revolting on PI challenges. I mean, it's the Patriots... and that team can do no wrong. Holding down a WR's arm before an attempted catch whilst wearing a Patriots uniform is just a skill that cannot be taught.
  8. It's pretty obvious who they're speaking to on their headsets... Vegas.
  9. Bills fans need a sacrificial lamb.. Who else are we gonna blame for the heartbreaking, last second losses year in and year out..? Besides the crooked refs, of course.. 😉
  10. I wish I could hit the bong on a Friday morning like 4mers...
  11. Hell no. As some have said, beating the Titans may likely help Buffalo’s chances with a wildcard spot in December. The division crown would be fantastic, but a WC is more realistic. This should be a defensive grind on Sunday and Buffalo needs this win.
  12. So his career is over...? He had a bad game in Buffalo, so he's obviously in decline? Bills fans have wished for this for about 10 years now.
  13. Poor Tommy... What a martyr... Also, a whole lot of wishful thinking on this thread. lol
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