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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Darnold has a Tannenhill type of career, assuming Tannenhill continues to play at a decent to good level.
  2. There might be a correlation between those who would attend a Missouri football game in a pandemic and a certain stance on social issues such as BLM.
  3. It's a good thing we were talking about this on our board so Beane could get this idea!!! 😋
  4. You might be right, but it is also important to remember that, Hue coaching < Lynn coaching and considering how Tyrod did with Lynn that < might be <<<
  5. And while people can always surprise you, it seems quite unlikely McD is the type of guy one could get "pictures" of in the first place.
  6. Yeah, it's unfortunate, but it's not like we're in the tier of getting injured from a rubber mat.
  8. The bad man can't hurt you anymore ?
  9. I'd say the silver lining is that this is happening now. Gives the league time to make sure the lab figures their #@&^ out or to contract with someone more competent.
  10. If that's the case, I think he should beat Mahomes pretty easily at their throwing contest.
  11. So then what does he expect for this year with Le'Veon Bell on his team? 120 yards?
  12. And perhaps if it's fast and cheap enough they can authorize enough tests for any player who tests positive to rule out any false positives.
  13. Kind of like Kraig Urbik?
  14. Not as talented as Kyle but reminds me of that grit, work ethic and team player personality.
  15. The problem is how many unknowns there are. It also would be incredibly Billsy if he plays, catches COVID and is one of those young people who develop long term lung or heart problems and his career ends. What are the odds of that? 1%? .1%? 5%? He falls into several higher risk categories.
  16. I mean, there was that doctor who ran a marathon in one so I have to think it wouldn't affect them that much.
  17. Yeah I didn't respond to that post because I thought/really hoped it was a troll. The alternative would suggest a lot of hardship for that person's future.
  18. I thought Poyer was one of the better safeties against the run.
  19. To be fair, our defense played really well against Lamar comparatively.
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