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  1. Wanted to say this. Especially on offense. We tend to get conservative and predictable when we get a lead. Hope they let Josh keep attacking. Run when they expect pass. Pass when they expect run. Lets win this thing! Getting excited!
  2. This. Gore has had tough sledding the last few games, yet still averaging 3.6 per game. He is often running when everybody knows we are going to run, so that hurts his stats. But he can be counted on and doesn't give the game away. I love the way they use him.
  3. I think Ed is right here. Not sure how we got to 10 and 4 with one pro bowl selection. 6 teams had only one selection. Here are their records: Bills 10-4 Bengals 1-13 Broncos 5-9 Jags 5-9 Jets 5-9 Lions 3-10
  4. I would also like to add Josh has 10 wins this season compared to 5 (I think) last year.
  5. I agree with this. Tre is the kind of guy you spend the money on. Hope he is a Bill for life.
  6. I was looking for this thread! Another 4th quarter game winning drive. This kid is clutch. Big difference between Josh and Tyrod, who couldn't seem to bring the team back in the 4th quarter. Also, didn't see this discussed anywhere, but John Brown got to 1000 yards last night. Kinda overlooked with the big win and all. He has been a great pick up for us.
  7. I was thinking the same thing about the fourth quarter drive. What a back breaker for the Cowboys. Good things are happening.
  8. Another great write up! I look forward to reading these after each game. You make a great point about John Brown blocking on Josh's rushing TD. What a great block and so unselfish.
  9. I just watched this twenty times. Still funny.
  10. Josh simply has a will to win games that is fun to watch, and fans and players are rallying to him. Hope he is here for a long time.
  11. It was great how we ran the ball at the end of the game, when they knew it was coming. Been a long time that a Bills team could do that.
  12. Managed the game well today, considering how well the defense was playing. Showing lots of maturity out there, with flashes of insane ability.
  13. I do not like that crew. Bunch of over officious jerks! At least they seemed to call ticky tack stuff both ways.
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