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  1. Imagine Josh having an elite receiver. It needs to happen
  2. How on earth did we let McLaughlin go...he's a stud
  3. This McLaughlin guy seems good. Maybe the Bills should take a look 😉
  4. San Francisco is just us but with a defense that forces turnovers
  5. Man would it be nice to have an elite receiver
  6. I just watched the last kick again....and I don't think he even kicked it long enough. Not too clear by the angle but it looks like it bounced in the back of the endzone. Not great
  7. He is 0 for 5 on his last 5 attempts at 50 yards or greater, good for the worst streak in the NFL. That is a MAJOR problem. You need to be able to have a kicker that gets you some points from long distance.
  8. 8 rushing attempts against the 30th ranked D against the run, and 41 pass attempts against the 4th ranked D against the pass. Daboll needs to go
  9. I refuse to grade him at all when we have Andre frickin Roberts in at WR for half the game as he drops a very catchable 30 yard pass. We just don't have any truly dynamic playmakers who make catches they aren't supposed to. Beane has alot of work to do
  10. These are the threads that make me crazy. Why on earth are we nit-picking every single throw of the day? People are really dropping him a whole "grade" for missing a single throw? News flash...no NFL qb is perfect. Allen played well. Move on.
  11. And there is what having a #1 wide receiver gets you. Whens the last time a Buffalo WR made a catch like that?
  12. I quite honestly don't give a flying f about what the strength of schedule and analytics say...we're 5-1... enjoy it. It feels like people would rather be 3-3 but have the metrics say that we're a solid team. I dont get it And why are we ccompletely ignoring the kicking game? Last time I checked, kickers are part of the team. Saying we're not good because other teams have a bad kicker is crazy. Tough crap for them, thankfully our TEAM has a good kicker.
  13. Yep. If Allen got another shot at a real drive, these stats are probably padded even more.
  14. Brady Prescott and Rivers all had more pass attempts than Allen
  15. Just to give some context. It baffles me that some people are upset at how Josh played. Do these numbers really seem like QBs have been absolutely lighting up Miami's D? Besides Jackson, these seem pretty comparable. Not to mention some runs Allen had. I don't see anyone criticizing Dak for his worse rating against Miami. People here would explode if Allen threw a pick this game like Dak did
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