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  1. John I posted this after seeing that Wimbledon posted it as "canceled" on their official website. Chill out my man
  2. Jessie Pegula's Wimbledon match was just announced as canceled for today. Probably not a great sign
  3. Count you out if they make it compatible with soccer dimensions? The only difference really is more room in the corners. Highmark is already pretty wide at the 50 yard line. Seems like a minimal sacrifice to be able to host more events to get more out of the stadium. Tennessee, Dallas, Arizona, Seattle, Miami, Foxborough, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Washington, Charlotte, Philly, and MetLife all have hosted soccer matches. And probably more that I can't think of
  4. I'd bet that the final product will be pretty similar to this...Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. It is also designed by Populous, 62k seats, seats covered but open air, sized for soccer. End zones will probably be a little different with standing zones, more open.
  5. Oh hell yeah. I could totally see a USA vs Canada send off friendly match right before the 2026 World Cup (being dual hosted by Canada, US and Mexico.) Would be an ideal "soft" launch in May/June 2026 to work out the kinks before the Bills season
  6. Haha no, I really don't post here besides game reactions and defending JA17. Oh well. I think Harrison needs to reevaluate what friends he shares info with. Alcohol is a hell of a drug!
  7. I hate to say I told you so, but....🙂
  8. Its just a joke my man. Noone owes me anything. I've already said multiple times that I don't expect anyone to believe me! The texts and multiple pictures with Harrison, telling us he was great friends with him, storys etc etc made me believe him 100%. Felt that I needed to share the story with everyone...nothing deeper than that. I will gladly eat crow if he's back. Go bills
  9. Lol, I can assure you I am not trolling or just doing this to get a reaction. You'll all owe me some wings when this happens! I don't know why people don't think this is believable...Alcohol is a hell of a drug when it comes to spilling secrets. And you'd have to be crazy to think that just because its not in the tampering window yet, that people aren't unofficially contacting each other. If I'm wrong, make fun of me all you want. I can handle it! 😂
  10. Lol yeah like I said I don't expect anyone to believe me. But sounds like he'll be accepting another offer
  11. Met Harrison's best friend out in Buffalo tonight...showed texts to prove that he will not be coming back in free agency. I don't expect anyone to really believe this, but you'll just have to believe me haha. He will not be a Bill next year
  12. Tickets are back to $60 for the cheapest...only $13 less than the Chiefs now. This is a non story lol. It will be full tomorrow
  13. No. There were less than 500 tickets left to be officially sold from the Bills at the beginning of the week. Most of everything online now is resale. Selling out isnt the issue, its how many of those resellers will show up if their tickets don't sell. It will still be a great crowd
  14. A quick look at Kansas City shows they have 6000 tickets on StubHub. The price is a little more, but who cares. People are making a way bigger deal out of this than needed. Highmark will be full and rocking like always
  15. No. Absolutely not lol. Tickets are moving. There were over 5,000 on Stubhub two days ago. This morning there are 2,800. It will be pretty much full.
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