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  1. We want the Steelers to win here right? Keeps both teams at mediocre records
  2. Wow. Hill. Now THAT is why you need a true #1 recieving threat. No one on the Bills makes that play. Unreal
  3. Not sure what else Allen could have done to generate more points today. He hit almost all of his throws. We have a non-existent run game for most of the game. The Titans just had great D and didn't leave anyone open down field. Some people will just never be pleased. 4-1!!
  4. Allen's dad is in Nashville right now (per multiple twitter videos) so I'd take that as a great sign he's playing
  5. I think he'll play. You don't sprint around practice for no reason if you have a bad concussion.
  6. If you lose faith after 1 bad game, then you probably didn't have faith to begin with. Josh had improved in almost every way before this game. Its the NFL, bad games happen. Do you think Patriots fans have lost faith in Brady after his awful performance? Nope. And to say he was the sole reason we lost is dumb. We just forgetting about the blocked punt? We win the game if that doesn't happen
  7. 4 game winning drives in 12 starts (should be 5 with the Clay drop) has got to be up there near the top, right? I'd love to see stats on that. Allen is clutch!
  8. Lets not forget Allen's running. He is such a weapon in the red zone, always a threat to run it in. I can't remember too many times where he's rolled out close to the end zone and didn't score
  9. Baker Mayfield went 10 for 26 with an INT last night. I don't see anyone criticizing him and saying he's awful. Its PRESEASON. Relax everyone.
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