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  1. With there being no sports at all right now, I would 100% be fine watching sloppy football for a few weeks. I need something!
  2. I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on what you think is most likely to happen due to Covid-19. To me it seems clear that it will not be a typical NFL summer schedule. My best case scenario seems to be that OTAs are moved to July, training camp in August and no (or maybe just 1) preseason games. Then the season starts on schedule. Thoughts?
  3. https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/1223277830416617473?s=19 Thats my quarterback
  4. Love PMT and those guys. They are always pulling for the Bills when its not their team playing. Hilarious
  5. Ah yes...DK Metcalf....the guy this board said was terrible and would be a complete waste of a high pick.
  6. Even his "pitch" to Knox actually ended up helping us big time. The clock stopped. Otherwise we loss about 10 seconds and maybe we dont have time to kick the field goal. Who knows, lol
  7. If that's Allen who fumbles it, everyone rips him apart. These things happen in the playoffs. Allen has outplayed both of these QBs
  8. So far, Josh has had a better performance than any other QB not named Watson (and he still out gained him by a considerable margin of total yards). Brees, Brady, Tannehill, and Cousins have all been pretty bad. I guess my message is that the playoffs are an entire different beast. Allen gets absolutely ripped apart for his mistakes, yet when you compare him to all others so far, he may have had the 2nd best performance of the playoffs. Get him some weapons and another legit RB, and we're in business.
  9. Huge news. They are a completely different offense without him. Lets gooo!
  10. If you post on this forum, then you're probably more over the top as a fan than most people.
  11. https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1209088472541286401?s=19 This would be huge if he misses the likely game against us. Outside chance of being back in time but doesn't look likely
  12. Josh Allen had 2 TDs and zero turnovers against the best defense in the NFL (some have called best all time) and people are trying to say that he had a bad game? I'm sorry but that just does not make sense to me. His growth has been unbelievable. Do any of you watch other NFL games? Unless your name is Drew Brees, quarterbacks miss throws all the time. I'm sick of everyone expecting perfection from a 2nd year raw qb.
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