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  1. Even my wife got into that one. Love these, very good insight.
  2. Completely agree. Motor and Moss have no shot of getting the edge. You have to have at least the threat of it. Breida was a good get. The fact that we didn’t draft a RB after BB’s comments about needing speed there is telling.
  3. I was convinced john digiorgio could be a serviceable LB. I also thought Zay was going to be the real deal.
  4. Perfectly summed up. The Russ/Nix/Rex years are a distant memory. These guys are smart, and disciplined. This draft was “the process” put to action.
  5. Trade up to 50ish and take Javonte.
  6. Going to keep beating my drum. Javonte in the 2nd and we are set at RB.
  7. I’m sad for him. What a waste. Hope the guy can figure it out but his career is over in the NFL.
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