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  1. Played in HS, Kawika Mitchell was actually on my HS team, go silver hawks. I was a WR/DB, had 1 D2 offer in Ohio. I went to college to run the 60 and 100 meters in a D1 program instead. Football is the greatest team sport there is.
  2. I wish we had this during the AFC Championship.
  3. This makes Watson borderline un-tradeable.
  4. I’d rather have Javonte Williams from UNC.
  5. This guy.....damn. He’s more man than Bill Brasky.
  6. I’m bottle feeding my new born son in the NICU. He’s doing great, hope to have him home in a few weeks. Got to fatten him up. I’ll be watching on my phone. Thankful for him to give me some perspective today. Go Bills baby, can’t wait for this one.
  7. Thanks @Patrick_Duffy and everyone, he came a little early but I’m chalking that up to him wanting to see us stomp KC. Momma and baby are great. We go home this afternoon too, which was a surprise. Get to watch the game at home holding my little guy.
  8. At 11 mph the wind and rain will perfectly offset, resulting in multiple dimes being chucked all over the KC defense. Trust me.
  9. Brother, those steaks were good. I’m doing whatever you do to keep the mojo good! Pizza sounds good to me.
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