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  1. This schedule sets up really well if they handle business early. I can pick out 10 wins pretty easily.
  2. I remember the good old days. F5-ing for leak updates on schedule release day and wondering which "home" game was going to be played in Toronto. It feels like so long ago.
  3. This could indicate they are considering an offer for Clark or Clowney. Beane may have had a 4th or 5th round picked pegged for RB. Now maybe that spot goes to Yeldon because that pick is part of a package? Man the draft needs to hurry up and get here. My head hurts.
  4. I’d be shocked if one of those 7 ist a Bill here soon. That’s the highest I’ve seen Lawrence rated, interesting.
  5. Sums up Dallas pretty well in general. They can keep it.
  6. I just can’t see the value with him at 9. Give me the best DL/Edge guy in the first. A fast WR in the second and BPA after that. Scoop up Oliver at TE in the 4th or 5th.
  7. Brown, Foster and Campbell with Beasley in the slot sounds good to me. Beasley would go nuts with all that outside speed, especially now that our pass protection should be vastly improved.
  8. His praise of Paris Campbell is interesting. I haven’t seen him mentioned as a 1st rounder by anyone else. I need to go back and look at him. Any Buckeye fans out there agree with his sentiment?
  9. I’m still hoping for Deebo. He reminds me a lot of JuJu.
  10. Wow! What did the Rams offer him, fourteen bucks? What a great deal.
  11. Thanks for posting. I really enjoy Chris Simms and his analysis.
  12. Honestly the CBS mock from today was close to perfect for me, but to slightly modify. Rd1 Q. Williams Rd2 D. Risner Rd3 D. Samuel
  13. RB would be almost impossible, but a gunner on ST he’s got a shot. It’ll be fun to watch him in preseason.
  14. Oliver/Risner would be fantastic. Give me Isabella in the 3rd in this scenario.
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