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  1. I completely agree. I’ve been saying this since his first preseason game. He’s got to get a little more air under the deep ones.
  2. I don't get the hate for this move? Obviously he can never return a punt again, but as an insurance policy for McKenzie, and one who already knows the offense, whats the problem?
  3. This is without T. Johnson for most of the season too. McD has done a hell of a job on the D, very impressive.
  4. I dont mind that duo at all. They are pretty neutral. Fouts is the absolute worst.
  5. I don’t think it’s is impossible. I’ll say that. Does anyone know if Mosley will be back?
  6. So was I, and I'm so damn glad I was wrong!
  7. He may have 10 sacks when we play the fish.
  8. And consistent hands out of our TE's. Sweeny and Knox both dropped balls yesterday that would have sustained drives and likely lead to points.
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