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  1. Watson bailing his coach out.
  2. Too early to say on Ford. He could be a really good LG. I’m not even ready to give up on him at RT yet. It’s really tough to label someone a miss after 1 season.
  3. I didn’t like a lot of things from yesterday. But the lateral was way down the list. It really didn’t bother me either.
  4. No way in heck he should have thrown it 46 times. Period.
  5. Allen threw 46 times. Singletary ran 13 times.
  6. 3 guys whiffed on 41 on the QB power in OT. If one of them blocks him, we’re on the 30.
  7. We had em. Didn’t execute. This one hurts. We are good, not great, but we’re going to get there. Houston earned it.
  8. Having Roberts has significantly reduced my blood pressure on punts as well. Ray Ray made me cray cray. Roberts plays if healthy.
  9. Very interesting blurb from the Athletic today... https://theathletic.com/1497031/2019/12/30/sandos-pick-six-previewing-the-wild-card-matchups-through-the-eyes-of-coaches-and-execs/ The aforementioned Week 4 game between the Panthers and Texans could provide a blueprint. Ron Rivera was the Panthers’ coach at the time, which matters because Bills coach Sean McDermott spent five seasons as the Panthers’ defensive coordinator under him, from 2011-16. “McDermott is going to devour that late September tape of Carolina vs. Houston,” a defensive coach said. “If McDermott can catch Coach Rivera in between his head coach interviews, he is going to have a nice conversation with him about how they defended Houston. That will be a hidden advantage to Buffalo.” The Panthers held Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to less than 4.9 per pass attempt in that Week 4 game, a season low for Watson and the third-worst figure of his career, counting playoffs.
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