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  1. I might be ok with this. St. Barth's is amazing.
  2. Le Batard and Stugotz brought it up today and proceeded to go on a rant about how crazy/cold/desolate Buffalo is. It starts about the 4:30 mark. http://www.espn.com/espnradio/play?id=27008618
  3. My kids got me an Allen jersey, just opened it. All 3 of mine have been brainwashed to be Bills fans just like I was. Happy Father’s Day to all!
  4. It sounded like a decent idea, until you got to the “for example” part of the post.
  5. Tim G can be an abrasive prick, but I’m sort of with him here. Vic needs to hang em up. His “questions” in most of the press conferences are painfully awkward to listen to.
  6. Fun thread, I’ll go Garrett. Lots of good choices, but he is probably headed to Canton and plays the second most important position behind QB. Mack would be my next choice.
  7. https://theathletic.com/1004274/2019/05/31/qa-with-ken-dorsey-the-bills-quarterbacks-coach-on-his-philosophy-and-what-he-sees-in-josh-allen/ There are some really good questions in here. I have posted a few (hopefully not too many) below that relate to Allen. He also discusses his time in the NFL and college. I think the Dorsey hire is going to be huge for Allen's development. What percentage of the job is being a psychologist versus working on mechanics? I think psychology is very important. It’s such a mental game, you know? Because of the ups and downs over the course of a game, the course of a season, there’s good, there’s bad, there’s things you can improve on. We try to focus on not trying to get too high or too low. We’re staying steady. That calming force throughout a practice, throughout a game, throughout a year is important not only for ourselves, but for the team. When you considered taking the Bills job, what were initial thoughts on Josh Allen? I didn’t do a lot of scouting on that quarterback class in terms of hard film study. I knew the top guys. I knew Josh had a very strong arm, good size, things like that. But I didn’t realize how mobile he was, as well. That outside perception looking in, there are obvious traits, but getting to know him, you realize there is so much more to him than just those physical traits, which is really exciting. What are some examples? I love a quarterback who hates losing at anything. Guys like that always give you a chance. That inner drive continually pushes them to improve and to win football games. I love the competitiveness he has. I love the intelligence that he has. He’s a smart person and a smart football player. He can handle things. Then he can also learn from what’s been happening — good, bad or indifferent — and he can learn quickly. His ability to talk and relate to anybody on the team is huge. There are a lot of things, that “it factor” stuff people look for. If you were talking not to a reporter or a fan but another veteran quarterback who never has seen him play, how would you describe Josh’s arm strength? He can make any throw on the field. Some guys, no matter what, just have to anticipate to make sure they beat the corner. Josh is the type of guy where, if he’s a hair late in his progressions, he can make up for it with arm strength. He can make far-hash throws, deep out routes, deep go routes, whatever it is. Certain guys, if you’re on the far hash, aren’t going to be able to make those throws. Josh can make any throw and get it there with velocity. He can do the same thing on the move, too, the same as if he’s throwing from a clean pocket. For the first six weeks last year, Josh Allen’s left foot was staggered forward in his pre-snap shotgun stance. He switched to staggering his right foot the last six weeks. What’s the significance of all that for him? It’s comfort. That’s what it comes down to. What’s the individual player more comfortable with. Right now, Josh’s way is different than Matt’s current way. That’s because Matt’s more comfortable with his way. The bottom line is timing up your feet with the route combination. When your left foot is up, timing your drops is going to be different than when your right foot is up. At the end of the day, we don’t want to try to fit a square peg in a round hole. There’s not a set-in-stone “You have to do it this way” when it comes to this.
  8. Wow, I hope everyone understands just how terrible that is. Your speed doesn't mean squat if you are going to run a route like that. That's a pick 6 waiting to happen.
  9. My wife and I have 3 healthy, beautiful children and we are beyond blessed. But we have felt this pain and it can have an unimaginable affect on you. I pray that the Foles family will be comforted through this time.
  10. Frazier is so easy to root for. I know he had a rough couple weeks when McD took over the play calling but I get the feeling that he is a major asset to the D and to the team in general. I'm glad we've got him, he is always a pleasure to listen to.
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