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  1. I'm high on Davis too. And the 4th round thing, to me, doesn't matter. Davis was the 8th RB taken, guess who the 8th WR off the board was? Yep, Coleman. I know some on here like Johnson, but I think Davis is going to get a lot of touches and could end up being the 1B to Cook's 1A.
  2. True story, I got to make pizzas for Tom* and Mr. Beast about a year ago. Tom* got a gluten free Margherita pie, add roasted red peppers. It was kind of cool and I didn’t spit in it.
  3. This is why I’m optimistic. We’ve already had the luxury of seeing what the 2024 offense will look like. If the second half of the season didn’t go down the way it did, I’d think Beane was losing his mind. But, the day they stopped forcing the ball to Diggs…we got better. Kincaid, Cook and Shakir are a year older and wiser, we've replaced Harty with Hamler, added Samuel and added a big body rookie. These guys catch the ball, block and do so without the narcissism. I’m excited.
  4. I’m in this camp too. We tried the “true #1” thing. It didn’t work. Allen was forcing it to Diggs until Brady came in and spread it around/focused on the run. It can’t be understated how important it will be for Josh not to have that pressure on him. The old pats* teams killed you with a variety of interchangeable pass catchers, not necessarily WRs. I’m excited to see how the new offense is going to look. What we were doing wasn’t going to get it done.
  5. I feel like you’re usually spot on with these kinds of posts, so I’m in!
  6. I'd rather have Nabers. I have a weird feeling we are gong to make a move for him.
  7. I love this guy, don’t get the hate. We need a little more nasty on the back end.
  8. Spit out my coffee on this one. Bravo.
  9. Malik Nabers is going to be an absolute monster. I can dream.
  10. I don’t hate the throw to Shakir, but that’s a first down all day.
  11. Trade up for Malik Nabers, whatever it takes. He’s going to be a monster.
  12. I really wanted to get the Mahomes/Chiefs monkey off our back, but I didn't expect to beat Baltimore if we did to be honest. I'm doing well all things considered. I mainly feel bad for Allen, dude is a warrior. But I believe in my heart he will get one before it's over. Unlit next year, go Lions!
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