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  1. This particular quote needs to expanded on: "So it's fair to say McDermott is getting the most out of his talent. He's almost like a "Top Chef" contestant who is given an egg, a bag of parsley and a bottle of hot sauce to turn into a meal. The dish might not be ready for a Michelin rating just yet, but it's still pretty good." On the other hand, it is fair to say that Coach McDermott was given prime beef in Josh Allen and a spoiled piece of chicken in Nate Peterman, and Chef McDermott spent precious months prepping the spoiled chicken rather than begin building his menu around the prime beef. After tasting the chicken multiple times he finally set it aside and scrambled some eggs which were edible and made us think maybe he can cook"
  2. This is an interesting question. My first reaction is that it is certainly Belichick, because it is certainly easy to imagine him having the same level of success with Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Big Ben, or Drew Brees as QB. Maybe even with Philip Rivers. It would appear that Brady is the less rare element. On the other hand, Brady is the only QB who over the last decade who was willing to play for far below market value which has been a huge competitive advantage for the Patriots. I don't know how much a perennial $10-12 million salary cap advantage is worth to a team. The other factor that could very well be considered a third poll answer is. Playing in the leagues worst division being practically spotted 6 games per year. I don't think the dynasty would have happened in any other division.
  3. Are the Seahawks also an anomal? Do you even understand the discussion point in question is about whether or not McDermott is doing the turnaround quickly. Key word in the discussion is quickly.
  4. What do you think the standard is to build a contending NFL team. it’s not the 1970s. Pete carrol with the Seahawks and Sean Mcvay with the rams define “quickly” in the 2010’s. McDermott has already missed the modern “quick” standard Does not mean he is a bad coach. he is just an unproven coach who is still in the “potemtial” category than in the “proven success “ category.
  5. Quickly is a relative term. The rams making the super bowl is pretty quick. Think McDermott is more of a plodders pace.
  6. Sports psychologists often apply the concept of "comfort zone" to athletes. I think this concept also applies to coaches. Clearly Belichick's is comfort zone is boundless. When people talk about a team "elevating its play" during an NFL playoff game, I think it is more often that the other team was out of their comfort zone and played poorly. My main concern with the Bills coaching staff and the vast majority of its players has more to do with comfort zone, than it does to talent, work ethic, knowledge or skills. The Bills coaches and players really aren't battle tested, and until we see how they respond to moving to the next level, its hard to know if they will succeed or not.
  7. Did Steve Young making plays with his legs cause the 49ers a huge a mount of concern?
  8. original post is well thought through and makes a good case for ten wins. I am a bit of a contrarian. I think the offense assuming proper coaching will be above NFL average. I expect Allen’s floor this season to be an average Brett Farve season and his ceiling to be a good Steve Young season. I think people are overly optimistic about the defense I don’t. Expect in his rookie season for Oliver to be a an upgrade over kyle Williams I am concerned that without KYLE and after getting paid Hughes will be less productive. My biggest concern is coaching. I think McDermott has a tendency towards blind spots the biggest being his terrible assessment of NATE Peterman. I don’t consider him a proven head coach.
  9. personally I Think the best way to measure team defense is the percentage of drives that end in touchdowns. Even if the offense turns over the ball at the fifty a good defense should typically it slow the td. This stat solves two problems. One problem the “yards” problem is best best illustrated by example. Opposing team starts on their own 10 and drives fifty yards then is stopped at the forty and the field goal is blocked. That defense surrrendered fifty yards. Second opposing team starts at the defensive 40 and drives for a td That team comes out better on “ yards” next tbe problem of points. Historically teams like the saints and patriots scote lots of points and finish drives fairly quickly. This means their defenses will play more series. If their offensive proficiency results I. 2 more defensive series per game that is 32 more times the opponents have a chance to score during the season.
  10. Another idea is for you to stay on topic in a thread. You know like a competent adult.
  11. Muhammad Ali would have been able to pummel sugar Ray Leonard. Just a fact. A big part of the reason is that Ali was much bigger. You can have discussions about hypothetical “pound for pound” arguments. But those don’t change the fact about who could pummel whom
  12. Maybe Allen has not had a god slot receiver to help
  13. The theory put forward in this thread that you have either abandoned or can't defend is that McDermott will become one of the greatest coaches of all time. You can't really be saying "He became a good assistant coach, therefore that is evidence he will become one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history". Or have you simply moved the bar to say "he will continue to improve and therefore the Bills will become one greatest teams in NFL history". Neither of those things really seem like logical arguments to me. Basically I said "McDermott is not likely to be one of the greatest coaches of all time" . Your response is basically " you are wrong, he will likely improve from where he is at now". I just don't follow your point. I did not say he couldn't improve. If he becomes one of the 10 best coaches in the league, that would be a big improvement. Its a far cry from Lombardi, Landry, Noll and Bellicheck though.
  14. McDermott is truly not proven. His instant peer is Sean McVay both starting with their first head coaching jobs at the same time. His success level is light years behind McVay or Doug Peterson. People in court rooms like to say "anything is possible", so of course anything is possible, and McDermott could become some combination of Vince Lombardi and Darth Bellicheck and become the greatest ever. Or he could be the next Marvin Lewis. o Or he could be the guy who does 1000 little things right then makes huge blunders, like wasting half of last years pre-season QB first team snaps on Peterman. It could be a different blind spot this year. My concern is that McDermott will always be the guy that plays great but then spikes the ball on the 1 yard line before getting into the end zone. The questions is NOT will they learn from mistakes. The main question is will the continue to make mistakes when presented new challenging situations. Or will every injury to a key player, or game lost to a bad referee mean the Bills season is over because we will flounder in the wake of those challenges. We simply don't know yet.
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