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  1. Its 2019. None of have any idea what the exact motive to fire him is. For all we know this is more akin to the Russ Brandon termination than letting go of Whaley. Personally I would like to think it is because the Jets realize it was a bonehead move to draft Sam Darnold instead of the obviously superior Josh Allen, last year.
  2. McCoy appeared to be washed up last year. Gore is 100 years old. Neither may end up the starter.
  3. I am of the opinion that Derek Anderson had absolutely nothing to do with Allen's progress last year.
  4. people spend a lot of effort on some pointless metrics. My favorite of these is the “how many starters” metric. Every team has 22 starters. Every team is going to be “good “ at least one of them r metrics “keeping our starters”, “Finding starters in free agency” , “drafting starters” or “trading for starters “. in fact, in total, each team will total to 22 for these categories in a massive 32 team tie for winning the off season.
  5. The sausage in too tight casing look is actually "in". I used the word "absurd" because that is my opinion of it. The skinny tweeb in the mens store wheres "slim fit". Watch a rugby or football team at a college formal, and the break the casing look is everywhere. Its awful.
  6. The absurdly tight suit is a conscience fashion choice for many under thirty years old.
  7. maybe he works for another team in a role making those comments is not appropriate
  8. I think the context has something do with being in the same division with the defending super bowl champion who has also won the division something like 15 years in a row.
  9. Not yet, they are first working on one that deletes posts that pointlessly whine about a three word phrase.
  10. This pretty much comes down to how the QBs perform. If Allen is the best QB in the AFCE this year, the Bills win the division. If he is the second best QB in the division, they will be a wild card team. If he is the third best QB in the division, they miss the playoffs. We don't have the best oline, the best WRs or the best RBs in the division. We are competitive for best defense. Aside from QB play the teams in the division match up decently with each other. Other than BB, the coaches have not distinguished themselves from one another. (People get confused that because McDermott is better than Rex, that he must be out coaching the competition too. We play games like setting the expected value at 0 wins, so we can be astonished by a 6-10 finish). I personally think that at theis point today, Allen is going to out perform 43 year old Tom Brady and be the best QB in the division. But 2020 might be too soon.
  11. If Allen called all the same plays AND the defense could not get off the field to make adjustments, the offense would improve dramatically. The irony of this thread is that the mockers don't grasp the basic concept, and just make themselves look foolish.
  12. How does Bill Bellichek do with second year QBs?
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