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  1. the bills are betting underdogs, the moneyline on the Bills is +130. What makes you think bettors are leaning towards the Bills?
  2. Patriots have an oline made out paper mache and gum.
  3. you dont honestly think Chubb and old man peterson are similar talents in 2019 do you?
  4. its not a very good match up for the Bills. Browns have a good pass rush, which is something the Bills struggle with. The Bills do not have a good pass rush which is something the Browns struggle with. Chubb up the middle is a bit scary. If the Bills win this game, they are a legit contender to advance in the playoffs. If they lose the game, they are likely a one and done playoff team. If they lose badly per Riddick, the wheels could come flying off the Bills.
  5. Truly bad browns games so far: This is why the Browns are favored. I do not like Mayfield. The Bills very much need to win this game. Or I will be sad.
  6. well there is only one game tonight, so that has the OP's focus.
  7. From the end of last season to the beginning of this season he definitely improved. Have not really seen any meaningful additional improvement during the season.
  8. The classic backwards understanding of cause and effect. Cleveland makes bad coaching hires not bad coaching fires. Do you think holding on to Freddie Kitchens is a winning formula for the Browns. NFL coaches who don't win much don't typically last past three years. This more or less because they have demonstrated they are not that good at that point.
  9. 1) its not clear you have to ask 2) I purposely avoided being specific and offered a concept of adhering to your beliefs, that is independent from the specific belief set. My only point is that you being a solid participant in your faith means sticking to it. If you are seventh day adventist one day, a jehovah witness the next day, a mormom the following day, and Orthodox Christian, Catholic or Protestent Christian the following days, I don't think you are a very strong member of that system.
  10. Recent history of the teams that actually win Super Bowls, (Patriots, Seahawks Eagles, Ravens) is a who is who of coaches who adapt their system to their talent. The current glairng exmaple is John Harbaugh tossed aside a former super bowl winning QB who was a protype pocket passer and replaced the entire offensive scheme to fit a QB that is entirely different in style. Seems to be working.
  11. One personality trait that is desirable in a Christian (IMHO) is rigidly adhering to the tenets of the faith, even if cultural trends, change some of those tenets from popular to unpopular. I think the most successful coaches have been pretty flexible and changing things as their talent changes. One concern I have with McDermott is that he has a "system" and wants talent to fit the system, and is not really able to optimize his approach to the game to fit the talent available.
  12. I would be willing to clap vigorously while you did that.
  13. I consider myself a faithful Christian. But it is very clear there is no demonstrable correlation between the depth of coaches religious faith and winning football teams. It neither diminishes or increases a coaches success level.
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