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  1. The team & front office looks alot closer then my family is ­čśĺ
  2. Beasley, Brown, McKenzie, Cam and the wr/ kr from the jets are all under 6 feet if im not mistaken. I really am hoping the Duke Williams is a monster
  3. ´╗┐On Defense Khalil Mack hands down... The Dline would be sick with Mack & Oliver getting to the QB. On offense Saquon´╗┐ ´╗┐´╗┐Barkley´╗┐ & Odell Beckham Jr. If we had all 3 it would make Buffalo a SB team hands down. Tell me about it im still mad we passed on Mack when we traded up i really thought we moved up for mack.
  4. Buffalo will be resting there starters in week 17 vs Jets
  5. I can only see teams tanking for QB T. Lawrence out of Clemson. When is he coming out of school?
  6. Let's hope not, I know buffalo is out of the question but i really think McCoy would've been the second best player in the whole league (first being Aaron Donald) for Oliver to learn from and to play next to for this up coming season. It would've be awesome to have the two on the field on obvious passing downs.
  7. The start of reality TV Singletary should've took 32
  8. I love reading the jets and fins boards when things go south lmao.
  9. Not a fan of the signing i would rather see what Sweeney brings to the table
  10. Is this photo shop if not its amazing
  11. Singletary would look good in 32
  12. I want to see Singletary in 32 or 41
  13. Still trying to figure out how Damarkus Lodge went undrafted i think Buffalo should've drafted him over Tommy Sweeney in the 7th.
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