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  1. Im thinking Lamb i think Jeudys celling is Diggs
  2. I feel like where a old team.. the good thing is that where young at the cornerstones
  3. Can you imagine waking up from a coma to this Pandemic... it looks like the end of the world in some places That's what I was thinking to
  4. I like Phillips but not at 10 million per same goes for Lawson. I also think Frazier defense brought out the best in Phillips. I don't see Jordan getting close to another 9.5 sack season. If you watch the tape Jordan had alot of coverage sacks.
  5. Taylor hes a top 15 prospect and at 54 would be a steal
  6. I want to watch it I just can't 😪
  7. I think Dalton can work if hes a team player and takes a pay cut
  8. The country is locked down but ONE BILLS DRIVE is still open locking down big key additions. I love both of the moves today with bring back EJ and landing Williams.
  9. Josh sees Drew's 5 million and raises 25,000 thousand .. 😂😂 Sarcasm every little helps
  10. I kinda want freeman to go with Singletary
  11. I'll take a healthy EJ over Wallace
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