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  1. Call me crazy but i think Buffalo just signed there next number two WR in Foster. It may not be from day one this season but i think by the end of the season he will be on the outside along with Benjamin and Zay in the slot. I think hes the only wr on the roster that complements Benjamin on the outside at 6"2 200 and can stretch the field. (40 - 4.41).
  2. Bronxbomber21

    Official uniform numbers for Bills rookies

    52 was available but he stayed with the ugly 49 because he wants to make a name for himself. I wish he took 52
  3. Bronxbomber21

    Bills UDFA signings & Rookie minicamp invitees

    I think the cb will be Levi Wallace and i think Foster bets out ray ray
  4. Bronxbomber21

    Bills UDFA signings & Rookie minicamp invitees

    Robert Foster 6"2 200 runs 4.41 can play on the outside and stretch the field witch we really need since everyone else at WR fits better in the slot. Hes a nice option for Allen's big arm.
  5. Bronxbomber21

    Bills UDFA signings & Rookie minicamp invitees

    Can Davis PUNT ?
  6. Bronxbomber21

    RD 5, Pick 166: Wyatt Teller G - Viginia Tech

    I rather see it like this G - Teller C - Groy G - Miller/ Vlad. Is it me or does the two linemen Beane picked up in fa the center and Newhouse seem out of the norm compared to all the other moves hes made since getting to Buffalo. Why not just sign Evans ? Ps. is the wr we signed from the Raiders still on the team cant remember his name at the moment?
  7. Bronxbomber21

    RD 7 - Austin Proehl WR NC

    I like this pick the only pick i would've changed was Ray Ray and took Bo and i would've found a way to get Flack with trading a low pick next season or Peterman
  8. Bronxbomber21

    RD 4, Pick 121: Taron Johnson DB - Weber State

    Johnson finished his four-year career at Weber State in 2017 and was a consensus First Team All-American. He was also named the 2017 Big Sky Defensive MVP and was a unanimous selection to the All-Big Sky fir
  9. Bronxbomber21

    Allen Over Rosen Reminds Me of

    Lmao you cant help but laugh..... Then cry
  10. Bronxbomber21

    #17 will be worn by Josh Allen

    Its his face they look like brothers
  11. Bronxbomber21

    Conner Williams ?

    Wish we had pick 53 & 56 right now
  12. Bronxbomber21

    Conner Williams ?

    Is he not a top 15 pick when healthy? We beed oline help make a move ...
  13. Bronxbomber21

    GDT: 2018 Draft Day 2 - Rounds 2 and 3

    Can we trade up for Daniels or Conner Williams please
  14. Bronxbomber21

    What would you like to do with #96?

    Do u take Griffin at pick 96 if hes there and theres no Olineman with a 3 rd round grade?
  15. Bronxbomber21

    Any chance we trade back into the 2nd?

    No the Saints did that