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  1. mitch is trying to copy Allens game
  2. I dont care what anyone says Garrett has lost the locker room
  3. So the Cowboys need a whole week to script a td drive... How are they number 1 in offense ant top 10 in defense? Is it really all garbage time stats
  4. Anyone else getting ready to watch a re-run instead of finishing this game
  5. If it wasn't for the flag the flood gates would've opened
  6. This Cowboys team is showing NO heart
  7. Not just of the league but the WORLD
  8. I kinda want the Cowboys to win so our win looks even better
  9. Buffalo's Bills over the last 3 games Offense avg. 27.6 points per game Defense avg. 12.5 points against
  10. Did the broadcaster that was talking about a Dirty Sanchez get suspended just curious because that was pretty bad.
  11. Two weeks in a row lol good thing i like the jerseys form Thanksgiving and the Red ones
  12. We need to stop the run and defend the middle of the field from the 100 slants they run a game we need a huge day from Hyde & Poyer and the LBs
  13. On the field yes off the field ( Lawson ) 😒
  14. I dont listen to that garbage i listen to the Buffalo Fantics , Rico the hosts he is fun and he knows what hes talking about and its always a great listen
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