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  1. If I was Jackson I would've ran around Lawson on that 4th down play and walked into the end zone .there was no one on the left side of the field
  2. I think with Hyde down Poyer will be playing more Center field so I can see it also. I'm predicting 2 this week vs Pickett welcome to the NFL Moments
  3. Please 🙏 put the Chiefs in the opposite division
  4. We had one of those to in Blackshear but we didn't add him to the 53 man so he is gone now
  5. I would've payed Ed Oliver and or Poyer before Knox
  6. This is one of the blow out games we have once a year . Last year was the colts we have one every year
  7. Josh missed a wide open Mckenzie over the deep middle on the int
  8. Why is it so difficult to find good offensive lineman help?
  9. I would imagine him having a whole lot more space in our offense to work with
  10. Can you imagine what Barkley could do with those same 9 catches Singletary had out of the backfield last Sunday 😳
  11. Bridgewater looked to have a way better deep ball to Hill . Tua would've under thrown that ball by atleast 15-20 yards.
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