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  1. Its crazy that if it wasn't for a couple penalties and a big TD drop Davis would've had 600 + yards & 10 tds on just 40 catches
  2. I should've learned how to be a long snapper growing up easy way to the NFL. Plus i would get to play with my favorite team and get payed millions and i would have the best seat in the house for games
  3. I really wonder why McDermott and Beane don't put much effort into getting a 1 tech and a cb2 i would love to see Oliver next to a above average fat man at the 1 tech
  4. Just go get Sherman and stop playing around
  5. Basham should've took 90 . 96 is ugly, has there ever been a good player that wore number 96 as a DE ever ?
  6. I really thought that McDermott & Beane were going to draft Creed Humphreys at 61 to be Morse's replacements.
  7. How are the Browns under the salary cap, I fell like they spend big every free agency
  8. I fell like McDermott & Beane hit on a lot of middle to late round draft picks. More so then the 1st and 2nd round
  9. Is Patterson a better version of Singletary?
  10. Give me Moses and Patterson please and ill be happy
  11. Can we bring in Dylan Moses and Jaret Patterson as UDFA please
  12. I would love to take Dylan Moses LB Alabama to backup Edmonds and Patterson to add to the rb room
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