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  1. Tailgate Beers (@tailgate_beers) Tweeted: @brgridiron @mortreport https://t.co/hprYMybPjj https://twitter.com/tailgate_beers/status/1291466428449775617?s=20
  2. They were who we thought they were and we let them off the hook. The late Danny Green
  3. Same hear and im black lol Or the fans and the players could just stand for both witch would bring them together
  4. His weakness is his love for older players thats have nothing left to give on the field , but there leaders off the field
  5. I also think a big reason for those numbers is because Josh would rather run with the ball instead of checking it down for 2 ,3 yards
  6. If Prescott is 175m then Mahomes is 300m
  7. First he walks in to the wrong house now this i think your right
  8. I just heard it was a Cowboy fan that called the cops on Ed because hey saw his Bills shirt... didnt Ed destroy the cowgirls on Thanksgiving
  9. Maybe he was trying to keep the earth clean by not throwing it out the window 😁
  10. I cant even walk one foot in front of the other sober so Big Ed is good in my book
  11. Atleast hes not out robbing people at gun point
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