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  1. Oliver has been #1 for two straight years in the team limbo at the Christmas party.
  2. Is this some sort of dig at me because I speak American and am proud of it??
  3. I agree about him next to a real 1T, but I'm not sold on Star being that player anymore. I'd be surprised if we saw Star commanding double teams, and less surprised if a rookie doesnt outplay him as the year goes on. Hopefully I'm wrong about that and the year off did him some good. Because I do think Oliver suffered from playing out of position and also by subpar play at 1T this past year.
  4. Sight and hearing, with taste as an alternate and touch as a 4th. Nobody cares about smell except in the case of a gas leak, but I guess that would be my 2nd alternate.
  5. I think Beane reads TBD and is directly trolling @FireChans at this point.
  6. Probably a combination of both. He was basically saying to the Texans that they weren't good enough for him (or he was better than them) so it's not surprising that they are bitter about it. But I also dont think that we will see him get better, or even get close to the level where he used to play. This was his last chance to get a bigtime contract, and he came out on top, IMO. But I doubt there is a super bowl in AZ's future because of the signing.
  7. I wore khaki pants for weeks after that one.
  8. Tim "Lunchpail" Anderson Chris "High motor" Kelsey Ryan "Frankenstein legs" Denney
  9. As long as a member of the other team is standing under the hoop, he can do it 3 or 4 times in a row.
  10. Didnt see the Goff part. Holy *****!
  11. 2 firsts and a 3rd. Seems like too much.
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