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  1. If we have a big run stopping DT on the practice squad or waiting to be signed, now would be the time to do it. Jacobs and Henry could both do some real damage if we just let them go and focus on shutting down the passing game again.
  2. I agree in theory about NE this year. I believe they will try and run the ball hard against us and it will make for some tough football. And downplaying it is kind of silly at this point. We definitely play them twice, and could see them a 3rd time on wildcard weekend. But I think the silver lining is that McD knows Cam as well as anyone does, and he HAS to have some inside knowledge on how to get him off his game. I've watched enough Carolina games to know that when Cam is sulking on the sidelines with the towel on his head, he isnt the same player as we have seen so far in these 3 'honeymoon games' this year.
  3. Ben also started off throwing rockets, like Josh, and has since developed a great touch pass. I'd say at this point, Ben's touch is more of a weapon than his arm strength (no pun intended). That floater he threw to Diggs along the sideline where Diggs disguised it and just let the ball float into his hands was a thing of beauty. Same last week on the route where Diggs came all the way across the field to the other sideline. High level of trust between those two right now and hopefully that keeps improving over time.
  4. To my untrained eye, he looks out of shape. Or as CBiscuit said, maybe hasnt fully recovered from the foot. I think they typically go with Knox because hes the better all around athlete, but I feel like Kroft still has good hands a decent route running ability. If he can make his presence felt early, that would really open things up for the playmakers.
  5. You can probably save alot of money if you DIY. You could find the color you want and just hook these in:
  6. To me, the defense seems to rely on a bend but dont break mentality on the scripted drives to start the game and the 2nd half. That leads to long time consuming drives by the opposing teams. So they may be limited on offense due partially to that. Also:
  7. Earlier in the drive, they tried to make this same play and it was open, but Brown went under and Josh went over the top and it was incomplete. After that play you can see Josh look at him and motion with his hands to go deep instead of out. I dont know if it was Daboll who called it again or Josh, but it showed that they saw a weakness and wanted to attack it. And then they executed it. That's good leadership from the OC to the QB and from the QB to the WR.
  8. The announcer tried to praise Van Noy for a minute saying that most people would have missed him. When really, he got trucked by a QB and didnt tackle him.
  9. Nate Peterman threw 5 in one half a couple of years ago
  10. I agree. They have rewritten that rule in the past couple of years, but it still isnt being called as written.
  11. It doesnt really matter how its worded, they are looking for those plays now, and are going to call it most of the time. They talked about it specifically in the offseason. In that same situation, McKenzie just needs to get in the guys way and put his hands up.
  12. If there is any contact, they have to just screen them, not hit them. They called it that way last week too.
  13. You could always find him a smaller car to take the test in:
  14. All this for a ******* Versa Note??
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