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  1. I started that thread last year and got lamb basted. I see how the roosters are returning to roost now....
  2. This is an interesting topic, with DHop for sale. It's really up to Beane at this point. It will cause a firesale next year, but it could be the tipping point to bring a superbowl to the Bills.
  3. You mean the fumble??? So what if you do faircatch a short kick at the 35yd line? Does it go to the spot or back to the 25yd line?
  4. I'd rather they keep Benford than Hamlin at this point. Benford was a zone CB at nova and looked good filling in last year. Plus he has the potential upside of playing safety if needed. Hamlin did well filling in, but it's safe to say he was limited, and that was before the injury. And I agree that he may not ever step back on the field, or be the same player if he does. Keep Rapp as the primary safety backup along with Marlowe, and then get Benford some reps as 4th safety.
  5. Let's get him on the Brian Cushing diet this summer.
  6. Nothing to see here. Its merely camp fodder.
  7. Once they realize we don't have a middle linebacker anymore, prices will tank.
  8. Just cashed in $500 of cash back money, and the bank gave me a 50% bonus so I got $750. Most big banks have this if you keep some money with them and have a cash rewards credit card. 3%/2%/1% card.
  9. His career will go the way of Cam Newton if he keeps running around.
  10. I have to say that Jessica Rabbit was the hottest 'toon around on Roger Rabbit.
  11. Yeah, he's been pretty upfront about leaving Milano where he is, too. I think we see Dodson and Klein at the beginning of the year. After that, teams will adjust, and we will need to plug someone else in as the season goes on. Williams may get some MLB reps later in the year (or maybe Bernard?) but I think he will be special teams for the most part.
  12. It's time to start trimming the fat on the ST player contracts. Guys like Metakavich, Jones, Kumerow etc are being phased out for guys like Spector, this guy, Dorian Williams, all on cheaper rookie contracts. Hopefully this guy is as described by that guy up above. May be a steal for the Bills.
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