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  1. I hope Andy Reid chokes on his greasy cheeseburger this morning while he's getting ready for lunch.
  2. The Giants have improved at the right time. Over the next few years, watch the whole state of Connecticut and half of Mass quietly fold up their Pats jerseys and break out the Lawrence Taylor/Eli Manning jerseys.
  3. I was to see the John Brown WR screen. That play worked almost every time they ran it.
  4. I don't think Judon has had a good game against us yet. I remember Josh making him look silly 2 years ago, some injuries, and a whole lotta nothing else from him. Let's hope the Oline can hold up, and as others have said, quick passes to keep the offense moving.
  5. Hines or Cook. Not alot of tape on either of them and speed can be an xfactor against a good Pats D (like we saw with McK last year). One thing is for sure, if you spoonfeed Belichek the same gameplan as last year, he'll make you pay. Need a wrinkle somewhere on offense and I think that could be Cook or Hines.
  6. Don't forget the forced fumble and the recovery that went with it. Big game for him!
  7. I rewatched the game this week, and he jumped off the screen all game. Monster of a game for him. Consistency is where he can improve, as this week they will need him to do the same thing with Miller out.
  8. His game this week reminded me of when McKelvin played here. Athletic enough to keep up, but not coordinated enough to break it up. I don't know that I've noticed it until the last couple of games, but it's probably a case where QBs have some tape on him and know that can get away with throwing it.
  9. I think that's a strong point for the Bills, after watching the rest of the league. So I think it's more of a league wide issue, due to teams being more injury conscience and nobody wanting to draw a penalty for leading with the head. I rewatched the Lions game last night and was surprised how many TFL and 1 on 1 tackles we made. So I think it's undue criticism on the Bills. Also, if you want to see a tackling clinic, rewatch the games when teams try and throw a screen or a pass in the flat. Our defense blows that up almost everytime.
  10. Buffalo Bills-Detroit Lions on CBS (12:30 p.m. ET) New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys on FOX (4:30 p.m. ET) New England Patriots-Minnesota Vikings on NBC (8:20 p.m. ET)
  11. So basically 2 days of missed practice this week due to the illnesses and now weather. And we have to travel for a home game and then play 4 days later, too. And we're slumping and need to win both games. Tough sledding. Let's see how mentally tough these guys really are. This could be the disruption that they need to get back on track, or just another folly in a season filling up with them.
  12. Cook and Dorsey still owe me 120yds and 2tds from last game. I put my posting reputation on the line saying he would have a big game last week and they laid down. That's not something that I'll forget nor forgive them for. Redemption is the only way those two will get back into my good graces.
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