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  1. Jesus. I'm waiting to see a "Josh Allen places 1st in hot dog eating contest" thread on here eventually. Is there anything that he doesn't excel at in life? The golf match next month will be another good one.
  2. Hate to burst your crap bubble but he said HOME opener.
  3. It will also help Elam to have Tre White across from him, covering the best receiver on the other team. If Elam progresses and White regains his form as the season goes on, they should be one of the better duos this time next year (plus they'll have a Lombardi under their belts). McD talked about being able to match them up against other teams depending on skillset. The bigger receivers who Tre has problems with in theory should be good matchups for Elam.
  4. Out of all the first round CBs this year, I can't really think of one that will be alot better than the rest at the end of year 1. They all have some elite talent, and they all have challenges to overcome. Stingley and Sauce have to play on terrible teams, but are better cover corners. McDuffie and Elam are on good teams, but more ground to make up in the skills dept than the other two. I think in the long run, it will come down to who can overcome the mental part of the game and stay healthy.
  5. Whether he's Italian or not doesn't really matter if he does have the short range burst.
  6. Why is there a separate tranquilizer for a beaver? Is there one for each animal?
  7. Why only funny nicknames for some teams, if this is real? Missed opportunity to call the Steelers 'Squealers'. Also, the correct name for the Jets is the Jests, not the Yets. That kind of error to me says this came from Russia and is a troll job. Don't schedule those vacation days quite yet, IMO.
  8. Damning, if true. Where did you see RAS of 1?? Link?
  9. Good point. But the tiebreaker is the most obscure letter, which in this case is 'w'. Thats exactly right. Consider this one the official thread, and the rest would be considered 'pretenders'.
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