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  1. Similar to when Mario Williams did it when we signed him, I agree. I think Von makes it hard for Tua to find the time to make his lame duck throws downfield. BOLD prediction. If Boogie gets 2.5 sacks, the NFL may as well pack it in this year.
  2. Can we start a go fund me to have someone masquerade as a doctor and give him a 2nd opinion of "you should play tomorrow"?
  3. Charleston, SC has a good dive bar that gets about 50 or 60 Bills fans and is a great time. Hunleys in West Ashley. Alot of Bills fans in the Lowcountry.
  4. I even piss in my sink during the games just for the 'in stadium' experience.
  5. It'd be nice if we had a Rex Ryan type defense with a 100+ page playback again. Then we'd be UNSTOPPABLE!
  6. When Hyde did that, I thought the same thing. He's not a dirty player with a history or anything, but it wasn't a legal hit in today's NFL
  7. Agree on Vrables decision to stack the box. I think he kept a spy on Josh or something, because why else would you do that as Josh and Diggs play catch?
  8. I think that if the defense ever has an off game, we could see a 'Josh Allen throws for 500yds' game. He would have last night if they had to leave him in.
  9. I remember seeing him fall on this play and thought he just tripped. He will probably miss some time with that.
  10. Yeah, I think that was their first blitz all season. After the Rams game I saw they didn't blitz one time. Good play call, and at least Edmunds made the most of it and took him down. Good TFL in the 2nd quarter too on Henry or the other RB.
  11. Yeah, they seemed to be in 3rd and short alot of the time. Something to work on, but with a new OC, and Van Roten having to step in at center its understandable to struggle there. Plus very few runs up the middle with Simmons playing stout all night.
  12. That's if you believe Matt Parrino.
  13. Good point. Shaq may even have a decent game with all the energy in the building (if they activate him).
  14. Looks like Ed is out and Settle is doubtful. Would have loved to have Settle in the middle for this game vs Henry. I'd rather Ed just rest and get healthy for when we need more pass rush in some of these later games.
  15. My biggest fear is doing a roundhouse kick and splitting my pants. This solves it all for me.
  16. Depends on if they are both wearing these pants or not!
  17. He struggled most of the game, but that may be his toughest assignment this year. He has a strong work ethic and should be able to rebound just fine. He's an undersized guy so pulling Donald in 95 degree weather in the opener is rough.
  18. That's a classic reaction from Von. Welcome to the Josh Allen show!
  19. You're a fool if you defend this moron. That's 808's shtick. He takes the devils advocate on everything from Edmunds to Ariza and now to Allen. It's OK to admit that these people are fools.
  20. This is awesome news. Maybe it will satisfy the wife enough to let the contract negotiations go until next year. I feel like this is Beane recognizing that she needs more money in the short term in order to keep Jordan happy. Jordan will get a new contract, but it may take another year to time it correctly.
  21. It's all a cat and mouse game that coordinators play. They may run everytime he is in there for 3 straight games, then play action and he's wide open in the 4th game because the other team is watching tape. That was Gabe's TD last night. Fake the run block on the Allen bootleg and then take off and he's wide open.
  22. Rodney Scott's BBQ here in Charleston. Collards, mac & cheese, and some of the best bbq around.
  23. I thought he was all thick this year??? Must have been so thick it injured him.
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