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  1. I was somehow hoping for Tylan Wallace but Baltimore got him. Are the consensus positions of need CB, 1T and WR?
  2. PFN 30. Gregory Rousseau Edge Miami (FL) 66. Tyson Campbell CB Georgia ^ 108. Tyler Shelvin DT LSU * 124. Anthony Schwartz WR Auburn ^ 148. Divine Deablo S Virginia Tech * 161. Michael Menet C Penn State 174. Nick Eubanks TE Michigan 213. Simi Feheko WR Stanford 219. Avery Williams CB Boise State * ^ Traded 61 for 66 and 124. * Traded 93 and 236 for 108, 148 and 219.
  3. Day 2 comes down to a choice between 1T and CB for our 2nd round pick imo, with an argument for an S like Nasirildeen. With the position not chosen earlier being selected in round 3. If Alim McNeil is available at 61, I'd be really excited if the Bills chose him. I would be alright with Tyler Shelvin as well. Our line for 2022, as starters, our DL could be Epenesa - McNeil - Oliver - Rousseau (all 1st or 2nd round picks from 2019/20/21). CB2 is certainly a position that needs attention. I like what I have read about Paulson Adebo. If the Front O
  4. Alim McNeil DT for me as well. Hamsah Nasirildeen S could be a viable Big Nickel for the D.
  5. Smokescreen or not, I am interested in the cost of the trade up to number 22. On the PFN simulator, the Titans would not budge until offering up number 93 and the Bills 2022 2nd round pick. Managed to get a 3 for 3 in the end after numerous failed attempts. Is this a realistic trade? Loss of the 3rd round pick stung a bit! For fun, the draft ended up being: 22. Travis Etienne RB Clemson 61. Joe Tryon Edge Washington 126. Keith Taylor CB Washington 161. Marvin Wilson DT Florida State 174. Nick Eubanks TE Michigan
  6. Can somebody please explain this reference. I have seen this before and never understood who these people are. Many thanks from Europe.
  7. Is there any interest or opinion on CB Tre Brown? He reportedly ran a 4.40 in the 40 yard dash and can be a factor in the return game. In the simulators he seems to be picked between 160 and 180 before the fast 40 yard dash.
  8. Pro Football Network Mock Draft 61. Liam Eichenberg OT Notre Dame 93. Payton Turner Edge Houston 95. Tyler Shelvin DT LSU (trade) 113. Tylan Wallace WR Oklahoma State (trade) 162. Benjamin St-Juste CB Minnesota 175. JaCoby Stevens S LSU 214. Paddy Fisher LB Northwestern 234. Drue Chrisman P Ohio State 2022 CAR 1st 2022 CAR 3rd Traded with Tampa Bay, they received pick 30 (Joseph Ossai) for picks 32 and 95 (Tyler Shelvin). Traded with Carolina, they received pick 32 (Mac Jones) for picks 113 (Tylan W
  9. Sal Maiorana's Rochester Democrat and Chronicle article of 2/9/2021 is dismissive I would say. More or less saying the draft class is Pitts and Freiermuth and that is it. He mentions Jordan and Hunter Long as "depth options". A good amount of draft simulators that I have tried have the Jaguars taking Freiermuth with the 1st pick of Round 2. I am interested in Long given he has the second best output in terms of catches and yards after Pitts. Article below also talks about free agent tight ends, as referred to above. https://www.msn.c
  10. As someone who usually does not hear the real commentary team as broadcast in English live (watching from Europe), I thought that Nantz and Romo were just awful. The BBC showed the Super Bowl free to air but was obliged to cut any sponsored audio commentary and they cut out quite a bit. Also the half-time show was underwhelming. The performer I think has 1 well known hit and appears to be a synth voice musician who would not have had any kind of broad appeal. I'd speculate that a good amount of people watched the first half and then just stopped watching.
  11. From the list I think Brown, Butler and Jefferson stand out as the best candidates to cut – 4.1M Dead Cap with Savings of 21.2M for these 3 players. I would give the opportunity to Davis to become WR2 and see what Hodgins has got – can he become WR4? Potentially draft another WR as well, additionally bring back McKenzie. Brown is going to be 31 soon and coming off injuries and I just do not think he can handle a WR2 workload now. In 2019 he was really good. Butler seems to be a 3T like J. Phillips previously was. Ed Oliver is the starter and back him up with
  12. Derek Watt was knocked out on Monday Night Football in December with a concussion against the Bengals and he returned in time for the following game against the Colts. I believe that Mahomes playing will benefit the Bills. If Henne starts the narrative changes and there is potential that we mentally feel under less pressure and sloppiness and penalties creep in, plus Kansas City would be in "let's do this for Patrick" mode raising their game. I wish that our wide receivers are all ready to play on Sunday as well. The two best teams are squaring off in the AF
  13. I have not read all the comments here but just want to say that, watching in Germany, the commentator was Bjorn Werner the ex Colts DE. He said it is a fumble in real time - "das ist ein fumble - GAME OVER" the capitals he spoke in English . I just want to send good vibes to him because he called it without any bias to his former team. If only the NFL officials could be as sincere. I might be wrong and his co-commentator said it (they we not pictured on screen) but they both agreed it was a fumble after watching Pascal's knee and White's clear recovery.
  14. Should Daboll be offered the Jets job and decide to take it he knows that he is in for a tough road ahead. Bills won 13 games this year, Miami 10 and the remaining team has BB who know doubt will be determined to show that this past losing season is a blip. In all probability the Jets will finish 4th in the AFCE next year. If I was him, I'd be patient and wait for the Chargers opening and relish the opportunity to work with an old friend and do battle with Reid and Mahomes - if not stay in Buffalo and continue the good work.
  15. I think that right now Duke is WR#5 after Diggs, Brown, Beasley and Davis. With Davis being above him purely on the draft capital spent plus upside. It wouldn't shock me if the Bills have 7 receivers active with Roberts as the #7. McKenzie, Hodgins, Foster, the others plus Duke more than likely will have an open contest for the two spots available. I am hoping the competition brings out the best in Duke, he is a fighter and fits the current team well alongside characters like Hughes, Josh and Feliciano. We are in a position now that w
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