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  1. Looks like Bruce ain't all about love and togetherness after all. Only some of it.
  2. Way too many two-handed backhand volleys... Shame on me but I just couldn't cope with watching the entire game.
  3. The guy has been out of the league for a long while and quite frankly wasn't that good in his last few playing years. Assuming someone signs him, I wonder whose comeback is more of a long shot, his or Dareous?
  4. Not a pleasing subject, to say the least. It's not very clear from the clip if the puking started in college or it went from just feeling gaggy in college to the full blow thing in the pros. I assume they got him checked and this won't develop into a Seantrel Henderson type of thing.
  5. Considering the addition of Von Miller as a slam dunk improvement at starting DE, first string IOL, 1-Tech DT, CB2 and on a lesser scale TE2 and RB are the positions where we need better play to win a championship. If we do not make significant progress there, what happens at third string DE will be mostly irrelevant. In that context, whether they bring back Hughes or not makes no real difference. The guy can't finish, so even as a pass rush specialist at this point of his career he is (by some) vastly overrated. I sure hope no one is hoping to bring him back and start him.
  6. This is more like a Beane OL prospect, a great athlete to be molded into a finished player, whereas I think Tenuta was more like a McD guy, you know, the father being a 30-year coach...
  7. I, for one, do not believe in miracle workers, but some people think that Kromer can squeeze something out of Ford, who sucks across-the-board. Following that logic, there is more hope for Quessenberry, who apparently sucks at pass protection but is pretty good at run blocking.
  8. At a quick glance, the OLs we have signed as UDFAs seem to have more positive scouting reports. Regardless, our OL is very thin, not so much in numbers, but in quality, and a late round pick would have been a long shot at fixing that anyway.
  9. It doesn't really matter. Building anything different in WNY would have been financially reckless for anyone involved, from the Pegulas through the NFL to local and state authorities.
  10. The cold truth is that from a financial standpoint WNY is a region that can barely support an NFL franchise. All the passionate tailgating, jumping through tables and waiting in freezing temperatures outside the airport in the world can't change that. Keeping that in mind, everyone involved agreed on the only viable solution for a new stadium in WNY. Sure, halfway through the new lease the Bills stadium might be the only open air stadium left in the NFL, but there was no other way around it.
  11. As much as we like to believe that we can excape cap jail forever by showering people with signing bonuses, it is getting to a point where finding same or better production for less money is a top priority. In that context, regardless of who comes in or who leaves, I would not be surprised if we moved an experienced player for an extra pick. Will that player be Edmunds? Hard to say, but I would not categorically exclude it. Whether you like that possibility or not, the slim chance that such a move may happen adds some excitement to our draft, which is a welcome proposition when your team picks at the bottom of the round...
  12. Jerry's effort has always been undeniable and I think that is why he is deservedly well liked and many fans wish him to stay. However, even at the top of his career he has never been the stud that some made him out to be and he has been shooting blanks for a long while. I would say that is time to take him to the slaughterhouse. Then again his cap figure may be so low that they could keep him for his veteran leadership alone. Whatever they do, I doubt it will affect the outcome of the upcoming season.
  13. Considering that we are pretty much in "Superbowl or bust" mode, we simply cannot afford to trade away Diggs at any price as we don't have enough talent behind him at WR. A top WR prospect may not necessarily turn out to be as good, or it may take time to reach the same level of production. Wanna trade up? See if someone is crazy enough to give you a first rounder for Edmunds.
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