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  1. Day 2 of the beat down for youse. Thanks for letting us get this guy boneheads. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  2. It’s over. Enjoy your consigliere prize corner cuz we got the best one. No way your guy can stop our new receiver and your old guy has a busted knee. Then we got a guy to smack that smug look of your surfer quarterback’s face. You even lost your backup to the Steelers so what is youse gonna do in the 2nd quarter when Allen is in the tent or ambulance? We play youse twice so that’s like a double tap. Bye bye. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  3. I seen the Jets isn’t sure which QB is going to beat youse yet. Even though we have the best Josh in the division he is our 4th best QB and we has a Super Bowl MVP which is our third best. The new baby face killer might not be healthy yet so Hunt might have to carve you up like he did to Cincy. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  4. This week is the knockout punch. Don’t forget to pick up your teeth and bring them home. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  5. I seen what youse is doing. If youse is gonna wanna get in my face then get in my face then. Don’t hide behind some excuse like an old guy who used to be a quarterback. I like Jim Kelly though cuz he was at least a little tough unlike some of the more up to date Bills. Allen is big but big and tough is different things. Our new baby face killer ain’t big but youse is gonna see how tough for about 20 years or thereabouts. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  6. I ain’t one to avoid no troubles and I seen a lot of things go down. Mostudda time there aren’t no surprises but this one dude. When there is a big job sometimes the boss calls in this guy Lance. Lance weighs about 98 pounds soakin wet and looks like a kid but he throws people off guard. Then he throws dem down a flighta stairs. Lance also won’t hesitate to finish da job and quietly if you know what I mean. Since the Jets pick I been tryin to figure out who this QB reminded me of. At first I thought the kid looked like road kill. The I remembered Lance. Youse is about to find out. It’s gonna hurt at first but the double tap at the end will be quick. Bye bye. P.S? J-e-t-s JEts JETs JETS
  7. Yo Howeird. I don’t even know where to start with youse. Maybe if you wasn’t so obsessed with zip codes Shirl would pay more attention to your zipper code. She sure seems to pay attention when I sees her. But what made me laugh though was youse mentioned Flinkerton. When I get done with Shirl sometimes she says I’m so much more satisfying than that Flinkerton she has been diddling for years. I thought that was her pet name for your you know what. I thought that cuz it sounds like something tiny. Sounds like Shirl and “The Bull” might know each other pretty good. If youse want me to take care of that situation I will give you a discount. Just say the word my friend. P.S. Jets JEts JETs JETS
  8. Right. Like the little brother beatin up the kids in the block like I said. P.S. Jets JEts JETs JETS
  9. How about we find a brick wall somewhere and sees how funny everyone thinks that is? P.S. Jets JEts JETs JETS
  10. Normally I don’t care about football if the Jets isn’t playing but I decided this year I will root for youse to win the Super Bowl. That’s cuz its sorta like the little brother who is a pain in the ass and who you smack around the house all the time. When he grows up a little and goes outside you like to see him beat up some of the other kids in the block. You know when he comes back home you can just knock out a few of his teeth if he gets mouthy. Next off it’s because it is your only chance now that we got a real coach. Good luck for the next twenty years. Youse might get a wild card though. Last time we played we held your superstar phony QB to no touchdowns. That was with a bug eyed freak as coach. Now we got a legit man who don’t take no crap from nobody. You’re dead soon. Good luck whilse you is alive. P.S. Jets JEts JETs JETS
  11. If you could read you's see what I said which was that our coach stinks and we start games bad. Once things settle down a bit we kick the snot outta everybody. Ask your linebackers how they played last week. Oh, that's right they didn't play cuz we put them in an ambulance then we did it again to San Fran. Once we figure out how to start out a game good then there ain't nobody gonna hang. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  12. Check the injury report P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  13. Not for nuthin but if the Jets can have a real plan to start games good then we'd be 2-0. Our coach is dumb and sucks but in both are games we got behind then dominated. If we can get quick starts we will win every time. Look ok at what we did to the Bills and Niners. Both teams left licking their wounds cuz we hammered them all game long. Youse got no linebackers left and we basically straight up killed the Niners. This will be the way things go for the other team all year cuz we is stronger. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T--S
  14. Yo Howeird. I'm glad youse didn't choke on your sandwich like your Bills almost did Sunday. I knew Shirl wouldn't choke. A lot of punks are talking smack after the game even though I came back and said what happened and explained how youse won. Don't get me wrong, the score is the score and the game should count but don't count on nuthin like that happenin no more. Our dumb coach let youse get a 21-0 lead then someone musta smacked him cuz after that we won 17-6 and injured a buncha your guys. The Jets will probably pick up where they left off dominating the next time we play. Still though I hope we get rid of our coach soon then the rest is for sure. I don't no when we play again but I ain't exactly worried. If Shirl is goin to the game and needs a place to stay you can hang out in the lobby. I tell the landlord to leave you alone. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  15. Don't hurt your arms patting youselfs on the back. Youse have a better coach than us so I'll give you that and which is why you won. Our stupid bug eyed freak didn't have us ready to start. Getting behind 21-0 is on him. After that we physically dominated and won 17-7 but that don't count. Youse deserve the W even it is lucky for you. I bet youse want Gore back cuz your other guys couldn't do nuthin. I don't like our coach but we got too much talent and physical domination to lose too many more like that. I think our players is gonna take matters in their own hands. I think we will win the division pretty easy but not as easy as I thought. Good luck until we play again. P.S. j-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  16. These is tough so I only voted in this easy one. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  17. Yo Howeird. The phone is busy at your number and I guess you never heard a call waiting cuz it wasn't invented by a dinosaur. If youse reading this, Shirl was callin to say don't wait up. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J--E-T-S
  18. Yo Howeird. I didn't say nuthin about your dog but now that you mention it, the dog is always wantin to watch me and Shirl. I might have to kick him in the head to get him outta there next time.
  19. I seen in the post this morning that the Jets cut a buncha guys yesterday. They was dead weight for us but maybe youse can pick them up and improve. P.S. J-e-t-s J-E-t-s J-E-T-s J-E-T-S
  20. We'll see how much youse care about my education picking up your teeth off the floor. If the Jets is such a dumpster fire what is the Bills? We crushed them I the last game then stole their best player. I gotta agree on one thing though. Our coach is a bug eyed freak. He is smarter than yours though so we got no problem but I still sorta want Rex back. P.S. J-e-t-s JEts JETs JETS
  21. Yo Howweird. How's my girl Shirl? Never mind cuz I know. She's doing great. Very satisfied if you know what I mean. Ever wonder why it takes her so long to pick you up after your walks? If youse gonna make threats youse gonna have to do more than stretch in a pool where you just peed in it. Do you wear your Depends in there? You remind me of the peas I used to scrape off my plate at dinner. Light work. The peas take longer cuz they're green and before I scrape em I spell out J-e-t-s JEts JETs JETS P.S. J-e-t-s JEts JETs JETS
  22. When we left off the Jets was smacking you around your house like you left the key under the doormat then youse decided youse was the doormat. In a coupla weeks weez coming back to wipe our feet again. I seen your QB on TV and it reminded me. Plus it made me laugh cuz he was trying to grow a beard and it reminded me a when I was seven years old. He looked like he was waiting for the ice cream truck to come around the corner so he could get a push pop. Is he really your QB or does he just deliver the newspaper to the field? At least youse will get to see your best player again cuz he wants to win before he retires so he switched to us,. Good luck tackling him with those twerps you got on D. I gotta say though I'm bummed I don't get to see no highlights of your dumb fans lighting themselves on fire cuz this dumb disease shut everything down. I was looking forward to some crying and pouting too.
  23. Isn't Sydney a girl name? I don't hit know women even for talking bad about my ansestors. You gotta a brother or somethin? P.S. Jets JEts JETs JETS
  24. Take your turn to laugh it up a little. Not too much if you like your teeth though. Youse is having a good season and I think still gets to go to the playoffs even with all the injured guys you'll have after Sunday. I learned this year that coaching is more important than I thought. The Jets gotta ton of talent but the bug eyed freak screwed it all up at first. He don't have no inner personal skills so guys got pissed off and played crappy for most of the season. Meantime youse has a below average coach stupid enough to trade Shady and got not much talent and look at you. I guess I'm gonna root for you in the playoffs since this is your one chance for a long time and somebody's gotta beat that Nancy boy Brady. Mightas we'll be you. Watch out Sunday though cuz the Jets is playing good now and will probably beat you pretty easy. My boy Anderson might take out Howdy Doody or whatever your QB is calling himself. I dont know know if the Jets is gonna fire the stupid coach cuz maybe he can get some players who is gonna do what he wants. I got mixed feelings cuz he screwed up a great team but then again a coach can't put up with stupid stuff like a QB missing a month cuz he finally got a girl to kiss him. I coulda showed Sam a place or two where he coulda got all of the diseases outa the way at once. BEFORE the season too. This year was a headache but we is probably gonna win the division for about the next 10 so if that what it takes. Good luck with your one shot. P.S. Jets JEts JETs JETS
  25. OK I suppose I owes you a congrats on your win and a recap from our side. Basically all the good and bad stuff I said was pretty much true. Youse is a little better than I thought so maybe 6 wins but you still shouldn't uh traded Shady. One think I like about youse is that you don't quit. I hate quitters and you guys ain't quitters. Youse kept tryin even though it was lookin hopeless when we was slapping you around for the first most of the game. That is to your credit. And that paid off cuz you got a little luck at the end and the score is all that counts even if the best team is lower. My Jets is making me a little mad that we didn't get nobody that could make you curl up in a ball when Mosely went out. Before he got hurt the game was over. I'm not gonna complain about the kicker cuz that stuff happens. But if Mosely was in there the Jets win 24-3 or maybe 22 if we miss the 2 pointer. But the thing is though that you can't rely on one player or two. The Jets gotta wake up other than Mosely and Bell. But like I said in the start I don't know about this bug eyed coach we got. I mean I seen that look before and it is usually after I took care of some business I had to do and people get all groggy. This guy looked like someone I hit and then the whole thing went permanent. I hope our D coach get ridda him soon and then we can go about kickin butts. I think this coach though. I don't know any more. I looked and we don't play you until the and which is weird. I figure you guys will be maybe hoping to get five hunnert and that we might still be fighting for home field or maybe even behind the stupid Pats. Good luck until next game and the year. I forgot to tell you that I improved my seat when Angelo and me convinced a guy that our upper deck corners was good and that it was his best interest to swap with us. We sat right behind your bench and had a few words wit 91. He looked nervous and walked away though and we had a good laugh. Oh and I think I'm workin security at the Giants game against youse so I'll see you again too. Maybe I'll take care of that punk too but I'll mostly root for you. Why not? Youse is like a cute puppy team. P.S J-e-t-s JEts JETs JETS
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