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  1. He may improve with a change of environment and coaches, with a different system and QB. Sometimes it works out for everyone. The Raiders seem like the best fit for his Dad, who else would put up with that crap? Shame on him for doing that to his son, even if his son wanted him to (I don't know).
  2. What I'm seeing is a lack of rhythm to the offense. The plays seem disjointed and off-timed a lot. McDermott and Frazier do this constantly to other teams' offenses. Experience will help Josh and the whole group, but the plays that are "easy money" have to be made. When they're not everything gets off timing. The O'line stat is aided by Josh's scrambling ability. The Patriots ends were playing contain at times, that would show well for the stat but not because they beat their man. My hope is that Josh will consistently make the plays in the rhythm of the offense, but when it's needed he'll put on the cape. I'm not sold that Josh can be a guy you want throwing 50 times a game. Give him Russell Wilson's game plan. We have the defense, maybe we need another RB to help, we'll see how Singletary returns. We have all these TE's, I would just pound that thing and play defense. Josh will beat them in the 4th quarter.
  3. The defense seems to be missing a couple pieces to make it legendary. There needs to be another pass rusher or two that can change the game and require double teams. Trent Murphy could be upgraded, maybe Johnson will be the guy but it may take another piece on the line. I would like to see the next high draft pick they use on defense address Lorenzo's position. He's my favorite player, but if he was replaced with someone (next year) who could really be a force as a pass rusher they could be better. He is so smart and versatile I hope his replacement gets a year or two with him before he's gone. I don't know if any team wants Frazier as a HC, I would be surprised. I'm sure they would take him as a DC though, especially after working with McD. I think the trend is young offensive HC rather than old DC's.
  4. He was being tackled, I'm pretty sure he wasn't targeting the defender. 😂
  5. I know he should have been ejected, and the offsetting penalty should not have erased the only punishment (but by rule it does). Why bother changing the rules for safety unless it's just for Tommy boy? NFL loves protecting him. The NFL reduced the threshold for ejection by removing the need for the hit to be "flagrant" in 2018. The player targeted, launched, and hit him in the head with his helmet. WTF else do we need? https://www.sbnation.com/2018/9/9/17492612/ncaa-targeting-rule-nfl-comparison 386 people are talking about this Late in the preseason, after a bunch of perplexing calls, the NFL made clear that “inadvertent” helmet contact wouldn’t be treated as a penalty. “For us this is a pretty significant change,” Competition Committee chairman Rick McKay told reporters in announcing the change. “This one technique, we saw so many hits when a player lowered his head and delivered a hit and either hurt himself or the player he was hitting.” The NFL already prohibited “initiating forcible contact by delivering a blow with the top/crown” of the helmet when outside the tackle box. In effect, that’s now banned all over the field. The league also got rid of a clause that said players could be disqualified “if the action is flagrant.”
  6. I am starting to wonder if he will learn to protect himself before it's too late. I think he has all the skill and the will to be an all time great. There is no play or game (maybe the last drive of Superbowl) worth taking a shot to the head that could be avoided. I don't blame him for the cheap head shot, but he has to know the shots are coming if he runs. We need him to play and finish all 16 every year. Is he going to adjust or continue to get crushed?
  7. You weren't allowed to play video games? Can you ask now? Maybe it's OK once in a while...Like if your rooms clean and such?
  8. Like Warren Sapp's rookie season? He dropped to 12 due to allegations of drug use, but he was the standard used. https://www.bucsnation.com/2011/7/2/2256389/gerald-mccoys-and-warren-sapps-rookie-seasons We all know how Warren Sapp's career went: he is a surefire Hall of Famer. But not many remember Warren Sapp's rookie season, and for good reason: the highly-touted defensive tackle managed just 3 sacks and was relegated to backup duty after just five games. Newspapers of the time speak of Warren Sapp the Underachiever, a subpar rookie season and his own defensive coordinator was quoted as calling him a major disappointment. But in his second year Warren Sapp stepped up, sacking the quarterback 9 times. He turned into a dominating force, the core of an improving defense. So how did this happen? To say it in his own words, Sapp was "a blind dog in a meat house" in his rookie year. In other words: he had no idea what he was doing. The coaches used him differently every game, sometimes asking him to play head-up on offensive linemen, other times asking him to shoot gaps and penetrate. ---------- DT is a tough transition from college to NFL. Give the man a few games to find his way.
  9. You don't like to watch FB? It's an acquired taste, they should get more ADULATION around here.
  10. I'm not putting him ahead of Patrick DiMarco, but Josh is 2nd for sure. Seriously I just told my buddy today that Josh is the most exciting player in the NFL, and that I'm biased but so what. Josh is the man, he's as smart as he is athletic. His arm and legs could diminish over time but he will become a QB Jedi by then.
  11. That's where I'm at, 12th man is historic and should stay, and I'm more wait and see as far as adding Bills Mafia permanently to the stadium. I think winning has to come or the Bills Mafia name will fade, but if we get some playoff wins and a Superbowl or two the name will be cemented for this generation.
  12. To me Bills Mafia is a fun name that represents a younger generation that have brought fans together on social media. I like it, I think it's cool when the players mention it. Not everybody is going to like every nickname they get, but if this team keeps winning the attention the fans get is going to explode. Nationally 12th man says Seahawks now. Bills Mafia represents all Bills fans to the rest of the country, like it or not. Walk up to random NFL fan in random city and say I'm an NFL fan, a member of the '12th man' and no one will know what team, or they will assume Seahawks.
  13. The Cowboys defense was not good against Barkley. The line was pushed around and had no penetration, the safeties didn't fill gaps, and #30 would not make the Bills roster IMV. The Bills run defense will be much better, and Eli will make mistakes and force balls into coverage. I can see Eli getting yanked for Jones in this game, maybe for good.
  14. Looked to me like plenty were gone after Browns TD, even before the Jets final drive.
  15. This was obvious, unless you didn't want to see it.
  16. Nice work. Was the thread title misleading? The point is we're not tuning in for FF talk, so why post in the thread? Just curious... That would be like someone not wanting to talk FF going into a FF thread to complain, no?
  17. Will Lutz had 3 solo tackles for the Saints last year, he's a kicker. Maybe this lady can make tackles on kick returners also? 13 other kickers made tackles last year, I'm sure some of them were TD saving? I count 21 tackles by kickers in 2018. We don't need that around here, if the returner makes it our (imaginary female) kicker she can let them go maybe? Now that's progressive!
  18. We'll know this is coming when the NFL starts protecting kickers throughout the entire play. This is the only way it could really happen. No way they could let a female on the field without special protections added.
  19. Yeah right, I see girls take down armed gangs with no weapon. Girls kick guys ass now, I watch it on TV all the time. I see them punch guys clean out with one shot, so kickoff will be no problem. They might lead the team in ST tackles because they can run faster also, I'm pretty sure. Unfortunately the men have the power and will just hold them back. I live in 'like what could beeeeee's", so it's my truth.
  20. I can see it. You can compare body types, athleticism, and styles without saying they have the same expectations or success...or they would also take a knee. Can Tyree "get there"? I wonder how long he can stick around the league. He also reminds me of Jason Campbell (not on the same level) as a young player.
  21. I don't listen to the TV announcers or watch pregame shows ever for any reason. Even prime-time non-Bills games. When I'm watching from home I watch football with the volume off on the TV. Usually I'll have the WGR stream on (or Sirius) to hear Murphy call the action a couple minutes behind what I've already seen. I'm almost as happy with a radio only feed as I am with both, I just love hearing the games called on the radio. I have no use for the NFL TV shows they put on every week, it's just more programming. I don't need that.
  22. Won't work on mobile. Does work on PC. So the solution may be to bring a small laptop that you can either plug headphones into or leave plugged in close by and use Bluetooth headphones. Hotspot off your cell phone. I would grab my daughter's little laptop if it was me, maybe you have access to one. The lid closes and it fits in a small bag, about the size of a tablet. Battery last long enough for a game. Just have to make sure browser is in in desktop mode, not mobile (it should be already).
  23. Tucker said his contract was not renewed so he was gone. I'm a little suspicious because he really went off on Julian Edleman (not directly to him) one morning calling him a cheater and said he will always think of him that way because he cheated (PED) but Ross never did. I was shocked that he was being so honest about his feelings regarding PED's, because he really hammered Edleman along the way. I'm sure some of you heard that. Anyways the next thing I know Ross is gone, then they do a "town hall" special interview with Edleman hosted by Jim Miller, and run it for weeks. They must have replayed the hour long interview 20 times over 2 or more weeks. Very unusual for Sirius to replay something so much when they have on demand. I skipped them all, I have no idea what was discussed in the "town hall". Coincidence?
  24. They didn't throw the ball much and Josh didn't have big numbers? Good. The #1 goal last night IMV was to keep Josh (and everyone) healthy. We would feel much different if they failed at that. So lets run the ball a ton and work on the run game against a very strong D-Line. Whatever you do just don't get Josh hit, but a few passes won't hurt... Then, what maybe Josh's 1st pass, he takes off running! OK, enough of that, hand the ball off buddy.😁 I'm glad the coaching staff wasn't trying to prove the decision to draft Josh last night with him throwing all over, they were trying to be smart and get good work done without losing the QB. Josh is so competitive maybe they just can't trust him to protect himself yet, so save it for when it counts. I was ready to see Barkley when Josh slid kinda head first sideways on his scramble...really not good in the preseason.
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