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  1. Just listened to Bill Polian talk about Jake Fisher on Sirius replay this morning (from last night). He talked about the Bills plan to run the ball and not be a spread team that tries to throw all the time. He said the Bills have not had a TE that could set the edge and help in the run game, but they do now. He was pretty high on Fisher being a part of the offense this year. Along with Jake adding to the run game, he said Cody Ford will be a road grader and Devin Singletary is explosive. I'm all about running the ball to crush their will, then pop em with play action when they start to cheat up. Josh Allen will play much better with a dominant running game and a shut down defense around him.
  2. My goodness he's fun to watch. I watched a slow motion film session of him (sound off so no clue what's said) and it's just crazy. I can't wait to see how he plays against NFL talent. This preseason should be all about him with the older fellas that share his position. What a great pick with Shady still here along with adding Frank Gore, what a way to learn to be a professional RB. He can really make a 1st guy miss at an elite level, but he seems to just do everything from blocking to running a few nice routes and catching the ball. He sets up his blocks well and uses different gears to win in the open field. I see Shady, but also a little bit of Darren Sproles toughness and movement in traffic.
  3. There are real football guys running the team now. I'm all in with Beane and McDermott.
  4. Could the Raiders trade up for Bosa, letting the Cardinals off the hook from taking Murray 1? They have the ammo. Mayock loves his brother, calls him the prototype in this video. Could he start his GM career off a better way? http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-combine/0ap3000000919253/Mike-Mayock-compares-NC-State-DL-Bradley-Chubb-to-Joey-Bosa
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