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    The reality of what Beane is creating with the OL.

    The ultimate goal is to raise the level of play from lower tier CFL to mid level NFL, just as a starting point.

    Tremaine Edmunds: Leader of Men and King of the North

    I love being a Bills fan🍻

    Fart or Poop at Work?

    A favorite past time of mine is to power wash the back of the customer toilet bowl with my ass, then go back to my office and leave the door open so I can hear the aftermath. My finest piece of work is the time I was taking such a nasty crap that the stench crept under the bathroom door into the showroom (I work in a car dealership) and I got to hear the reaction live from ground zero.
  4. At least you are man enough to admit it, unlike alot of people. Good for you!πŸ‘

    The Trumpire Strikes Back!


    The Trumpire Strikes Back!

    Not too funny when the shoe is on the other foot huh?
  7. Andrew Wilkow. Everything he says he says is properly sourced. He is right almost 99% of the time.

    Unknown Patriots fan giving his opinion on our QB

    I watched this last night on my fire stick, if he really is a Pats fan he should take up a new career in acting. All that said, he is pretty much spot on in his analysis. Worth a watch for an uh body that hasnt seen it!πŸ‘

    Cj Anderson is available beano get ur done

    Lord Have Mercy.
  10. HEY! At least he is wearing red!
  11. MILFHUNTER#518

    KR/WR Andre Roberts (Jets) to Bills

    C.J. Spiller did a good job too. But yes, been way too long...
  12. Yes. Yes I would, actually. All things being equal, why is this on the sports board and not in PPP?
  13. A few thoughts. Anything that will bring down the evil empire that is the Patricheats is good for me, you, and all sports fans. Yes, even patricheat fans, as they are mostly bandwagon fans in denial and the sooner they realize their plight, the sooner they can go on to other ventures, such as whale watching, yoga, exotic wine tours with their hedge fund manager boyfriends, etc. Take the Patricheat angle out for a second. What we have here is a 77 yr old man that undoubtedly went to an asian massage parlor for a handy. That is it. That is all. Period. He got serviced by a 40 something Chinese woman on a work visa, collecting tips for happy endings to pay her vig so she can apply for citizenship. That really is what is happening at 90% of these jack shacks. The underage girls are kept exclusively for rich chinese nationals to service them in their homes. They do not give handies, they give full service. The older women in the spas leave for China a couple times per year to go home to China, or Malaysia, or wherever. They have free travel. They are not prisoners. The younger girls who service the Chinese businessmen and mobsters, i doubt they have the same arrangement. Just facts. I know all this because in my line of work I have spoken with alot of Chinese people, and some people that either work in the spas or know people that do. The girls that work in spas dont even see the traditional "happy ending" as anything close to a crime. I dunno, i see it like this. This country is fu**ed if we see a problem with a 77 year old man getting a handy in an asian massage parlor, but no problem with a woman killing her baby ar 40 weeks because her boyfriend broke up with her 5 weeks prior and moved to Canada or Mexico and she cannot collect child support. Lets pump the brakes a bit and wait for all the facts to come out. Let us celebrate the darkness and humiliation this event brings upon the evil empire, but at the same time let us please keep all this in perspective so we do not tarnish our own moral high ground.