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  1. Flush twice, it is a looonnnggg way back to jersey
  2. I am sorry but this is becoming unwatchable... What is wrong with these guys tonight?!
  3. I think it is safe to say he is not a process guy, and hence McBeane dodged a bullet when he snubbed us and went to play for Chucky.
  4. O Line will be the reason we miss the playoffs if it does not improve
  5. You are correct. The defense has gotten noticeably better, yes. But the discipline and lack of penalties has been my biggest takeaway on that side of the ball. On the offense, Allen has markedly improved on the short and intermediate passes (thank you Cole Beasley ) and we need Mitch Morse.
  6. You are not just a troll, you are a professional troll. I like it. Def covered all your bases with the above.
  7. Cool, so power goes out in my area, wont come back on till 9ish so i can miss 2 games in a f*cking games in a row. Good stuff!👍
  8. Just hung up with ATT/DirecTV. 40 mins on phone, pretty good result although not NEARLY as fruitful as previous years. Sunday Ticket not free for existing customers, though I did back my way into getting it for free. Sunday Ticket $48.99 X 6 mos, $60.00 Loyalty Credit X 12 mos. She said call back next month when one of my other credits expire, and I will get more $$$ off my bill. No contract, month to month.
  9. This is all more evidence of Arkancide. To break that bone, you would need some sort of short drop in the hang. The post previously reported he tied the noose and leaned forward towards the floor. The bedsheets, and his own prison uniform are "suicide proof", meaning they tear with more than 20 lbs of weight applied to them. https://nypost.com/2019/08/15/epstein-autopsy-determined-he-had-several-broken-neck-bones-report/ Numerous studies were also cited by the paper that found hyoid bone breaks were found in the minority of suicidal hangings. One such study conducted from 2010 to 2013 that looked at suicidal hangings in India found that hyoid damage was present in just 16 of 264 cases.
  10. This actually sounds awesome, i am going to make this in the fall during deer season. Sub chuck steak for cubed venison and serve over lemon butter steamed white rice with browned onions and peppers
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