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  1. so sad https://mobile.twitter.com/davereaboi/status/1267934868920578055
  2. Albany and Schenectady too. Schenectady has declared a state of emergency due to "...imminent threat of civil unrest ..." and put on a curfew . I go back to work in the City Of Schenectady tomorrow. Beautiful.
  3. I said the same thing. I predicted 2 1/2 - 3 months would be the tipping point
  4. No. Not unless Orange Man gives him his bailout to pay for all of his financial ineptitude from the past 10 years
  5. I browsed this woman's Twitter feed, and full disclosure she appears to be a rich white liberal. Doesn't change the fact that I think she was in the right in this video, the police were in the wrong. She was standing on her front porch, her own property. This will be a very expensive mistake for the state.
  6. Who knew it would be so entertaining watching rich white liberals and pajama pant boys getting tear gassed!
  7. Thanks for posting this, I heard this on satellite radio this morning but couldn't find it 👍
  8. That was one of the top 3 speeches he has given to date. Clear, succinct, & powerful delivery. BRAVO!
  9. "..it was the most scared I have been since geting chased out of Tahrir Square by the Muslim Brotherhood..." Is the leadership in Minnesota lying, or just getting bad intelligence? 🤔
  10. The Communists are pissed that the Dems are trying to blame the Soros Riots on white supremacists and drug cartels! 🤣
  11. Glad you took the time to watch that! Good on you 'rita!👏👍
  12. We should change the name of this thread to "Staged Soros Funded Riots" Peaceful protests are fine, I dont know of a single acquaintance or have seen one poster on here who is opposed to them. Peaceful Protests are as American as apple pie. But the news (and this thread) is not about those, it is all about the professional agitators bankrolled by George Soros. In St Paul this morning, the mayor (I believe it was) said not a single person arrested was a local, 100% of the people arrested was from out of state.
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