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  1. I just listened. We only have one side of the story, lets pump the brakes a bit... He was physical with her, but she did not ask for medical attention. If he truly wanted to hurt her, i am sure he is more than capable . Lets be patient and wait for the facts to come out...
  2. To put into perspective how nasty it will be, we probably had the best D in the league last year. It would have shown statistically if they werent put into such bad situations by our abysmal offense. And despite all the horrible jams they were tasked with overcoming, overall we were #1.
  3. I actually was stationed at a FOB in Iraq named after this gentleman. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forward_Operating_Base_Kalsu Irregardless, we should all not forget that today is not Veterans Day, it is Memorial Day. It is not a celebration, but a day to acknowledge, remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while performing their warrior tasks and drills in service to our great country. While sipping a beer, turning over ribs on the barbie, or enjoying the company of loved ones, we should all take a moment, just a moment, to remember those who did not get to come home to enjoy the great country we all now get to enjoy.
  4. I am still waiting for Beane to draft a punter. Field position wins wild card games!
  5. And career ending for Gettleman
  6. I sincerely hope it goes to a cable provider, i dont want to have to subscribe to yet another streaming service just to watch the bills. I would not mind if it went to comcast or better yet, Verizon (fastest and best internet). Then i would not have to lose service during every freaking snow storm or severe t storm. You know its funny, the first 3-4 years i had direc tv i lost service like once. Last 5 years or so, i lose service like 4-5 times a year....
  7. The ultimate goal is to raise the level of play from lower tier CFL to mid level NFL, just as a starting point.
  8. A favorite past time of mine is to power wash the back of the customer toilet bowl with my ass, then go back to my office and leave the door open so I can hear the aftermath. My finest piece of work is the time I was taking such a nasty crap that the stench crept under the bathroom door into the showroom (I work in a car dealership) and I got to hear the reaction live from ground zero.
  9. At least you are man enough to admit it, unlike alot of people. Good for you!👍
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