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  1. Tsaikotic

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    for what?? the sad thing is McKenzie actually put some talent on that team and then Chucky came and is trying to destroy it all...Chucky is going to be the next Kelly
  2. Tsaikotic

    Raiders Fire GM Reggie McKenzie

    yea...I'm reading that and trying to figure out if he's saying that McKenzie was fired or if McKenzie is telling his scouts " hey Ian says I'm fired so I guess that's it." ..lol I'm gonna assume it says he's been fired...most likely Chucky wanted all the power
  3. O-Line (3 - 4), WR (2 - 3), TE (1 - 2), RB (1 - 2), D-Line (1 - 2), CB (1 - 2), OLB (1 - 2)
  4. not sure they carry over half...each team is required to spend up to a certain % of the cap...so they have to spend a certain amount, not sure what it is tho...but I can see Beane spending to that amount and saving for 2020...wonder if the FA pool for 2020 is better
  5. im only getting a bit of the article..stops at Ivory
  6. Tsaikotic

    Kareem Hunt being investigated for 2nd incident

    ok I didn't realize they hadn't talked to Hunt...I had heard someone say on tv that Hunt had lied to the NFL so I must have assumed they did
  7. Tsaikotic

    Kareem Hunt being investigated for 2nd incident

    my point wasn't directed at Hunt or if the NFL had the right to question Hunt...my point was at ppl acting as if the NFL showed up at my door I had to answer to them...players are under contract with the NFL, I am not...and neither are the women he beat or the friends/family of the victim or the hotel that owns the video
  8. Tsaikotic

    Packers fire McCarthy

    I don't know what is it about the Packers but it seems every year it feels like they get absolutely no help for Rogers or the team...do they even draft?
  9. Tsaikotic

    Allen's Last Pass (12/2): Bad Pass or Drop?

    I voted for Clay....he had enough time and room (no-one was around him) to adjust to the ball...I was gonna go 95/5 😜
  10. Tsaikotic

    Allen's Last Pass (12/2): Bad Pass or Drop?

    guess gugny has decided everything is either black or white....its 1 persons fault only...oh well
  11. Tsaikotic

    Allen's Last Pass (12/2): Bad Pass or Drop?

    should have had a 3rd option for a "little of both"
  12. Tsaikotic

    Kareem Hunt being investigated for 2nd incident

    I'm not on Hunt's side, but some ppl seem to think that NFL and FBI are the same initials...it has already been said that the hotel refused to show the NFL the tape because they weren't law enforcement...has already been said they tried to talk to the women and any friends, they all refused to talk...they can't interview ppl that won't talk to them.
  13. Tsaikotic

    Jags Fire Hackett and Have Benched Bortles for Kessler

    Im thinking the guy probably wont get another job...he's been w/ Marrone for years and I cant imagine has made any connections to any other HC's in NFL or college...but good luck to him anyways