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  1. lots of numbers available...not sure why they gave him one that was already being used (Tyrell Adams #50)
  2. was just looking at that on twitter..i asked who the hell this brother bill guy is anyways...still not sure..lol
  3. I like it except pick #25, I think he'd be there at #33, but I can understand why you made the pick...I also think Buffalo might take weaver in the second opening up pick #30 to Etienne or another play maker the Bills may like...I was looking at a chart earlier that showed the short shuttle and 3-cone #'s of the edge guys and that Buffalo really values those numbers and the top 2 or 3 were Oweh and Weaver with Rousseau way at the bottom...what are your thoughts on Weaver?
  4. I went with a few of GunnerBill's sleepers here...I had to take Smith-Marsette in the 3rd if I wanted him...McNeill replaces Star after 2021 season
  5. because they know Pegula's private jet flew to Chicago most likely
  6. I was thinking to mess with us she would say it wont be 4pm for that player
  7. I cant think of any position besides TE or DE that Beane would trade draft picks for...but like usual I'm most likely wrong lol
  8. could it be for someone not in the est time zone?...
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