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  1. it should be about the name on the front not the name on the back....unless its a player that said bad things about Buffalo while/after leaving, I wont wear those but I wont judge someone else for wearing it...and like many have said, $100 - $250 for a damn shirt is just crazy to throw into limbo cuz the player is gone
  2. Foster is a bit banged up...went from full to limited on the injury report Friday...wouldn't surprise me to see Foster on the inactive list Sunday...I can see his snap count being dependent on 1- how often they enter red zone, 2 - whether or not a message is being sent to Zay
  3. he has reminded me of T.O. ...lets hope he looks the part in a real game
  4. I don't hate Jones, but I feel in his third year he isn't stepping up much...I'd be ok with him as WR 4 or 5 when they get a WR 1 next year...Jones played 62 snaps had 8 targets and only caught 2 passes for 4 yards...would have liked to see more McKenzie in there - he only got 1 rep...need more Knox tho also - 54 snaps 3/3 58 yards
  5. I'm not understanding all the posts about having to pay our own...Fitzpatrick is on a rookie deal that still has 4 years left on it plus a 5th year option...it would be 3-4 years before they had to worry about if they're gonna pay him more $$...wouldn't be any different then if they had 3 1st round picks instead of 2 that year...I'm not saying go get him I'm just confused on why anybody cares about $$ that doesn't need to be worried about for like 4 years or so or why your worried about $$ period.
  6. yep..sry...didnt look close enough to scores add Pit - 3, GB - 10, ATL - 12...so make that at worst 8th
  7. I dont get that 11th in points part 1 - only 3 teams scored less then 16 ( Miami - 10, Chicago - 3, Cleveland - 13) 2 - only 8 of the 16 points were against Bills D at worst they should be ranked 4th in points allowed
  8. heres our list of FA for 2020...we need to re-sign our own...not all but the ones they want to keep(duh!): on the 53 - Jordan Phillips DT (UFA) Lorenzo Alexander OLB (UFA) - might retire Julian Stanford OLB (UFA) Maurice Alexander LB (UFA) Kevin Johnson CB (UFA) Levi Wallace CB (ERFA) Shaq Lawson DE (UFA) Quinton Spain G (UFA) Frank Gore RB (UFA) Kurt Coleman FS (UFA) Dean Marlowe SS (RFA) Isaiah McKenzie WR (RFA) Robert Foster WR (ERFA) practice squad guys - not sure how these guys are effected tho Eddie Yarbrough DE (RFA) Nate Becker TE (ERFA) Erik Magnunson OT (RFA) on IR - LaAdrian Waddle RT (UFA) Senorise Perry RB (UFA) Jason Croom TE (ERFA)
  9. wait a min...is it tie-ron or tah-ron?...need to know
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