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  1. I'm calling apples to oranges...mcvay took over when the team already had some good talent...sure he had to get some more but it's probably easier when you already have a top RB and franchise QB
  2. I'm gonna assume that for right now they are going to try all the LG's that they signed this off-season at RG to figure out who can man it best...TY has played some OG as well so maybe we see him in there too
  3. at this point, I can't tell anymore if it is or not..lol
  4. didnt tradeing Glenn help us get Allen?...
  5. I really love the ones who are the 1st to reply and still quote it
  6. this shows a bit of his blocking as well here is a bit more on Sweeney
  7. that probably is one reason for the wait on Ansah to sign..the other is today's date (May 7)..after 4 pm today teams can sign unrestricted free agents without hurting their standing in the league’s compensatory-pick formula for 2020...Maybe someday Bills will actually get to receive 1
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