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  1. how long have you been blind in that one eye?...how well can you see with your good eye (do you wear glasses)?...Ive been blind in my left eye since I was 12 and have no problem seeing the ball where it is (my agility to actually catch it might not be great though..lol)...though lately Ive been having problems reading up close, might be time to check and see if I need reading glasses I do have to say that I'm a bit amazed at how many of us are blind in 1 eye...Ive only met 1 other person blind in 1 eye...I'm curious though how many of you are blind from Toxoplasmosis and Toxicara ?
  2. for me its weapons on offense and edge rushers...I like Brown and Beasley but they need another weapon at WR...not sure they keep Gore next season or if he decides to move on, so that means they need a big bruiser to compliment Singletary...on defense they need a Bosa type edge guy...dont think they'll be able to get one in the draft if they go 11-5 or better...this would be ok spot for WR though in the 1st
  3. during the game Lofton (I think) said Brown needed 3 more yards for some record or something but i couldnt hear it cuz someone in my house was yelling....what did he need 3 more yards for?
  4. it should be about the name on the front not the name on the back....unless its a player that said bad things about Buffalo while/after leaving, I wont wear those but I wont judge someone else for wearing it...and like many have said, $100 - $250 for a damn shirt is just crazy to throw into limbo cuz the player is gone
  5. Foster is a bit banged up...went from full to limited on the injury report Friday...wouldn't surprise me to see Foster on the inactive list Sunday...I can see his snap count being dependent on 1- how often they enter red zone, 2 - whether or not a message is being sent to Zay
  6. he has reminded me of T.O. ...lets hope he looks the part in a real game
  7. I don't hate Jones, but I feel in his third year he isn't stepping up much...I'd be ok with him as WR 4 or 5 when they get a WR 1 next year...Jones played 62 snaps had 8 targets and only caught 2 passes for 4 yards...would have liked to see more McKenzie in there - he only got 1 rep...need more Knox tho also - 54 snaps 3/3 58 yards
  8. I'm not understanding all the posts about having to pay our own...Fitzpatrick is on a rookie deal that still has 4 years left on it plus a 5th year option...it would be 3-4 years before they had to worry about if they're gonna pay him more $$...wouldn't be any different then if they had 3 1st round picks instead of 2 that year...I'm not saying go get him I'm just confused on why anybody cares about $$ that doesn't need to be worried about for like 4 years or so or why your worried about $$ period.
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