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  1. so I should lure them in and then strangle them?
  2. Man, I've been saying that to my wife for awhile...she's against it, though she's pretty pissed about those critters, so.....
  3. We have friggin chipmunks who love to take a few bites of the almost ripe tomatoes then leave it...same with zucchinis, birds and deer got the blueberries and blackberries...I hate nature!! 😂 Awesome! We've had some mortgage lifters and cherry ripen, some with chipmunk damage...roma's and german johnsons are not ripe yet
  4. The Plastic Cup is probably sad...
  5. wypchać się sianem
  6. Kto się czubi, ten się lubi skurwiel
  7. indeed. BTW thanks for the shout out....zimny drań.
  8. Yep....I posted this the other thread as well, here in CT we followed guidelines and look what has happened....testing has increased and we are finding less cases and have falling hospitalizations and deaths. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/conn-covid-19-testing-increases-hospitalizations-positive-test-rate-decline/ar-BB16ao6K?ocid=hplocalnews
  9. For those that assume that increased testing results in increased cases, looks like that is not true in CT...looks like we are doing the right things here. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/conn-covid-19-testing-increases-hospitalizations-positive-test-rate-decline/ar-BB16ao6K?ocid=hplocalnews
  10. They may report them equally but the bias is still there...here is an interesting site that reveals political leaning of news sources, it also has a link to Allsides which rates the bias of about 600 media outlets. https://guides.lib.umich.edu/c.php?g=637508&p=4462444 Edit: leaving this here because of very useful link to media bias ratings from NG, but in general, if we want to discuss media bias, elsewhere please. I started this thread upon request of several folks to have a covid-19 thread that was just links and info. Discussion -> discussion thread please!] And also links from The Dean:
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/11/sports/buffalo-bills-matt-barkley-ny-jets.html
  12. How do you go about sorting out the good science from the junk and draw any dependable recommendations or conclusions?
  13. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/tom-bradys-nfl-scouting-combine-report-highlights-are-hilarious-retrospect
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