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  1. Thanks Bro's!! I'm still around...just lurking.
  2. I've been a Bills fan for almost 63 years....what else could my name be?
  3. For the second year in a row I don't have to pay and I get ST Max....just got an email from DTV on Tuesday....pretty excited to not have to haggle!!!
  4. Yep...matter of fact I was just talking to my wife about this yesterday....as some around here know, I lost my son Feb 3 2017...such an amazing kid!! We'd talk Bills all the time. Some old timers around here met him several times in the late 90's, early 2000's. My general reaction to the Bills now is much more subdued, but still very happy and proud. Watching games is not the same without him...I have to say this team as a whole is what he always wanted us to be. He never got to see Allen, Diggs now Sanders do what he loved..."go DEEP"! So I sit and watch the Bills and my thoughts drift to Danny...so yes...this is great, but it is and probably always will be, bittersweet.
  5. Just do the call and at the prompt say "customer loyalty", you get connected right away.
  6. I have ATT wireless and this is the first time I've gotten ST for free without haggling, I've always had to haggle and got anything from free (last year) to at worst half price.
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