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  1. 1st of all that was not an interception. He didn't fully controlled the ball, not even when he landed out of bounds just a little after. The Zay hate is real. look at this below and make a decision after. The guy was open a lot and JA didn't look his way. Also on the interception everyone is mentioning Knox is running a route behind Zay and some think he was the target not Zay.
  2. Yesss I saw this and I laughed. Way to go cameraman and TV director.
  3. I agree with you. I was just expressing my point of view about the offense. They played OK and they still scored 28 points. There is a lot of room for improvement. It worries me that the offense will not be as good against an OK or good defense but we will see time will tell.
  4. Shaw66 Thanks for the review. I didn't like the offense in general. I think they all played OK. Still got the W though. OL allowed 3 sacks. Giants defense was nothing to be impressed about. Allen got a fumble. But we were REALLY lucky the ref blew the whistle, otherwise it would've been a touchdown and the score 21-14 that's an entirely different ball game. a few false starts and other dumb penalties. I am very cautions about the 2-0 start. In 2008 Trent Edwards started the season 5-1 and the rest of the season they went 2-8. Don't get me wrong I am happy because I am seeing improvements specially from the offense but it doesn't matter how you start you have to be consistent and finish strong. Hopefully this team will do it.
  5. First of all thank you for your write up I have never missed one of them even since you were at BBMB. Great points all the time. I miss him too I had my doubts about "motor" but he looked pretty good. He needs to work on his speed he seemed too slow in the open field. It's one game only but it was a good showing. We'll have a good idea of where he stands at the end of the season. I was worried about the 4 turnovers as the statistics are unfavorable when you have so many turnovers in a game. Couple of things I noticed. -Cody Ford was out in the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th quarter did you see any drop on his play? -Nsekhe fell on his butt in one of the plays in the 4th qtr. -Oliver is a best he threw an OL like a rag doll in one play and almost gets the sack. -Bad Luck on the turnovers besides the Josh Allen fumble. The pick 6 is on Beasley, one of the fumbles was Morse's fault and unlucky on the tipped ball for the 2nd interception.
  6. In my bed. Games in Alaska start at 9 AM I like to sleep in during weekends. That may change this year because I have a 17 month old that wakes up at 7 and wants dad to play with him. I have Sunday ticket and as a matter of fact never been to the New Era Field, I am a TV fan. I have watched the bills live once (at Oakland)
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