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  1. Annie Tasker lives here in Anchorage. One time I was walking into the local Lululemon with my wife and I was wearing a bills hoodie and cap then one of the employees came to me and ask me if I knew who Steve Tasker is and I told her of course I know Steve Tasker! Then she tells me that his daughter is the manager, she calls her and comes over to chat about the bills and the fact that she lives here. She told me Steve has been here a few times. She was so down to earth and very happy to see a bills fan (there are not many of us here, mostly seachickens fans).
  2. Got same email a couple of days ago. Called Directv and its true. I got it for FREE too.
  3. Happy we swept the Pats. This team is making me feel like the 90's where we could beat anyone. Honestly last few weeks since the Broncos game has been like blah at least to me. These are games that we are supposed to win and we are doing so and I am happy about that. I am still not over that loss against the Texans. I am enjoying this season but I feel like it doesn't matter until we win a playoff game. That's what I am looking forward to.
  4. Roger? Can you help us out here? Roger? Roger? Goodel!?!?!? Damn it!!
  5. Nope. Diggs dropped the pass. Look at the pics below. It should've been a TD and the bills would've been up 10-7 in the 2nd qtr. The one to Brown was well defended by the DB. Are you talking about this one? Yep it was on Diggs all the way.
  6. Dude forget about the fumble. The Diggs drop in the endzone and Bass missed FG would've been enough.
  7. I agree with you 1000% to me it looked like the chiefs weren't even trying to go 100% maybe they played to the 70-80% of their capacity. Our defense was absolute *****
  8. Dude this season stinks like the ones we started 5-2 and 4-0 only to finish 8-8 or worse and out of the playoffs. Team did almost nothing today on both sides of the ball
  9. Not all of us Bills fans are from Western NY you know. As a matter of fact I have never been nearly close to NY. ***** I went to see the Bills in Oakland a few years back. That was my first Bills game.
  10. Kyle Brandt is a Bears fan who has been rooting for the bills for a while. He said it himself in one episode of the John Murphy show.
  11. Our offense being effective. Score points.
  12. there was a similar play on the opposite side against Shaq but he contained the edge, didn't attack and he flushed LJ inside for no gain or short gain. Milano thought he had an easy tackle but he should've known better.
  13. Tre White as well. It's honestly hard to pick now before we had Kyle Williams who has been my favorite until his retirement and before that it was Freddie. Tre is up to par with those 2 because he puts the hard work, he's great off the field, family man, plays with passion and he's not arrogant or cocky. Also best corner in the NFL.
  14. Since around 20 to 25 years ago (Marv Levy) or maybe never. Gosh we've had bad teams. I hope they win tomorrow and they keep improving.
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