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  1. You mean the tremaine edmunds agent podcast and terell bernard will never be good podcast?
  2. Anyone see tanya harding in the area?
  3. He aint tearing up the league i don't see what there is to revisit
  4. He almoat had a pic too but hes been very stable for pittsburg
  5. Joe marino isnt gonna like this ..hes practically edmunds only fan and was a big bernard hate Meanwhile over in chicago: https://www.chicitysports.com/forum/search/382408/?q=Edmunds&o=date Lot of "love"
  6. Joe marino isnt gonna like this ..hes practically edmunds only fan and was a big bernard hater
  7. https://www.chicitysports.com/forum/threads/officail-fire-everyone-thread-bears-fans-only.95087/page-10#post-4251714 basically saying they miss roquan "Edmunds so far (yeah only 1 week) appears to be a massive downgrade to roquan. Maybe it’s cause he didn’t practice, maybe he is just mediocre. Why spend all that money on him."
  8. I loved the chicago announcers making excuses for edmunds whiffing already lol
  9. Will joe marino let his gaze off his long lost love tremaine?
  10. Still glad we didnt pay edmunds sorry but price tag not worth it and cant wait to see what chicago fans think
  11. Judging from the pick im glad he made it back from middle earth
  12. Spencer brown must have seen his godfather to secure the part
  13. To me it didn't seem that insightful. Was just him talking about partying and messing up. And all the shenanigans to cover that up.
  14. Eh im for the non penalized phone stuff, the cops do it too, the only thing it does is get the state money. Everyine still does it. Even the cops. More laws more fines doesnt make things better all the time. You cannot legislate a perfect society. Thay being said the penalty here is way to lenient imo
  15. Jets nation and finheaven are decent boards, the rest are pretty blah. And man dont even go to the giants board unless you wanna relive netscape websites lol Most are pretty flawed though or hard to navigate as a new user. Broncos and browns are bad. Ravens is ok. Colts is ok. Titans is same ***** OK. Patriots board isnt bad. This is one of the better honestly.
  16. What do you mean by good? As in design or discussion?
  17. You know how many women told me that to make me feel better? Im not fooled!!!
  18. Wolves dont concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.
  19. This guy was so bad here. When he got a HC gig I knew that wouldnt last. He was a trainwreck.
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