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  1. Yep and I got down voted for saying take the points earlier.
  2. Na man allen should have not done that it's only gonna be on him
  3. Espn two of 5 picked dolphins ( randy moss and the chick)
  4. News flash we have drafted two safeties.
  5. That pick he had versus patriots was so phenomenal, I think he deserves some time off anyways!
  6. My issue with it is they basically bashed men (jillete) and are part of the men need to be less men mob. https://time.com/5503156/gillette-razors-toxic-masculinity/ So yeah. Not liking it personally.
  7. Edmunds family giving up a td....
  8. Nfl needs to flex good games into these spots they knew for weeks this would be trash. Why not change it.
  9. You don't get a second opinion unless it's pretty significant. Might be two new safeties next year.
  10. I was able to use the Xm app but once the season was over couldn't find them. I def also am interested I loved listening to the patriots radio broadcast of the playoffs game last year.
  11. I actually almost started a similar topic but it was: did enduring the drought / losing, actually make us love the bills more now that they are successful again? But ya. Don't miss it at all.
  12. What's really impressive about this is that in high scoring games you expect a shootout if possible. So this is really awesome
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