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  1. I need a Milano Jersey. Kid is a beast.
  2. I agree with ban, this guy belongs no where near this message board. Pure negativity.
  3. Why does anyone give this guy any attention, seriously. Also, being a Bills fan, why give any media the attention? Just stop, and GO Bills!
  4. I may be the only one, but I like the Train whistle. JMO
  5. He doesn't deserve this. Great dude, and was playing great.
  6. Please close this thread.
  7. Love this kid! It's funny that the Pats drafted a kicker before Bass that year, and he was eventually cut by them. Looks like Beane and staff did their homework once again.
  8. Why would anyone in the top 10 want Gilmore, and his contract. I'd assume they would be a bit far away from a super bowl to take him.
  9. I don't look at other teams message boards very much, but I'm curious what they think of the departure of Darnold. We all know, at least in my opinion, it's the Jet's MGMT being the Jet's MGMT. Curious if the majority blame him, or the MGMT.
  10. And? i may be wrong, but doesn't he have a child with a woman in Buffalo?
  11. Surprised, yet so excited. Trust in Beaner!!! He has a plan.
  12. Pulled Pork, Homemade Mac and Cheese, and fresh cut fries.
  13. Not sure if posted in this thread, but I’ll leave this here. Bring it Buffalo! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=kyle+brandt%2c+buffalo+vs+baltimore&view=detail&mid=7CE6084B9FED2FCC01AE7CE6084B9FED2FCC01AE&FORM=VIRE&PC=APPL
  14. Man, I hate to say it. 30-21 Ravens. I hope I'm so wrong, but coaching is what makes the difference.
  15. So do you prefer we just go with 1 RB next week?
  16. Yeah, my fault. I'm having a hard time multitasking today from work and Bills game for tomorrow.
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