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  1. The M.O. of the Left (or the Establishment) is to create the problem (ie the border, racism, the pandemic, so the State can provide a solution…
  2. Probably not…but I will admit, I have not had time to look into it… But from what it sounds like, on the surface, it does not sound legit… But again, I don’t know much on the subject…
  3. Wrong…According to the Dems: -If you voted for Trump, you’re siding with Putin -If you question the Hunter laptop, you’re believing in Russian disinformation -If you’re against high gas prices, you’re not willing to sacrifice to defeat Putin -If you’re a politician who calls out a Democrat, even if you, yourself, are a Democrat, you are just a Russian agent… Notice a pattern? Basically, the political strategy of the Democrat Party has become anything that disagrees with their narrative is working for Putin’s Russia…You, my friend, are just regurgitating that same nonsense… I guess it makes sense, though, that Dems act like we exist in the Cold War era of the 1950s- where they think that “Jim Crow” and white supremacy are at an all time high…🤣 Talk about being stuck in a time warp…😉
  4. Of course I do- because anything that doesn’t agree with Biden’s narrative is Russian disinformation…how convenient…😉
  5. Do you like how, as a white man, he decides whether a person is black enough or not?
  6. Exactly…I mean, how many times do we need to be lied to, by the CIA, on corporate media, before we decide the jig is up… It’s beyond comical, at this point, that people continue to fall this fake BS… The US government is one of, if not, the most corrupt government in the world…It wasn’t always like that, but that is what it has become since the creation of the “Security State” 80 years ago…
  7. Joe Biden is a racist, corrupt corporate sell out, and enemy of the Constitution… He is, at best, bottom 5 presidents of all time….👍
  8. Ever since Josh slipped against the Titans, last year, the Bills seem afraid to QB sneak…
  9. He is the perfect foot soldier for the agenda- just believes everything the mainstream media reports as gospel…
  10. Did Biden not warn he was going to stop the pipeline from sending oil? Looks like he was a man of his word…😉 And then the same day the pipeline was sabotaged by Biden, the new Baltic pipeline opens up- what co-winky-dink…😉
  11. I heard it was a pretty bad sprain of the index finger…😉
  12. Public Service Announcement- People who blame others for their problems will always be failures in life… That is all…carry on 😉
  13. Actually, I do have a confession to make… I now identify as Trans Pizza… My pronouns are deep dish and extra crispy… You could even say I’m “fluid” because some weekends I feel like a pepperoni pie, and other nights I’m more sausage and mushroom…😉
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