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  1. Pretty sure he engaged in illegal prostitution. Also pretty sure it was recorded by camera surveillance. Almost positive no one replying is an attorney. Absolutely positive Kraft had sufficient funds to mount a great (il)legal defense.
  2. Except that it was a crime. No idea why anyone would be happy, because someone gets away with a crime, because they have high priced lawyers. All these poor sex criminals having their good names dragged through the mud??
  3. If wants to sweat his nads off at TC hoping for potential injuries, that's fine with me. It will give him a leg up for in-season injuries, too.
  4. Roll over the $10M he would have cost us, and have a look at him as a UFA next year if he truly is healthy. Glad we didn't gamble on a shoulder injury.
  5. Speaking of giving up on Shaud. lol His interview starts at :50
  6. If he has a year that he's worth $10M, then we can pay him that, so this seems to be a smart move.
  7. Did anyone notice the very, very clear smirk come over Bill Barr's face when Lindsay Graham said, "we might do that" after Dick Durbin made a comment about looking into Hillary Clinton's e-mails?? It was at 11:32 am if you didn't happen to see it.
  8. That's my issue right now. If this kid is killin it, do we hold the $9M back for kicks? Again not wanting to be rumor guy, but opening up $9M could be Ziggy money??
  9. He walks in with an opportunity to start.
  10. Even if the good lord gives you the best line ever, you still have to use it. The other top 50 running backs with good lines couldn't touch ES
  11. I don't wanna be the drama guy but it's hard to see this RB sit.
  12. I said he was a gore/shady hybrid. He loves going to the tackler.
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