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  1. Trump did help facilitate the vaccine. He did get ventilators, and PPP, too. I'll never take away from anyone, even if I don't like them. The prob with an authoritarian is if he trips up, we're all screwed.
  2. Wait, politicians have positions? I just assumed now it's the opposite of what the other party would consider a "victory".
  3. The libertarian belives in an extremely flawed version of their own utopia. They've already lost the debate before they've even spoken. Like it or not you're a social animal.
  4. If your a conservative, you should like the Lincoln Project no matter what their opinion is. The party of freedom should not only welcome, but insist that dissenting opinions matter. This isn't a Liz Cheney post either. If the party wants her gone she's gone, that's freedom, too. Open discussion vs being primaried is the issue.
  5. Let's all get on board for a sensible green energy transition. If the lobbyists shut up long enough, we could use data as to what/when decisions we think we should make. Side note: saw a meme said electric vehicles batteries cost 200% of the original car price to replace? How is that possible? Something about electric car salvage yards in france
  6. Blaming both parties, Trump and Biden for the worker shortage. Blame the Republicans the least, and maybe Trump the most, because he was the one insisting Mitch not be Mitch, and just send out checks and bonuses, extensions without making sure it goes to creditors before people wasted it on big screens, leaving their landlord dry. Pissed Biden said he didn't think it is effecting hiring. That's a huge disconnect, but I understand why he's not stopping all unemployment, because it would leave some families out in the cold. That's what sucks about the new society is that to feed families, yo
  7. I miss Jerhrud! That's what the conservative media is getting at. Seriously, there's not going to be peace there in our lifetimes, and it was worse before I was born. The longest thread in interwebz history is middle east crisis.
  8. The first statement is undenaibly true. Obama got the biggest scare to the world economy we've ever seen, along with an expensive war. Obama's GDP was very strong considering what he walked into. Also undeniable. Look at the numbers. Biden inhereted a pandemic enonomy with the worst GDP you could imagine. Trump had a good economy(not a rocketship economy), if not for the pandemic, he would have handed a good economy over. None of that **** is made up
  9. I thought they stole the election. I'm sure the handing out food/water bill will fix that.
  10. I've always felt that is someone claimed to have massive proof of something, but refuses to show you it, they are lying their ass off, because there's no reason they wouldn't prove it IF THEY COULD.
  11. What's dense is you claiming I have to prove there aren't little green men from Mars.
  12. Yes I can. He's not president. Again, belief isn't enough to make something true. If Trump honestly believed the Earth was flat, would I have to prove him wrong?
  13. I don't have proof there's open jobs, but I know it's true. That's why I think the rate of 6.1% is higher than it really is. This thread was about an economy in peril, when we all know it's people choosing not to work, and collecting UI. Keep in mind Trump was 100% on board with stimulus and unemployment bonuses and extensions. Even if he won, this situation would be no different, so it's really not a 'Biden' issue at all. This thread should be on Fox news as a hit piece.
  14. It's not just me, it's anyone with critical thinking ability. Where's the "massive proof". Other than being mentally ill, I can't think of any reason why he wouldn't provide the proof he claims he has. If you choose to believe what he says without evidence, then go right on ahead. If someone believes the Earth is flat, and claims so, it is most certainly still a lie.
  15. I really don't think anyone was anticipating a rate hike anytime soon. It's been effectively zero for like 15 months.
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