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  1. I wonder what the big tuna thinks of big Poona?
  2. You've got to billieve that BB expects a guy like Bernard or Williams to be able to be on the field at the same time as Milano, or he wouldn't be drafting them in the 3rd.
  3. I call Jordan Phillips the minotaur. Poona is going to be the gorilla
  4. While you're correct that there's misinformation on the left, there's also misinformation on the right. The cartridges were designed for killing humans at distances most likely to be encountered. They were also designed to be able to fit more into the magazine, and allow you to carry more of it. The only real distinction between them and military assault rifles is selective fire, but even then that is for suppression. A soldier trying to hit clean targets is either going to fire single shot, or 3 shot burst. A person who is good at handling the weapon can easily fire all 30 rounds in 10 seconds with little loss of accuracy, because unlike a hunting rifle, it's designed to remain accurate with rapid fire. In short, trying to say it's closer to a hunting rifle than it is a military weapon is a larger degree of misinformation.
  5. Wouldn't there be the third option of play out 5th year, let him sign elsewhere as a UFA, and get comp pick like we did with Tremaine?
  6. His dead cap is listed as the same as his salary
  7. The larger the man, the less the difference in weight maters. This 7 lb difference could even be fluctuation. They dont weigh these guys weekly, and average it out. Bottom line, their both, and all were, undersized
  8. 3rd round picks are the new car depreciation of the NFL draft.
  9. Could eventually become a heck of a nickel pair
  10. Standard procedure, but it's amplified, because we aren't picking for a while
  11. No, not in the 3rd, but most years that guy is drafted somewhere, and he flames out
  12. No that's fine. I agree. Most people were talking about his size, and I thought you did, too. No other player available before or after has the 'size' everyone else is complaining about
  13. But your team needed one badly. Would you have been happy with any of the other ILB's drafted shortly before Dorian?
  14. Yup, our hand may have not been forced, but we were left with what they didn't want. It may not be a reach, but it feels like it probably was. The argument that he's too small is silly, because all the other ILB's were the same weight basically. That argument comes down to talent
  15. We've been chasing the undersized linebacker ST demon, like the dragon, for years.
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