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  1. I honestly can't believe that Trump is saying the right things about unity right now. Imagine if half of his nutbar followers would do that instead of feeding their heads full of media that makes them "think". He could have been a wildly popular president if he just always handled things like this. Maybe he really is a Christian, and he's having some clarity now. We can hope.
  2. It's funny you call it iconic, because the symbolism works. How many fake news scaffolds have been made for you in jest? Ok I get you, but the executive has too much power. Not only can he nominate any general but dismissing them is easy too. I showed you twice he has that power if he chooses
  3. Do you even have any clue how many states trump would have needed to turn? How many lawsuits did he have to lose? How many Sec of States would he have had to pressure?? I don't think you do. He wasn't the one who was going to "present" the fake electors. That was his VP, who failed to comply, even after they constructed the gallows to hang him with if he didn't. I'd rather be a political hack, than a GQP loon, who ignores reality, because likes to and it feels good.
  4. Truth. Pardons are a sham too. They're supposed to be for wrongful convictions, not for getting your pals from facing the justice any other American would. Hunter Biden was politically targeted too. There's millions of Americans who own handguns and have used illegal drugs. If Hunter had of owned an elephant gun, that would have been fine, but his tiny revolver, hell no. I was reading about a similar case that was appealed, and the court said that people drank alcohol here for hundreds of years, and owned guns. That was never illegal. The 2nd Amendment supporters should literally be up in arms over this, but Newsmax has them so happy that Hunter is convicted, they don't even care. I'm not talking about Jan 6th, I'm talking about the fake electors plot, that will never see its day in court, because as me and JaCrispy are discussing politicians and the 'justice system' have a great way of making sure that the powerful never face justice. I'd be fine with Obama and Biden facing their day in court, but for some reason you're defending trump. Maybe stop looking through the GQP looking glass.
  5. How about stealing and refusing to return classified documents? Or a coup attempt to overturn an election?
  6. Do you know how an officer finds out if the order he disobeyed was a legal order? During his court martial. There's certainly nothing daunting or scary about facing a court martial by disobeying the commander in chief, right? As I pointed out to you, a president can appoint a general if he determines it's in the interest of the nation. Do you think General Steve Bannon would refuse an illegal order? I gave you like 7 examples of generals being relieved. You're still standing on things I have proved demonstrably false. The your honor comment was for Lenny, not you.
  7. This is probably true, but that's because trump is self-interested, and does/says most things to keep them in his graces. What concerns me is that at some point, they will have a leader that really does consider all the GQP rhetoric to be gospel. For now, this makes me thankful that trump is a great liar.
  8. This is the guy who's teaching today's incels how to be men. LOL You're forgetting that these are the idiots who have tried to claim that this HAS ALREADY HAPPENED at Marafargo. Good thing it was an official act, and Biden can't be charged for it. LMAO
  9. Right. All that matter is that he's not up to it right now, much less at any time in the future. trump's not much younger, and he's not half as healthy as Ronny Jackson would have people believe.
  10. So that's how the military works huh, Capt. Staros? Lt. Col Tall disagrees. Every officer down the line does research on orders, and checks their legal dictionary before they follow them? Ok. LOL Further, Congress disagreed with you when McArthur was let go by Truman. Obama fired 2 generals. Bush fired Fallon. Richardson, Kimmel, and Short were fired by Roosevelt: The power to do so is inherent in the President’s Commander-in-Chief authority under Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, and it cannot be fettered by Congress. Replacing them-Read number 2 Assignment as Combatant Commander.— (1)The President may assign an officer to serve as the commander of a unified or specified combatant command only if the officer—(A) has the joint specialty under section 661 of this title; and has completed a full tour of duty in a joint duty assignment (as defined in section 664(d) of this title) as a general or flag officer. (2)The President may waive paragraph (1) in the case of an officer if the President determines that such action is necessary in the national interest. Well, it turns out that Roberts also stated in his 2005 hearing that the president isn't above the law, too. I'd say that any 180 decisions by any SCJ after they stated the opposite under oath should be explained, but to each their own. It seems you're perfectly fine with someone who is called "your honor" lying.
  11. I'm not the one who's happy that he will never be held accountable for it. That would be all the laugh, vomit and eyeroll emoji clowns who don't/can't ever support a counter-argument. I didn't watch or read any media before I commented on this other than the basics, but thanks for the copy and paste of what Newsmax thinks. 100 to 1 odds I understand more about law and the Constitution than you or any other tin foil hat GQP supporter who thinks everything is simply the Democrats fault. You think the GQP would impeach trump? LOLOLOL That check and balance???
  12. He's a master at finding loopholes, and has been doing it his whole life. Bottom line is any president has always been surrounded by White House council, who were there to advise on if he'd have that particular power, and the legality of it. The legality of it guys have now left the room, and are in the unemployment line. That's not a good thing.
  13. The fiscal conservative party does not exist anymore either. Once in a while one of them will throw out a sound byte, but that's it. trump loves to spend too, so they keep their mouths shut. Ever had a socialist check, borne of borrowed money, sent to you with a democratic president's name on it?
  14. You think Congress decides how the president can use the armed forces? Wrong, they don't. As long as the GQP holds either the House or the Senate, all they have to do is disagree with when to adjourn, and then the president holds the power to adjourn them both. He threatened to do it to get his appointments done before: President Donald Trump expressed frustration Wednesday that the Senate has not confirmed his pending nominees to various posts. “The current practice of leaving town while conducting phony pro forma sessions is a dereliction of duty that the American people cannot afford during this crisis,” Trump told reporters. The president warned that if the House does not agree to let the Senate adjourn, then he would “exercise my constitutional authority to adjourn both chambers of Congress” and make recess appointments for more than 100 pending nominees, especially those related to the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic aftermath.
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