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  1. I thought you could only spike the ball in the endzone?
  2. The one thing we don't want is the Ravens to be resting everyone vs the Dolphins. We need that to be an important game for them.
  3. That's why the chicken little is overblown. if the D was bad, I'd be throwing in the hat, too. The McD stuff is a little overblown, because tonight was mostly execution, and other than practice plays, he can't do anything about that on gameday, especially on offense.
  4. ESPN was supposed to go to it, and they never did. WTH
  5. It was Trevon, and he added some dumb emoji's. If he wants to eat the cap hit, and give us a couple first rounders, then ok. otherwise he can sthu
  6. Sean, Von's toast, why keep putting him out there when you have AJ, Groot, and his buddy from LA: "we'll trust the process, he's working his way back instead of resting the injury.'
  7. McD on the podium after this commercial. This should be interesting. I'm sure we won't hear anything about the process, which is likely now over.
  8. Ed Oliver. The only real positive.
  9. It's not excusable, but there is a man assigned the job of counting players. I think it was Bernard. Now, the coach may have not had time to remind him, but he still should have tried counting them from the sidelines. Not sure he did or could have.
  10. Maybe he has a future in coaching wrastling.
  12. Why force your kicker to hurry. Dummy
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