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  1. daz28

    KR/WR Andre Roberts (Jets) to Bills

    ^^^ Try to imagine a situation where at the end of every punt return the refs throw a flag, and give us an extra 7.4 yards.
  2. daz28

    WR Cole Beasley (Dallas) to the Bills

    Cole wringing his hands the whole interview told me he wanted to tell them if Josh was there, we can go out in the parking lot, and show you what we're talking about on the phone.
  3. daz28

    KR/WR Andre Roberts (Jets) to Bills

    Opportunity cost. The more time they spend worrying about him, the less they have to worry about what else we're doing. I'm not going to dream he's gonna be a great 5th WR, but this changes strategy a bit. Do they draft guys who are better at ST now? Does it telegraph no way to Metcalf? It scream we draft a WR later, to go with RB, and QB. We always draft a LB and CB later. I think I just nailed our last 5 picks. Now if only I knew the first 5. I think 2 picks are spent on maneuvering at least(up or down).
  4. daz28

    C Mitch Morse (Chiefs) to the Bills

    Thurman did so much more on the field than Emmit, but Emmit will always be considered the better runner. We're gonna see the same thing with Mathhews/Eichel. To think 1 SB could have even put Kelly/Marino to bed for good. Sorry Emmitt spelling. Been a while. lol
  5. daz28

    TE Tyler Kroft (Bengals) to the Bills

    Is he more graceful than Scott Chandler or Tage Thompson? That will tell me a lot. IOW, is he a fat Tage, a skinny Chandler, or someone else altogether?
  6. daz28

    C Mitch Morse (Chiefs) to the Bills

    To help him become the next 'Eric Wood' in the locker room. People need to understand we're building a culture. Guys like Zo, Anderson, and Gore are priceless right now. We will draft a QB and RB later, but way these guys learn to be pro's comes from a series of pro's. OMG, I'm watching Shady and Frank Gore laying praises to Thurman Thomas. Kinda like, "hey kid, you wanna be the next car on this train, I can show ya how we did it. Up to you to try your best" mentality.
  7. Try to imagine that being Tom Donahoe?? I know it's a different world, but it's opaque/translucent difference.
  8. daz28

    C Mitch Morse (Chiefs) to the Bills

    You're kind of making a good underlying point here. As part of the culture, it's good to bring these young guys(and soon to be rookies) into what our community is all about. Them seeing how the veterans handle and enjoy themselves in this environment may be important in how they view/handle a situation that may be foreign to them esp for the rookies. The most understated point about Morse right now is can he be Eric Wood? I think he'll be better on the field, but what he's worth off the field can't be under stated.
  9. i may or may not have mistaken the quote. Due to him dealing a K-4-10-k-10 or similar hand too many times, we will never know. IOW, he prob did say that. Him or Bass Reeves or some other gunslinger. Good advice. You should have wrote some lines for Doc Holliday for 'Tombstome'. The line you just made fits him pretty well. Val Kilmer
  10. daz28

    C Mitch Morse (Chiefs) to the Bills

    Phil's odds to be gone have went way up. They may not do it this year, because it's so late(unfair to new coach), but I think they start their search now if they hadn't already. As for Morse, why I came here in the first place, I didn't see any of his concussions, but he seems to play pretty upright. Hard to believe he got three playing that way. If I find them, and figure out how to post them for you, I will.
  11. Yes, but it's up to me if I want to dip my toes in the sand, or search out those who hold deep in muddy water. I've scanned around enough to know what this is about. I don't believe most people debate in good faith, so if there are some of the chosen few, that may change my depth. For now, I'm just chatting and getting to know people. It's possible I learn something along the way.
  12. daz28

    OT Ty Nsekhe (Redskins) to the Bills

    This is it exactly. We got versatile guys for a reason. New asst. line coach to evaluate. The only thing is the first time you're going to see them standing next to each other, one's going to look like a LG, and the other is going to look like a LT. Let's hope they play next to each other well. If they do, the whole left side is strong as you could hope. Right side will once again become the problem.
  13. daz28

    RB Frank Gore (Dolphins) to the Bills

    Now re-programming my talking Rick Jeanneret can opener to say, "GOOOOOOOORRRREEEE jUSSSSSSSSSSSSS" when Frank scores his first TD, as I'm searching for my Bills Coolzie.
  14. daz28

    CB Kevin Johnson (Texans) to the Bills

    You can argue if he's good/bad, injury prone/not, but he's worth a roster spot for what is basically a no risk contract. There's really no way to spin this as a bad idea, including saying you can't trust he'll be healthy enough for the season. If Ansah signs here for decent money, and ends up hurt in week 7 many will say it was worth a try after he's cut the next year. This guy is worth a shot for peanuts for sure.
  15. Seeing you quoting "Wild Bill" made me wonder how many more poker games he'd have won if he had a KSG