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  1. This is a very easy choice. One of the two has had multiple chances at bat in the playoffs. He also has 13 seconds on his resume.
  2. The loss of Purdy was not an unforced error. Reddick was running wild and free, and that is something SF had to prepare for. They also needed to challenge that catch.
  3. I agree with this, but SF somehow thought they wouldn't have to block an elite rusher. That was massive mistake #2
  4. Did you see the drop, the calls and the fumble by the backup QB?
  5. If he can throw that would make it 3 MASSIVE mistakes by Shanahan.
  6. Yeah, "getting away with one" shouldn't be an option in the playoffs. No one will be mad about it taking too long to get it right.
  7. This could have been a game for the ages, but the niners forgot the first rule: PROTECT YOUR QB
  8. There was a foot in the way from him being able to scoop it in
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