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  1. This certainly effects players health. It's a fact known by everyone that athletes DO die from heat stress. Why on God's green Earth wouldn't the league and NFLPA agree that keeping the players safe is JOB ONE! I certainly would happily give up watching football if I knew it would save one single life. It boggles me that taking the risk of killing someone would be considered a "home field advantage" when it could be easily avoided.
  2. Would you go for 2 because of the heat possibly avoiding OT?
  3. The BIlls make me wanna SHOUT! GG all and gn. 2022
  4. They believe thats Zach. I mean maybe hes doing what theyre designing him to do. he's refusing to take a TFL
  5. CC thinking out loud, "boy this is gonna be a long year"
  6. I dunno about you guys but Im in Terry's football heaven
  7. Sounds like me and my buddies team we have kupp and Gabe too. Waller and dawesome for TE. Russel for QB
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