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  1. Pay Kelvin Benjamin or Let Him Test Free Agency

    wait until we need to decide
  2. Did Richie Show up today?

    From NJ and go back to 1963 with this team....
  3. Did Richie Show up today?

    thanks for information, sorry i am not a twitter guy...nor do i know where to look other than here or Post Standard
  4. Did Richie Show up today?

    Give me good news as I am not from the area....
  5. Gronk to be traded before start 2018 season - Boston Radio

    I predict that is why Dallas released salary in Bryant move.....
  6. Let's say we take Mayfield at #7

    For those saying Mayfield is too short, see Drew Brees, Russel Wilson and Dallas QB that people said the same thing about
  7. Think plan A ..for the bills

    WR and DBs also badly needed
  8. Who had the strongest arm in NFL history?

    Jamarcus Russell and James Harris
  9. Either Matthews or Hurns

    Matthews is the guy..great hands
  10. Buffalo Bills 2018 Salary Cap

    How can Wood still count against the cap if he is permanently injured and can not play? What is wrong here?
  11. Bills sign Bush!

    We seem like the only team that is rebuilding by getting older...
  12. So do we not have a plan at WR in free agency?

    I like this guy....I would jump at him
  13. I think Mahomes. who KC drafted will be a superstar
  14. 2019 Salary Cap (AVAIL)Projected to be $100 million

    Considering the trades of Taylor and Glenn how much Cap space do we currently have? I do not care of dead space, etc. , just how much cap space do we now have to sign additional players?
  15. With the 12th Pick Bills select