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  1. Good for him, maybe this stops or slows down any phony ones
  2. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    Trading Daryl Lamonico for Tom Flores and Art Powell
  3. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    Offensive Scheme

    Because Allen is so much taller than Tyrod, I anticipate a lot of throws to our tight ends over the middle as well as quick hits on in routes to our slot receivers
  4. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    How does this year's roster stack up with last year's playoff team Baby

    Defense will be much improved. Don’t think the offens is better.
  5. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    Bills Post Draft OL depth

    Is there any chance Richie returns.?
  6. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    Rank the Bills Remaining Areas of Need.

    1. OL 2. WR 3. CB 4. OLB 5. DE
  7. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    Week One Starter?

    AJ this season and maybe Allen in 2019.....give him time
  8. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    How long do you give Allen?

    three years
  9. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    RD1, Pick 7: Josh Allen QB - Wyoming

    Allen is made for Buffalo.....Rosen would have been a disaster. His own teammates and coach at UCLA were not crazy about the kid...
  10. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    RD 1, Pick 16: Tremaine Edmunds OLB - Virginia Tech

    Kid is a monster at 19 yrs of age....will only get better. He is our Keuchley for McDermott's defense. Best LB in draft
  11. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    Bovada Draft Bets

    I would take RB over 1.5
  12. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    Bills Go 7-9 this Season

    10-6 or 11-5
  13. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    Kick The Tires on Brandon Marshall?

    avoid, locker room cancer for Jets and Giants....
  14. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    Pay Kelvin Benjamin or Let Him Test Free Agency

    wait until we need to decide
  15. BuffaloBillsMagic1

    Did Richie Show up today?

    From NJ and go back to 1963 with this team....