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  1. Mister ShadyBiilsFan, Thanks for your time and the nice reply, after reading further it seems to me you´re a defenitively a standup guy , so no need to PM your work and travel credentials!! 😉 I am a native here, posting from a location in Mexico - which I identify with a translated to english artistic sort of name - just to avoid some conversations about politics and culture views, get my football takes of track by some dudes in this board. I Look forward to your posts!
  2. 100 Mil?''...really?😳
  3. Shady and the avatar name are equally as cool, however you can easily tell when someone has not travelled too much...
  4. BuffaLoko

    Has the light finally gone on for Zay Jones?

    QBorB, seems like you are all about busts, besides your name, I find contradiction in your post, how can someone (WR) be deemed a bust if he doesn't have a decent QB to throw to him...?
  5. BuffaLoko

    Teller's first game action

    Agree, thanks for bringing back what has faded away in this old brain....
  6. BuffaLoko

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    There is a reason why Captain´s is the most liked post in the thread! these guys are professionals and can ¨shut´off¨ their competitive juices, even when, from a fan perspective, and even more in the middle of defeat, seems they are bouncing balls from their tummies right intp rival CB´s hands, just to lose! at the end...there are 2 types of fans, in regards of being easily influenced by such competitive / rivalry spirit or not and this this crazy ideas of ¨tanking is smart¨ ...
  7. BuffaLoko

    THE ROCKPILE REVIEW - Just Plain Bad

    Gunshy maybe?? what you´d expect with thE lynch mob growing every week he throws an INT?
  8. BuffaLoko

    Teller's first game action

    Yeah! based in the return we got from ¨the picks ¨ we got for him versus the Pro Bowl performance he gave PHI in return,
  9. BuffaLoko

    Teller's first game action

    A 5th rounder?... really? what´bout a low rounder like a guy called Peters? I guess we can´t see diamonds in a rough until we play them a few years, and then ...even worst after we trade them for chump change!😎
  10. BillsRdue, I am having a hard time trying to find just another single factor to add to your list!! good job!! seriously can I just copy paste it and share outside of here? thanks for your quality pst in a pood quality topic from OP....
  11. ...chofer, I wonder if you think the person you want exists and is available in the market right no, if you don´t state that you're just putting words to the ideal candidate´s profile, and I think the question is looking for names, feasible solutions, thanks in advance if you could complete or round up your answer...
  12. BuffaLoko

    Fan conduct at the game.

    hit the nail...what our lives would be like, if our world stopped when we lose?? ...
  13. BuffaLoko

    Trade Deadline Updates - Official Thread

    I don´t know, GGT... then, maybe I am the clueless here, but no matter what the plan, you will only know until you execute the plan, and the guys responsible to execute the plan are the ones wearing the helmets and pads, led by NP in this case and the results are what we have seen, now back to the war room and improve the plan... just my 2 cents, and Goodwin a great WR2 as well
  14. BuffaLoko

    Trade Deadline Updates - Official Thread

    Pete, maybe...just maybe.. they drafted Allen 1 year earlier than they expected him to start for us, so they didn´t care about fixing the O-line this season. You can tell they really trusted last season´s 5 pick game for NP was a fluke and they trusted him enough to risk starting with him...
  15. you got to live more kid ... so you have a broader scope of what pathetic can really be... 😥