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  1. Yeah! as a matter of fact, if you watch Kerr on the sidelines he is a hell-of-a-clapper!!
  2. hahahaha!! joke of the day...week....month??
  3. Hey Seasons....just wondering, why in the top corner bud?? I guess you won´t be able to watch a lateral - forward pass, coming from us this time, from that spot!! 😎
  4. Call me a d4mn h0m3r, but your reference to Cozumel in this one, made me laugh!!
  5. One more Williams coming to the family...welcome Jonah!!
  6. Sir....you´re on to something!!! hahahaha
  7. For the shame of us Bills Fans, we are likely going to find out the answer to your question, with his last diving catch to put the Cheats in the EZ in SB LIII (ala Gronk and his useless injured TE tab just did 😵)
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