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  1. hahahaha!😆I think the former more than the latter! 🙃, i see myself throwing as many picks as 60 YD bombs, with the eyes closed! but no doubt being a confident hell of a guy in front of pressure. Anyway, don´t worry Mr. @whatdrought, I´ve seen the alert / aspirant list, has grown 10 fold since it started, so I will spend my days in reading the fun stuff you all guys are posting here! Thanks for the interest, tough...
  2. Dear @Virgil. I know I have not been involved much lately, and skipped last 2 year´s mocks, but just because I like your dynamic a lot, I would like to propose myself, for the ¨waiting¨ back up list, for any team that doesn´t show up, assuming their announced back ups are already playing this mock or not available in the moment (>5 hrs) you need them. Thanks in advance whatever your answer comes down to... let's all have fun!
  3. Flawlessly said, thanks! Hondo ... this beer is for you! ...
  4. I am so sorry of hearing about your lose, may she rest in peace...🙏
  5. I declare myself a neophyte to anything regarding the ¨U¨ Team, so first time ever I see him, but I see another specimen of Epanesa on him... just my 2 cents!
  6. Seems like you are a pain self-inflicting poster, and keep coming at it! 🙃
  7. Best highlights I have seen...hands down!! second by second, this really portrays how much Josh grew this season, silencing or, even better... definitively turning SPORTS talking heads (which some time act like clowns) like Colin around; thanks very much for sharing!,
  8. Has been discussed from other angles, but hell there is a clear connection of Allen´s growth, with Diggs arrival to 716 area code...
  9. I see a lot of Tyreek Hill in this guy! And BTW...that was an outstanding summary of a roster full of stars, thanks a lot Bill from NYC!! this Indio (beer) is for you!
  10. I don´t understand the ¨ all¨ qualifier you used there, I think many Buffalo fans are positive people, there is no other way we could´ve stood the long losing streaks, just saying...
  11. I don´t see anything in Kenny Drake, close to a Kamara as the OP claims to see, I see it in both these guys, however coming from CLEMSON and Bama, and all the accolades players from those schools get, I would be surprised if they are still sitting at 30...
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