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  1. so your hypothesis lies in young QBs are eaten alive by Pats***** ? so how come he embarrassed Ol´Phil Rivers and barely escaped the arm of Mahones? ?
  2. you said it : ¨in retrospect¨, however life doesn't work that way, let me put you an example: ¨would you root for the Bills back in the late 80s, if only you had known they were to lose 4 SBs in a row? ...hell no! however in life you make choices based in what you know, with no magic ball to know the future and then live up with the consequences of those decisions! man-up!
  3. BuffaLoko

    2019 HC openings - updates

  4. BuffaLoko

    New Restricted Prospects Member Group

    + 1, same question here. I have been visiting since 1998 edition, however multiple user / credentials changes give no credit for that, thanks anyway! I like the promotion system!
  5. BuffaLoko

    Bills vs Patriots*** - **Predict the Score**

    Hey Deek ! nice job! I doubt anyone would put it any better, even if this thread lasted 100 pages long! I´ll change my pool pick and give kudos to you! next round of beer is on me...
  6. Gugny! you are great man! I almost bite the hook, with the ¨last position in the draft for them..." ... no way! c´mon Man, unless you're a Pats***** fan you want to see them in pain until they retire!!
  7. BuffaLoko

    Passing League my eye!! Think again.

    I think he meant...during their respective SB games, specifically...
  8. BuffaLoko

    Buffalo picked the right Josh

    That is because they are in very similar situations talent wise, and coincidently thrown out to the wolves without a veteran QB around (unless you consider Bradford a good veteran by any measure), so the comparison is fair, with a ¨so far¨ qualifier to it...
  9. Come On man! really? ... IMHO we don´t need more regrets as Bills fans! enough is enough! you should consider looking at context before joining the herds of guys in Bills fandom, looking for QBs, HCs, linebackers, and claiming¨whe should´ve hired¨, once they prove they are good, let´s move on for good!!
  10. BuffaLoko

    The Lions chose to go after Tre White

    Good point, getting only 13 scored on us, was quite an achievement! especially versus Stafford who can sling t everywhere in the field. It has been remarkable since ...forever... how well our DST adjusts in second half and blanks teams consistently.
  11. We are dealing with many encountered notions, I find myself struggling to think we can have a QB that is a better runner than Mike Vick or Cam Newton, guys that since they were coming to the league, were considered generational level QBs with great wheels, but in Josh´s case, what amazes me it is not only about his skills challenging tacklers, is the elusiveness he shows and how the defenders look continually frozen when he launches!!
  12. BuffaLoko

    Atta Boy Josh - What a stud

    pocket??? which pocket?? with soundbites ala Jim Mora....
  13. BuffaLoko

    Allen's Last Pass (12/2): Bad Pass or Drop?

    I would defer of calling this ¨not the best pass¨, in the context of an accountability discussion, when ¨my QB (Crying and all like TO)¨, did at least 3 OLEEE (bullfighter like) against the furious tuna LBers, before he threw it...Clay was asked to do just one half of that effort, and looking back to the video, I think he tiptoed because he wanted to catch the ball IN THE EZ! instead of going one step out of EZ and pulling the ball back!! IMHO a HUGE mental misstep for an 7.5 Mill-per guy!
  14. No doubt Reich is going to become a great HC! However, for this season at least, one needs to put some context of his success i.e. recognize the impact of a stronger than expected Andrew Luck on his return, as well as something called SOS for the Colts schedule, has had on their current streak...just my 2 cents!
  15. I dont get the ¨no matter what´ part of your statement...do you think our DST stinks as much as the Jags? I get the offense seems equally incompetent to ours, despite Fournette factor on their side, but...your forcing the cross-read her, IMHO