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  1. Don, yes indeed, Scott you can go here and find 6 pages long reactions to it....
  2. @gugny if you let me, I´d add one more step to your comment, which is less fumbles from Josh...
  3. Sign them for no money? You mean? Or for a “rookie”-like contract? 🤔
  4. fixed...sorry Sir fr scratching your post... in all due respect, we don´t know which Pats****** team we will see yet.... 😊
  5. This is said in hindsight so your assessment looks better than the decision itself... Sir, let me know, did you state that same argument before or during 2017´s draft day ?
  6. The very best explanation I have read (so far) about the cause of high rate of transmission from asymptomatic persons!
  7. Oh! good God, seems like forever before the number of years between ¨today¨ and 2001, be finally long enouf´, so that we forget about Dilfer at QB; happen to wonder why there is not a more recent example?, the road less traveled is.... 😗
  8. what? ¨no milk today¨...? like in the song?
  9. wow! I had forgotten about that gem! 😏
  10. Mr Kemp,´for sure I don´t want you as my boss, nor our Team´s GM... much less as our QB if Josh is said ¨bye-bye¨ 🤪
  11. Yes Mr Jokeman, and your (if exists) draft picks value chart, or scout data for rookie WRs, should be way better than the one´s in BB´s staff possession, 😉
  12. you mean like any other GM Combo when they come and start winning, by 2nd or 3rd year tenure? like Bellysick? ... mmmhhh errrr. no wait, that is not a good example! 😚
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