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  1. BuffaLoko

    Brandon Bean failed to provide Josh Allen a mentor

    Let´s bring Moore as a vet, after all, he seems the most recurring name around this lands,.. and we have Vontae´s roster spot
  2. Can´t defend any the moves you listed here, however L Thomas as a TE was ¨sold¨ as a move to have a 3rd QB and save one roster spot, just my 2 cents
  3. " If you take out the jags game it would balloon up to 27.5 points per game¨ ...OP lost me right there as well, I can´t deal with fans that work hard on making a miserable situation worse!!.
  4. BuffaLoko

    Waited all year for this.....brutality

    Yeah! Right. ..as if the current misery we are in needed to go way back to another miserable period for this battered team. ...😣
  5. Mr. eball, I don´t think anyone , not named Dermott, would´ve put his strategy in better words!!
  6. BuffaLoko

    Yahoo Pick 'em and Survivor leagues

    Thanks Scott, PickÉm and Survival are always fun, but are even better when playing with TBDers folks!
  7. BuffaLoko

    Anyone have any open spots in a Fantasy League?

    Hi SoCoB, maybe too late, but I can invite you to a Std 12 Team League if you're still looking,
  8. BuffaLoko

    2018 leagues and drafts

    Now that JMcK ¨broke¨ in Frisco, you were spot on target in your dont-touch take!!
  9. BuffaLoko

    Had my draft last night--Thoughts on my team?

    Goood job CBF!! Even if I always play in 12 Team leagues, so dept can be diluted, your bench is better than most of my starters roster... I guess I need to stop playing with the same guys I have been playing the past 14 years!! :shy
  10. True, so the generational disaster should also be associated (forever) with Mills-the-human- turnstile😃
  11. BuffaLoko

    Optimistic About 2018

  12. BuffaLoko

    Other League wide injuries

    It will also pay dividends for advice for those among us who play Fantasy and are drafting soon! thanks man!
  13. BuffaLoko

    Bills Offense ‘17 vs ‘18

    OC Buffalo (is this you? Mr. Dabol?? I am amazed realizing that ~ 24 hours after first posted, your take hasn't had more positive reactions... man! you´ve nailed it!
  14. BuffaLoko

    Dont look now but word is Josh Allen is already there

    I can find some non-QBs in your list, so I will go and add a couple more RBs: Cedric Benson and Ricky himself,