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  1. For the shame of us Bills Fans, we are likely going to find out the answer to your question, with his last diving catch to put the Cheats in the EZ in SB LIII (ala Gronk and his useless injured TE tab just did 😵)
  2. Hey Wiz, trust me on this man! ... many of us have more difficult jobs than that ...and it includes the waiting with no pay on them,
  3. so your hypothesis lies in young QBs are eaten alive by Pats***** ? so how come he embarrassed Ol´Phil Rivers and barely escaped the arm of Mahones? ?
  4. you said it : ¨in retrospect¨, however life doesn't work that way, let me put you an example: ¨would you root for the Bills back in the late 80s, if only you had known they were to lose 4 SBs in a row? ...hell no! however in life you make choices based in what you know, with no magic ball to know the future and then live up with the consequences of those decisions! man-up!
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