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  1. BuffaLoko

    Josh Allen is feeling “no pressure,” yet

    the reactions to this thread / post get better line by line I read,
  2. HAHAHHHAA! Post of the week! hands down! not even close!
  3. BuffaLoko

    Bills and Sabres Weekends

    GoBillsinDallas, stuff like this makes you one of my favorite board-ers...!! thanks!
  4. BuffaLoko

    6 Week NFL dark period begins

    Watching FIFA World Cup and a few baseball games involving the Houston Astros who are getting red hot again! ...
  5. Hey Franchise...don´t get me wrong my friend, I have a few posts in my count as well, however I find a little bit odd, when ¨new posters¨ start with polemic topics, like this one I interpret (excuse me if I am wrong) as a polemic where not only you predict NP success purely in ¨end of the day¨perception and a little bit of an extrapolation of his success while in NCAA, but on top of that you pick on OneDrive guys making ´a mistake´in gettin Allen to high in the draft. I think you´re really disguised in a new poster ID, and you're one of the old NP apologists or one of the guys that threw chairs in that video at a small gym the moment they picked Josh in April. We coincide tough that it won´t hurt if in a couple of years we end up having a scenario ala Brees & Rivers, in our QB ranks. Thanks anyway!
  6. BuffaLoko

    Most Fun Teams of All Time(Bills get snubbed?)

    top 10 lists are typically picked so randomly that they are worthless, I will rad this thread, because I expect the list generated here to be more valuable!
  7. Yes there is accountability for the media, they take bread to their table only because we read (digital and on paper) them, so stop reading them and they will (somehow) notice ...
  8. your ¨evidence¨ should be of the moronic kind....
  9. BuffaLoko

    What game are you looking forward to the most?

    the attitude I like!
  10. BuffaLoko

    Top 10 Boneheaded Moves of NFL offseason

    I kind of disagree in assuming that staying at 6 would´ve been a bonehead move, since there is NO WAY the Jests would guess how the QBs taken will unfold until that very same day, ITOH, our team stayed put and traded until they knew how things were unfolding regarding QBs, thus why we are not in the sh1t list (quoting PTR) this time for a change!
  11. Me too...just to think that each of those ¨little ¨factors summed to cost us the best game they out in the 4 trips to Sb, regardless of the aforementioned mistakes we made, which is part of the game, I.E. you can ask TB about how much his ¨drop¨ cost him in SB LII...
  12. Thank you! 9-7 will get you in in more of the half of times...¨anomaly¨ would be getting in with 7-9 as Carolina did a few years ago, because their division stunk up the joint...
  13. BuffaLoko

    Sign Jay Cutler Now

    dude...you realize it has been a long offseason, when people thinks Jay C is better than any QB in our roster, or if you didn't try to generalize and think is a good QB3, then it is even worst if you think our potential QB1/QB2 (AJMc / JA, in my humble opinion) can do so bad that BUF would need to go to JC!! 😳
  14. Sir... only a fist full of posters deserve their nickname as much as you do, I will follow your ´logic´ more closely from now on!! define luck, please!