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  1. Not everything is yards, although that is mostly how production is measured for the QB Job, however if you remove your blinders (I know, I know, just the opposite type than the ones I am wearing 🙃) and care enough to see the summary they played ab´ him in the top 100, you´ll find out that gem of the dropped ball, picked up ball and jump over ten players in order to get the first down, in the TG Game at DallASS... that counts only as half a yard, however that play it was THE WHOLE GAME for many, at least for me... c´mon man! just give some credit (and keep your love, for yourself) to a guy you´ll see in the good boys side for at least a decade f everything goes as planned...
  2. I saw the firs two series of 10, from 100 down to 80, ans I think QB KyleR Murray made it to 91ish...
  3. Sarcasm around every thread is at a record high today! and I like it! 🤗
  4. Mr SDS, do not ever underestimate silliness.... 🙃
  5. they say it is a small world, isn´t it...? 🙃
  6. As someone already said: ¨opinions¨ only or how can you know all of this in your statement? based in your experience? or maybe by being acquainted to someone who runs a business?, I´d like you to please share with us, otherwise, I think can (imaginary) hear the automated response of ¨just my gut or opinion¨, and all is well and settled! 🙃
  7. Best QB resume for Trent Edwards I have seen in a long time...
  8. Great! that is a nice coincidence then,😊
  9. Bill .... as in Buffalo Bill.... this beer is for you, great take! the hypocrisy comes from not being transparent or showing upfront what separates a true act of patriotism from paid advertisement, in regards to an out-of.-the -field institution, amid being a legit institution...
  10. Don, yes indeed, Scott you can go here and find 6 pages long reactions to it....
  11. @gugny if you let me, I´d add one more step to your comment, which is less fumbles from Josh...
  12. Sign them for no money? You mean? Or for a “rookie”-like contract? 🤔
  13. fixed...sorry Sir fr scratching your post... in all due respect, we don´t know which Pats****** team we will see yet.... 😊
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