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  1. oh no 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ I’ll prob get to it next weekend.
  2. Lebron just sucks. Him and his fans are the biggest babies in sports. Always reaching for affection.
  3. Gonna be a smoker. Who else is watching ? Uncle Jerome and Aunt Louie are the best.
  4. simma down naaa none of these TDS’ers would be able to break my jaw. they have yapped for years on end about nothing and hyped this pedo outfit endlessly. idgaf what any of them think, they are a bag of kooks on their best day.
  5. i hope your registered so kids know where not to trick or treat.
  6. says the man who thinks 14 is going on 18 lmao 😂😂
  7. you advocate trying to bang 14 year olds. Lmao, apologist gonna apologize.
  8. I don’t know what he’s talking about Him and a few others repetitive tearfest/overreaction to all things Trump is a few stages past psycho. maybe you have some interesting laundromat stories by now ?
  9. i don’t think they boy who cried wolf thing will fly again.
  10. I don’t think anyone cares what you think tbh 😎
  11. listening to you and others daily praise of the Lincoln Project is pretty funny
  12. you like covering for pedos if the money is big enough and they say things about trump 😂😂 there’s no questions to answer. lmao @ your 4 year tantrum hopped up on pedo words 😬
  13. can I get you some tissues or a nice glass of cranberry juice ? sounds like it’s emo time 😂😂 I don’t want to hear about it or your lawsuit vs DR lmao
  14. you've got the script down, did you send them cash or ass ?
  15. i don’t converse with obsessed bots. sit back down.
  16. Dont leash out at me pawn. How did the Lincoln Project guys get your pants off ? Did it start with an email ?
  17. A lot of the same weirdos that devoted the last 4 years of their lives whining/bashing Trump also spent a lot of time praising the Lincoln Project. Looks like the Lincoln Project was ran by a bunch of pedo/pervs. Go figure 😂😂
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