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  1. I’m expecting lots of running. I expect 40+ minutes in time of possession. Lots of running a double teams on Donald to wear him down. Hopefully Yeldon or Jones is ready to spell Devin.
  2. This hurts but consider that Guards are abundant elite WRs, CBS, TEs, QBs not so much.
  3. The hamstring injury studies I’ve read conclude Milano will miss 2-3 games. For Tremaine most of the things I’ve read on AC joint sprains, dislocations is 4-12 weeks. Obviously we don’t know the specifics: MRI, severity or specific location, anatomy involved of either players injury, so this is all speculation. I’ve read a good bit on both injury types and sports science is certain on one thing - if a player rushes back the re-injury risk goes up by multiples.
  4. It’s easy to root for Allen. He’s a fierce competitor and is so calm.
  5. Allen is proving his talent, competitiveness, and arm strength can = 4th Qtr comebacks. This kid is impressive.
  6. Miami this week is a must win mindset. Starting 2-0, means an 8-6 finish likely clinches a playoff spot. Start stacking wins good things fall into place.
  7. From what I see from Burrow I like. The guy will be 24 by the end of the season so I question whether he’s going to develop much more physically. He’s basically the same age as Allen & Lamar Jackson. Let’s see how quickly he catches up. The only stat that matters is wins and losses and he’s 0-2 so far.
  8. Its amazing with 2 red zone turnovers and 2 missed FGs we still scored 27. This team is different than our 2019 version. Don’t worry about the naysayers. Focus on the positives.
  9. I still can’t believe Russell Wilson missed 4 completions on 35 attempts. Those were 4 horrendous decisions.
  10. Brady is probably going 8-8 this year. I don’t see him lasting long in TB. He is turning into an ordinary QB.
  11. I like his game today. His kickoffs were solid & he rebounded from a horrible start. He definitely pushes the ball hard has the leg just needs to calm down & trust his leg & rotate those hips.
  12. Allen is a good leader & maturing weekly. He plays the game to win but enjoys it. Refreshing to watch.
  13. Jets actually have some rational fans. Good insights from an opponent’s perspective. Personally I liked Darnolds game today given his complete lack of protection, drops & lack of talent. Do the Jets have a TE or explosive WR? Outside of the Edmunds missed tackle on the screen no Jet showed game changing play making ability. Darnold has zero weapons.
  14. Bills offense isn’t going to be built around the run this season. The running game will be a compliment to the passing game.
  15. My only concern coming out of today was the lack of production from the running backs. I would be nice to see them combine for 150 next week and destroy a suspect Dolphins front 7.
  16. Lots of good talent around the FA wire. Who knows we might find a gem tomorrow.
  17. I’m open minded for this season.
  18. Hangovers can be cured by getting lit.
  19. I’ve never saw a great offense that didn’t have great players.
  20. If you live in the US you are living in a country with socialism.
  21. End Racism, Say No To Hate. Justice For All. These are good slogans, and hopefully everyone can agree in the core principles. Love Over Hate. Calmness over Fear.
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