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  1. Yes because Brees & Brady aren’t retiring in 2020. Big Ben & Rivers look to be coming back too. Additionally there aren’t any QBs predating Eli who are currently waiting for the HoF that have as many passing yards, wins, games played & are two time Super Bowl MVPs. Eli is a shoe-in first ballot Hall of Famer.
  2. The Bills are one good FA & draft away from being a force. I don’t doubt Allen won’t continue to improve. The future is bright.
  3. Allen made it to the playoffs & nearly pulled off a road upset. Allen is also you get than Wilson was his rookie year. I believe Wilson was 24, and Allen was 23. Allen has a ton of time in front of him. He just needs to improve his decision making, mechanics and accuracy. Oh and learn to slide.
  4. It’s interesting to think what Allen could do with a DK Metcalf big WR. There’s a case to be made that the Bills simply need to find that #1 WR & #1 TE and the offense should be able to generate another TD per game. Assuming we can do find some more weapons & a big bruising back like Henry we could be a juggernaut in 2020.
  5. When we were down 3-35 against the Oilers there was lots of slumped shoulders. If I recall Watkins wasn’t the one dropping passes, I believe that was that Robinson guy. Probably mad he wasn’t targeted more.
  6. O’Brien doesn’t go for it on 4th & 1, but goes for a fake punt. Idiot
  7. Texans doing their best Josh Allen.
  8. Are the Texans about to pull a Blo & blow and even bigger lead, or will Cool Watson march them back down for a score?
  9. This is why you go for it on 4th & 1.
  10. Watson might be the hardest QB in the NFL to stop. He’s so much more accurate and decisive than Jackson. It’s crazy how accurate his passes are.
  11. If that crack back block wasn’t flagged or executed by Ford. We likely are doing the same to KC. It could be done.
  12. Only if it was the Bills.
  13. Mahomes getting WRs killed like Brady.
  14. If you’re KC you shouldn’t try to do anything punt return wise. They could be doing better had they just kneeled & Max protected on punts. Bet it would be 10-0 at the worst. Now down 21 they will likely lose the game.
  15. Bills should be hosting the AFC Championship next Sunday.
  16. This guy is always rolling
  17. We have good depth at OL to the point we traded away OL before final roster cuts. That said our RB depth was suspect as Gore showed the final half of the schedule he had little tread left. Upgrade Gore & magically our offense improves.
  18. The Bills have 90+ million and lots of draft picks. Therefore they need to hit on a few key FA, nail some draft picks & the most important thing: continue to see their players improve. Knox should be better, Allen, Edmunds, Oliver. I’m very bullish on 2020. Plus McD & Beane seem to have a good formula of continual improvement.
  19. To me it’s two blowhards that don’t represent their respective fanbase. We are now in a world where everyone has a platform & people are trying to outdo each other for self promotion. This isn’t about being a diehard fan or even defending your honor. This is bombastic vapid narcissism.
  20. This Hickman guy is a borderline nut job. I worry he makes us look bad on top of his uninformed takes on current geopolitical events.
  21. 4 years 40m / 16m guaranteed, 1m ProBowl bonus, 1m 10 sack bonus, 1m 40tackle bonus, $2m 1st team AllPro bonus.
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