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  1. Or tear down the goalposts when they clinch at home!
  2. I get that. But he came on well in the second half the season (his rookie season), playing about 20% of the snaps. He had a big final couple of games in the regular season. My point is his skill set matches up fairly well against Allen's running threat.
  3. I know Gay being sidelined today was discussed in other threads, but I think that also fits here. Gay was the Chief's Milano (a few levels down), light on his feet, versatile. Gay would have been used extensively to keep Allen from running wild. No Gay means big opportunities for Josh to use his legs a lot tonight. Looking for 100 yards on the ground from our QB, unless the Chiefs change up, which would mean 400 yards passing.
  4. Seems some of you have more faith in the objectivity of these NFL-paid doctors than I do. Fair enough. But I've learned that when billion$ are at $take, objectivity often is a farce.
  5. Mahomes will play. We all know that. We all knew that as soon as he couldn't stand on his own two feet. We knew that when we saw him go into the blue tent the first time for what I think is turf toe. But I seriously think the Chiefs should be thinking about sitting him. KC just gave this guy a 1/2 billion dollars, committing to him for a full decade. Whatever it was that caused him to be so dizzy that he couldn't stand, it is dangerous. And it certainly increases the chances of sustaining a more serious injury this coming Sunday. To be clear, I hope he is OK and never gets injured again. But the truth of the matter is KC could be putting him in serious jeopardy of a career-shortening injury by playing him so soon after that. KC needs to realize they have to pay him all that money even if he goes out, gets his clock rung and cannot play anymore. Protect your investment, Andy Reid!
  6. If the Bills win Sunday, this is the best Buffalo Bills team of all time. And I am not some young gun.
  7. Rarely does a TV personality create something that could legit be used to rev up the players in a positive way. Judging by what I saw on Twitter last night, Kyle did it.
  8. The Texans job is the worse one. By far. Worse than the Jets. No one way that team is back to winning ways for a few years, at the earliest. But hiring Frazier would may help keep their QB.
  9. Each of our top-five WRs are better than they were last year. Maybe not Smoke. But pushing Smoke down from our #1 WR to our #2 (or lower), creates all new match-ups, which I think shifts the dynamic from advantage BAL to advantage BUF. Last year's BAL-BUF game was the prime example of what Bean & team did so well at addressing in the offseason through the trade and the draft. Saturday night's game is the ultimate test of whether what Beane did was enough in this area.
  10. I think Buffalo needs to stick with 6-man protection. Our offense's advantage is that our four WRs are so good they cannot all be covered on any one play. This is where Josh Allen's top-tier ability to scramble tilts the scales, allowing to have an extra man going out.
  11. Anticipating some big runs from Allen tomorrow night. Ravens' defense has long been a high-risk, high-reward mindset. The opposite of our defense. I expect B'more to stay with that. They will blitz Allen a ton while their DBs play man coverage and try to jump routes whenever possible. Dabol will dial up more deep routes to open up the middle. If Allen can avoid the blitz, which he's shown to be the best in the league at doing, he will have room to eat up the field with his legs, often. Allen is incredible against the blitz, making defenses pay. Yet, they keep coming, and he keeps making them pay.
  12. Something like the team that beat them out for their division title.
  13. Josh Allen has been throwing frozen ropes all season. He will still get it done. Lamar Jackson's passes have a wobble, which are likely to be seriously impacted by wind.
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