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  1. If wouldn't be at all surprising if an undrafted rookie is cut. Plus, no need for a third QB on a deep 53. He'll live on the practice squad nicely this season. Did you watch the game pretty closely to see why he "disappeared" last night? Not his fault.
  2. The Colts did play their starting QB. Meanwhile, we didn't play our Pro Bowl safety.
  3. No way the Bills can keep three QBs on the 53. I'm confident Tyree can be kept on the PS without being stolen. Wade looks amazing, but they are going to need to get him a lot more touches in final two PS games before they could possibly consider keeping him on the 53. It is just too damn competitive to make this roster this season. If they put him on the PS, which is very enticing since he'd be a free extra player, I think it is possible he gets grabbed by a team not in the hunt and able to take a flyer with a spot on their 53. The answer to the tough cuts could be trading some away rather than cutting them. Those looking in from the outside are likely good enough to be traded for late-round picks. That's how well Beane and company built depth. I remember when the best players on the team were our punter and kicker. I had no problem with keeping Smoke and Zay in street clothes last night. I'm hoping they lighten Beasley's load the next two weeks. Sweeney is our opening day starter at TE. Most everyone has said an injury to Allen or Morse would likely destroy the season. They are both vital to any success we may have this year, but I also now believe we have depth that could keep us moving should disaster strike.
  4. Playing with the backups? That's going to cause a lot of second guessing in the locker room and the NYC media.
  5. Over and under on passing yards against the NJ Jests?
  6. Mitch came out day after day at camp, do the most the rules allow him to do. I think that's a positive sign, not a sign of impending retirement. It is quite possible he will remain in protocol until the week before the season opener to be safe. As those big hands just wrote, the team is required to not comment in any way on anyone in concussion protocol. Zero pressure is permitted on the player to return.
  7. Bills 27 - Stinkin' Fish 0 Nov 29, 1987 Miami went into the game favored by 1.5 First Miami shutout by any team in five years. Dan Marino 13 of 28 for 165 - 0 - 3 (eventually pulled in the 4thQ) Jim Kelly 15 of 21 for 217 - 2 - 0
  8. I was worried about Oliver's attitude, ego and coach-ability, based on the supposed issues he had with his college coach. Those concerns are long gone for me now.
  9. He should just trade Carr now and move forward with Peterman. Now.
  10. Really, it was abysmal coverage at that. Somehow they managed to put the show's host (Nate) in a spot that he could not see the field from! So they had Sal reporting from the field, but Nate talked over him, asking the same old things over and over, barely stopping every few minutes to get a few words from Sal. Meanwhile, we could hear oohs, cheers and other reactions from the crowd. It was beyond frustrating. Couldn't have been produced any worse. WGR owes its listeners a whole lot better.
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