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  1. Home field advantage this season may mean even more than other season despite the possibility of no fans in the stands. In addition to weather and familiarity with the playing surface and locker room, playing at home means no airplanes or hotels, where infection could take place. Being at home means more flexibility if things happen.
  2. A big pet peeve for radio show hosts are callers who start each call by asking the host how he/she is doing (despite always being told by the call screener not to do so). So it is hysterical to hear there reporters (who most do radio shows regularly) do it over an over today in this webcast interview.
  3. Coach says Star had communicated well with the team leading up to his decision to opt-out for the season. He respects the decision.
  4. Coach points out he too is trying to stay healthy. I hadn't thought about that angle, but it is real.
  5. Coach praising OBD staff on getting the building ready. Watching other leagues to learn how to make this work best. Says this really is a leadership challenge, but he's confident the players are up to it. Kim Jones on the call: "Can you tell your players, 'Don't be the Marlins?'"
  6. Beane on extending contracts in the midst of all this, given next year's cap projections: Will operate under the assumption next year's cap will be $175M. Had been planning on it being close to $210M. Will have to be responsible. Coach up now.
  7. Hearing more and more about the new restrictions in place, really highlights the importance of focusing on continuity, depth and player smarts. I think our Bills are built as well as anyone for this!
  8. I am sure he will try as hard as he can to get back to it. These guys are ultra competitors. So then it comes down to what the team wants and NEEDS at that time.
  9. Found it interesting (per Beane) that he has to have the roster UNDER 80 to be able to bring just one person in for a workout. Will certainly hamper readiness to replace injured and under-performing players. Same with this 48-hour claim period each week. Says it will be a five-day entry period to sign someone and get him in. Very time consuming. Injuries will be much more detrimental than ever. And depth on the roster more important than ever! They need to increase the roster limit. 53 won't be enough mid-season.
  10. It will be great to get him back, fresh, for the second half of the season and the big playoff run. He will be ready when it is time.
  11. Eagles WR Marquise Goodwin, opting out.
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