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  1. He wasn't the one who started the thread or asked anything.
  2. 49ers should be #1. I'm satisfied where each of them have our Bills for now. If we can win the next three, a top-5 ranking is nearly mandated.
  3. All this talk about Wyatt this and Wyatt that, I discovered Wyatt Teller has yet to play an offensive snap since he was traded away.
  4. Hillarous to read how many Raider fans think they got a steal and Zay is going to solve their passing woes. I think we hold onto the pick and actually select someone with it.
  5. W're rooting for a Titans' loss, right?
  6. I believe he'll dress and only get carries if Gore and/or Yeldon go down. But I don't think that'll happen against the Bengals' run D.
  7. Chad Kelly has been cut. Not sure why they held onto him through the suspension.
  8. Meanwhile, NYS law now directs police officers to merely issue tickets for breaking and entering as long as there was no "violence" or carrying a firearm. I use to run a security detail at another NFL stadium. We are no worse at The Cap than what I saw there, weekly.
  9. Any given Sunday. Even the best teams lose an unexplainable game from time to time. And even the worst teams win when no one expects them to. You don't have to look too far into our history to see that.
  10. I know these things never seem to affect the Pats*, but it sure looks like they are nearing a breaking point on the o-line.
  11. If he doesn't care, that's 100 times worse. I have to believe that he is more competitive than that to reach the levels he did in college. No matter, I am so glad we didn't draft that Josh.
  12. I believe this week's offensive game plan will including a heavier rushing attack, and I think Singeltary will be a go all week. But I still expect the majority of carries go to Gore, and I think Yeldon will get about five carries. I believe the Bills are bringing Singeltary along slowly to keep him fresh and the limit the amount NFL film the Pats* have on him before next week's game. Now, if the Bills' O comes out and lays an egg through the first-half, they'd take the reins off him. I see Singletary really has only been used when needed so far.
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