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  1. He may have been "in the moment" unable to be civil immediately after the game, and after he warmed up and got his emotions a bit under control, wanted to be more gracious. Or maybe he was looking for playbooks to steal! Lock 'em up, McDermott! Can't be too secure around Belichick!
  2. If I didn't agree, I'd close it, but when you go into encouraging rampant speculation and saying it's "odd" that it's "not really discussed" as you did here: .......I think it's fair to point out that unsourced speculation about another team's players injuries and plaints that "it seemed to not really be discussed" may be a bridge too far during the playoffs, so don't take it too far. We do routinely point out that topics which are appropriate during a slack week in the off-season are not necessarily so during training camp/regular season/playoffs.
  3. The US Government will provide 4 free covid Antigen (rapid) tests per household. The government has launched a website where you can get four at home tests per household, free of charge. It takes about a minute to complete the process, and I would recommend doing that now if you have not already, since it just went live today. http://COVIDtests.gov The tests are said to ship in late January.
  4. IIRC, Lamar has played through some injuries. I see no reason to question his toughness. The guy is a gamer. Let the training staff and coaches decide (which they did). Players have also had their careers shortened or become permanently less effective by playing through some injuries - see Luck, Andrew. A team is foolish to put a valued player in that position. They're also foolish to put a key player on IR unnecessarily for an injury with an unpredictable and variable timeline. It can go the other way, too. Arguably, the Browns might have been in the playoffs if they sat Mayfield and played Case Keenum for a few more games. Keenum had a career year and a trip to the Conference Championship in Minnesota playing for Stefanski / Shurmur in a run-centric offense. And at a smaller impact level, some of us have wondered if the Bills would be playing at home this weekend if they had played McKenzie for an obviously injured and hindered Beasley against (say) the Jaguars. Beasley was 8 for 11 in that game, but with a pitiful 3 YPT and 4.13 Y/R, and was notably going down immediately before he was hit. A few more first downs could potentially have swung that game. Perhaps you would like to visit a Ravens board, where it is probably being discussed with great interest. This is a Bills board, and while fans of other teams are welcome and discussion of other teams is appropriate, it's a bit sketchy to start threads to speculate about injuries/illnesses of players on other teams who are out of the playoffs.
  5. Yeah, Lawrence was the can’t miss wonderguy and he was in a bad situation, but how much of the “it” factor did he show?
  6. FWIW, I agree about Belichick being motivated by losing. But at some point the wherewithal falls short
  7. I don't understand the Dak adulation. He's gone to playoffs 3x in a 6 year career - that's great - he's also what, 1W and 3L? It seems to me that he can pass all over the place, but it doesn't necessarily translate to clutch or winning. Of course that's not all on him, but he doesn't seem to face the same degree of questions that other QBs do. Great post. /🎤 post. I could live with Chris Collinsworth not having laryngitis; no reason to kill him off. I think Beasley's rap songs have to make the list somewhere. I'm disappointed you don't rock handwarmers.
  8. This. To @ganesh, You do You, but beating GB without Aaron Rodgers by a score of 13-7 or Dallas without Cooper 19-9 are wins, they count, but not that impressive and not road.
  9. Dude, if he was on the field for half the snaps, he was probably on the field at times when it mattered. Thornhill played 99% of the snaps and Mathieu 81%, so my guess would be KC is using him in their nickel or dime packages which they play a lot, and you just didn't see him - but who knows? You want to figure out how many of the snaps were "garbage time", and how many of Sorenson's snaps aligned with that, Knock Yourself Out.
  10. Because our TOS explicitly allow fans of other teams, providing they come to talk football
  11. Dude, a couple of worried dudes hardly constitute a "scathing from his own fanbase"
  12. I think Barmore is That Guy for you, and he was playing pretty impaired.
  13. My point of view. I'm pretty sure Diggs would have permission from the team to travel. I know he likes to travel by private jet, so he 's not sitting around an airport packed into a Passenger Mailing Tube with 300 of his closest friends. None of us know, nor should we know, what the guys are doing on their off time. We just have to have confidence that they're fierce competitors who don't want to get sick and miss a playoff game and will take all reasonable precautions. This could either be a worse exposure risk or a lesser exposure risk than some stuff other players are doing, no way to know and I wouldn't want to be "all up in their business" about it if I could.
  14. LOL. It's coming...right there...WAIT! WHERE that football GO?
  15. I don't think you should undersell the Pats. They're a good team. You don't win 10 games in the NFL without being a good team. Your dead grandmother is not a good team.
  16. I could be wrong but I think XP snaps are counted as ST snaps. Ford had 7 of 'em along with Feliciano. Ford also is logged as having 3 offensive snaps. Can't tell ya where or why, but the only OLman who didn't play 100% of the snaps was Morse, and he came out when Allen did. Linky? 'Cuz I never heard that. The presser I heard said "there were a variety of reasons" why he hasn't been playing.
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