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  1. I have the impression that McKenzie may be his own worst enemy at times. Diggs seems to be more than willing to mentor and help the other WR. But McKenzie apparently talks a LOT of crap to his teammates, and I have the impression it kind of grates on them sometimes and maybe closes off some channels that could otherwise be open to him. McKenzie has zinged Diggs 3 or 4 times in social media this off-season and at least once Diggs returned fire. What's stopping him? He could be down in FL working with those guys.
  2. General football stuff is appropriate here. Not limited to relevant to the Bills.
  3. I hear ya. I would have liked us to rebuild the interior of the OL completely myself.
  4. I think this is the protocol: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/23/new-nfl-protocols-incentivize-players-staff-to-get-vaccinated/ Sounds like life for a vaccinated player will be much simpler. Not exactly: Beane to NFL: "Oh sorry, I didn't explain myself clearly. I meant if two players were under consideration to be released, then I might use vaccination status instead of a coin flip or tossing a dart. Oh, that's still not ok? Then it was the coach's evaluation that drove the decision, that's my story and I'm stickin'
  5. You make an excellent point that for the NFL players, being in optimal physical condition and staying that way is of critical importance. Please excuse me if I'm getting you wrong, but you seem to be implying that the vaccine is a significant unknown risk for the players, while the long-term effects of mild covid-19 disease are completely known and pose no or minimal long term risk for NFL players and their optimal health. Am I misunderstanding you? If I'm understanding you correctly, I think that's simply not true. Several NFL football players who didn't get seriousl
  6. The reason not to do the same with the players is that they have a union and operate under a CBA, and the negotiated agreement with the union was that the vaccine would not be required for the players. Now as far as I know, there's nothing saying that vaccinated and unvaccinated players can't operate under different rules as a "reasonable accomodation" - in-person vs virtual meetings; weekly vs daily testing; practice and work out without wearing masks vs. have to wear masks. If those differences lead to a performance disadvantage that makes the unvaccinated player at the bottom o
  7. I appreciate your desire to avoid jobs that require vaccination and that is 100% your personal choice, but why is it wrong? If my employer is paying me to be available, why should they tolerate me being avoidably unavailable because I'm sick with a preventable illness? And why should they tolerate me potentially transmitting that illness to my coworkers and making them unavailable to do their jobs?
  8. I understand you are stating your personal beliefs, I just want you to understand this is not the way the US or private employers have historically operated. The courts (all the way to the Supreme court) have so far pretty uniformly upheld work related and school related vaccination and PPE requirements, and also upheld local and state vaccine requirements (eg mandatory school vaccination, vaccination during epidemic disease outbreaks), providing exemptions were allowed for legitimate religious or medical reasons. It's discriminatory if it's applied differently to dif
  9. Basically, what I hear is that you wish the Bills had upgraded the interior of the OL by signing Joe Thuney and drafting Creed Humphrey. Me too.
  10. We can always be surprised as we were with Gabe Davis, but I think Marquez Stevenson has a long way to go to compete as WR
  11. Dude, Brown is indeed "Big Spence" at 6'8" "Low man wins" for leverage Know any successful 6'8" guards in the league? This. Also, the Erik Pears experiment in which a 6'8" adequate NFL RT was shoved inside to guard and made both himself and a damned fine NFL center (Eric Wood) look bad (OK, blocking scheme had something to do with it but still, who you play next to matters). Next season, Pears went back to playing RT for the 49ers where he played 100% of the snaps in all 16 games, and Wood went to the pro bowl at C This notio
  12. I would LOVE to link the videos, but they're in Instagram Stories, and I don't know how to capture or link 'em. If they're just posted on Instagram I know how to link that. If anyone can provide instructions, I will gladly provide the videos.
  13. Dion Dawkins just posted what looks like a session at the same place - Gabe Davis, Isaiah McKenzie, Brandon Powell all running deep routes. Brandon Powell is fast as ***** but both the videos he posted he outran the ball and body caught it. McKenzie and Davis both adjusted their routes and used hands. Begged the question: who is throwing to them? Didn't look like a Josh pass. PS Isaiah McKenzie tossed some shade: "Tighten up, Stefon Diggs" Ooooooh.
  14. Since they were the St Louis Cardinals when I moved to St Louis (I never converted, not to the Rams either even during Greatest show on turf): On behalf of my adopted home town I must officially say "Ouch". OTOH, I must point out that they did play in a Superbowl in 2008 and play in a conference championship in 2015, both (until last season) more recent than our Bills did either of those things so perhaps we shouldn't yap too much about that "joke of a franchise" thing just yet. Shnowman already called it in the Player's Tribune. They were celebrating like they'd just won the
  15. Not that he's the Word, but I do continually look back at Lance Zierlein's draft profiles and say "yepyep that's what we see" Tommy Doyle: Jack Anderson: Apologies for not also capturing their strengths, can't paste in the whole thing. I translate both of those profiles as "needs to work on technique" but also for Anderson "needs an off season in an NFL level S&C program to build up his core". I don't think Bates is the answer at Center. He's #3 on the depth chart there right now. Beane said some really good things about Boettger -
  16. I think (maybe it's hope) that the Bills have learnt their lesson that preseason doesn't always translate to regular season. Unless he gets injured or flat-out gets outplayed, I think Ford gets a chance at LG in the first 2 games of the season. Then, like Spain, if they're not seeing what they want from him he gets pulled. When the Bills penciled Nate Peterman in as the clear starter with no alternatives than Mr Project Rookie, I had a bad case of "OhShitHereweGoAgain" on the coaching staff and FO. They've redeemed themselves, but part of me is always a bit scared of a relapse.
  17. I didn't know you had this in you, Inigo
  18. It’s the NFLonCBS network account Buffalo vs Everyone, Baby At least I got to read a thoughtful response out of it
  19. [This is an automated response] As a courtesy to the other board members, please use more descriptive topic titles. A single name if far too vague to post as a title and provides little insight into what specifically the post is talking about.The topic starter can edit the topic title line to make it more appropriate. Thank you.
  20. Thank you for demonstrating his point and mine: that this is a thread about Zach Etta but you just can’t refrain from bringing in and riding your personal hobby horses to exhaustion.
  21. He's the #2 WR but #3 receiver on the team. He doesn't see a lot of targets because Kelce, because Hill, but he catches 66% of the targets he gets for 13.7 Y/R; seems pretty good to me. Well, I don't know about you, but when I think about what WR I've got on my team, what comes to mind are route running ability, ability to seperate, and ability to make the tough reception - the sideline shoestring, the contested catch, etc. It's pretty ridiculous to just not even have them in a group of 8 teams.
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