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  1. Basically, keeping the same total contract value but converting some of this year's salary to bonus and spreading it over the life of the contract. Since these are young players we intend to keep and who have showed they played hard even after getting paid, it's a win-win - the player gets the same amount of money this year but more up-front instead of spread over 17 weeks, which may give them some flexibility as to what they do with it - the Bills get cap space this year at the cost of more future cap downstream.
  2. Interesting to know Beane was able to follow through with that. He said he was going to do when he appeared with Cris Collinsworth and Richard Sherman on their podcast. Not according to what Beane discussed in said podcast. He said that assistants coaching for teams that go deep into the playoffs are disadvantaged because teams that need coaches hire guys who are available earlier. Said it would make the process more equitable if it was just "everybody has to wait. Yes, the "fairness to get hired" was the part Beane focused on in the Collinsworth podcast
  3. So how do you think it should work? The NFLPA didn't like a system where the salary cap was arbitrary, and each increase had to be bargained. They agreed to a system where the salary cap is tied to the NFL's revenue for that league year - 48% of it IIRC. If the cap actually went down to the extent that revenue did across the league, it would be $160M or something like that, I read. So the NFL and owners came to an agreement where they put more than that into the cap than that. But it's the flip side of tying the salary cap into league revenue so that "a rising tide l
  4. Some may think it's a bad move, but Beane may think Ford competes with a lower price FA they bring in at RT.
  5. I doubt it, but who do you think they are? Players may be asked to restructure, but 99% of restructures are not cuts. The Bills are in the middle-class of teams. They lack cap space, but can create quite a bit with 2 or 3 restructures and 3 or perhaps 4 cuts. My thoughts are that Lee Smith and Quinton Jefferson get cut, and Dion Dawkins and Tre' White are asked to restructure. I think the only player in line for "restructure or be cut" might be John Brown. The "blood bath" and deadline of "renegotiate or take pay cut" will take place on
  6. I would bet it's not the bobble that scared the coaches, it's the short punt after that (less than a minute left in the game) which he couldn't field, but which damned near hit him on the bounce. This one: So what this tells you is that the coaches feel that Diggs, Beasley, Brown, and Davis, at whatever % they were playing, gave us a better chance to win than McKenzie playing at whatever % he was playing at. The Ravens and especially KC DB were playing very physical. McKenzie has struggled to get open against physical DB play (similar to B
  7. Interesting post. I agree with you, reading the tea-leaves if Lee Smith doesn't retire (and in interviews, he sounds as though he's already retired in his mind), Beane is going to have to move on from him. We don't get enough production from him to justify $2M in a tight cap. I think in terms of signing, though, that's the level of TE signing we're probably looking for - $2M - now mind you, we can offer a young guy a 2-3 year contract that equates to that. What can you tell us about Everett, Smith, or Arnold, especially the latter - I see him listed as a WR? I like i
  8. I didn't read closely enough - is it a bad shark? Because people are all "shark! Freak TF out!" but my understanding is most are not aggressive to people
  9. He started a restaurant in Miami, La Traila BBQ Promoting it on Instagram: 😅
  10. Well....I think right there you kind of spelled out the reason. The guy who is without question involved, probably lacks money. There's plenty of money in the neighborhood - NFL, Chiefs, Reid - but going to court risks that one or more of those parties the family's lawyer tries to involve would get let off the hook. So who knows? Personally I hope that @SDS is correct and the NFL/Chiefs/Reid ante up quickly and generously to avoid a prolonged public display. It would have the benefit for the family that they could get the child into the best rehab care and hire individual thera
  11. Speaking as one who had a ringside seat to a settlement process involving a severely handicapped child, I hope you are correct. That would be something approaching just, as far as it can be approached Speaking as a sometime realist, I’m not so sure. Those out of sight arguments about whose pocket the check comes from could get fierce. I’d be truly happy to accept my “peanuts” hat on this, though
  12. It's not the size, it's the smarts and the energy level. A border collie is a great dog to get if you'd like a companion on a daily several-mile trek, and/or a dog to train in flyball or herding or agility or something. Or even just to train to do tricks. They are super-smart and very high energy. Very devoted and affectionate too.
  13. I think perhaps Dawkins point is that there are people who don't have empathy for a father stuck in jail, because they see him as "criminals" and less. That sometimes, the fact that someone committed or was involved in a crime, blunts our perception of them as people. I don't think he was looking for answers or solutions to the specific crime his brother is in prison for. There are for sure some people locked up for whom I don't have much empathy, but they would be murderers or repeat violent offenders. My empathy's all for the victims there.
  14. What part of "There are some truly good and generous wealthy folk" says that to you? I don't disagree. My point was that even if Reid is the sort of wealthy person who is good and generous, I still don't think it can be assumed he's gonna just open out his wallet and write a big check, because generous or skinflint, all the wealthy folk I know wish to make their own decisions as to how their money gets spent. And just to be perfectly clear, I don't blame them at all for that. It's their money.
  15. It wasn't my intent to hate on rich people. Just to point out that just because Reid is wealthy, I don't think it follows that he's gonna open his wallet for that family.
  16. How many truly wealthy people you acquainted with? There are some truly good and generous wealthy folk, but some of them are also the worst skinflints you've ever met - the kind of people who would give cans of expired olives and relish brands they dislike to a food drive instead of money or making the effort to provide something helpful and nourishing. They also, generous and skin-flint, want to be the ones to choose how they spend their money, not have expenditures wished on them. I wouldn't bet on any such thing as Andy Reid voluntarily stepping up to write a big ch
  17. A factor is their parents money tends to help some infractions never get charged, while others get dismissed or plea-bargained away Example: My SIL was in their small home town in southern MO. Two kids driving an expensive car backed out of a parking space, hit two other parked cars, drove off unsteadily. SIL called police and followed them at a safe distance until police pulled them over so she could witness and help anyone else they crashed into. Police arrived, decided they had probable cause for drunk driving, kids wanted a blood draw, so police took them off to the hospita
  18. The stuff Dion writes is always so articulate, and so deep from the heart.
  19. I believe Fairburn's article that indicates AZ was the highest bidder for Watt. I understand why some fans may feel gypped that a guy said he wanted to pursue a championship, then went to the highest bidder. But that's the way of the world. As I said elsewhere, when people say it's not about the money, It's About the Money. Watt walked away from $17.5M next season, he wanted more. Now he's got it - $5.5M more guaranteed and the chance of $13.5M more. Arizona is a good team which looks to be on the rise. But they are not as flush on cap space as some other teams, an
  20. https://theathletic.com/2421172/2021/03/02/why-bills-didnt-sign-j-j-watt-and-what-it-means-for-the-rest-of-their-offseason/?article_source=search&search_query=Matt Fairburn Was this linked above? Sorry to repeat if so I think the moral of the story is, once again, when someone says "it's not about the money", it's probably about the money.
  21. I think that would be the "right" thing to happen but I wouldn't bet on it. "Right" in quotes because there is no actual right in the case, just mitigating the wrongs.
  22. I changed my post to the Reid family after you replied, and we probably don't want to go down the rabbit hole of extensive discussion by us "sea lawyers". Briefly though, as I understand it, the name of the game in a liability lawsuit is the lawyers to do everything they can to loop in anyone associated who has money. Andy Reid, the Chiefs, and the NFL have money. Britt Reid, unless he has good auto insurance with a high liability limit, does not. As to the grounds for looping them in or the likelihood of success, I'm not qualified to speak (though I'm pretty confiden
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