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  1. Bad Man. You. Are. A. 🦨 PS for those who aren't following running joke: 😂
  2. As @SDS said up-thread, if this thread couldn't stay focused narrowly on the study and what it might mean for football attendance this fall, it would be closed. Well Hey, Ya'll, Guess What. I 'bout sprained my thumb pulling out off topic posts then I gave up. It was a good experiment to see if we could discuss Covid stuff in the context of a relevant football issue without it spiraling out of control. Now we know, I guess.
  3. I think that's the actual description of the meat McKenzie is selling. What did you think the term referred to you dirty-minded rascal?
  4. I mean, you have people who are totally broken with the world, listening to voices, psychotic, who are doing the "right thing" within their world as they commit murder. The example that comes to mind would be Andrea Yates, who had postpartum psychosis when she killed her five children and is said to have believed they "weren't developing properly" and she was acting from mercy in sending them to Jesus. I have empathy for Yates even while recognizing she did a horrible thing. She had been under medical treatment, and her husband had arranged for someone to be with her - just not continu
  5. Don't shadow-mod please. (tip: every time someone pushes a narrative about actions against them, for some reason the story is seldom straight) It's the off-season. We've got a thread right now on whether Cantaloupe is the "offensive lineman" of the fruit salad FerGoshSakes. The rest of your sentiments are too well expressed to be hidden and I avoid editing, so post stays.
  6. A point I thought we were talking about Tom Brady? That's..... disturbing
  7. Oooh. That's a tough one. I'm actually gonna go with Darnold, I think. Darnold has a great arm, it's his mental ability to read the field and react that seems to be the question. He didn't look as bad his first year, so I'm gonna go with the Gasebuster effect. Wentz last year was just a hot mess. His technique had fallen apart, and he wasn't making good decisions.
  8. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Did you say anything?
  9. LOL I'm sitting in my office, and I can see 4 different colors on the wall from here. I'd be over there with a paint tray and a roller. Excuse me. Embarrassing for New Jersey. One New York team....that has nothing particular to be embarrassed about after last season, though of course we do regret that final game. I wish him the best, except when he's playing us.
  10. So this sounds like one day, remote restaurant work could be a thing - remotely assist patrons with any order, then program the R2D2 to bring them their food
  11. Wat wrong with you? Dissing BBQ un-American! Even if it's Texas-style.
  12. I struggle with this. On the other hand, I know mental illness is real. I've experienced a traumatic brain injury and its aftermath. On the other hand, I would want to know a whole lot more about the situation before attributing a degenerative brain disease as the cause. A lot of people develop CTE and have behavioral and mental changes, without committing massacres or harm to any beyond themselves. I tend to believe there are probably other factors, be that additional mental illness, or a past history of association with violence But who k
  13. I'm so glad your friend called. Also glad things are stable for you. One of my best college friends was diagnosed during college, so I got a front row seat to what happened as the yet undiagnosed, untreated disease unfolded. Good times (not)
  14. Here's your chance to get busy serving Isaiah McKenzie's meat!
  15. This is the vaccine assessment of a long term Pharma R&D scientist I respect a lot, "In the Pipeline" author Derek Lowe https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2021/04/07/getting-vaccinated
  16. Initially that's what was said would happen here in MO - that phases would go statewide, and later phases wouldn't open until earlier phases were jabbed across the whole state...but they walked that back. So is Canada being stiffed on deliveries, or what's up with that?
  17. The age groups being vaccinated vary state by state, but Biden is pushing to move things along quickly. The vaccine rollout you describe puzzles me because when they were developed, there was talk that Canada had ordered enough vaccine to vaccinate everyone 3 or 4x over.....did Canada just get stiffed on deliveries, or did it choose vaccine candidates that washed out/not wish to approve one that's available?
  18. LOL! Poor Sam! https://sports.theonion.com/panthers-adopt-patchy-haired-shivering-rescue-qb-who-s-1846644313?utm_campaign=TheOnion&utm_content=1617908256&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=twitter
  19. Feliciano said it was the most painful injury he'd ever had. Said it's the only pain that had him throw up from the pain.
  20. A similar story that they were able to partially verify by talking to contemporaneous source, no less. Same here, that did influence me against Watson. Especially where he contacted her again for a massage and she said "if you behave more professionally...I only do massage" then he was 🦗🦗🦗
  21. I can not disagree that the Bills offensive roster was shabby for Allen in 2018. In the Bills FO defense, I will say that with McCoy and Ivory, they felt they'd be able to run the ball, and with 2nd year 2nd round pick Zay Jones then trading for former 1st rounder Kelvin Benjamin added to Clay, I believe the Bills thought they had a respectable combination of young talent and experienced vet. The OL was a complete CF, which nixed the run game, the receivers were not who they thought they were. Which was actually kind of scary to me, because of what it implied about the talent ev
  22. I think it's actually the new style. Tone-on-tone, minimalist decor - supposed to clear your mind and help your focus
  23. I take it you're not drinking the Saleh/Mike LeFleur Koolaid?
  24. I was actually just commenting to that effect in the Shoutbox earlier today. It's like NFL, WTF?
  25. I guess we'll find out. I hope you're right. Wait...Roberts, Jefferson, and Marlowe, isn't that 3 guys? And since Q Jefferson was a cut, shouldn't you include Brown? But I do take your point that if there's one position where the Bills seem to have good talent e v a l, it seems to be DB. I think we've done well indeed as far as managing a tight cap situation with minimal cuts and renegotiations, and value-added low budget signings.
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