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  1. So, Grasshopper. How much time have you spent in Buffalo performing the no doubt extensive research underlying this conclusion? My vote would be between 0 hrs and "drove through one day"
  2. 83.9 mph, on the entrance ramp To be fair, as @Zerovoltz said, it's a long straight entrance ramp But it's also two lanes wide
  3. So who of those guys would you class as an elite or even a top back, in those years? Really? How and when did they do that? I doan think so Ceesco. I don't think Moss is that quick to hit the hole.
  4. I kind of wonder if the latest NFL CBA did away with these, because perhaps they carried a perception of risk that didn't match the reality? I don't know how accurate this is and of course it doesn't include non-fatal outcomes like a broken leg, but this list of risks is kind of interesting to review. For example, if statistically skydiving is 10x less risky than canoeing and 3x less risky than scuba diving, it might change the picture of what activities should reasonably be restricted. https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/564015/probability-being-killed-everyday-activities-c
  5. No fair, I wanted the guy who said we couldn't get to a SB with Devin Singletary to answer. vs Eagles with White was one of the losses though...
  6. Quick. Name the starting RBs on the Patriots 6 SB victories. For that matter, name the starting RBs on their 9 most recent SB appearances. I think Daboll is more flexible than you give him credit for, and at this point has earned enough respect that he can influence the active roster. I do think that having Taiwan Jones as a primarily ST guy and one active WR as a primarily ST guy limits us quite a bit, and I don't see us moving away from that.
  7. I was thinking along those lines. I believe at the present moment, Motor is 100% in the Bills plans. But I also believe that despite all the work in FA, Beane does have his eyes on specific players, and if the opportunity arises to move around in the draft by trading player/picks and he feels it would help us obtain one of those players, he'll do what he has to do.
  8. They might. I don’t think he’s got dead money. Save $6M
  9. welk a month or so ago he put up a video of himself bungee jumping off a bridge on his Instagram timeline. I gotta say, his form was perfect. and currently there’s videos of him tandem jumping out of an airplane. He cracked the biggest smile when the main chute deployed
  10. If so, how many grey hairs per second does Beane accumulate watching Stefon Diggs bungie-jump off of bridges and parachute jump out of planes?
  11. Fair. I was thinking it being his first year back after his "off field" hiatus, and on a poor team, he might merit a look if his film bears it out.
  12. I think it indicates they have a contract value on themselves that the remaining teams with needs don't buy into Agree we should be looking into any pass rusher. Agree that Houston's decline was better than anyone on our line's production last season. Disagree with you on Hughes, completely - he was at least as, or more, disruptive than Addison and had 0.5 sacks less and more QB hits, ~=tackles. That's not to say either performed as we needed, just that I don't agree with the "barely noticeable" vs "still looked good" assessment. Clowney, I don'
  13. Fair. But I don't think we traded him for a draft pick and what would be, I think, the 15th highest salary, in a cap-strapped year.
  14. Yeah, the Bills didn't just re-up Milano to have Edmunds bump him off the field and replace Edmunds with a rookie.
  15. Yeah, it's going to be interesting to see if the Bills pick up his option or not. Some defensive teammates in interviews have mentioned him as the leader on D. McDermott acknowledged mid-season they need more difference-making plays from him, but he, Frazier, and Beane still speak very positively about him. May 5th (I think) is the deadline for the Bills picking up his 5th year option, which I believe is fully guaranteed on that day. That's gonna indicate more about how the Bills truly see him, than all the talky-talking they do.
  16. Anyway revised best guess taking into account the missing $1.5M in dead cap from OTC: Between $3.85M and $4.65M in cap remaining, less the difference between -the cap hits Lamp and Obada once known -the cap hits of the next two guys pushed out of the top 51 by their signings For those who are keeping track Figure $2M to sign rookies, that pretty much just leaves enough to sign Lamp and Obada, and, depending upon their cap hits, *maybe* one more vet-minimum type FA. Anything else will require more restructuring.
  17. You're just making a hobby of pointing out what I need to edit, ain'tcha?
  18. I Did Not Know That. I already didn't like him, but now it's "dislike by previous client association" Penny has yet to be tried on charges that he tampered with evidence in the USA Gymnastics scandal, by removing documents from the Karolyi ranch that are still missing, right? At least he has experience dealing with sleazy cases where his clients are accused of despicable things.
  19. Dear @Roger Goodell, I understand a block I made in the Bills-Texans playoff game on 4 January 2020 is now being used in an NFL training film as an example of when not to utilize a blindside block call. Not only was my team penalized with a blindside block call on that play, but I was assessed a fine of $28,075. In view of this recent development, I respectfully request that the NFL refund my fine money, plus interest. Signed, Not Cody Ford, but Should Be
  20. The point is: how much did he see the field last season? Cleveland plays the highest % of 3 TE sets in the league, maybe 6th highest % of 2 TE sets. But Njoku still saw his playing time nibbled down by a rookie. He was "underutilized" in part because he dropped on the depth chart to their big FA acquisition, Hooper, but also to their rookie. Seattle also plays a lot of 2 TE sets - maybe 5th highest %, higher than Cleveland - and with Seattle's FA acquisition of Olsen, Hollister saw his playing time drop, not only to Olsen, but to 3rd year Seattle draft choice Dissly.
  21. I think you kind of answered your own question. Njoku got pushed to #3 on the Browns TE lineup by the upgrade they felt they needed (Hooper) and a 4th round rookie Bryant. Difference makers don't get "swallowed up by the offensive depth" at TE, especially when that depth is not stunningly productive - Bryant had 238 yds on 38 targets, 24 receptions and Hooper had his worst offensive productivity since his rookie season with 46 receptions on 70 targets for 435 yds. Njoku really had one promising year to my view of those statistics, his 2nd. The Bills already did the ex
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