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  1. Tuna fish is an inexpensive and nourishing high protein food. Tuna fish, Perry's Frozen Yogurt, what's next, hate Apple Pie? I'm not sure what play you're talking about, but Eric Wood did a segment where he pointed out why sometimes players get treated by teams (extended, asked to take salary cuts) in a way discordant with their PFF ratings. His example was a play where he was graded as apparently whiffing on a blocker. He was playing next to Richie Incognito (no rookie) whose assignment it was to block that guy. The Bills won, and Wood said he and Richie joked afterwards that PFF would assign the fault to him (Wood). They did. It's the reason why I personally feel that PFF's OL and DL grades are particularly to be taken with a large grain of salt.
  2. For someone concerned about the definition of words, I don't think "insidious plot" is a usual synonym for "apparent goal".
  3. I hope it's true that no one is trying to minimize the murder of 10 people or the fact that the offender did it for vile reasons based on racist views. On that we can agree.
  4. The poster I was responding to said something like "Talk about going out of your way to find something to feel contempt about" My point is, we're in a thread talking about PFF taking bribes, that doesn't seem far "out of the way". It's not like he popped into a thread about Perry's Frozen Yogurt to explain his feelings on Pro Football Focus or something.
  5. I'm not quite sure at whom this is directed, but I'll bite. Sure, there's some significant real estate there. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/despicable Definition of despicable : deserving to be despised : so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation despicable behavior I'm not sure what you mean by "uncultured milk"; I don't think there's anything in the definition of "frozen yogurt" that specifies the period of time milk must be in contact with microorganisms to produce a cultured milk product, but I could be wrong. It might give the product a flavor you dislike, or produce a GI reaction in you personally. DIslike would be an appropriate description. On the other hand, if it were to be alleged that Perry's was not following good manufacturing practices, mixing in unpasturized milk or using cultures contaminated with bacteria not generally regarded as safe, I would say that would go beyond personal dislike. It might not be despicable, depending upon how it occurred or intent. Now if it's alleged that Perry's knew damned well they were following unsafe manufacturing practices and producing a contaminated product for sale that could sicken immunocompromised people, elderly, and young children ..... and further that they were bribing their contracted microbiology lab to falsify test results by lowering the bacteria count to allowed levels, I would call that despicable if true. Same thing - I distrust PFF's methodology, I don't like their grades. That's where I normally am on PFF. I don't like the products they sell to the public; I don't subscribe; I don't give them a lot of weight because they don't pass the "eyeball test" to me. On the other hand, it's been alleged by Lewan that they are actually taking pay to alter player grades that they assert (to their betting and fantasy customers) are objectively determined. If that is true, IMHO it amounts to bribery and is correctly described as despicable. So it doesn't seem like a stretch to me for someone to come into a thread on this topic and opine that they despise PFF. That's their opinion. YMMV 🤷‍♀️
  6. Well, it is PFF's apparent goal to be accepted as the definitive source for objective football information, and it's relied upon by people who bet on football or play fantasy football https://www.pff.com/grades In general, taking bribes is regarded as despicable Adding the two, if it were true that PFF took bribes from players to inflate their statistics, while holding forth as a source of objective football information, that would probably be fairly described as despicable.
  7. C'mon Man. I know it's the off-season, but this is a bit much. At least put a little substance into discussing what Dorsey's offense might look like, our personnel, some actual football content.
  8. Thanks for your hard work! The Bills are reporting 9 signings not 11. Apparently Prince Emili was a Rookie Camp Tryout, and one other?
  9. Errr....this is a thread about PFF allegedly taking "bribes" to inflate statistics?
  10. This could be just me, but I find "Whattaboutism" antithetical to the "honest discussion" said to be desired . This appears to be a form of "Whattaboutism" (citing an overall murder statistic of 17,000 people per year in a response to reporting on a specific tragic event of violence). I think a specific event involving the deliberate planned murder of 10 people who were grocery-shopping, based on their skin color and the murderer's self-expressed racist white supremicist beliefs, is horrific. It seems natural and normal to care about this and discuss it, and somewhat puzzling to dismiss or minimize this discussion as a "rush to use tragedies in a way that best suits our needs" if it doesn't address a broader category of issues (murder in this country)
  11. Thanks for the hope. Unfortunately one thread outside PPP may be more than we can manage.
  12. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/05/14/nyregion/buffalo-shooting?smid=url-copy&fbclid=IwAR01cvBSyjHRI-VSX0UykxR3m_h__BrSL74DwT6W2XgCDWRLEKP4vvOMjyo#the-accused-gunmans-racist-manifesto-outlined-a-plan-to-kill-blacks-and-referred-to-replacement-theory
  13. This may have been linked upthread, sorry for not looking https://www.npr.org/2018/01/18/578745514/a-former-neo-nazi-explains-why-hate-drew-him-in-and-how-he-got-out
  14. I think the thing to remember is that before there was Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Discord, there were AOL groups and newsgroups and then specialized bulletin boards and websites that were dedicated to pushing various ideologies. So IMHO it's kind of hard to separate the internet from social media. I guess the latter makes it more widespread and readily available 24/7 since it's on smartphone apps?
  15. Thanks. TBN article about it: https://buffalonews.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/pure-evil-racial-motives-cited-in-mass-shooting-that-killed-10-at-buffalo-supermarket/article_8ea69e00-d3e7-11ec-95a9-3317a6a19739.html?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter_TheBuffaloNews No paywall on this article NY Times coverage: https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/05/14/nyregion/buffalo-shooting?
  16. To be fair, some people flying the confederate battle flag don't perceive it as a symbol of hate (seriously, not kidding) and need to be gently walked through why others see it as such, and why, when you pick a symbol to display to others, you don't get to pick and choose amongst its historical associations. Apparently it costs more to exhaust all the appeals allowed in a death penalty case than to just feed and house the guy for life. Dunno if that's the reason though.
  17. I'm aware of the geography. I've carefully refrained from commentary on my experience with the philosophical proclivities of the area. True. It's about 15% longer, but maybe interstate all the way is a push on time. So he could have. I'm not sure if I'm "I guess his reasons will come out and we'll know" or "I don't GAF I just want this guy to burn, and the sooner the better for me" (unfortunately or fortunately I respect the law)
  18. News is he came from Broome County (county seat: Binghamton) which is S of Syracuse near the PA border. The direct route to Buffalo would be S. Tier Expressway, then I-390 then a couple of US Rts. It would not pass Rochester and Syracuse.
  19. I know, it's making me sick. I grew up about half a mile from there on E. Utica Street. I'm not in favor of LEO taking the law into their own hands for any reason if it can be safely avoided.
  20. Meaning no offense, but I hope not. Go by the book on this one; give him no excuses or reasons to claim that his rights were violated or that any evidence or statements he gives should be disallowed.
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