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  1. I guess we'll find out. I hope you're right. Wait...Roberts, Jefferson, and Marlowe, isn't that 3 guys? And since Q Jefferson was a cut, shouldn't you include Brown? But I do take your point that if there's one position where the Bills seem to have good talent e v a l, it seems to be DB. I think we've done well indeed as far as managing a tight cap situation with minimal cuts and renegotiations, and value-added low budget signings.
  2. I thought we were all supposed to respect everyone's personal opinions here? Now because it's mine, we don't? There's a uuuuge difference between believing everyone should "get the Jab" (which is my personal opinion) and some of the positions you are imputing to me such as No one has said the latter. I have not said the former. And it's a huge leap from my personal opinion that everyone should get the jab, to the above. Do not put words in my mouth. Hit me in PM. PM me links to all the posts where I am reasonably interpreted as "deride"i
  3. Well.... he's not wrong with that last I don't become more suspicious as the number grows higher - but neither does it somehow convey automatic likelihood of guilt to me, personally
  4. Oh, sweet Lord Jesus save us. What a horrible, horrible thing. I hope you're right This
  5. Where did I say that? Did I say somewhere that the covid-19 vaccine should be mandated? Actually, I've said that it can't be (which may be incorrect, due to a legal opinion provided to me by another member, but it's my understanding of EUA authorization: I don't expect you to have seen everything I post, but please don't put words in my mouth, either This is a total straw man, as no one has said that. Nor do I, personally, criticize Josh for saying he hasn't made up his mind yet or that he maybe hasn't followed it as much as he should. Discussion of
  6. I can respect that Josh hasn't made up his mind yet, and acknowledges maybe he should have been following it a bit more. I can respect that Josh might feel it's not right that someone should be required to be vaccinated, but I feel he needs to recognize facts that this has in fact been required at different points in time by different local and state organizations as a public health mandate, and upheld repeatedly by the courts as Constitutional with very limited exemptions for health and religious belief. Framing it as a Constitutional violation to require public health measures d
  7. I would note that I specifically said, I wasn't saying Josh's opinion was craptastic. I don't think you were putting those words in my mouth, but I can see why someone might read your response and not my post, and conclude I did say that, so it seems worth pointing out. It has the appearance of misrepresenting what I said. "The horde coming after him because he's not advocating for 'the jab' = "Ignorant" to you, Fair Enough. I would probably call "coming after anyone" in public on Twitter ignorant behavior, myself, so there's little to argue about there. What I was r
  8. Let's be specific and keep it to the interview. Josh Allen has a right to his opinion about vaccination and the constitution. But I slept on it and decided I would respond factually to this specific statement in the interview: Why should his opinion be respected? All opinions do not deserve equal respect. Sorry, someone can have a craptastic opinion, they still have a right to their opinion but they don't have a right to my respect, or to my silence about it if they put it out there in the public sphere. Now I wouldn't call Josh's opinion craptastic. Bu
  9. Good question, I think he has until late April. I sit corrected, I shouldn't have said "re upped" I should have said "tendered" I can't find a report of it so I would assume, No
  10. Something tells me the Eagles haven't dropped their asking price from a 3rd to a 6th just yet. Jalean Phillips just makes me nervous. The whole retire/unretire thing... I agree he's the sort of high ceiling guy that fits Beane's MO, but I wonder if the inability to meet with these guys in person will affect that.
  11. Nothing is 100% in real life use. There are data up in some real life studies of 1.2 million people up in the Covid info thread. Spoiler: it's less than 100%
  12. Yeah, it's interesting. The Bills apparently discussed KR/PR responsibilities with him. But they didn't give him enough guaranteed money to make him a lock. Then we signed Brandon Powell, who's the same age as McKenzie but who actually returned kicks and punts for Atlanta last year. The Bills are evidently intent on having some competition there. Similar kind of thing with OL; we re-upped Feliciano and Boettger and we have Ford, but we signed a couple guys in Lamp and Douglas who have seen the field, and who I'm sure would like to compete to see the field here.
  13. Well, if you have a vaccine that in real life use is 90% effective in preventing disease, that means 10% of those vaccinated still get infected over a period of time If you have a vaccine that in real life use is 70% effective, that means 30% still get infected over a period of time. Currently children under 16 can't be vaccinated at all. Some of them still get seriously ill, especially if they have a preexisting condition such as a heart disease or diabetes. So some of the people we're trying to protect are vaccinated (or ineligible to vaccinate) individuals. Pe
  14. FWIW, I had a little bit of a DM exchange with John Brown earlier this season...I had asked him a question about an instagram comment he made about the "Sports Conveyer Belt" and he explained and we chatted a little bit about it. He was expressing fundamentally the same concern you outline above - that some colleges offer young athletes (particularly young athletes from single parent homes) a lot of material inducements to come play for that team. But it only lasts while their athletic talent can be "mined" from that team, then they get tossed aside, while not being set up for success i
  15. Germany did a big study of a simulated concert last summer....this is the only report I could find of the results (it omitted certain precautions, like I believe the participants were all tested before the study). They used contact tracers to determine where people were getting too close for too long (entrances and exits) and fluorescent hand sanitizer. The take-home seemed to be that if there was good ventilation (outdoors, *cough*) and protocols were followed, the "infection risk" (unclear how they defined that) could be lowered 70x. I think a take-home of the Lancet study
  16. Oh Jesus this sounds really bad: Per a number of domestic violence experts, strangulation is a huge "red flag" and someone who has strangled their partner is 7x more likely to kill them. I hope that woman gets help and leaves him, permanently. Also in Texas law: As far as why crimes are being committed by NFL players, this is just my opinion. But I think there are two factors: 1) a lot of these guys come from unstable communities where violence is part of their daily life - in their own families, in their friend's families, domestic v
  17. Good job keeping the focus towards the topic of football stadiums. There are a couple tech. issues with this generally correct assessment - 1) there's a lot of overlap between vaccinated people, and people who have previous covid infection (infected people are still recommended to be vaccinated - so can't just add the two numbers.) 2) this is still under investigation, but it's known that the Sars-Cov2 virus actively evades the immune response (it's a survival tool for many viruses, this one just seems better than many at FSU). So there's an emerging believe that vaccin
  18. https://www.muscleandfitness.com/athletes-celebrities/winning-strategy-jon-feliciano-kept-pounding-after-tearing-pec/ Some key points: -during the early weeks of the season, he was struggling to pick up a 10 lb weight: -once he returned, he still was far from 100%: "I didn’t feel healthy at all till now. I’m still. Like until the till now I’m still doing rehab for my circumstance" -He wants you to know that OLmen are athletes, too: -He does Yoga:
  19. General football discussion is allowed here. It's a study of NFL game attendance. You're welcome.
  20. I agree. I expect the Bills want him back at vet minimum, and he wants a raise. But, he's been in the league for 5 years, and he may also be looking for a place where he has an option to start. The Lions have Tracy Walker and Will Harris at the top of their Safety depth chart, although currently I think they've got like 6 safeties on the roster. Would that be his chance to compete for a starting role?
  21. Bojo had a few episodes of these adventures in 2020 as well, as I recall.
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