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  1. Apparently he said he was feeling ill at the Combine. The 4.67 may have been an informal measurement at his college.
  2. That would not be a bad idea at all, but I'm guessing the Quessenberry signing is their Guard/T Williams replacement Quite possibly Williams is still hoping to get closer to the salary he was due to receive from the Bills, or at least Saffold-level pay It makes me nervous when I find myself agreeing with you, but this is pretty much how I see it. A counter-point is that the Chiefs had a stronger need for a complete OL rebuild. In 2020, the Chiefs lost their LT to an Achilles tear, and their center was not All That. So it made sense for them to invest in LT (trade) and C (draft) 2021 was arguably Morse' best year, and prior to 2021, the Bills appeared to be set at LT (Dawkins) and RT (Williams) The big difference IMHO was the KC investment in a top FA guard (Thuney) while the Bills did not make that investment last year or this year. Of course, the Chiefs also invested a late draft pick at a talented G who fell in the draft due to medical concerns. The Bills invested a mid-round and late pick on OL, but they have made NO comparable investments at IOL.
  3. Great, the team believes in Ford. But every time he's had the opportunity to start, he's played himself onto the bench quite promptly. Beane said off-season last year he felt he was one of our best 5. That wasn't true. If this was because of injury, then he's injured too often to rely upon. I'd like to believe in Ford, he seems to be an estimable young man, but when the Bills have relied upon him he's let us down. But I'm not going to argue another person's words here. It's really not about the quality of the backups, it's about whether Beane's done enough to upgrade the starting OL. Here's the thing, Giuseppe: the OL last season ranged from mediocre to tire fire. People attribute the up-tick in rushing yards to Bates subbing for injured Boettger. That's not quite true. They improved to mediocre and we ran OK at the end of the season in part because we used Allen as our best RB, running him an average of 9x per game. That's not sustainable if we want him to have a long career. We also used Tommy Doyle as a 2nd TE and benched Tommy Sweeney. We also used a fullback more. That's great, but these changes take targets for Josh off the field and make it more likely he'll have to scramble to convert 1st downs. In his post season presser, Beane referred to Dawkins-Bates-Morse-Williams-Brown as "a starting point". Either you feel Dawkins-Saffold-Morse-Bates-Brown is "an upgrade" on that starting point, or you don't. I don't, I think that's where others who are stressing about the OL are coming from. Bates may be as good at RG as he showed at LG. I didn't see him as a zone run blocking mauler. Saffold is a much better run blocker but is not a strong pass blocker, and was injured a lot last season. It's great if the Bills can address the position in FA, but the top FA guards are signing for $14M AAV with $30M guaranteed. Saffold was a mediocre FA signing, even though I like him as a player more than several knowledgeable folks do, because of his age (33) and his injury history. It's really not a clear upgrade on Williams, because of the missed time last season and because while he's 100% better run blocker than Williams, he's not as good in pass protection, possibly a downgrade on Boettger and Bates at LG in pass pro. And if the Bills draft a guard, in the 2nd to 5th round next year, we'll be counting on him for an immediate upgrade instead of giving him a year to learn behind Saffold and gain some playing time with the inevitable injuries. Fundamentally, what this is about for me is not trusting Beane to put his money (and his resources) where his mouth is on OL. He openly acknowledges he didn't do enough at OL in 2018. 2019 was better but the 2019 and 2020 playoffs showed all our OL flaws and the 2020 season was the start of a flawed run game as well, as we transitioned to a zone run blocking scheme our OL struggled to execute. 2021 was, if anything, worse at the start. It's just not clear Beane has done enough.
  4. it’s a possibility. But the new league rules with only one cutdown make this harder and riskier Edit: If the league does again what they did last season where 5 players are cut after Preseason Game 1 and 5 more after preseason Game 2, that helps I guess - but those are usually the bottom of the roster unless there's a salary cap sacrifice to extend someone else. Also I guess there may be salary cap cuts or players available for trade after the draft - maybe? Essentially in signing Saffold and Quessenbury, we signed the Titans salary cap cut downs.
  5. *Ahem* I'm sure the Bills have the intent that Spencer Brown did enough in 2021 to be written in as the starting RT before the 2022 season. He struggled at time and showed flaws, but if he makes the ordinary progression and develops as most 2nd year players do, we should good at RT I'm sure the Bills had the intent that Daryl Williams did enough in 2020 to be written in as the starting RT before the 2021 season. He had a good year in 2020. Then the 2021 season began, and he pretty much sucked. So his name got crossed out at RT and Spencer Brown got the gig. Bottom line, there will be no competing with Spencer Brown, until/unless competing is needed.
  6. As for Shakir taking over Davis spot.....I have read a lot of projecting him as a slot at the NFL level. But the main thing which got Davis onto the field before John Brown was injured and while Sanders was healthy, was that Davis made himself into the best blocker of our WR corps. Can one say anything aout Shakir as a blocker?
  7. So overall, I think I'm pretty firmly on record as believing that overall, Beane's FA and draft resources are skewed towards the D. In fairness though, a balanced perspective requires acknowledgement that the defense sucked at times last season. If we're going to acknowledge 3 games where the offense scored 6 (not 9 - that was the victor's point total), 15, and 10 points - then the other side of the coin is 9 regular season and 2 playoff games where the offense scored 30 or more points (40 or more 4x). And we have to acknowledge 3 games where the defense gave up 34 points, 41 points, and 33 points during the regular season, and a fourth giving up 42 points in the playoffs. Some of those games where the defense gave up so many points (or didn't, but lost anyway) had a common flaw - giving so much respect to the run game that we were susceptible to play action and screen passes. In general, our D has been able to shut down good passing teams and shut down good running teams - but struggled against teams that showed some abilities to do both, like Tenn and Indy. So I'm sure that video is being sliced and diced and analyzed and OCs are working overtime on how to exploit that, meaning Something Had to Be Done on Defense. I'm not disagreeing about the disparity of resources on offense vs defense, but you seem to be implying that the offense was a clear problem while the defense was great, when the more accurate picture is that both had their struggles at different times. I wish I felt better that we'd done enough on OL to fix them.
  8. Disagree. Williams blew as an RT last year, but he did much better as a RG. As for the snap count, communication is a two-way street I think Saffold is an upgrade as a run blocker, but his pass blocking was poor last season and has historically not been his best attribute.
  9. I can take care of that little thing for you. Basically ya need a mod.
  10. I am hoping he is the Second Coming of Coach Scar It's a bad day when I find myself agreeing with ScottLaw but I'm forced to agree that the depth on OL appears tenuous at this point.
  11. apparently one reason he dropped was, literally, drops in 2021? https://www.nfl.com/prospects/jalen-wydermyer/32005759-4420-7645-e2fb-d732d109ac25https://www.nfl.com/prospects/jalen-wydermyer/32005759-4420-7645-e2fb-d732d109ac25 Ah. Permit me to point out a little contradiction. If guard is not a premium position, and you don't want to use a high pick on it (1st or 2nd round), fine But later round picks often take a year or two to develop into pro-level talents There are guys who come in like Trey Smith for KC and play very well as rookies Question since you appear to have studied the matter: how many of the starting guards in the NFL who were drafted in later rounds, actually played very well their first season, or even first 2 seasons? how many took 1-2 season to develop? Wyatt Teller started looking like "all that and a bag of Chips" his 3rd year in the league
  12. HA! Beane all but said he wanted one in his post-draft presser. I think both of those plans at backup C work. It may come down to who's most comfortable with Kromer's teachings and who's most comfortable with Josh? I think you have it on the depth chart too, but given Beane talked about an OL of Dawkins-Bates-Morse-Williams-Brown as "a starting point", I gotta say that an OL of Dawkins-Saffold-Morse-Bates-Brown doesn't look like it's moved the needle off that "starting point" very far, unless Kromer has a magic wand to improve Saffold's performance at pass pro. Methinks Beane speaks with forked tongue about building from the lines when it comes to offense.
  13. I'm under-enthused by our lone IOL signing in Alec Anderson from UCLA. I agree with you that our IOL depth is thin. Ford wasn't good enough last season Boettger may need a year to come back from his Achilles - a study showed 68% RTP recently, but many of those players need a year to return to form Quessenberry had most of his game experience at RT and wasn't good enough for the Titans to keep him although he's a terrific personal story - he may be here to compete with Spencer Brown Greg Mancz is IMO is this year's Feliciano, a smart versatile guy who can play all 3 IOL positions but when he had his chance to start, he couldn't lock it down Question for all: who else is out there as an UDFA or FA?
  14. I fully acknowledge that I am NOT a college football fan. But who sees Shakir as outside WR depth? All the scouting reports I've read say he played strictly in the slot.
  15. OK, Lecitus Smith, yeah, you got me there. Most people seem to have him ranked higher. Except that if they were at V-Tech, they were scouting them both in person, so.... Dohnovan West, if he can't play guard I dunno. Fair answer though.
  16. https://www.nfl.com/prospects/baylon-spector/32005350-4515-9114-fba7-7065114ee5c1 "Clemson football is in the Spector family blood. Baylon's father, Robbie, played for the Tigers from 1988 to 1990, while his brother, Brannon, is currently a receiver and his sister, Blair, is a former Clemson cheerleader. Spector grew up in Calhoun, Georgia, earning all-state honors as a senior quarterback and linebacker. He played in all 15 games as a reserve and on special teams (10 tackles, one for loss, one forced fumble) as a redshirt freshman in 2018 for the national champions, as well as in 2019 -- though his contributions on defense greatly increased (42 tackles, six for loss with two sacks). Spector became a leader on defense in 2020, topping the squad with 72 tackles and 4.5 sacks among 10.5 tackles for loss while forcing two fumbles. He started 10 of 12 games played in 2021 and recorded a career-high 75 tackles, 4.5 for loss with 2.5 sacks and one interception, before missing the team's bowl game with a hand injury."-- by Chad Reuter By Lance Zierlein NFL Analyst Draft Projection: Round 6 Overview Reliable worker-bee linebacker who plays with impressive instincts and fundamentals that keep him in position and near the action. Spector is an average athlete with average size, but he struggles to attack and unglue from blocks on a consistent enough basis. He's an excellent finisher when facing down runners in the hole, but average length and agility drop his finishing rate substantially when he's forced to tackle on the move. Spector is rock solid, but won't make plays beyond what is expected. He has backup value as an inside linebacker or 4-3 Will. Strengths Instinctive and in position most of the time. Plays with excellent fundamentals. Rapid-fire diagnosis and reaction to play movement. Leverages his scrape with speed alterations in his slides. Quickness to flow and contain the outside run. Comes to balance and tackles with double leg wrap-ups. Former safety with smooth drops and weaves in zone. Target awareness allows for tighter squeeze of the route. Weaknesses Lean through his lower half. Won't be a disruptive defender. Gets jostled around by box traffic. Lacks ideal length/strength to stack and shed the block. Needs to become more comfortable playing downhill. Below-average tackler when it's not in front of him. Range in coverage is very average. Lacks twitch to burst and disrupt at the catch point.
  17. IMHO it's not a great sign when the write-up spends more space enumerating the draftee's relatives than his own behavior on the field.
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