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  1. Right on and well put. I believe someone did a study that even at the top of the 1st round (1st 10 picks say) it was 50/50 if you get a guy who can be a long term solid starter - not a league-leading disruptive force, just a solid starter. After that it drops to 30%-ish through the top picks of the 2nd round, then 20%, by the 5th round it's like 10%. We need more from Oliver, no doubt, but he's not an Aaron Donald. I guess we'll find out of TJ Watt can be as disruptive without Bud Dupree as his bookend.
  2. We're not helping your honest efforts to sort this very well, are we?
  3. I think the NFLPA is OK with training camp, but they want the rest of the normal offseason (OTAs, June mini-camp) to be virtual I could be wrong though I think there's an underlying issue beyond Covid. The NFLPA has been pushing for less and less OTAs before training camp - they used to be mandatory, now they're voluntary. The players don't like them because it's more chance to get hurt, at a point where getting hurt could screw their chance to make any team. The coaches want them because it's a chance to introduce the playbook and start gettin
  4. Why? Greg Hardy did it (that I know of). He was actually convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in a bench trial (largely based upon her testimony), sentenced, and suspended for 10 games. He then appealed his conviction and requested a jury trial, something NC law allows. While awaiting the jury trial, he apparently reached a confidential settlement with the victim, who disappeared and failed to appear to testify in the jury trial. The charges were dismissed, and the conviction was expunged from his record. The 10 game suspension was reduced to 4 upon arbitrati
  5. Spotrac had Sanders Void Year incorrectly captured for a long time while OTC had it right. I like to compare OTC and Spotrac because sometimes one is faster than the other to gather the information and sometimes one or the other just has a mistake (OTC was incorrect about Quinton Jefferson's dead money)
  6. On the one hand, if the NFL is telling them "get vaccinated in tier, we won't jump the line", a lot of them are not yet or have only just become eligible to be vaccinated. So travel and etc. does in theory present a higher risk of infection to them until 5-6 weeks past the first jab. On the other hand...at the risk of sounding like a crazed stalker, I follow a lot of these guys on Instagram. They don't appear particularly concerned about infection, including Mr. "I isolate and wear a mask" Allen (*ahem*). I see photos of various guys attending large unmasked weddings, a crowded
  7. Florio points out that the other aspect of a settlement is agreement to not discuss the matter with anyone else. This is apparently standard provision of a settlement. Not only would that preclude talking further to police, it would preclude testifying in trial and preclude talking to NFL investigators. Poof, legal case goes away; NFL case goes away. They could still suspend Watson I suppose, but without testimony it would be easier to challenge and reduce. So everything would more or less go away.
  8. Well, per the ProFootballTalk article linked upthread, Hardin did pretty much accuse the first woman of just that thing, right? Now he's broadened to all 22: "Hardin described the entire situation as a “new model for extortion" Entire situation would involve all 22 women. "Extortion" would generally be interpreted as "ill motive"
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/09/rusty-hardin-admits-that-deshaun-watsons-massages-sometimes-resulted-in-consensual-sex/ from the above: It's worth listening to Mike Florio who (as some of us learned through this, practiced law for 14 years). His opinion is that Watson could pivot away from fighting, make restitution, and move on. But if he's still fighting this, it could drag on for years. (my paraphrase)
  10. I mean it's like a lot of football players eat 5 or 6 professionally prepared dinners a week during the preseason and season. The math on that is 100-120 meals from August until January, but they probably don't have 40 or 50 chefs preparing them; they find 1 or 2 who cook to their taste and then pay for those chefs to keep them as regular clients. I think that applies to how most athletes interact with massage therapists. They may be getting 2-3 massages a week, but they're primarily going to be sports massages with trained sports massage therapists, and the athletes are going t
  11. I actually think he used the first filing to recruit the others - he asked in his Instagram (or wherever it was) for other women to come talk to him.
  12. I'm glad you asked. Cantaloupe is a variety of muskmelon. (there are actually two varieties of cantaloupe, European and American) Muskmelon includes other varieties of melon, including honeydew melon.
  13. In addition, players being asked to take a cut are usually given something in exchange. For example, per Overthecap: "Morse agreed to a $2 million pay cut in 2021. As part of the new contract he received a $2.85 million guarantee on his 2021 salary." They report Addison as just agreeing to a $2M pay cut in exchange for having 2022 voided, but he also is shown as having $2.75M of guaranteed salary that wasn't there before AFAIK. So it appears that Addison, too, was given more guaranteed money in exchange for the cut. He was also due a $1.5M roster bonus which has been paid.
  14. Isn't it a speedy deep threat that we need? Sanders took #10. Was his number for 6 years in Denver, only had 17 for 2 years in SF and NO. New number for Fromm. Haven't seen what it'll be yet
  15. What's puzzling a bit is that they didn't bring one in last season, if indeed there is so much 1TDT talent out there Perhaps they felt Butler would work
  16. He played well against the Colts, Miami, and NE as well IMO. Which, coincidentally, are the games where he returned to 40-50% of the 1TDT snaps vs the 23-33% he got as he worked his way back into the lineup from being a healthy scratch. The questions are: 1) will a full healthy off-season help him? and 2) can he stay healthy?
  17. Well, Star and Harrison Phillips are supposed to be the rotation at 1TDT. Last year, Phillips struggled initially, but after his benching (which McDermott came out and said after the season, was related to him needing more time to recover) and as he worked back into the lineup, I thought he played better. The hope is that a full off season of strength and conditioning work will help him. He posted a funny Instagram video of "his vs hers vacations" where he's seen standing at the top of an outdoor staircase doing some sort of high-rep, low-weight leg lift exercise then his girlfri
  18. Preach! Kay doesn't even know the difference between Cantaloupe and Honeydew melon, and her main critique was that the cut-up stuff you buy in Bodegas is "slimy". Clearly her judgement on fruit is not to be trusted.
  19. I think it refers to needing to replace starters or guys who regularly see the field (take snaps). Means we're returning most of our starters and our primary rotational players Of course, to some since we only won 13 [Edit just for @Chandler#81: regular season] games and lost the AFCCG rather badly, it means we didn't get better. Young players on the roster never improve and we failed to dump solid but expensive players in favor of a STAR [not named Lotulelei] and a bunch of overpaid FA guys. 🤷‍♂️
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