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  1. I think you kind of answered your own question. Njoku got pushed to #3 on the Browns TE lineup by the upgrade they felt they needed (Hooper) and a 4th round rookie Bryant. Difference makers don't get "swallowed up by the offensive depth" at TE, especially when that depth is not stunningly productive - Bryant had 238 yds on 38 targets, 24 receptions and Hooper had his worst offensive productivity since his rookie season with 46 receptions on 70 targets for 435 yds. Njoku really had one promising year to my view of those statistics, his 2nd. The Bills already did the ex
  2. There is definitely "pot kettle black" in Hardin's handling where he is complaining of Buzbee trying the case in the press/on the internet - while he actively tries to do the same, just not as skillfully. Is it just me, or is Hardin acting like he's been totally bait-n-switched on this by Watson - like he took the case expecting it to be one thing (maybe 1 or 2 women, allegations of Watson exposing himself during a massage that could be explained away - and it's totally morphed into something else?
  3. The difference would be that Houston actually got 8 sacks last year and Addison...didn't More than 6 sacks were expected of each of them, based upon historical production. Addison previous years: 9.5, 11, 9, 9.5 Houston previous years: 4*, 9.5, 9, 11 QB hits: Addison previous years: 15, 15, 12, 14 Houston previous years: 6*, 20, 12, 18 * Houston was injured, played 5 games You don't offer a guy $12M a year (Houston) or even 3 years, $30M (Addison) for 6 sack production.
  4. Links to articles covering of Rusty Hardin's press conference are upthread A couple of them have links to the actual press conference Yeah, that's what his lawyer said. The only thing I can think of is if Hardin has reason to believe some physical evidence was preserved - Watson on a towel, so to speak -and is trying to defuse that impact by openly acknowledging that sexual acts happened, but insisting it was all consensual. I don't think there's going to be evidence of force other than testimony of "he said, she said" - it's two people alone in a room, what can
  5. Finally someone asks the important question Does anal-retentive have a hyphen?
  6. Good morning! What names did they wish to use? Or did he just take everything he could think of? I think our needs are strongest at DE/DL. DE is a huge hole
  7. Marcel Louis-Jacques has a little Bills story featuring DMX.
  8. He started his career with a pick 6, but it was the only pick he threw that game. He passed for 2 TDs, completed 76% of his passes, and the Jets won 48-17 (I looked that all up) I thought he has had a handful of games where he looked pretty good - maybe 4 his rookie season, 3 his 2nd season. The point is he arguably improved slightly from Year 1 to Year 2 but by Year 3 he was clearly on a downward trend. I honestly blame Gase. When you have two different QBs who look OK your first year then tank, I see a pattern. Tannehill had a rennaissance in Tenn, we'll see what
  9. There is a really cool video here explaining part of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine manufacturing process https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/01/health/pfizer-covid-vaccine-efficacy-six-months-bn/index.html
  10. I was responding to this post: I'm not generalizing this viewpoint or saying I think it's true; I'm responding to a post where someone is generalizing to "most folks who don't get the vaccine" Now perhaps I misinterpret @LeviF91 but, I interpret this as: 1) Public health measures to reduce Covid-19 spread were "forced" on young and middle aged people solely to protect only the "elderly" so people should go back to normal living, whether or not they're vaccinated. [In other words "Save the Grannies" is not important enough to limit our lives while
  11. You need to put a warning label on your posts, Oh Killer of Keyboards
  12. https://xkcd.com/2443/ There's one school of thought that having a strong reaction is good as it's proof of a good immune response to the vaccine I'm sure that's not very comforting right now Feel better soon! (I'm sure this doesn't make you feel better, but there are some cases of people with awful side effects who turn out to have coincidentally, been infected with covid-19 about a week before they got vaccinated, so the symptoms showed up post-vaccine. This is known because they tested positive for covid-19)
  13. So the way VAERS works (vaccine adverse event reporting system) is that deaths following a vaccination MUST be reported, and any serious adverse event (kidney or liver problems would qualify) are strongly encouraged to be reported by physicians. But that doesn't mean they were caused by the vaccine - there's an expected rate of death in different age groups, and a known rate of various other medical problems and especially since the vaccine was initially available/encouraged to the most vulnerable (HCW and elderly), people were gonna die and have heart attacks and liver problems and so forth.
  14. I think chills and fever for 24-30 hrs are pretty common vaccine side effects for Pfizer and Moderna (especially mild/moderate). But for someone with a high fever that persists >24-30 hrs, I would suggest to call doctor and get tested for flu and covid-19. Similar happened to a friend of mine. Got his shot Fri afternoon. Saturday am he was feeling fine, so he drove off about 90 minutes to a volunteer work day with a group he belongs to. Several hours into it, exhaustion, low-grade fever, headache...struggle to drive home, felt awful. Next day feeling tired, 2nd da
  15. Um...where did you see liver and kidney damage as a side effect of which vaccine?
  16. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/04/09/nfl-free-agency-ravens-colts-justin-houston-visit/?utm_source=MSN&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=inline-related [Click to embiggen data from Pro Football Reference] Cons: -32 yrs old -impact seems to have declined across the board last year Pros: -Still had more impact than anyone else on our roster with 8 sacks and 12 QB hits (Hughes 4.5 sacks, Addison 5 sacks; Hughes 11 QB hits, Addison 8] -Position at which we need help The fact that he's still unsigned this deep int
  17. Risk/benefit is always a question, but to be fair, it's not just because of Europe's regulators. I think there are some real issues with the vaccine: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/03/rare-clotting-disorder-may-cloud-worlds-hopes-astrazenecas-covid-19-vaccine Good summary by my boy Pharma R&D blogger Derek Lowe: https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2021/03/30/blood-clots-and-the-az-vaccine-revisited The estimated risk is 4 cases of this clotting disorder/1 million doses where background is estimated at <1 case/1 million doses.
  18. First of all, kudos with wearing a mask in public from respect. Many do not do this. 🙏 Appreciate if you could point me at a source for the deaths, as I can't find it and I'm collecting this stuff. Details matter. Are you talking all reported to VAERS? [Edit: I found on the CDC site. It's VAERS, which collates all deaths: "FDA requires vaccination providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS. Reports of death to VAERS following vaccination do not necessarily mean the vaccine caused the death. CDC follows up on any report of death to request additional i
  19. Back years ago when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth and all the little kiddos walked to and from school (uphill both ways through the snow of course), I started grade school during an epidemic. It was an epidemic of Rubella, aka "3 day measles" or "German measles". Now Rubella is a total wuss of a virus. 50% of those infected don't even know they have it, no symptoms. In the rest, it's totally milquetoast-rash, mild fever, headache for mebbe 3 days. But, in a pregnant woman who contracts it in the first 3 months, it's very bad news for the developing fetus. So, there was an excess
  20. "Chris Simms Unbuttoned" podcast Also appears with Mike Florio as co-host of NBC's ProFootballTalk Live
  21. Here are a few. Not sure which one you want, but it's a fun play to go back and find highlights of This one has more views and analysis: At 1:42 in, it almost looks to me as though Justin Zimmer got his fingers on it a bit! See what y'all think! This might be the one you're thinking of though:
  22. Thanks for the kind words. I believe you have those numbers swapped: Knox had 288 receiving yards in 12 games, and Hollister had 208 receiving yards in 16 games. Knox also had 12 Y/R vs Hollister 8.4 Y/R, which along with the "Yards, Baby!" would seem to have Lofton's words favoring Knox. (Looked at as yds/target, the difference narrows because Hollister caught 8% more of the targets that came his way - 6.5 yds/tgt for Knox vs 5.2 yds/tgt for Hollister) My point is when one looks under the hood, while Hollister had fewer yards overall and fewer yards per game, he w
  23. If you want to report for a paper that is still trying to maintain journalistic standards, you can't say the stuff Wilson said, even off the "Chronicle" clock in an interview with another media outlet. You are seen as "Aaron Wilson, reporter for the Houston Chronicle. Stuff Wilson said includes: Very fair, especially given: But then he also said stuff like: It would be fair to say those things AS reporting the mindset of Watson's camp, making it very clear that he was explaining their viewpoint. He didn't. They could reasonably be interprete
  24. I think Buzbee's idea of the "right number" has escalated substantially. And if he has the ego his affect in the media appears to convey, it probably "cha-chings" upwards almost every time Hardin opens his mouth and says something about Buzbee, the case, or the women involved.
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