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  1. That Freakin' Guy I wonder if Vince Young has ever figured out why Fitz still has a job in the NFL and he doesn't
  2. Sooooooooo....... Washington Football Team might have a spare QB under contract for $850,000 who has shown he can play well enough to ~ break even in the NFL Just Sayin'
  3. He does I guess I have PTSD about the Bills medical ability to correctly identify guys with problematic injury pre-signing (See Listenbee, Woods) Aren't they all freak injuries? As far as Zimmer, if Diggs will say "don't piss on me and tell me it's raining" to one aspect, it seems possible to me that it might be a pattern. As far as surgery, I guess I'm old-fashioned but when a guy requires surgery for something involving his neck and spine, it seems to me that it might be time to step aside from a job description of "smash into 300 lb behemoths or have them smash into me in an uncontrolled fashion approximately 1,000x/year I know I know, I asked, several of you answered 😬
  4. Count me as veeeerrrrrrry skeeevy about relying on a guy coming back from a bad neck injury
  5. Is there anyone to trade for that would really be a difference maker? Looks like it's going to be Draft, unless Beane can fish out a jem or two from the late-day free agent heap
  6. He's an upgrade on Mario Addison but if we're gonna pay out big buck multi-year contracts, I wish we'd go younger. I can't believe it either, but...
  7. Are the Jets still gonna go after him after all their other signings, including Carl Lawson for what, $45M?
  8. Actually I find Twitter pretty much like other media, you have to choose whose feed you look at If you look at legit media guys with sources, it's useful. I wonder if this guy has heard the joke about the woman who's been married 4 times and says on her wedding nite to the 4th "be gentle with me, I'm a virgin!"
  9. We seem to have a functional preference for individual threads though Lawson to the Jets for 3 yrs/$45M, $30M guaranteed. I THINK Hendrickson still out there.
  10. Woof. Indeed. But that's what a bidding war in FA will do for you. Maybe they're trying to move on Smoke. They could confuse announcers everywhere. I think better of Beane than that. But if he does I'll be "he knows more than I do"
  11. Well, Crap. But does that mean they're still in on Hendrickson too?
  12. I remember he got fined for an UR on Josh but I don't remember the details, except that it was kind of controversial to the Ravens fans if it was deserved or not.
  13. Of course you are! Just as I'm entitled to argue against it....
  14. I guess that's fair, but on the other hand he showed game by trying to play through it.... As far as that list, Golladay played only 5 games this past season, Will Fuller V was suspended for PEDs (and I think has a game of suspension remaining?) and has NEVER played 16 games in his 5 year career Antonio Brown has shown himself to be a ticking time bomb with an unpredictable fuse and hasn't played >14 games for 3 years I would kind of think a quiet, hardworking guy who played 16 games in 2019 and put up >1000 yds oughta at least make the list! Maybe Smoke's problem is he's too quiet and decent and trouble-free. Apparently if he threw porch furniture at 2 year olds, caused fire damage, gave controversial interviews, and swilled PEDs, he'd get more recognition.
  15. Sorry, I couldn't let your "cheap****" title stand as written Do you really think Judon is a cheapshot artist? He's very physical but I've never thought so
  16. They are indeed, My point was just that Smoke wasn't even on his list I really feel he deserved to be, in terms of contribution to a team over the last 2 years.
  17. Poor John Brown. He doesn't even get listed as one of the unsigned WR free agents. C'mon Field Yates, give some Loooove to my man Smoke!
  18. You would have, but it would probably have been silly for the Bills to accomodate your preference here. 1) asked what one player he wanted, Matakevich was the guy for Farwell. He's apparently the "little engine that could" that fires up the ST. And we're probably gonna be letting a ST'er or two walk (Taiwan Jones mebbe). 2) he appears to have passed Dodson for primary backup at MLB based on the Miami game, and he really played well in that game. We need depth at LB, and he's pretty cheap if they believe he can play D. Rico Report (Buffalo Fanatics) interviewed him recently and he came across as really loving it here and wanting to stay. That being the case, it makes a lot more sense to re-negotiate and keep him.
  19. I'm not sure it can be reduced to $1.7M (unless they're tacking on voidable years) But I'm not the Magic Beane either.
  20. I'm gonna bet that when the dust settles we find that extension magically lowered his cap hit from $3.7M down to $2.3 or something like that
  21. By the time a guy's 33 years old he really shoulda figured it out OK, you just have a different definition of "threat" than I do. If something hasn't happened in 2 years of football, and in fact, seldom happens league-wide, I don't find it realistic to call it a "threat" To me, that would be like last year when Josh Allen wasn't actually connecting on any deep passes, to call him a "threat" because he has a strong arm and can certainly throw the ball that far. If you want to say that something that hasn't happened in 2 years and seldom happens league wide constitutes a "threat", Enjoy!
  22. I have a quiet interest in Trey Hendrickson for the Bills. But I'm pretty sure we can't afford to get into a bidding war
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