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  1. Got my first moderna feb 6th and the second o. March 6th through my job. First one was good, just fatigue. Second one I had bad muscle aches for a few days but that was it. Glad I have it and it’s done.
  2. I didn’t say I don’t believe Watson. Wasn’t at all what I stated. I just said it looks worse for him with complaints piling up against him.
  3. nice assumption. Show me where I said I believe the lawyer. When reports start piling up With multiple potential victims and a similar pattern on the first two, it’s not easy to ignore that.
  4. so with four women stepping forward, you still believe Watson? With one I could see it. The more the numbers are climbing, the worse it looks on him
  5. in the Instagram post he says he was an alcoholic. I took a bit of a liberty as I’m of the mindset that once you are an addict of any type, you’re always that, you just may be recovering or fighting the battle. I took it mainly off his words. Didn’t mean for it to come across misleading.
  6. personally, if I’m following you correctly, I don’t think anyone has a right to cast judgement without knowing circumstances. He may not be a hero in your view, which is fine, but for other athletes or highly successful people struggling with an issue, he may be a huge hero to them, for showing it doesn’t only impact certain demographics, and that it’s non discriminatory.
  7. the definition of hero is different for everyone. In my view, individuals who overcome or learn to function successfully with addictions or mental health issues are heroes in their own right. Just because the public doesn’t see or recognize people for overcoming them, doesn’t make them any less of a hero than anyone else.
  8. fixed it. Wasn’t sure if a link would work since I don’t have Instagram.
  9. My wife pointed this out so I don’t have a link, but Jordan Poyer just posted and discussed how he’s struggled with alcoholism. Not really anything to back it up but if I can find a way to link to it I will. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMYCM2jny1Y/?hl=en edited for link
  10. I just watched that. I had no idea about the fencing posture thing. Quite interesting
  11. honestly haven’t paid that much attention to that and I wasn’t meaning to come across aggressive if I did. I just didn’t notice him stand out in a not so positive way so I appreciate your feedback on him
  12. Regarding Davis, based on what? A quick view of his game by game stats show no significant change all year in targets and receptions. So what is your basis for this?
  13. Has anyone heard from Kyle Williams on this years team and playoff run?
  14. Watching the Diggs/Allen interview and then the Shnowman after the game, how can anyone not love this team? Man these guys are awesome.
  15. Watching the Diggs/Allen interview and then the Shnowman after the game, how can anyone not love this team? Man these guys are awesome.
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