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  1. Darryl Wren. He was one of the guys that played in the charity basketball games against the teachers in your school. I remember him being really nice and signing everything. John Fina and Phil Hansen were there, too.
  2. Before this group of executives came in, I routinely would tell anyone who'd listen that the average fan the watched college football that had access to an over the counter draft guide and scouting reports would have out performed previous Bills regimes. The fans here (Philadelphia) would laugh and give a cursory nod, but looking back at so many misses from the late 90's to 16 it seems like couldn't have done worse if they tried. And I thought Chip Kelly was bad...
  3. All you do is babble. What did I say that was factually incorrect? Please enlighten me. Going off of a lot data, he's already aged out, that time has passed. Actuarial data is not on your side, so it's categorically more doubtful you haven't a clue. Oh, and 2 years in the NFL is career for most guys. As far a being grumpy and the "get off my lawn guy," I don't think I fit that demo, but who knows, you could be 18-24 with a fresh naive outlook on life. You sound like you belong to the participation trophy for all generation. I'm in profession that demands results, if I don't produce I'm replaced. I have that same outlook on professional sports and athletes. I don't get caught up in sentimentality for the most part. Look at the successful teams in the league, they make tough choices. The Bills are not successful team, so I wouldn't be crowing anyone in the front office as a genius yet. Also, look where I live. I am bias against him, and didn't want him when the Bills traded for him. It's hard to root for a guy when you know what a dirt ball he and his crew really are.
  4. Talk about gross hyperbole. Did I say anything about his career? He's gotten all the respect he deserves in the form of over compensation. What respect has he shown women or regular people in society? Has he lived up to his contract with the Bills? Why such a man crush on one of the documented biggest DBs off the field? Feel good stories and rainbows aren't going to build this team into a winner. What did I state that was factually incorrect in my post you quoted? I'm envious of how blissful you must be, because you know what they say pertaining to ignorance. E. Smith - Cardinals E. James -Cardinals AP - Multiple teams LT - the Jets E. Dickerson - Falcons T. Thomas - Dolphins F. Taylor - Patriots S. Jackson- Patriots What is it that McCoy deserves? All the above were and are better than McCoy and they were shown the door from teams they had a great impact with. We're talking about a guy with one very good season here. You sound similar to the dim wit that was asking if Marshawn Lynch deserved to be on the wall of honor.
  5. I don't get the love for the guy? In the 4 years he's been a bill, he's had one standout season (16). Yet, what feels like a large contingent of fans on this board seem to think he's going to turn back time. He had a good line in 17, but 4 YPC wasn't/isn't anything to write home about (25th). He was top 5 in yards in 17, but also had more carries then anyone not named Bell. He's not elite, he's just a name that will show a flash occasionally, with a high cap number.
  6. His ego is now bigger then the talent he brings to the table. Is he worth headache anymore? He's not the locker room guy people on this board seem to think he is. He's also not the reason any "drought" is over. In my opinion it's still pretty damn arid. I'm excited to see what the younger guys can do. The past three years plenty of 1st year RBs have shown they can carry the load.
  7. He's so talented, they've done such great things with him. I don't know how they'd win 6 games without him and his 3 ypc. What's absurd is you don't understand how real front offices operate. Your reading comprehension is deficient or you don't understand how the cap works...Do you think NE would keep him around? My point was to push the money forward and lock up home grown players who are going to be expensive, like White. Why is Gilmore no longer here? Doing so, you can front load deals with money credit from previous years. All while having a QB on a rookie deal, and in two years when your talking extension you have more free money/cap-credit. Also, being that upstate NY isn't a premier destination...for anyone, you have to overpay talent. I'd prefer to spend that money on players that are projected to be part of the future. Newsflash for everyone, he's no AP.
  8. I'm a proponent of getting rid of a guy like McCoy a year early, than too late. Granted he's gone after this year anyway, but what are the opportunity costs of keeping a guy like him on the roster? Is he a hindrance to the development of others that will hopefully be longer term offensive options on this roster? On the money front, they obviously don't need the cap space this year, but they could push the 6 million into the 2020 season, right? I don't know what the market FA market looks like then, or who they'll be looking to lock up long term on the team now, so that 6 million is more versatile than just thinking of 2019. Look at what the Eagles did with Wentz. The average cap hit per year moving forward is approximately 26 million, allowing them to have flexibility in other areas of the roster. They often push unused money towards future cap allocations. Howie Roseman is really good at resource management. Wentz's cap number is really good when you look at what the cap hits for QBs are going to be moving forward. It's this second level thinking we should expect from our front office. I vote for cutting him now. It's resource allocation that can be used in other areas, especially when we have young CB that is going to command a top level deal.
  9. I guess this is compelling reason to keep HBO after GOT? Should be interesting, I really like Mayock. The GM stuff behind the scenes is always interesting. Gruden on the other hand has become a fictional character. I'm looking forward to the ***** show of epic proportions, that is the Raiders.
  10. It's a pretty common and a well known fact. You'll see it in the contract of higher profile/older pitchers. Also, before away trips they often arrive a day or two before the team to get throwing sessions in and not be hampered by the travel. Like I said earlier, Brady is in a different category all together. The only players that used come close to playing at his age were kickers. His family is older, it's not like his teammates that are 22-30 years of age with no kids, or with real little ones running around. Different circumstances, different privileges when you're the best to do in in your generation.
  11. He's also 41. Most players in the league have been done for 10+ years at his age. His family is at a different stage than a majority of his peers. He's earned the right to have these choices. I'm sure BB has no issue with it either. We all know he'll be ready when it counts.
  12. If it gets to a point where games are missed, Mark Cuban will be viewed as a profit. I was younger, but I'm not sure baseball ever fully recovered organically from the stoppage in 94. They did their best to inject life into the sport while looking the other way with PEDs and doctored balls, but nothing that's been sustainable long term. I don't think the NBA is a great product anymore, either. Was it 98-99 that was the shortened season? The way the league is structured and the star player control, it has rendered 2/3s of the teams in purgatory year after year. I think the international growth has bailed that league out. The NFL will always have the eye of the betting public, but we have so many more options with our time and money. I find myself getting a slightly more apathetic to the league as me and young kids are getting older. Between the horrendous officiating, rule changes that favor scoring/fantasy football and overall general dislike of people like the commissioner, the sport dies with me a little each passing year.
  13. He was being punished for not being liked. He was also a finalist in his first year. So yeah, anyone with a brain knew he was.
  14. As others have stated, McNabb = good to very good at times. In his era he's bordering on top 10 amongst his peers. HOF is for the elite, players who are talked about long after they are done. He's a footnote and mostly forgotten outside of Philadelphia, if not for his stupid comments. Fans here have had enough of the guy. For the historically best QB in the organization, that's saying something (though that bar is not exceeding high). Here are some things that people forget about when discussing him: - He had an elite OL most of his career -- curtesy of the Bills, partly. We'd kill to have bookends like Tre Thomas and Runyan for a decade. - Very inaccurate passer. To be sub 60% in a WC offense is telling - A. Reid was passing the ball greater than 65% of the time, and his numbers are still not great. He should be obligated to give A. Reid a portion of his future pension checks, he could have easily been another A. Smith without him. How did he look outside of the Eagles organization? He would only throw the ball if a receiver was wide open. He did not throw receivers open or to spots. This is primarily the reason his TD to INT ratio is 2 - 1. He wouldn't pull the trigger. - Jim Johnson fielded great defensive teams during their stretch run. Early in his career that took a big burden off of him. Great defenses help the offense so much. Not much credence is given to more possessions and great field position. - Brian Westbrook was for a period of time was Marshall Faulk like. Made McNabb's passing and % numbers better than they were. Westbrook was a stud, too bad about his knees. He always had really good RB talent that could do it all. - He played a big a part in dividing the locker room when T.O. wanted a fair market deal after the SB. He was a passive aggressive baby and was super jealous of how the fan base and city gravitated to TO and not him. He publicly backed Westbrook during a contract situation and refused to say anything regarding T.O. - People keep talking about lack of talent surrounding him...here's a question, who did he make better? Great QBs find a way to make it happen and help develop the talent around them. I will admit...G. Lewis, R. Brown, T. Pinkston, J. Thrash, F. Mitchell weren't ideal in the early 2000s. He got TO and helped sabotage that situation. His ego got in the way. - Guy is the perpetual victim. Always had excuses that pointed the finger at everyone, but himself. For an "elite" FB player outside of the WR position, he had/has the thinnest skin. He has little if any self awareness and just doesn't come off as that bright. Evidence of that is all over his post career exploits. It makes me cringe with people point out he has a communications degree from Syracuse. He's awful in front of the camera or microphone and lacks creative or insightful analysis. - In two years he's going to be passed by other current players, pushing him down further all-time leaders list. I think that's why we are hearing him chirp now. - Finally...if you have to tell people you're a HOFer, then you're not one. He didn't pass the eye test, wasn't statistically great and continually came up short when it mattered. His teams were favored in 4 of 5 NFC Championship games, and he made it to one SB. He came up really small there, too. I'll never forget before the half, he had Westbrook wide open, no defender within 5 yards in front of the end zone, over threw him by 10 yards for an easy INT before the half. That was the game, they could have had the lead going into half. As a QB they get all the credit when things are good, he just couldn't deal with other side of the coin.
  15. The Athletic is a quality pay site. They've found a home for number quality writers, that do a nice job.
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