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  1. This is it. The analysts and coaches make football out to be on par with physics. Sometimes it's just as simple as exploiting obvious weaknesses and exerting your will and talent upon others. Successful teams make others adapt to their game plan and style of play, not the other way around. This team is built for the run to open up the pass game. This reminds me of the A. Reid Eagle teams post SB appearance in 04, pass 65% of the time against no matter what. Why do the obvious when you're smarter than everyone else? Reid was 4 games above .500 the remainder of his Eagles tenure, after 04. McClappy was witness to all of it. The one thing I don't understand though, is J. Johnson the DC of the time was aggressive. Where is Sean's killer instinct? The fact Singletary was not featured in the game plan is negligent. Even as a rookie he's a minimum 15 touch a game guy.
  2. As Bills fans, we should be happy if Ertz is over targeted. There is a reason he's referred to as "No YAC Zach". As soon as he catches the ball he flops on the ground. They also become really predictable if Wentz is going to lock on to a possession receiver. Accurate post: https://section215.com/2019/09/18/philadelphia-eagles-zach-ertz-yac/ "Of the 1,163 yards Ertz hauled in last season, only 363 came after the catch, the 36th highest mark in the league behind players like Austin Ekeler, Tyler Boyd, and T.J. Yeldon. Again, some of that has to do with the trappings of playing tight end, and specifically being schemes as Wentz’s emergency check down target when under pressure, but after catching that many passes, one would have to assume his yards after the catch would be higher just on volume alone – that’s how averages work, right? Need proof? Look no further than San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle, who racked up the second most YAC (784) in the league on 28 fewer touches. Conversely, on the 2018 season, Ertz had exactly zero catches of over 50 yards and zero over 40 yards. Despite catching 116 balls, Ertz’s longest catch only went for 34 yards"
  3. Sounds great. I would love to have the option on another channel to tune in to just the game without the distraction. Charles Davis pushed me over the edge this past weekend.
  4. He played his role perfectly in 2017, notice I said 8-12 carries max IF HEALTHY! Your reading comprehension skills are on par with your football acumen. We're not talking about a lead back role. He runs hard, period. If you watch Philadelphia games, like you said, I'm not sure what you were seeing. You lost all credibility when you said Blount, so don't try to change the narrative.
  5. Kick the tires, they have nothing to lose. I don't know what you were watching. He played 4 games in a rotation and averaged 4.1 YPC and had 3 TDs in 18. In his last game of the season against Minnesota he played on a torn ACL. They had no idea that he tore it until Monday. He played pretty well in 17, too. I'd say 4.5 YPC for a career is pretty respectable for any RB, let alone one with a bad wheel. But don't let facts get in your way. He's a tough kid that would be best in a rotation with a max of 8-12 carries a game. He'd be a great 4 Qrt closer, if healthy. You think Jay is toast but Blount isn't? Do you even watch football? Anyone perusing just box scores would question your observational skills. You're seriously using his relationship with Gase to make a point? It's pretty transparent that guy is insufferable. The Bills are lucky to face his teams 2 times a year.
  6. If he does have a good day, it'll most likely be similar to his time in college where it's volume and nothing that spectacularly stands out. He's a JAG nothing more.
  7. "Real QB" or not, his son needed to make plays when the opportunity presented itself. Given the number of disappointing drops or catches one should come down with, he came up short more often than a professional should. Did you hear a peep from guys like Hopkins or Fitz when they've had a legitimate gripes at QB for large parts of their career? Real professionals find a way to get it done one way or the other. Good for the front office putting their ego aside and cutting ties, not trying for force a situation where the talent didn't justify it. I'm excited to see guys hungry for a long career try to step up.
  8. If this is the Bills secret weapon, I don't think we'll enjoy the outcome. We have to hope this is a trap game, and that they're smelling themselves a little bit. Unlikely yes, since it's a divisional game. Lets just hope they forget to show up in the first half and can't make up the deficit because the D is on point.
  9. My confidence in the front office is as hight as it's ever been! I'm happy they made this move. I've been calling for his release for a while, had many arguments on here about McCoy's value. Shocking that he has none 🙄. It was stunning how many members of this board thought he had any, and a low pick was possible in return. This is a move a smart FO executes. They'll push his cap savings into 20 and use it to re-up young guys that deserve an extension off rookie deals. I don't understand the fascination on here of a guy that had one really good season as a Bill?
  10. I was calling for this since last year. Anyone can search my posts, i'm a revisionist! I'm more confident now in this front office than I ever have been. McCoy is not as good a locker room guy nitwits on the board proclaim him to be.
  11. I think you're spot on. He isn't this great locker room/team guy that others proclaim. He's not going to gracefully integrate into a secondary or 3rd line role. He's an alpha, it's a young mans game. Looking at what young RBs have done, I support the young guy getting a bulk of the carries by week 9.
  12. People are hilarious. The same crowd that craps on Peterman for pre-season success gives credit to RB who's running into a vanilla D, and a collection players that won't be playing together when real bullets start flying. I didn't see what you guys did, and that was with the offense focusing on the run game with Allen in, for some reason? He needed to work on his timing on short and intermediate routes. Second day of training camp after OTAs, you should be able to run the ball.
  13. I personally would not, being a RB and all (late first). The irony is all the dolts on here that were saying McCoy could fetch a 2 last year and leading into this season, and McCoy couldn't carry Elliot's jock. ****Edit....a first 24-32 yes.
  14. I think all of these guys were definitely 3rd string, which in todays NFL would be PS: Mark Brunnell Trent Green Aaron Brooks Stan Humphries Jeff Blake I think these were all Pro-Bowl picks before it was a complete joke. I guess you can tell the era I came up with as a kid.
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