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  1. YodaMan79

    Think Shady is not smiling ear to ear right now?

    Must be the dead of winter, also. Too bad this comment is lost on most of the posters here. He's most likely done and I'd like to see him gone from the team. Time for new blood. As another astute poster pointed out, how many other team captains have been benched or disciplined from the head coach for being an immature idiot during the season?
  2. YodaMan79

    Think Shady is not smiling ear to ear right now?

    YPC has declined 2 straight years. Not sure it can get worse than 3.2? I wouldn't expect too much. He's not a 31 year old Frank Gore.
  3. YodaMan79

    What is fair trade value for Clowney?

    Too much. I think they have visions of the K. Mack deal in their mind. I see a couple of of possibly very good and possibly elite production years (2), but what happens when he falls off and we're stuck? I think it's downhill from here. The Bills don't have a JJ Watt type of player opposite of him. I know everyone is super excited about FA and trades, but has any team been the FA champions and won anything? Look at all the cuts that have been made, just a short time ago a number of team and fans were excited to have them, now they can't get rid of them soon enough.
  4. YodaMan79

    At this point DeVante Parker makes sense to me.

    Parker does have the talent, but durability is a concern with him. Not sure what the asking price would be? With how many games he's missed a mid to low 3rd or 4th is highest I think Miami could fetch
  5. YodaMan79

    RB Frank Gore (Dolphins) to the Bills

    This would have been a decent depth move 4 years ago. Is Frank Gore really a first day of FA signing?
  6. YodaMan79

    C. Hyde or D. Johnson...Please

    Do you think the switch to Baker and his elevated play had anything to do with Chubb getting an honest look from opposing Ds? We all know how well the Tyrod experiment went. For the record, I'm looking at a guy like Hyde to get no more then 100-125 carries. Draft a Rb you think can be a feature back, follow what Cleveland did with Chubb. I don't want McCoy here.
  7. YodaMan79

    C. Hyde or D. Johnson...Please

    Yep, and the board geniuses know more than one of the more successful franchises over the past five years. Let alone a head coach that can get the most out RBs.
  8. YodaMan79

    C. Hyde or D. Johnson...Please

    He can be had for the next two years at approximately $7.8 million total. In 2022 you can keep him for 5.9 million if the team chooses. His total contract is $15.6. In a small snapshot yes, he's currently in the top 15 category. He won't be there for long, at the end of FA and extensions he'll be in the 30's. Year Age Base Salary Prorated Bonus Roster Bonus Per Game Roster Bonus Workout Bonus Guaranteed Salary Cap Number Cap % Dead Money & Cap Savings Cut (pre-June 1)Cut (post-June 1)Trade (pre-June 1)Trade (post-June 1)RestructureExtension Total $11,007,000 $3,177,523 $2,000,000 $1,200,000 $310,000 $2,957,000 $17,694,523 2018 25 $957,000 $927,523 $2,000,000 $0 $10,000 $2,957,000 $3,894,523 2.2% 2019 📝 26 $1,800,000 $750,000 $0 $400,000 $100,000 $0 $3,050,000 1.6% $2,250,000 $800,000 2020 27 $3,600,000 $750,000 $0 $400,000 $100,000 $0 $4,850,000 2.4% $1,500,000 $3,350,000 2021 28 $4,650,000 $750,000 $0 $400,000 $100,000 $0 $5,900,000 -- $750,000 $5,150,000 How much have the Bills put out in RB money the past three years? ---- over $34 million They're both better than anything we've seen on the field in a number of years in a complimentary RB role. They'd go great with a rookie RB. Spending wisely here will allow the team to put more money on the important positions on the OL and DL.
  9. YodaMan79

    C. Hyde or D. Johnson...Please

    I think KC and Andy Reid know a little something about the RB position. Where do you think Hyde's first visit is?
  10. While the front office still thinks McCoy has something left, other savvy front offices are feeling these two out, they should grab one sooner rather than later. Duke signed a horrible contract (for him) and at 25 has some quality years ahead. Talk from "media insiders" speculate he could be had for a 4th or 5th round choice. I've read a couple of articles from Cleveland based outlets all but begging the Browns not to trade him.
  11. YodaMan79

    Why not OBJ?

    Some of our fans are outright delusional homers. We all know or have family members that think their junk is worth top dollar, while they feel others legitimate or tangible assets hold little value. Any one of you that thinks J. Jones wouldn't merit a #1 pick is just not in touch with reality. They're also most likely the same people that thought McCoy was going to fetch a 2nd round pick, or drew a line in the sand thinking he was actually worth a second day pick. All the while not seeing he's absolutely worthless. Part of the high value of 1st round pick is the possibility of acquiring an elite talent with a fixed cap number for 4+ years. Let's see what shakes out during the FA period. Besides Jones and the Falcons meltdown in the SB, what have the WRs mentioned done to help their team win? OBJ has missed too much time. Why would a team building a foundation need a guy like him? What has he done for the Giants W/L record? Julio Jones' Production: In his past five years, has a bills receiver ever had a year that's close to any one of his years from 14-18? Year Team REC YDS AVG LNG TD ATT YDS AVG 2018 Falcons 113 1,677 14.8 58 8 2 12 6.0 2017 Falcons 88 1,444 16.4 53 3 1 15 15.0 2016 Falcons 83 1,409 17.0 75 6 0 0 - 2015 Falcons 136 1,871 13.8 70 8 0 0 - 2014 Falcons 104 1,593 15.3 79 6 1 1 1.0 2013 Falcons 41 580 14.1 81 2 1 7 7.0 2012 Falcons 79 1,198 15.2 80 10 6 30 5.0 2011 Falcons 54 959 17.8 80 8 6 56 9.3 Career 698 10,731 15.4 81 51 17 121 7.1
  12. It was pretty easy. Growing up in Rochester being a Bills fan and having no geographic ties to any other major sports team besides the Sabers, I've always followed other sports teams at a national level. I liked the Knicks and Orioles based on having the MSG channel, VanGundy going to my high school and having the prospects roll through with the AAA team. That just wasn't enough though. Besides the Bills it was never a diehard attraction to other teams. I moved to the Philadelphia area after graduating and lived 5 minutes from the stadiums on the Broad St. line. With my proximity to all of the venues and being exposed to a media market that serves over 6.5 million people with intense/in-depth coverage it was hard to not take some of it in through osmosis. The Phillies were the first team to bring me in, I went to a lot a games when their young core was just coming up. It was an excitement that permitted through the city. The Eagles were young up and comers, too. Not to mention, they seemed like a good group of guys and had an overall likable team personality (besides the passive aggressive, sensitive baby QB). My Bills fandom never wavered during this time, despite their overall ineptitude. I had the direct TV Sunday ticket bills to prove it. It was easier being in an NFC town, in this division already hating the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins for obvious reasons. And, who wasn't a Randell Cunningham fan in the early 90's? I never had a natural animosity towards the Eagles. I simply have a NFC and AFC team. When they play each other I root for the Bills 100%. I've been able to extract joy bi-proxy, and thankfully didn't take the simple stance of "if you like two teams, you like zero". If that was the case, I most likely wouldn't care about the NFL. What the Bills have put fans through since 1998, up until last year has been unacceptable. I thankfully was able to extract a little joy from the league when the Bills were a laughing stock and amongst the dregs of the league.
  13. YodaMan79

    Free Agency Fool’s Gold

    If Tate doesn't expect #1 money, I think he'd fit the offense quite nicely. But, I know that's not realistic thinking. The WR market looks pretty thin, so he can most likely get over market value. I see him as the player that could open up the offense with the high percentage quick throws and his impressive YAC. He's a professional and tough. Young WRs could learn a thing or two from him. He could mask some of the deficiencies personnel wise on the O. On second thought, spend the money and get him in here even if it's #1 $, it's not ours.
  14. YodaMan79

    EJ and Sammy together again

    This is a smart move for both parties. Reid has given a number of QBs the skills to earn additional years in the league.