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  1. Part one. The Bill's are going to be much better on special teams. Part two. Calls will finally go our way. Part three. We are as talented as we hoped. Part four. Go back to sleep. I want to know if we win the game.
  2. I think Lombardi only watched the games he mentioned. Josh wasn't asked to do much. Our offense wasn't great around him. He is a solid middle of the pack QB and with this defense that is good enough. Plus, he is only improving. Good things to come....
  3. I think this could be the year. I'm so optimistic. We need to stay healthy. Fingers crossed.
  4. Patriots Fan giving the Bills some credit again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inq18CVz2MA I actually agree with everything, except for the Tampa Bay part. Brady or not, I'm just not feeling it for them.
  5. If Zay catches a pass Barkley wins the Pats game for us.
  6. I guess I was just looking for some generic advice about publicly traded companies that might have Buffalo tie-ins. In stead everyone just trying to outdo the next person with something funny, just like most posts I guess. I'll keep hunting. Thanks for a few laughs at least! Go Bills!
  7. I'm wondering if anyone has done the research to see if there are any publicly traded stocks that will go up if the Bills make a Superbowl run. I think the Bills could pull it off this year, and it has to be good for some sort of price spike somewhere we might be able to capture. Thanks in advance.
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