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  1. Its a strange thing to think, but the Pats may have been looking past the 49ers and to the Bills game. We are the team to beat in the AFC East, and I hope it may stay that way for the next 10 years, but it starts a week from today.
  3. Agreed. But the loss hurts. Do we think Joshs should is holding him back? Is Diggs upset about something. He seemed disinterested today.
  4. the throw on Tuesday to Yeldon is impossible for all but 3 or 4 humans on the planet. hope that translates to a ring. a ring before I die!
  5. I caught at least two plays where he looked totally lost on blocking assignments. It was quick, and we will need to wait for the all 22, but I suspect he was lost in general. Low IQ? Anxiety issues? The kid has the measurables....
  6. 12-4 if we stay healthy and we win this weird game in TEN. I fell like this game could be a real challenge. The mental part may be really hard due to a lack of rhythm AND the Titans may be rallying in the us against the world mode. IF we can keep ourselves mentally this week, I will feel good about 12-4.
  7. Anyone know when the Sunday game will be played? early or late? it sucks.
  8. this guy is so funny with the jokes. JA knocking down doors and yanking respect out of people's weak sweaty hands.
  9. I have to disagree. that little flip where he hurt his shoulder. several of his rocket balls. the last second pitch in the LA game. he is a lot like favre.
  10. I don't like the interceptions, but to say Favre is the last comparison someone wants to see is nuts. JA has those crazy off script moments like Favre did. They aren't all bad.
  11. Favre to JA is the BEST comparison. I loved Favre, maybe watched every single game that I possibly could. He has the mind arm and body of Favre BUT is bigger and faster. I think this is a crazy take. Favre has a SB and 3 league MVPs.
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