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  1. I like Jay Gruden. I think he has handled a lot of issues there really well. I mean, what they did to him with RG3, Cousins, etc. I mean, the guy is a good coach. I think anywhere else he'd be above .500.
  2. mykidsdad

    Jordan Phillips Buffalove

    My new favorite player....
  3. mykidsdad

    Jason Witten returning to play for Cowboys

    Amen. Get him out of the MNF booth! I think the Cowboys got sick of his commentary, too, and decided to do the whole world a favor! Thank you Cowboys!
  4. mykidsdad

    Crabtree releases

    Would he consider coming to Buffalo? Would we have to pay extra? I'm not sure if Buffalo's reputation has made enough progress, yet. At the right price, we should grab him.
  5. Great. Now that song's in my head.
  6. mykidsdad

    Dolphins expected to cut Tannehill

    I loved playing RT half the time and his backup the other half. These we always such winnable games. I hope Miami keeps getting the position wrong.