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  1. A few weeks ago my son asked me to ask people here to vote on their favorite tough guy Josh Allen plays so he could turn it into a video. He is thirteen. Did an excellent job, and I posted the video hoping Bills Mafia at TwoBills would give it a like. Thanks. Go Josh. Go Bills!
  2. exactly. i think an episode of the twilight zone started this way
  3. to be honest it also may speak of the player. i think he is an odd duck. he has some sort of vow of poverty. im not making it up.
  4. I was looking for help compiling a list of all of Josh Allen's top tough guy plays. My son wants to look them up and cut them into one video. I'm looking for plays Josh made running people over, stiff arming, doing something amazing with his legs. I would love nominations. If you recall the game and approximate time in the game, that would be great, because we will try to find it. If it turns out okay, we will post it. Anyways, we came up with a few so far. 1. Week 3 2018, Q1, Josh Allen Hurdles Barr for a 1st down 2. Week 2 2020, Q2. Josh Allen Stiff arms Van Noy 3. Week
  5. This was a big step. Perspective tells me this was a great seaon. One game short. A problem we can ffg ix for sure. Lets go 2021 Buffalo Bills. SB 56 winners.
  6. and another: this one is funny for different reasons. I still can't find it.....
  7. not the same old commercial, but a good one: Another good one:
  8. Folding tables. Or how about...Mustard and Ketchup. They can take clips of rhat Nick jerk getting painted.
  9. Way to find the sikver lining. Being rich is so hard because all of the taxes, too.
  10. Please, someone really look into this. Is Sal out there? I really want to know if Wade is possibly eligible for a playoff.
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