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  1. Allen watched too much film of myles garrett before the game. He wasn't seeing just an old ghosts, he was seeing 95.
  2. If you were to type cast a human being to be an offensive gaurd, you couldn't find a better one. RI is a great player. I find few guards fun to watch, RI is one of them. It is a shame he is a head case.
  3. I thought only men removed hats.
  4. Great write up. A win today will do a lot to shut up the naysayers. Facts and logic only take us so far with some people, but beating the Eagles may sway a whole lot of people, the kind of people who dont watch the games but make comments based upon name recognition and uninformed assumptions. You know the people: they work for ESPN, CBS, Fox, and have radio shows and podcasts.
  5. The Dolphins game may be just another case of a good team showing a little bit of a letdown and a bad team playing up. This week will be a better test.
  6. I think Lamar Jackson is AMAZING. His running is Vick-like, and he may be a better passer than Vick, BUT he is going to have a short career playing at this level if he doesn't play safer. I saw him a couple of times this week escape big hits. It was amazing, but it just takes one. I'm not rooting for it, but if he doesn't change his style it is inevitable, and the injuries will likely reduce his effectiveness. Of course, if he changes his style, will he be as good? Probably not, so in the long run, even if Lamar has a better 2019 or 2020 than Darnold and Allen, Darnold and Allen (even Mayfield) may likely have better careers. Time will tell.
  7. I know some people say it every week, but I really think this is the game where we learn who we are. The Eagles are a good, not great, team and we face them at home. Plus, the Eagle's come at a time when we're not overlooking them for the next big game on the schedule (Washington is next, so no call for distraction or looking ahead), and our team isn't distracte with a bye-week-hangover. If Milano is back, it should be a win. Looking forward to seeing how they play. It will tell me if this is a good team trending up or a mediocre team with a favorable schedule.
  8. Is there something we're doing that tires out the defenses we're playing? Are we playing with more tempo? Has anyone looked at this charted anything regarding play selection in Q4 compared to others? Very interesting.
  9. I want JA to be the guy, but it is too early, Darnold may be a bust or make the HOF. We need more data still on all of these guys, even Rosen.
  10. I feel like we're kind of all around the punch bowl drinking the coolaide but it tastes pretty good. There is enough data on either side right now to make any point you like. Only time will tell.
  11. Oliver gets his first sack! Practice your celebration young man!
  12. I can't believe the blatant contempt PFF has for Buffalo putting a 4-1 team at 20. The Titans are 19 on their list, and they have Denver 17. Does their whole organization exist to troll Buffalo? I think the ax they have to grind about Josh is really a thing. Wow. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-week-7-power-rankings
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