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  1. Didn't he star in a Field of Dreams?
  2. I think your grades are fair. However, I'd edge up Nsheke and Edmund's and edge House down.
  3. We had five or ten opportunities to win that game and blew them all. That's what hurts the most.
  4. Respect Lorax. Respect. And I hope you still do the LoDown show on WGR.
  5. So many coaching mistakes. As mich as I hope Josh and the rest of the team learns from this loss, McClapsalot needs to learn even more.
  6. Run the friggin ball in OT and we win. Period. End of story. Allen tried to do much? Sure, but you set him like he had to!
  7. They decided to bench Josh Allen in favor of Rob Johnson. Surprise move. Johnson is double taping his shoes now.
  8. Audio is subpar, but I think Scott's takes are solid. One thing he said which really stood out is that this Texans team really only has two players.
  9. I think you're actually arguing FOR the importance of good gunners on punt cover teams. It is the pressure these guys put on the returner that forces a fair catch. He looks pretty good. I mean he is fast and tennacios, and I only ever see him doubled.
  10. I think you underestimate the value of a good special teamer, especially a gunner.
  11. Poor specilal teams plus poor execution on blockingassignment equals more bench time. Love William's for the future, but he either breaks into the top 3 WR or he becomes a better special teamer.
  12. I actually like the idea of playing in NE for the AFC championship. I would love to win there, and beat the PATS. Maybe making this the moment we throw off our opressor. Reading between the lines, it may be our last chance to beat a Brady led Pats team, so bring it on! Think about it. All of the losing we've done to New England will be mostly undone by beating them in the title game. Epic.
  13. I don't like Carroll, but I love Russell Wilson. I think he is a really special player. I love his Flutie like size and skill set, but turbo charged. I think Lynch had some of the most exciting runs in the NFL in the last ten years. I don't think Lynch will be any good, but to be honest, I hope he is. There are so many subpar humans who play football, it is hard to really hate on Lynch for being an off the field whacko or lack of character guy, because so many players are. Go Hawks.
  14. I think we sign Philips, too. Over the next couple of years this core could win a lot of games, but let's win a SB this year, so we have time to win 7 before Allen retires.
  15. How McDermitt didn't make the top three is asinine. Did more with less in every sense of the word.
  16. Please put your sanctimony and ad hominem attacks aside. This Pats organization is corrupt. This is a fair and reasonable assessment. Facts bear it out.
  17. I think we could be better next year BUF signing Philip's and Shaq are a part of this, and will they play as well without a contract on the line?
  18. I've been thinking it, but thought it was crazy to say out loud. Thumbs up Eisen.
  19. Our first playoff game will be in Buffalo, after the bye.
  20. I don't know if he was really cheering for us, but the challenge is right on. I think he is a doubter, and from a national perspective, I know he's not alone. We have to prove it on the field. Hopefully, we do. Let's break that wheel Buffalo!
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