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  1. The final touch down to Brown was all arm and the ball traveled 55 yards or so in the air. Wow.
  2. This is why surgeons have to pay 50k plus a year in medical malpractice insurance.
  3. I would love to see this sourced. I totally believe you, but do you remember when and where he said it?
  4. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/09/22/pfts-week-three-power-rankings-3/ PFT WEEK TWO 1. Chiefs (previously No. 1; 2-0): Maybe the Chiefs should just spot every team a double-digit lead. 2. Ravens (No. 2; 2-0): They’re two wins short of 16 straight regular-season victories. The Chiefs stand in the way of No. 15. 3. Seahawks (No. 3; 2-0): At this rate, Russell Wilson won’t just get his first MVP vote. He’ll get his first 50. 4. Patriots (No. 4; 1-1): If Cam stays healthy, they won’t lose many more than the one they lost this week. 5. Bills (No. 7; 2-0): The Bills finally have found their next Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas, in the same guy.
  5. we will have to win a shoot out if these LBs dont play.
  6. I hope our TE's step up, but I'm fairly certain that this group is our best group and is likely why we have them out there. Why not put our best 11 on the field and try to make it work. If we had a great TE or 2 maybe the formations would be different more often.
  7. I have to give them credit. The line that if Josh wins a super bowl then Josh will owe us an apology for making us think he was bad was pretty funny.
  8. I want more of the country to see what we have. Some people won't see the Bills unless the national guys put them on. I think it matters to the players, and it matters to me. I guess I'm in the minority, but it rubbed me wrong.
  9. PFF is trolling us. There is no other explanation. It is a high level troll.
  10. Is Josh the only one that gets this kind of treatment?
  11. Josh Allen and the Bills slighted by the Sunday Night Football team. No Bills highlights and I guess everyone had a lot of yards and points so Josh Allen throwing for 417 yard and 4 TDs wirh 0 picks is no big deal. Please show some respect. THEY SHOWED ZERO BILLS HIGHLIGHTS AND SAID EVERYONE WAS SCORING 31 POINTS AND JUMPED TO TOM BRADY HIGHLIGHTS! Wow.
  12. What I mean is the play should be reviewable, therefore they should add the necessary cameras and/pr technology. It is a scoring play. This should be a priority.
  13. The kick was too close not to have video review available. I mean if people take time to review anything they should review scoring plays. It seems straight forward.
  14. There is so much Favre in his game. I think the comparison is on point, but JA started as a rookie and didnt develop in the wings like Favre did.
  15. Actually a fear of mine. TL is Peyton with a little run in his game.
  16. Frank Gore. The new feature back of your New York Jets!
  17. Brown for OBJ? I think so, IF it wasn't for the locker room chemistry/drama that could derail our team. But on the field, yes.
  18. Josh went to junior college (where he grew like 5 inches) and then to Wyoming and was hurt at Wyoming and came out after his junior year. The kid had half the experience of other 1st rounders coming to the NFL. Factor that his college reps were against scrubs, and in many ways Josh Allen was a solid year or two behind the other 1st round QBs taken in 2018. JA is still a pup just now becoming a DOGG!
  19. I love him. JETS BEAT THE FISH 27-14 on that day. If he was on the West coast, this could have been about the time the game ended.
  20. I think Lamar pitched it on an actual called play. I ran option in HS, and that is what it looked like, even that far down the field. It was a super late pitch, but it looked designed.
  21. Because of where we were drafting I think we can only compare Diggs to the guys drafted at 22 through where we got Epenesa in RD 2 (54), since we could have taken the other guys in Epenesa's spot. I'd love to follow these comparisons through the years. I think we made the right call. RD 1, pick 22 Jefferson 2/26 3 RD 1, pick 25 Aiyuk 0/0 RD 2, pick 1 (33) Higgins 0/0 RD 2, pick 2 (34) Pittman 2/10 RD 2, pick 10 (42) Shenault 3/37 RD 2, pick 14 (46) Hamler 0/0 RD 2, pick 17 (49) Claypool 2/39
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