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  1. "Hello, this is Jason, I'm calling on a recorded line about your mortgage. How are you today?" "I think you're a computer!" <silence> "I'm calling about a financial matter. My callback number is xxx-xxx-xxxx" [Yep, you're a computer!] "Hello, this is Jason, I'm calling on a recorded line about your mortgage. How are you today?" "Rutabaga Vegetable!" <silence> "I'm calling about a financial matter. My callback number is xxx-xxx-xxxx" Some of the better telemarketers can respond to the "I think you're a computer" (
  2. Agree. Josh isn't a "fast twitch" guy, he's fast once he gets going in that long stride. In his rookie year and somewhat in his 2nd year, if his first reads weren't there he'd just take off. Now, he maneuvers out of the pocket primarily to give his guys time to get open, so he's not taking off right out the backfield. He's still plenty fast, but he uses it to run sideways more so it's less noticeable. And he does get down or run out of bounds more. *slightly* more.
  3. Mmmm. Pocket presence is all very well, but I think there's something to be said for upping our OL investment. And any running back we get, is gonna need a line. I think the signing of Trubisky says Josh had at least 2 plays where he was fractions of a Newton away from missing games - the Raiders play where he sprained his AC joint, and the Joey Bosa tackle where he was good hip flexibility away from badly sprained knee ligaments "Josh Allen is Gumby" This. Allen isn't gonna advertise his injuries, but you can tell how close he came to missing time by how t
  4. Well, technically, he's still in the league - signed by the Dolphins
  5. Did you point out that Josh has Pwn'd the Fins, with fans in the stands, since his arrival in the league? Click to embiggen. The one loss was a Clay endzone drop from a win. How does your Phins fan dude feel about Tua as the Fins QB of the Future? For your guy's comments to have merit, he would have to show that multiple play changes at the line were major factors in the road game wins. If Josh wasn't reading the play better and throwing more accurately and with anticipation, wouldn't have mattered if he could change the play 4x. I mean, other
  6. Please don't worry, I'm sure I'll do something PDQ to resolve that. If you interpret me as supporting your point, you're misinterpreting
  7. I was addressing @MJS comment that I believe that to be mistaken. High draft picks and FA dollars have been invested. I feel fairly confident that if I reviewed your posting history prior to last season, you would be asking "has he drafted/signed any great offensive players?"
  8. *blink* um, really? 2018 1st round, 3rd round, 4th round, 5th round all D (no 2nd round pick) 2019 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th all D (no 4th round pick) 2020 2nd and 7th D (no 1st 2 first round picks, a 2nd round pick, and a 3rd round pick in 3 years doesn't seem like "very little" And that's not considering free agent signings Star Lotulelei (2018), Trent Murphy (2018), Jordan Phillips (2018), Vernon Butler (2020), Mario Addison (2020), Quinton Jefferson (2020), Josh Norman (2020), AJ Klein (2020), and I'm sure I'm missing a couple. Look, there are fa
  9. Foster just couldn't or wouldn't block worth a darn
  10. He was at one point, a highly regarded draft prospect but he suffered a back injury in 2018 and wound up going undrafted. The hope was that he'd regain his form on the PS and be a surprise. Guess not.
  11. Agreed, which is why the Bills minimal activity on DL during FA is of concern to me. OTOH, I'm not so sure but what many of the FA the Bills have signed are not that much better than Addison and Hughes have shown the potential to be. And Addison just "bet on himself" by voiding out his 2022 contract as part of the haircut the Bills asked him to take. Butler also "bet on himself" by taking a haircut, and it's Hughes last year under contract. So essentially one way to look at it is, the Bills are throwing down and saying "Stand and Deliver" to Harrison Phillips, Oliver,
  12. I think it goes further than that. The Bills defensive scheme relies upon "zone eyes" - the defenders make decisions by reading the QB's eyes. Mahomes is the master of "Lying Eyes". He will manipulate the defenders into making decisions based upon his eyes, then throw where they aren't. The Bills D needs to solve that.
  13. ooooh, Harsh. Though to be fair, for at least some kids there would have been a greater chance they pay attention...
  14. Your feelings are your own, but Harrison Phillips had some great performances to go with his atrocious ones, and McDermott pretty much admitted post-season he had been benched because he needed more rehab. The Bills have been pretty good with managing injuries but for whatever reason they seemed to let a bunch of guys play on D who should not have been on the field during the season - Edmunds, Phillips, and Milano - and to continue the experiment a few games too long. IMO they also let a couple guys play during the AFCCG who should have had a seat, notably Gabe Davis an
  15. Ah, OK, that's a setting. Click on your screenname, select "Account Settings". Then select "Content View Behavior" and choose "Take me to comments I haven't read".
  16. Woaoa! Very harsh words from a QB who won a Superbowl with an organization: Can you imagine if a former Buffalo QB who took us to the playoffs much less the Superbowl, said that about the Bills? Yikes.
  17. article on this https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31256498/lawyer-seeks-assault-charges-los-angeles-rams-star-aaron-donald-reports-say Apparently either the police weren't called or declined to make arrests/pursue charges, so the guy retained an attorney who filed a complaint on his behalf: His story is that his client was attacked outside the club: I imagine the next step will be a civil lawsuit, after the DA looks at the evidence and says "yeah, nothing good happens after midnight, nothing to see here"
  18. This could just be me, but I view "his assets are special" juxtaposed with "his overall performance has not hurt the defense...." as a bit contradictory? The bottom line is that, even with our QB still on his rookie contract, we lacked the cap space to pursue top defensive FA. Thus, we are counting on the top draft picks we've made on defense to contribute strongly, not simply to "not hurt the defense" but to step up and take it to a higher level. That means we need AJ Epenesa (2, 2021), Ed Oliver (1, #9, 2019), Tremaine Edmunds (1, #16, 2018), and Harrison Phillips (3, 2018) to
  19. I thought Franchise tags were fully guaranteed for injury?
  20. It may make sense in the later rounds For a team in the stage the Bills are at, we really need our draft picks from the first 3 rounds to hit to sustain success. Since there's at best, a 50% hit rate, moving up in the 1st three rounds means sacrificing current or future picks that are needed to sustain success.
  21. "Enough is Enough" with the thread resurrections Start a new thread to talk about Eric Wood having Dan Morgan on.
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