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  1. The main difference is Q. Jefferson, who Overthecap incorrectly had listed with 0 dead cap - an obvious mistake since their numbers didn't add up - and does not have on their dead contract list. $1.5M right there. OK, I'm satisfied we more or less understand the discrepencies.
  2. One of the things I like about Beane's roster building is that while publicly expressing great confidence in his players, he's also quietly bringing in players who are either cautionary tales or outright throw-downs to compete. Josh Allen is the undoubted starter and Beane/McDermott have expressed great confidence and belief in him. But then they signed Trubisky for $2.5M, the 2017 #2 pick of the draft, who was a pro-bowl selection and helped his team reach the playoffs his 2nd year, just as Josh did. Maybe it's just me, but I see a cautionary tale there: "Josh, we love you..
  3. Ooh, good catch, but still not quite adding up. It's a difference of $1.51M (Spotrac higher), which if we subtract the $0.847 difference in cap liabilities (OTC higher), gives $0.66M difference with Spotrac higher. The actual difference the two sites are reporting is $0.46M Unfortunately if Spotrac itemizes the dead cap, I can't find it to compare with OTC (which does itemize)
  4. Because I'm probably a terminal geek, I actually pulled the Spotrac and OTC numbers over into a spreadsheet and looked for differences. They have about a dozen small differences in the cap hits they report, including the Jamil Douglas/Marquel Lee contracts reported by OTC but not Spotrac, and the subsequent Fromm and Webb (or Bates) contracts included in the top 51 by Spotrac but pushed out of the top 51 on OTC. The sum of these differences is $387,071 higher cap liabilities reported by OTC than Spotrac, the opposite direction of the $0.46M higher cap space reported by
  5. So as of this am, Saturday April 10, we are closer to consensus about the Bills "cap" between OTC and Spotrac OTC: $5.35M cap. Spotrac: $4.89M cap I'm unable to resolve this discrepency. Both of them, at this point, correctly capture Matakevich extension and Sanders void year. Spotrac indicates 4 signings with no contract information: Jamil Douglas, Marquel Lee, Forrest Lamp, and Efe Obada. OTC has information for 2 of them: Jamil Douglas $995k cap hit, Marquel Lee $970k cap hit. These contracts would push Jake Fromm ($870k salary) and Davis We
  6. Nice job, Thanks! Your avoided chore is our benefit. I cleaned up the extra images and added information about how to obtain a larger image and how to remove extra images, hope that's OK.
  7. I'm trying to figure out where this 300 out of 2,500 comes from. I "get it" that 90-man roster less 7 draft picks and (let's say) 5 UDFA signings = 78 players 78 players x 32 teams = 2496, so easily rounds to 2500 players. But, for example, for the Bills - of the top 51 paid players on their roster, 27 players have workout bonuses (which I understand to usually be payment for OTAs) Assuming a similar number on other teams, that would be 800 players, not 300 players. I suppose there could be language in 500 of those contracts linking the workout bon
  8. The reference that would support your view is this: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/S/SmitLe00/penalties However, it's worth pointing out that Smith drew 0 penalties in 2020. This despite playing >25% of the snaps (up to 41%) in the last 6 games. He also drew no penalties in 2019 after the Cleveland game where McDermott called him out saying "he's got to get locked in" - again, while taking 20% or more (up to 48%) of the snaps in 3 games.
  9. I think the analogy between Smith's role and Star's role has merit, although a difference is that DTs are typically not expected to fill several roles - we don't typically expect a DT to drop back in coverage, for example. But a TE who is a strong contributor is expected to be able to run routes and draw defensive attention to cover him, as well as to block both in line and downfield. I think you'd find it difficult to demonstrate that in fact, it's the same people who point out Star's importance yet diss Smith.
  10. Fair summation I think. We look at DeShaun Watson in a game, standing next to OL and DL and T, and think he looks relatively small and slight. But in real life, he's 6'2, 215, and ripped, and all these successful NFL athletes can project an unreal intensity at times. They are alpha males used to imposing their will on other alpha males. Some switch it on only during the game between the whistles, but I've met former football players who would "switch it on" to get their way over whatever. I'm still trying to figure out if DeShaun's lawyer actually said that.
  11. Am I the only one who feels the significant long-term impact of this is gonna be the Stink-Eyes experienced around the league from WAGs when their man calls up: "Honey, I'm gonna be about an hour late, I still got some stiff muscles and I need an extra massage to work them loose" Even the ones who don't suspect hanky-panky are gonna be like "how about you schedule that here, so I can serve as a witness, just in case?" Fair. But there are a couple of things: 1) the NFL investigators are not part of a legal process and can not compel witnesses 2)
  12. He'd tell you that himself. It's because while he can run routes, his style would be best described as "lumbering" and he can't separate. He gets to be a target when the other team forgets to cover him, then as he said in an interview, after he catches one they tend to put those plays in the back of the playbook until they fall out of the recent film.
  13. Facetious? If his ball security is questionable, wouldn't you want to ...not pass? Factual: 0 career fumbles. 2 drops on 49 targets in 2 years with Detroit.
  14. Lee Smith has a career catch rate of 83.1%. He says himself that he's never had any trouble catching the football, and most of the "targets" he doesn't catch are balls thrown at his feet to avoid a sack. He also says that his problem as a receiver isn't catching the football, it's that he can't separate.
  15. I appreciate the data. It justifies the shot-across-the-bows towards those of us who feel the family lives and communities a lot of these guys grew up with do have an influence on what they do after they receive those 3-5 years of big checks. OTOH, I think it does have to be pointed out that at least for the guys with "name recognition", athletes (and maybe coaches) associated with the NFL may have a lower arrest rate in part because of the fame involved with the NFL. "I'm Ko Simpson and I'm Worth Millions" does actually influence whether or not they get arrested some
  16. https://fbschedules.com/spring-2021-college-football-schedule/ for example. https://bigskyconf.com/news/2020/11/3/big-sky-unveils-2021-spring-football-schedule.aspx Special because of Covid? https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/college-football-spring-games-2021-schedule-dates-times-tv-channels-for-power-five-conferences/ 🤷‍♂️ You were saying they don't get paid. The point is, the top veterans DO get paid. There's a difference between "don't get paid" and "get paid a large percentage of my total earnings" For som
  17. Harsh, but there is some aspect of "karma's a beeoootch" thing in watching the Texans implode
  18. I don't understand what being "a little to vocal" means with regard to draft position. Explain?
  19. @JGMcD2, have you met @jeremy2020? @jeremy2020, may I present @JGMcD2? I believe you gents have a lot in common.
  20. Can someone who's played college ball tell me if it's actually true they have minimal practice? Because my understanding is that the colleges play "Spring Football", 6 or 7 games that are against other teams in their conference (mostly) and that kind of serve the function of pre-season games as the Seniors and others who declared for the draft are out, while the redshirt Freshmen get their first game action. In DI volleyball, my friend's kid was expected to report for "player led" workouts just after the 4th of July, then coach-led workouts in August. I thought colleg
  21. Yeah, that's a grim but good question https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31223923/brain-phillip-adams-former-nfl-player-killed-five-examined-cte
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