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  1. I think their starting Center is out, so their OL may be quite the mess -- especially with crowd noise. Could be a tough day for the Fins.
  2. In spite of being cleared, he doesn't want to play. Why would we want someone on the team that doesn't want to play?
  3. Heard this morning on an espn radio show that he's throwing the ball around with coaches. Sounds like he hasn't given up.
  4. Banged Up Bills@BangedUpBills 'Light aerobic tells me Stage 2.' Since all the entire team did was light aerobic, kind of makes it sound like the entire team (except Milano) is in Stage 2 of the concussion protocol. Becoming the best team in football is not supposed to be easy.
  5. They probably won't beat them, but I hope they damage them.
  6. Pretty bad. I'm still recovering from: - Easter bunnies not laying edible chocolate eggs all over the yard (age 4) - The Tooth Fairy NOT putting that quarter under my pillow (age 5) - The whole Santa Claus debacle (age 7) - Professional Wrestlers rehearsing their moves with each other (age 43) Refs like that make the game look fixed.
  7. I'll spend the majority of the day worrying about Milano's hamstring. If I'm not too pushed for time, I'll switch over to Morse's ankle but I make no promises.
  8. If Milano's hamstring is bad, we might see a trade for a LB.
  9. Opposite side of the ball, but I said the same thing about Oliver's arm length and I was wrong. Feet and anticipation might overcome the 32 1/2". Worth a longer look, IMO.
  10. Makes me wonder if they may make a change at RT.
  11. OL had a few guys out. Daboll may have been leaning on the perceived strengths of the group that was out there.
  12. The ESPN analyst that lives in the darker corner of the root cellar near the sacks of potatoes gave him an ESPN QBR of 23.3, which is lower than an F. Probably a G-.
  13. Last year we were 30th in yards per game at 299. Now we are 10th at 387. I'm not 2nd guessing Daboll.
  14. My thoughts, too. McDermott making them waste time by prepping for two different QBs.
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