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  1. I’m ready to see Brown dust off his 4.34 and do some damage. If nothing else, loosen ‘em up a little at the LOS & give Belichek another frown line.
  2. LV has picked the pace and their last game of the year is home vs KC. That’ll be their Super Bowl and I think they can win it. We’ll need that KC loss, along with Cincinnati beating them to get #1.
  3. If we get 30 targets out of him before his body breaks down, would be a good pickup. I don’t see them keeping him off the field for very long. Bad news for Shakir.
  4. NFL fine would probably be 2 draft picks, a suspension for Beane and a monster team $ fine.
  5. I have a tough time believing that Wilson looked better than White, ever. Wilson must have been shoved down Saleh’s throat.
  6. I hope he has a good game and beats the Jets. Pretty interesting that we are fighting for the division and posters are hoping he throws interceptions.
  7. Bills fans have been denied cheerleaders for many years. He can do jumping, twirling, spirited megaphone things and increase home crowd noise and chaos. Teams build dreams.
  8. Does anyone know if there has been a Crowder spotting of late? Is he limping, walking, jogging somewhere in WNY? Still time for him to help (maybe).
  9. Beane might want to put a mid-round Center on his draft wish list. Morse has been a good player for us, but between concussions, elbow, ankles, etc he may be coming close to his final page. He still has 2 years on his contract, but could find a Center/guard that could play Guard until time to say bye to Morse. Eric Wood played 2 years at RG before shifting over to Center.
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