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  1. Miami looked a little sloppy on ST's. Missed blocks, bobbled catches and dumbazz decisions. It would be good to see our ST's make a serious contribution & at least one big play. Fitz is a wildcard. I'm not sure we can count on him making 2 Ints on scoring drives.
  2. A couple of Ints off of Fitz would help. Get those hands up DL!
  3. Goal posts should move from sideline to sideline at 18 mph and also rotate. 17 1/2 points if you get one through We have the technology.
  4. 87° and humid. I think it is a good week to have such a deep DL. We wear them down. Squish them in the 2nd half..
  5. I am not saying he was involved in the weird, sound pulse attacks in Cuba against our diplomats. The Pats will neither confirm nor deny involvement.
  6. We saw the new floor. Could be quite a year.
  7. I'd say it is currently getting a pretty poor 'unification' grade. Just the opposite. Anyway, why would they be happy? You removed one of their most used and very public tools. Football has used the Anthem as a tool to get the crowd frenzied just before kickoff. Do something else. Maybe slaughter a goat.
  8. Stop playing the National Anthem before sporting events. I'd be very surprised if either attendance, the quality of play or level of sportsmanship suffered.
  9. Looks like they picked him up in case Hodgins needs to go to IR. https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/10-bills-takeaways-isaiah-hodgins-shoulder-injury-may-require-surgery/article_21ddf2f4-f140-11ea-8d45-1bc945a25215.html Tall guy.
  10. If it happens, I hope it's before Christmas and any local riots are close to a Best Buy.
  11. Break up this Beanehemoth before someone gets hurt! .... or mercilessly kick the crap out of all of them. hmmm, which is better?
  12. I don't know why Kroft came back. Must be addled. Didn't anyone tell him that yesterday the decision was made to put him down?
  13. Rules is rules. As a an employee, he should have been the last person to break them. What the hell was he thinking?
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