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  1. We have some good players that won't be on the team. Hope Beane can get something for them;, trade or picks.
  2. I think our AFC opponents will quickly learn to really hate Beasley.
  3. Coaching continuity. Not switching out from 34 to 43 every other year Players that believe in Team first and play to the whistle. McDermott.
  4. He keeps snowplowing LBs down the field, he’ll be on the roster for a long, long time.
  5. I think everyone should hold judgement on everything until Thad weighs in.
  6. Saved the best for last. Gave me an early AM chuckle: "John Murphy friskily bounds up the bleachers and into the press box. He’s finishing camp really strong. No audible wheezing."
  7. + 8 days in Rest differential vs - 13 days for the Pats. That, I like.
  8. He’s definitely high on Singletary. Looking forward to watching that guy run.
  9. Oliver may having trouble hearing the whistle. Could explain some of the feistiness.
  10. I know it is way early, but so far, this does not sound like a 16.8 points per game team. All the reporters sound much more upbeat about the offense.
  11. At any given time, 3 of these guys could be injured. Be deep dumb to trade him.
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