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  1. Never been an All Pro DT with arms as miniaturized as Oliver’s. He may break the mold, but good chance he is maxed. Good but not great. I suspect the great Alex Karras made the grade 50 + years ago, but arm length was not recorded for posterity.
  2. Sounds like it’s time to start calling them The Dream Team. That should get the Factory back on track.
  3. By the end of the year, he'll be the best on our DL.
  4. Aaron Williams Marcel Dareus Seantrel Henderson
  5. I think the trade deadline is going to be November the 2nd? I'm hoping he gets 8 games of impressive mop-up duty and Beane snags a 1st out of this for the 2022 draft. Coach him up Daboll.
  6. Bezos master plan seems a bit focused on the Beltway, doesn’t it? Actually, that wasn’t a question.
  7. Like the game itself, boring.
  8. My eyes always water when the air is so dry.
  9. After we win, go out to your car and blow your horn. Let's see if we can warm up Western NY tonight.
  10. Although they lost, I think he went out on a personal high note. Had quite a game.
  11. If he completely shuts out Kelce, we can pretend, but only for a 1/2 page.
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