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  1. Snap counts https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/buf/2021-snap-counts.htm https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KumeJa00/fantasy/2021
  2. I think he’s not only done for the Jets, I think he’s just plain done.
  3. If the quote was from 3 months ago, I was wondering if Beane is still looking quite as hard for outside depth, given Hodgins progress.
  4. When did he say this .. early May?
  5. He could voice overs for Adam Sandler. lotsa laugh in that one.
  6. I’m po’d already, just thinking about it.
  7. Yeah, he bumps that combined # up to 960, he misses the list. Always a way to screw with stats. Nevertheless, he has been pretty decent as an all around back.
  8. Cowboys Admit 'We're Looking' to Trade or Sign WR
  9. Wonder if Taiwan Jones makes the team again. 34 yo, 4 solo tackles last year.
  10. Interesting. Almost like KR/PR has been ceded to Austin and the other guys have been competing for backup. correction - i see the depth chart shows McKenzie as kor
  11. Shakir’s 20 yard shuttle was 4.21. Hodgins was 4.12, which is strong. Shakir is safe, for sure. Kumerow would seem to be the one. Either way, will be a tough cut. Bet the coaches are already dreading that decision.
  12. Kumerow was pretty low on the chart when he played the 2nd game last year against the Pats. Can’t remember, I think Sanders was hurt. He was only targeted 3x and caught 1 for 13 yards, but he dropped one in the end zone (tough catch .. but probably should have caught it). We ended up getting 3 instead of 7. I am not a McDermott mind reader, but as McKenzie knows, I think the coach remembers those ‘oh fudge’ moments. If we lost to the Pats as the result of a drop, I think he’d pop a brain vein. I realize STs are important, but a few of these rookies sure look to be able to handle the job, thus making Kumerow a possible PS guy. McDermott’s comment today about Hodgins seemed like more than a warm fuzzy. We’ll know pretty soon, one way or the other.
  13. Kumerow was on O for 116 snaps, ran 46 routes, was targeted 6 times, caught 2 for a total of 28 yards, had 1 drop that was a likely TD. —- I don’t think his 28 yards on offense will be missed. He played 15 games on STs and made 5 solo tackles, which was 6th on the team. There was a day when 5 tackles would have made him an ST ‘must keep’, but I think those days are behind us. I think Hodgins offers more upside than 28 yards and I think there are others that could kick in as much or more than 1 tackle every third game. just my opinion. I guess we’ll see.
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