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  1. I can't be bothered to be interested until there is an ongoing Tuel vs Rodgers controversy.
  2. Pretty clear that the media has ceded the word 'inaccurate' to Josh. For other QB's it's 'a little behind' or 'a little high'.
  3. Anyone know the name of the ***** that came out with that ruling? Needs to be on the Wall of Shame.
  4. I woke up thinking about this ridiculous penalty. Basically a moving pick. Sometimes, the game no longer resembles football.
  5. Cannot dispute, but it is kind of an odd stat and makes me wonder 'why are they missing'? Somehow getting into the kickers' heads?
  6. Audio was ok. I just think he needs to stop swallowing chicken bones.
  7. Next up on PFF's list of proofs: The earth is flat.
  8. Curious if their GM called Beane for his insight before the transaction. This FO has a different feel about them & I wouldn't be surprised, given that it was out-of-conference, if Beane/McDermott put in a good word for him.
  9. Sounds like Nsekhe had a scare. Bad ankles/calves, etc can get into your head. Real good he is back, especially with Watt being back. Need all hands, even for an 80% Watt.
  10. Not that we get a vote, but I'd rather see Williams over Foster for catching and blocking
  11. He flipped the switch on the Ints. I'll go with a B. Next year (if not sooner), I'd like to see him carve them up.
  12. 23-20 Bills. We sweat up to and including the last play.
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