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  1. Solid underappreciated RB. congrats Devon. You are maxing out your capabilities and dammed few people in any walk of life can say that.
  2. #1 rated WR run blocker is a good thing. big man could be solid signing for sT’s too.
  3. IMO, Beane should add a couple of scouts for the college game, specifically for sT’s.. These aren’t guys we’d draft, but instead aggressively pursue as UDFAs. Steve Tasker type sledgehammers. Hold onto the crazy money being spent on Matekevich, etc. Save a ton on 4 nut jobs. Keep doing that every year. Might be messy in year 1, but straightened out by year 2. Then get a wr that can catch the ball before it hits his face or an OT that can move his foot in less than a second.
  4. I personally try to avoid getting older. No success thus far.
  5. Hope your’re ok yolo. If not, get better soon.
  6. I think it is time to stop whining and start talking about the Combine. Back to work.
  7. I don’t think he gets it. Too many big egos.
  8. 3rd/4th rounder sounds good to me. 3 years, time move on and clear the clutter.
  9. Our away games Philadelphia Eagles Washington Commanders Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Chargers Cincinnati Bengals Miami Dolphins New England Patriots New York Jets I’m not usually overly negative, but i could see us losing every one of these games. 10-7
  10. Kromer is not attached to Spencer Brown’s feet.
  11. Looked very slow as an LB. Would be the slowest safety in the nfl.
  12. I wonder if Chan Gailey could be talked into coming in for 6 weeks, work with Dorsey and set up a screen/short game that would integrate into whatever Dorsey’s current offense is supposed to be. Chan was also a QB and could probably help Dorsey flush out bad plays. Chan was innovative, had a creative offensive mind + he loved Buffalo. Not a permanent gig - just a couple of months to unclog Dorsey’s brain. 2009, we put out 273.9 ypg on offense. He came in 2010 and when he left in 2011, we were at 351.5.
  13. Now they need to spray a special scent on him and stake him out like a goat. See if Rodgers sniffs him out.
  14. Take what you can get. Beane got Beaned on that pick.
  15. Winning the LOS just isn’t possible with our current personnel, even when playing against 2nd teamers. DL & OL are largely ineffective, regardless of opponent. No easy solution. Trade what can be traded, release the rest and accept 3 years of struggling to hit 9 wins. OL/DL need to be gutted.
  16. Wins 4th rd match over #20 Krejčíková 7-5 6-2
  17. I look at yesterday as being the Bills absolute floor for complimentary Football. Still won. Better weeks are coming.
  18. Unless in a throwing motion, 2 hands on the ball. If on the run, at least tuck the ball like a ball carrier.
  19. Daboll puts him in the slot quite a bit.
  20. Basham was relentless. His best game as a Bill.
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