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  1. Bezos master plan seems a bit focused on the Beltway, doesn’t it? Actually, that wasn’t a question.
  2. Like the game itself, boring.
  3. My eyes always water when the air is so dry.
  4. After we win, go out to your car and blow your horn. Let's see if we can warm up Western NY tonight.
  5. Although they lost, I think he went out on a personal high note. Had quite a game.
  6. If he completely shuts out Kelce, we can pretend, but only for a 1/2 page.
  7. We've gone from 330 ypg & 19.6 ppg with 10 wins in 2019 to 396 ypg & 31.3 ppg and 15 wins in 2019. Our ppg is up 59% from 2019 to 2020, we have won 8 in a row & we are on our way to the AFC Championship for the first time in two generations so I can certainly understand why people are up in arms over our 'horrid' run game. The Offensive glass isn't close to half full; it's about ready to run all over the counter. Looking at the other glass, we have a D that went from 16.2 ppg to 23.4 ppg and is the #1 spender in the NFL for the DL and #2 spende
  8. I don't think your head needs to strike anything to have your brain slam in the inside of your skull. If you crack a whip, it doesn't need to actually strike an object for the 'crack' to occur.
  9. Well, I certainly hope we don't have to line up against Chad Henne. I think he still has a chip on his shoulder for being drafted behind Brian Brohm. Need to veer clear of shoulder chippers.
  10. "--Harrison Phillips was great against the run and in penetration" Very encouraging for the next game. Wasn't getting turned on double-teams and for such a round guy, is pretty slippery.
  11. Sounds like you gave up on the 100,000 humming birds holding a really big screen idea.
  12. I think if I was going to bring in an Elder, I’d lean in a different direction. There’s a guy that I would never have considered 5 years ago, but he’s been a good citizen for the last 5 years ... Suh. Only taking 8 mill - (3.5 less than Kerrigan) he doesn’t have an agent. 6 sacks ... more than Kerrigan. Guy still plays 82% of snaps. oh, as an aside ... Tampa has had the best run d for 2 years running. Still a beast.
  13. He’s their Lee Smith. They both wear Huskies.
  14. Veiled Stills thread. Don’t see it happening.
  15. I was driving so I was listening to those guys. I was afraid he’d pop a vein in his forehead. He ended up getting me so worked up I had to pull over - and I couldn’t even see the play.
  16. Tough to say which will get the most, but I think that since Lamar will be more effective within a very specific 'system', he will probably get the least. Some HCs simply wouldn't want to retool to fit one guy so there'd be less interest in Lamar as a FA and the background noise/threat of possible Free Agency will be a big factor. Josh will probably deserve the most but may not get the most.
  17. Can't say he's wrong. I felt like we'd have gotten blown out if not for JA along with a few bad plays/decisions by the Colts. Let's see how much heavy lifting these two can handle. 3 more wins, 3 more wins!
  18. His arms are too long. For the sake of the team, they must be shortened.
  19. I just did a slow watch of Titans - Ravens. 1) I always thought Tannehill was pretty good getting away from pressure but he's like a statue compared to JA. Compared to JA, he's immobile and the result was dink and dunk, along with Henry running into a wall. Josh will extend the play and hit some big ones and there will be big plays to be had, for sure. 2) Shotgun > under center. Pass, pass, pass. Run only if Josh's arm needs a rest. 3) If Daboll calls an uber conservative game like Arthur Smith did, we'd run him out of town. 4th and 2 with 10 minutes
  20. Bring in the snow machines from Kissing Bridge for the practice field. Lay down 2 -3". For this week's Defensive drills; bring in some squirrels, chickens and feral cats then set them loose on field. Catch em, turn em loose and catch em again. This has never ever not worked. Make it happen Beane.
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