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  1. Russell was on the cover of SI, transferring to Wisconsin. I'm a Wisconsin fan, and I watched what he did for that team. He was great. I was lobbying a bit for them to take him, admittedly because I like Wisconsin. I thought they'd take him in the 3rd. He's a great talent and leader, and the Bills, along with 30 other teams, passed on him. It's happened before. It'll happen again. Regarding Mahomes? He landed in the perfect spot. We got an all-pro DB and Josh Allen out of that capital. I love Mahomes, but I do think we did okay.
  2. I have been on his case for weeks. They should just cut him. I like the idea of Ogletree. Why is he available?
  3. Relax. We’re winning. We get the ball. We’re 5-2 and winning.
  4. I listen to Joe Marino "Locked on Bills" several times a week. He works for The Draft Network, and is obviously a Bills fan. You should check it out. His review of yesterday's game was fair. He said the Bills could have blown them out....we did get 6 scores on them, and the defense held the Jets to 4 net yards in the second half. We had a touchdown wiped off the board. This really was not a bad game. He praised Zach Moss, Josh, Dane Jackson, and made some great points.
  5. I think it was 11-5. Rotten game. One of my guests walked over and clipped a branch off our Christmas tree because it blocked her view.
  6. We need blocking and tackling. How about picking up Leveon Bell? He's available. Can he still run?
  7. I bet our players would like 2 weeks off with no practice.
  8. Mayfield had a good game, we couldn't tackle Chubb. But our FG kicker blew it when he missed that chip shot right before the half. The highlights only show a couple runs by Singletary. We should have won the game, though.
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