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  1. Well, I got the wrong quote. What I meant to address was the comment about needing more reaction to the Singletary pick. I think Beane addressed that later when he said that Devin's films were the most fun to watch....and the wear and tear issue was dealt with when he said something about how Singletary wasn't tackled all that often. Dude scored 62 touchdowns in 700 rushing attempts. That's pretty impressive.
  2. I wasn't happy to sit there for an hour waiting for something on the Bills. They covered the other 3 teams in our division. That ain't right.
  3. They evaluated the draft, free agency and coaching on the Jets, the Fins and the Patriots.....but not the Bills. The guy who lives in South Beach almost fainted with praise for Josh Rosen and the Dolphins draft (he included Rosen as a 2nd round pick) and the free agency.....gave them a C. They signed Fitz and one other guy, and lost Cam Wake, their QB and another guy. They earned a C because they dumped some salary cap room for next year. They all agreed that the future star QB in the East is Darnold, and then they went a little nuts over the New England draft, giving it an A+ because they drafted N'Keal Harry!!! And Chase Winovich!! Meanwhile, the Bills, who signed 17+ free agents and had a really good draft? Not worth mentioning. Our defense that finished #2 in the league with several key players missing? Not a peep. We played New England twice, San Diego, Baltimore, the Saints, the Colts, the Bears, the Packers and Vikings, the Texans, Titans and Jags, and still had the number 2 overall defense in the league. Not even mentioned. I know we're irrelevant. We're not even a cute novelty to the media. It's annoying. The only people who pay any attention to this team at all are the fans and the team itself.
  4. I think you hit it on the head here. Vegas doesn't care about the Bills. They care about the line, and the money. The general population of this country neither knows nor cares about the Bills. They'll bet the under because we are irrelevant right now. However, when we come out of the gate 4-0 or 5-1, suddenly we'll be the media darlings. Happens every so often. For example the year that Captain Checkdown was jackhammered by the Arizona LB and ruined our team for the year. Who was that QB? Stanford guy. Bill Walsh loved him. We were 4-0 till we went to Arizona. Trent Edwards. It was a Tony Conigliaro type hit.
  5. He's had some big hits. He's super motivated. Oliver will create more opportunities for him. Our defense was number 2 in the league with Shaq in the lineup. Keep him. His first year was a wash because of the injury. Nobody got a lot of sacks on this team, but he had some big hits. Keep him.
  6. When I started reading this thread I was upset that I missed the pick, and they chose an irrelevant mediocre guy I'd never heard of. After reviewing the comments and supporting data, it looks like a great pick to me. But then again, I am a car guy in Missouri who reads up on this stuff every day, as opposed to a group of professional scouts who spend their lives studying these players. I know nothing. Never heard of Robert Foster, Levi Jones, Matt Milano, Tredavious, Siran Neal, bunch of players. I have heard of Devin Singletary. I watched some highlights of him and was hoping they'd choose him. I really wanted Ed Oliver, and I'm glad they got him. Cody Ford was picked in most mocks anywhere from #12 to #25. He's a mauler. Great pick. I trust these guys more than you guys.
  7. I think there will be a near-panicky burst of quarterbacks in the top 10. Think about it. If you had the chance to get your guy at QB for the next decade, you'll move up to get him. Just like we did. And when that happens, a major name will fall into our lap. I don't know which one, but we're getting a stud. Ed Oliver would be great.
  8. We have two guys on our roster from the first round. Star and Tyler Eifert. If we get Ansah make it three. The guy we don't have is EJ Manuel.
  9. Hate to bring up the draft that got us EJ Manuel, but what got us that pick plus the one we used for Kiko (eventually Shady) was with the Rams. They loved Tavon Austin so much that they busted a move to get him. Personally, I think the trade was even worse for the Rams than the one we made for Sammy Watkins. They aren't sufficiently ridiculed for this. Perhaps it's because we drafted EJ Manuel, which was ultimately worse than Austin. Now teams are poised to make Marquise Brown a 1st round pick. In my opinion, he is comparable to Austin. Both are tiny speedsters who are projected to be game breakers. Brown has had the advantage of having the ball placed in his hands by Kyler Murray, while being covered by college level defensive backs. Sure, he's quick.....and elusive. But he will be pounded by NFL defenders. Pass.
  10. If you believe in a guy, like we did last year with Josh Allen, you target him. You make sure you get him. I think Oakland secretly wants Kyler Murray and will give up at least 2 first round picks to move up and get him. I think Denver wants Drew Lock, and is willing to move up to the top 10 to get him. The Giants are too dumb to bust a move on QB at 6, so you may see Miami go for Jones or Haskin. When this happens, I think we're going to see some impact guys fall into our lap.
  11. They don't have a 3rd round pick anyway. My finger was hovering over the 3 and the 4 for this. I could see a 4th or a conditional pick in next year's draft. They love Shady in Philadelphia, and they need a running back down there. We just signed a 35 year old guy. Shady still has a couple good years left.
  12. This could be a setup to put Shady back in Philly. They can probably leverage a 3rd round pick out of this, send Shady home, which would make him happy. And save several million dollars in cap space. They may draft a RB with the pick they get for Shady.
  13. You would rather have a couple 0-16 seasons to get a top pick? No thanks.
  14. Sign him. He was the #2 rb coming out of high school. He's big, strong, fast. Years younger than Shady and Frank Gore. Knows the league. If he makes the team, that would be great. If not, cut him and move on. Why not? They wouldn't bring him in if he wasn't a serious prospect.
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