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  1. My wife walked in the house and found me on my knees in front of the t.v. screaming at the top of my lungs. That was the worst it ever got for me. I went on anger meds.
  2. I think McDermott should open the first team meeting with an apology and an encouragement to move on from it. I also believe that the failure led to several offseason signings, especially the Von Miller deal. In the long run, these signings turned on the aggression switch inside Beane's head, which resulted in our team being substantially better than they would be had they won. There are no guarantees that they would have beat Cinci and the Rams. Had they lost the Super Bowl, that may have been even more disappointing than the 13 seconds. Therefore, in the long run I believe the 13 second debacle might turn out to be a good thing.
  3. They spend months putting the board together. This isn't a random pick. They obviously have an idea what to do with him. They don't intentionally throw away picks. I trust them. That said, I've been doing mock drafts for months and I never heard of the guy. Probably because I wasn't looking for linebackers beyond Muma.
  4. Glad to know they have the internets in Sing Sing.
  5. Booker had Guillian Barre syndrome, which left him paralyzed for a while. Not a whiff. Just horrible luck. The worst pick for me was taking Torrell Troupe the pick before the Pats took Gronk. Slight advantage Gronk.
  6. Hardy friggin' har. We all know more than Beane. There's a reason he signed him. Maybe Kromer asked for him as a reclamation project. We don't know. He's on the team, so let's just support the signing and let it play out.
  7. Let's assume that Kromer likes him. I'm sure he's in on these decisions. Maybe he sees Hart as somebody he can work with.
  8. I like both picks. I listen to the pod where he and Kiper get into it every week. They are both very knowledgeable but we all know that mock drafts are just for fun and they're part of it. I do think it's time for the Bills to get a stud RB so that Josh doesn't have to take all the 3rd and 4th down runs. Why risk injury?
  9. Tariq Woolen. As for receivers, anybody they pick will catch passes thrown by Josh Allen.
  10. He was very good in preseason.....anybody remember the catch he made vs. Green Bay, I think, on 4th down.....50 yards downfield....set up the winning score.
  11. I hope Miami is good. I like it when we beat good teams.
  12. Ridiculous. And the contract is going to throw the WR money all out of whack.
  13. I want them to draft Tariq Woolen. He's 6'4" and ran 4.26 at the combine. He just made Joe Marino's top 50. Somebody can coach him up. Go the thedraftnetwork.com and read his profile. Kid's an athletic freak.
  14. The only guy I could see them moving up for is Sauce Gardner.
  15. I just read the first couple pages of comments. This is not a random signing that we can criticize. I'd never heard of McKissic till this week, and I've heard of Duke. Which means nothing. But after watching clips, I can see why he's got value to the team. How anybody can criticize a Beane move at this point is beyond my comprehension.
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