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  1. Halftime at the Super Bowl is way too long. During regular season and playoffs, it's about 12 minutes. Teams have more time than ever to make adjustments. And if you're ahead, why make adjustments? Look what happened to Atlanta when they were killing New England. They were so far ahead they didn't need any adjustments. Mean time, New England changed everything and won the game.
  2. Lots of great competition. I'm actually pretty stoked about the RB situation. I looked at highlights from last year, and both Singletary and Moss had some excellent moments. When they failed it seems like it may have been the blocking scheme. But, especially Singletary, who his trainer says is a couple tenths faster now, could blow up this year. Breida is one of the fastest guys in the league. Moss seems healthy and has a great attitude. I think Daboll is having some fun putting some new plays in the book taking advantage of these players. The key to the DB succ
  3. I love when he at times looks like he's going to toss it to the defender, but then simply hands it to the ref. This guy was great, and I nearly forgot about him. Thanks for sharing.
  4. To me they were huge memories. I was at both games, and when the MNF game was brought up, I immediately thought of the 77 second game. I was listening to a pod the other day when Bills fans were asked to call in with their "best plays they had ever seen in person," I thought about the MNF game and Nate Odomes' block/Biscuit's return vs. Denver. Nobody called in with either of those. That was fresh in my memory. I am absolutely thrilled that the MNF game was posted here. It was the greatest. Whether or not the 77 second clip is irrelevant to you, well, that's a bit nitpicky. I was shari
  5. Unbelievable game. I totally lost my voice. Drove in from Geneseo with some friends. What a game.
  6. Obada has not been brought up in discussions about the improvements in our DL. It's like he's being ignored a bit. He may just be the X factor this team needed. He sounds like a beast, and he did a lot of damage in 39% of the snaps in Carolina. I see him as being disruptive and dangerous. I am looking forward to watching him knock people over on the way to the QB.
  7. Couldn't find any. But that's the kind of player he is cut out to be. He takes on blockers and lets others make tackles. He looks like he's lost weight, but might be quicker off the ball. I'm glad he's back. There is some tape on youtube in which a guy breaks down Star's role with the Panthers. I trust that the coaches will put him to good use and that will certainly help the run defense.
  8. He worked extremely hard this offseason. He wants to become a better back. What's wrong with that? Let's see how this plays out. I don't quite understand 10 pages of much criticism of a guy who is doing this to improve.
  9. I heard Trapasso on Joe Marino's podcast. Marino had Rousseau 25th on his board, and Trapasso had Basham as a first round talent. Let's hope Marino is right about Rousseau and Trapasso is right about Basham. You don't get 15.5 sacks in Division I football by accident. I believe he will be a key player in our pass rush.
  10. Breida, according to some, wasn't properly used in Miami. He's super fast. He knows the NFL, so there shouldn't be the learning curve most rookies experience getting used to the NFL game. Pretty sure Daboll has worked up a few plays to take advantage of that. I saw a tape showing a breakdown of Moss and Singletary. I think they both have talent. Singletary has gone nuts this offseason to improve his strength. He is faster than his measured 40. Moss played hurt most of the year. Let us also keep in mind that we are a pretty good passing team. Maybe we use the pass to set
  11. I see him taking over the Marlowe role. Backup safety; third guy in. Also, I think he'll play special teams. Apparently he is a good tackler.
  12. I hear a lot about how the Bills are building for the future, and that nobody from this year will start. I agree with the first half of that. However, I do believe that you'll see Rousseau and Basham on the field as part of the rotation. They're super talented athletes that excelled playing college football. They'll play. They're about 10 years younger than Addison and Hughes. I also thought that Epenesa had some pretty good plays last year, and expect them to find his correct weight and put him in quite a bit. I believe that Stevenson will be our kick returner. However, i
  13. I get the feeling that Beane isn't done signing CB's.
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