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  1. I see him taking over the Marlowe role. Backup safety; third guy in. Also, I think he'll play special teams. Apparently he is a good tackler.
  2. I hear a lot about how the Bills are building for the future, and that nobody from this year will start. I agree with the first half of that. However, I do believe that you'll see Rousseau and Basham on the field as part of the rotation. They're super talented athletes that excelled playing college football. They'll play. They're about 10 years younger than Addison and Hughes. I also thought that Epenesa had some pretty good plays last year, and expect them to find his correct weight and put him in quite a bit. I believe that Stevenson will be our kick returner. However, i
  3. I get the feeling that Beane isn't done signing CB's.
  4. Trill Williams just signed with the Saints. Javian Hawkins with the Falcons. Jaret Patterson with the Washington Football Team.
  5. There are tons of good players available. I just looked at a list. There are about a dozen or more that were mocked in rounds 4-7. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-ranking-100-best-available-2021-nfl-draft-prospects-tracker
  6. There are so many picks before we get to the podium.....maybe trade 161 and a 4th next year to move up into the 4th. We might get somebody good. They'll find somebody.
  7. They drafted him to play. He had 15.5 sacks and about 20 tackles for loss in 7 games. He's got "traits." He will play. Ofada is a beast, and this line is going to be much better. Johnson is great at special teams, so he might be safe. Maybe Zimmer goes to the practice squad. We still have a bunch of picks, and Beane has a history of signing people to fill needs. I was hoping for JOK, but apparently Beane got his guy.
  8. JOK is a Swiss Army knife. Would be tremendous value. We won’t get him.
  9. Might be smart to trade down. Lots of great picks left.
  10. I like how hard Motor is working. He's got moves that would put every member in our community into the hospital. Get him in the open field and he's awesome. I can't stand how people say he's mediocre. He had an off year, I guess. This is his third year. Let's hope his hard work pays off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfxTTwE73Fk, his highlights from last year.
  11. I would rather they take a pass rush guy or a CB, but in the back of my mind I see Etienne being a huge asset. I'd love to see him in the backfield. People seem to forget they signed the pass rush guy Obidi, or whatever his name is. I think he'll make a big difference. I also believe the pass rush will just get better with Star clogging up the middle, freeing other guys to get in there. We can get a good DB in the 2nd or 3rd. I think they should take a look at Koonce in the 5th. I know nothing. I think if anybody quotes this post, that will be the
  12. Maybe we just played a bad game vs. the Chiefs. Sometimes you lose, lick your wounds and move on. We've got a few guys heading into year #3 who might just get to their "ceiling." Ed Oliver, Tremaine Edmunds, Knox. We signed some nice pieces in the offseason. I like our chances. I'd suggest a super fast cornerback and maybe Oweh, who can outrun just about everybody on the field. We need to focus on our team rather than the Chiefs. While we're looking at them there are other teams getting much better. Focus on us, not them.
  13. Yeah, well....I agree that drafting a person based on the three cone drill of a chicken is not advisable. They are pretty elusive little bastards, though.
  14. I posted something like this a few weeks ago and ran into some disagreements. (one guy posted to avoid anybody I recommended, which I took personally.) His injury history is the biggest concern. But he gets a lot of attention from the pundits....due to his natural talent, strength, and potential. 4.29 speed, squats 600. Elusive. If he is healthy he will be a star.
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