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  1. TC in St. Louis

    Tim Graham Defends Mike Rodak. Says Bills Fans Treat Him Unfairly

    His editors may be too disinterested to dig into his articles. The Bills seem to have been irrelevant so long that this assignment sucks to most writers. It's sort of like that scene in Animal House when they kept putting the pledges into the corner with Jugdish and his friends. Once we start winning again, it will be a fun assignment and they'll put somebody else on it. Even when we made the playoffs a couple years ago all people wrote about was how lucky we were. Which was true. But we held Jacksonville to 10 points on the road....and a week later they rang up 40+ in Pittsburgh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cSYNuEmHQk
  2. TC in St. Louis

    interesting about Matt Paradis

    Morse's contract may seem a bit high, but I think you have to factor inflation into this deal. Paying a top flight center may cost 15 million or more. We've got him locked in. He was key in Mahomes' development, and I think they are counting on him helping Josh as well. He's psyched about playing here. Let's be happy to have him.
  3. TC in St. Louis

    Beane was pi##ed off about Buffalo comments

    The team sucked last year? They were definitely in rebuild mode. They won 6, could have been 9 had three plays gone the other way. To me, it was a great year because we were able to get Josh Allen a bunch of games, and the defense ended up #2 in the league. And look at that schedule. New England twice, Baltimore, San Diego, Houston, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Indy, Chicago, Green Bay, Minnesota, Detroit, and the rest of the East. How the hell did they get 6 wins out of that? They managed to get out of salary cap hell, and now are poised to become a contender. They drafted Allen, Edmunds, Phillips, T. Johnson, Wyatt Teller, Siran Neal....and two hugely productive undrafted free agents (who were both rated first round picks in a re-draft), and now we have signed a buttload of free agents, and still 10 picks in the draft. And the scouting department will help find some more gems the day after the draft. Very few people pay attention to the Bills, because for years we have been irrelevant. We're like the last guy picked in the draft. Not any more. We're coming to get you, NFL.
  4. TC in St. Louis

    The future finally is now in Buffalo

    I think a key to the success is how quickly the new OL coach can get this group of players into a cohesive unit. There were several OL free agents who signed huge deals...how much better can they block than the 4 we signed? All 4 were highly rated, and the margin between them and those with giant contracts is really not that wide. You can have a star at LT and the line still fails because they lack cohesion. The team got a lot better with the additions. Our receivers should be solid. Foster will get even better. Zay may be ready to become a great player. The guy from the CFL is a talent. We signed John Brown and Beasley. We're much better. The OL should be vastly improved. I think Josh Allen is going to be a superstar. If they can trade down and get extra picks, there is huge value in rounds 2-4. There's a running back to be drafted. Don't be shocked if it's one of the Alabama kids. I'm excited.
  5. TC in St. Louis

    WR John Brown (Ravens) to the Bills

    This team is a lot better today than they were on Sunday. We got us a bona fide center, a talented TE, a Hall of Fame old mofo RB, a quick slot guy.....what else? Get Ziggy in here, maybe another veteran OL, and get your popcorn ready.
  6. TC in St. Louis

    Anonymous Agents Rank Buffalo The Worst FA Destination

    Training camp in WNY is a breeze compared to much of the country. It's not humid, high is usually in the 80's. The fall games can be fantastic. And the winter games are an adventure. I think it has to do with the losing. Even when we were crushing it, we had a fair share of departures.....House, Biscuit, a few others. If you're a pro football player, you should be able to find a girl. Or a boy, if that's what you're into.
  7. TC in St. Louis

    The Strategy of Signing Frank Gore

    I think they'll draft a good RB in the 4th. They have 2 picks in that round, and maybe more will emerge as the draft plays itself out. They're gonna have to cut Ivory, don't you think?
  8. TC in St. Louis

    The Strategy of Signing Frank Gore

    Lots of people are in wonderment over the signing of Frank Gore. If you get a chance, look at highlights from last year in Miami. He's still a solid RB. He's old, but still productive. I think it's a good signing because it makes the Bills look like a good place to play. NFL Network reported that Gore worked out with Shady, and Shady really wanted the team to sign Gore. Gore really wanted to play with Shady in Buffalo. What happened? That's a smart, strategic move. Plus, the guy can still bring it. Word is getting out that Buffalo is a great place to play football. Moves like signing Gore will pave the way for other signings. Siberia ain't so bad after all. Right?
  9. TC in St. Louis

    RB Frank Gore (Dolphins) to the Bills

    I saw that. They made it look like a really good add for the Bills. I'm okay with it. I just want them to be able to hand the ball to somebody and that person gains more than 2 yards. I don't care how old he/she is.
  10. TC in St. Louis

    RB Frank Gore (Dolphins) to the Bills

    I don't get it, but then I looked at some highlights from last year in Miami. He looked great compared to what we had going out there. Having just typed that, it still makes no sense to me.
  11. TC in St. Louis

    Should Ian Rapaport Be Drawn and Quartered?

    Sounds like Brown didn't want to be on the Buffalo Bills. That's fine. Next.
  12. Despite being the butt of all these jokes and attempts at humiliation, we keep showing up and selling out games.....I'm glad Brown's not coming here. He's a bad person. Not a good teammate. Next.
  13. TC in St. Louis

    Kyle Crabbs of NDT Scouting Mock 6.0

    They have these things called "agility drills," and people called "coaches" who can be utilized to help Metcalf run better routes. What they cannot coach is his size and speed. He's going to be a superstar. Draft him and get your popcorn ready.
  14. TC in St. Louis

    Andy Isabella

    Freak. I want him on the Bills.
  15. TC in St. Louis

    Any Love for Bryce Love?

    I'll take him. He's great. I also like that kid from Florida Atlantic, Singletary. Memphis has a guy or two. There are many choices, right? We need somebody though.