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  1. Mayfield had a good game, we couldn't tackle Chubb. But our FG kicker blew it when he missed that chip shot right before the half. The highlights only show a couple runs by Singletary. We should have won the game, though.
  2. He said, "Fellas, thank you for urinalysis." They're branching out due to the coronavirus.
  3. I just sat there and ate a bunch of food...forgot what I was doing.
  4. He mentioned that in 2018 Zach led the nation in total yards from scrimmage. That's pretty impressive, right?
  5. I was driving around doing DoorDash last night, listening to ESPN radio, when the Utah coach came on for an interview. They had 7 guys drafted. When asked about Zach Moss, he said he thought he was the best running back in the draft (of course he would say that). He said he can do everything. Run inside, outside, pass block, catch passes, and he's just a great player. He said he thought he would be a very productive NFL player for the Buffalo Bills. Solid, Pete. Probably not worth its own thread.
  6. I am impressed by his pre-snap reads. He studies the defense during the week, and is prepared for whatever look is in front of him. It seems that many backs just run to the hole, but he helps create it.
  7. I am good with this pick. He is a leader and is intelligent. Solid pick.
  8. I don't know that many people were familiar with a wideout from Kutztown State when he was picked in the 4th a few years ago. Yet he ended up in the HOF.
  9. This could have a huge impact on the draft. I think it's good to find out today rather than after the draft. At least Beane knows the market has blown up. We may end up drafting a guy and grooming him, and trading Dawkins next year. Hell, we went through this with Jason Peters, but he pretty much forced our hands. We signed him after the draft, developed him, and he moved on. Dawkins seems like a good dude, though. I think he likes being on our team. Perhaps the rest of the league will recognize the Tunsil deal as an insane aberration.
  10. I ran a search before starting this. Nothing showed. Yet I am sure I am duplicating something. Anyway, I found myself on the Draft Simulator, and had some fun. If you haven't been there, google it and run your own draft. You can pony up some bucks and do trades, but I just went with the flow,. I've run through it 5 times over 3 days. Here are the results and number of times if they are repeat picks: Second Round #54 Jonathan Taylor (3) Trevon Diggs Arnette, CB Ohio Sate Third Round #86 D Taylor Edge Rusher Tennessee Anae, Utah Edge Rusher (2) Bartch, OT St. Johns Kyle Duggar, Lenoir-Rhyne Fourth Round #128 Alton Robinson (2) Gandy-Golden, WR Liberty Ojemudia, DB Iowa Pittman WR USC Fifth Round #167 Okwuegbunam, TE Missouri (3). I picked him because I think he's gonna be a star. Josh Kelly Cephus, WR Wisconsin Sixth Round #188 Carter, S, Miami Herrion, OT Michigan Alex Taylor, OT South Carolina State Gandy-Golden WR Liberty Trajan Bandy CB Miami Sixth Round #207 Hill, CB Michigan Barry, CB Nebraska Muse, S Clemson Alex Taylor OT South Carolina State Lynn Bowden WR Kentucky Seventh Round 239 Blankenship K Georgia (5) I think he can be a great asset to the team. He's always available on this simulator, but I get the feeling he'll go earlier. Kickers are pretty important. So there you have it. Another restless Bills fan doing something besides watching Tiger King.
  11. Yeah. He was a great OL for Mizzou. He plowed through lots of people. I think he's got a good chance here. I like it.
  12. Yeah, have some fun and watch his highlights on youtube. He can be scary. Fast as hell. Round 4 or 5.
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