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  1. Nothing random about this signing. Cleveland probably cut him because they're strong at DE.
  2. I try not to look further down the road than the Miami game. There are no automatic wins in this league any more. Tampa crushed the Rams. The Raiders beat the Bears. The Colts shut down KC. We need to be healthy and play well against Miami. Obviously (tipping hat to St. Doug), the Browns got a huge amount of off-season media focus. Look what it's done for them. It seems that every game they play is on national TV, and they are wildly inconsistent. The pressure is getting to them. I know I sound like I'm trying to be a mature person here, but I really don't look past Miami. Although I have already cleared a spot for the Thanksgiving game.
  3. I like the team as is. Singletary should be ready to go for the Miami game. Hopefully the OL is in good health as well.
  4. I just watched the replay of Hauschka's miss from 49 yards. The Patriot, #58, hurdled the line and jumped in his face. Is this legal? McDermott seemed to have a problem with this. Here's the rule: Running forward and leaping across the line of scrimmage in an obvious attempt to block a field goal or Try Kick, unless the player was in a stationary position on the line of scrimmage when the ball was snapped. A player who is behind the line of scrimmage before, or at the snap, may run forward and leap, provided he does not cross the line of scrimmage or land on players.
  5. In the Bills Backers Bar here in St. Louis, I yelled "pick!" when it happened, and when Coach challenged it, I thought they'd overturn it. Especially when you see the guy stick out his foot. Plus, it was their only somewhat big play of the 2nd half, so you know something was wrong. What got me was the holding call on the successful assault on Josh Allen. They could have doubled down on the guy....personal foul and unsportsmanlike contact for standing like a thug, taunting Josh as he slept. That would have made it fair. It's one thing to smash into a QB's head with your helmet. It's another to stand above him admiring your work. Another thing: isn't it illegal for a DL to hurdle the offensive line on a field goal attempt? And Josh's last pick shouldn't have counted. These are huge plays.
  6. No. Put any second year quarterback up against Hoodie and Brady and you have problems. Aside from all the picks, he outplayed Brady. He's got a lot of talent and leadership qualities. I think he's got greatness ahead of him.
  7. The last time we played the Patriots, Brady was 13/24 for 126 yards and 2 picks. That was when our defense was playing very well. I think our defense has been playing conservative football the first 3 weeks (although there was one play in the Jets game when all hell broke loose and the QB was sacked within 2 seconds, late in the game.....looked like a jailbreak). I don't think they've been giving Brady and company much to look at. I think they will confuse him and he will struggle. I also think our offense will get some points. I think it will take 20 to win the game, and I think we will win.
  8. I think the defense has the potential to confuse Brady.....they did that in both games last year. My guess is they didn't want to give them much to study in preparation. Our offense stunk in both games last year. If we can get to 20 points I think we'll win the game.
  9. He's been yelling and screaming and acting like a psycho for years and years. I hope we shut him up.
  10. What's the big difference? The Bills cut them and they signed with a new team. I thought the point was that the team is developing a lot of players that are desirable to other teams.
  11. David Sills signed with the Giants. And the kicker, McLaughlin, signed with the Vikings. That's 5 now.
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