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  1. I don't like predicting this early. I try to go no further than the next game. The big test will take place against the Rams. I do think his article missed on a couple details...such as how they addressed the DL by signing 3 veterans at tackle. The only contract issue right now is Poyer. I think Edmunds, Knox, Oliver and Singletary will use this year to earn extensions. That's not a problem; that's a motivator. By the way, finishing number one in defense, no matter who's on the schedule, is a great achievement.
  2. I was at the game. I've never watched a replay. The Bills had the game under control, and I was upset they settled for a field goal at the end of the half. A Cowboys fan said something to me in the restroom. He said "looks like you guys might win one." I said, "Yeah, well there's another half to play." Then I sat down and waited for the second half. Halftime at a Super Bowl is way too long. During the season it's about 12-13 minutes, and this seemed like an hour. Too much time to make adjustments or to not make adjustments. I'm thinking the Bills spent halftime resting up with their fingers crossed, while Jimmy Johnson was reaming everybody in his locker room. Then they all sat down and watched "Dances with Wolves", took a nap, and finally returned to the field. The Bills were in perfect position. They had the ball at the 50 yard line, and Thurman fumbled. How often in football does a fumble get returned for a TD? Absurd. The game did turn on that play. Dallas sensed our vulnerability and went for the throat. I think Tasker said something on "Four Falls of Buffalo" that they just ran out of gas. I should've sold my tickets. They were going for $2000, and I had 4 of them. I was going through a box two days ago and found the free seat cushion from that game. I might throw it out.
  3. There have been so many heartbreaking moments in the history of this team. We don't stop watching. We're a simple, yet complicated group. By the way, I don't know that I've accepted that the drought ended when Cinci pulled that miracle in Baltimore. We weren't really a playoff team yet. We got lucky. The drought should have been 19 years. I remember sitting on the couch with my wife and kid, watching Cinci line up for that play on 4th down, and saying "Well, it was a good season, and that's that." Then the miracle happened and we were stunned. Like all of us, I was very emotional watching the team in the locker room at the moment they made the playoffs. That was a great moment, but it came a bit too soon.
  4. That was an important part of the podcast....his stats are impressive when compared to people like Leonard.
  5. I just shared some new information about the Joe Marino podcast from 3 days ago. If you want to search through all those other topics, go right ahead. Does it cost people anything to look at new information without having to scroll through posts created in April?
  6. I think he'll have a better season playing behind a better line. He's asked to cover multiple gaps in the run game, and often chooses the wrong gap. Maybe that's planned by the opposing offense to get him out of the way. There is criticism over his lack of splash plays, but he's not normally in position to jackhammer anybody. He's quick enough to jump into plays and disrupt the flow. It's hard to be to critical of the so-called leader of the number one defense in the league.
  7. I don't know. I don't read all the threads. If he was talking about Edmunds specifically, then it was probably the same one. I noticed the mention on page 45 of a thread started in April.
  8. You know what? This podcast does need its own thread. Rather than having to sift through 200 posts written 2 months ago, why not point out some current analysis by Joe Marino? I'm calling attention to him, not me. So if you want to learn some in depth reality about Edmunds, listen to the podcast or watch it on youtube. I don't care what you do. Just sharing information that I find informative and helpful.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjyNXYJVBJY Joe Marino gets into some depth about Edmunds. If you don't listen to "Locked on Bills," you should give it a try.
  10. I was deeply moved by Marv's interview. My man is 95, and now he's in both the Canadian Football League Hall of Fame! I realized that I hope that Marv is still around when the Bills win the Super Bowl. Would love to see him at the parade.
  11. Take a walk down Devil's Hole to the bottom of the gorge. You'll be afraid to stick your toe in that raging water.
  12. I feel that Epenesa will have a productive career in this league. I hope it's in Buffalo. Somebody will figure out what to do with him. Maybe that person is Von Miller. Ford is a total enigma. The team targeted him; traded up to get him, and were excited to do so. A draft profile of Cody Ford Injuries, etc. have held him back. Maybe it's coaching. We're about to find out. I think that the key to Moss keeping his job will be whether or not they use Cook as a runner and not just a pass catcher. If both Singletary and Cook can carry the rock, they may use Gilliam in short yardage situations.
  13. 26 should have stayed in his lane. They teach that in high school.
  14. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/nfl-interior-defensive-linemen-rankings-for-the-top-32-heading-into-2022-led-again-by-the-goat/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Ranking+the+top+32+NFL+interior+defensive+linemen+📈&utm_campaign=NFL365+-+AdThrive+6%2F18%2F22 Somebody got his head out of his butt, and they re-ranked it. Put Ed at #21, which dropped Harrison down to #32. Swear to God. It's been changed.
  15. Aaron Donald is number one. Harrison Phillips is number 31 Ed Oliver didn't make the top 32. Is Harrison Phillips better than Ed Oliver? Are there at least 32 interior DL in this league than Ed?
  16. I am nervous going into every game. Right now I am hoping we beat the Rams. I try to look no further than the next game. I also want to mention that the drought would have been at least 18 years if not for Andy Dalton's miracle vs. the Ravens. I have faith that the Bills will beat the Rams on opening night. Barring significant injuries, the Bills are the better team. 1-0; that's my personal goal for this team.
  17. I don't care what the Patriots do. Their fans love the team, and I love my team.
  18. I went to the Bills game in Denver a few years ago. I thought the stadium was super cool and modern. No roof, though. Maybe they've decided to eliminate the elements. Reminds me of this little scene from The Big Picture.
  19. I think the reason KC has been successful is Andy Reid. And, of course, Patrick Mahomes. I don't know what Bienemy does, but it seems that he is in the right place to do whatever that is. We don't know what was discussed before Shady said those things. What led to his mini-outburst of his truth. However, the fact remains that Bienemy has yet to be hired elsewhere.
  20. My wife walked in the house and found me on my knees in front of the t.v. screaming at the top of my lungs. That was the worst it ever got for me. I went on anger meds.
  21. I think McDermott should open the first team meeting with an apology and an encouragement to move on from it. I also believe that the failure led to several offseason signings, especially the Von Miller deal. In the long run, these signings turned on the aggression switch inside Beane's head, which resulted in our team being substantially better than they would be had they won. There are no guarantees that they would have beat Cinci and the Rams. Had they lost the Super Bowl, that may have been even more disappointing than the 13 seconds. Therefore, in the long run I believe the 13 second debacle might turn out to be a good thing.
  22. They spend months putting the board together. This isn't a random pick. They obviously have an idea what to do with him. They don't intentionally throw away picks. I trust them. That said, I've been doing mock drafts for months and I never heard of the guy. Probably because I wasn't looking for linebackers beyond Muma.
  23. Glad to know they have the internets in Sing Sing.
  24. Booker had Guillian Barre syndrome, which left him paralyzed for a while. Not a whiff. Just horrible luck. The worst pick for me was taking Torrell Troupe the pick before the Pats took Gronk. Slight advantage Gronk.
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