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  1. Saw the bumped thread, came in here thinking he was unretiring.... you guys scared me for a second.
  2. Was he told he has to wear a hat now to cover his CREEPER stare?
  3. I wonder if it was Whaley that Phil Simms was talking about... sounds spot on as a description.
  4. Funny no such thing as hero ball till Josh Allen came around.
  5. As long as Allen throws it well we can get by, this season will come down to Allen. Can he lead this offense, they upgraded almost every position on offense. The run game will be better, the WRs are much better, the offensive line is totally remade. One TE that is injury prone won't be the outcome of how many games we win.
  6. Not like Kroft was anything special. I am willing to bet any of these new guys could easily be better. They already are by not being made of glass.
  7. Peterman always looked good... Depending on what side of the ball you are on.
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