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  1. I didn't even know people still talked about Wade. Not a hard prediction to make...
  2. Well saying you think it did is the exact same thing. Maybe throwing to TEs lol. But truth remains if you are just that good it doesn't matter who was around you.
  3. Great trying to follow the plan of the last Super Bowl team... Then lose again b.c you realize you aren't that team.
  4. Allen didn't advance at all b.c of DA lol He did it b.c of his work ethic... You could say he got better when DA was let go this year if you want to try that lol. The truth remains Mahomes would always be just as good. Lol these guys always say nice things like that come on people stop being so gullible.
  5. Even without Alex Smith Mahomes would be the exact guy he is now.
  6. It is happening, it happened before and will be happening again. It's a great idea since preseason is garbage and all we want is more football.
  7. I still can't believe the Bills gifted him Mahomes.
  8. I know what you said but then you could make that blanket statement every year we get new players.
  9. It is the point of knowing everyone will be watching that first commercial for 6.5million
  10. Wonder if they will ride the Gondola that they just installed at the top of the stadium.... millions of dollars spent to take a ride around the roof of the stadium.
  11. No it isn't since everyone wants them gone and half the team sits in the games. You are the only person that doesn't want less preseason games lol I can't tell if you are serious or just overreacting for fun.
  12. Lol of course it's about money. OMG the overreacting is so funny. 1 game and they get rid of 2 preseason games.
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