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  1. Let the trolls take it overboard. Don't use any common sense please.
  2. Maybe you should stick to making bombs out of fruit and toothpicks.
  3. If you are worried about the first two games then you already have in your head the Bills aren't good.
  4. I had a feeling the OP would go overboard with the video. They were going after all those UDFA's and just decided to do it on Sills b.c he wasn't deciding fast enough
  5. What's funny is all those people overreacting and trying to stir up stupid *****. No different in politics, find one thing and ATTACK!
  6. After watching that I want more people to pet wild horses.
  7. Last year was taped week to week during TC. I bet they are doing more episodes since these were only Free agency - end of Mini Camp.
  8. Basically he is a RB and thinks he is the best.
  9. A countdown after the countdown?!?!?! WHY do this to me!
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