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  1. Boca BIlls

    All Troublemaker Team

    TE Aaron Hernandez QB Ryan Leaf Guy to quit at halftime Vontae Davis
  2. Yes, I know you are wrong. Money drives everything.
  3. They aren't shutting the site down are they?
  4. Yes they would, he had WRs the Bills had none. He had an offensive line, Bills had none. Stats don't tell the story but it explains why you think he is good.
  5. Boca BIlls

    Bills: NFL's Biggest Under-the-Radar F-A Winner 2019

    Surprised that the Patriots didn't win it.
  6. B.c you are a Patriots fan? 6 had enough money to get the deal.
  7. Boca BIlls

    Baker and OBJ on a magic carpet ride...

    I want to see them fail so bad.
  8. Funny Everytime a reporter lies. Wtf he was garbage other then being a RB.
  9. Boca BIlls

    Pats DE Adrian Clayborn Released

    The Patriots will stop winning everything when they stop winning.
  10. Boca BIlls

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    You know what it is... I think they are talking about TO's career earnings which is around $80 million.
  11. Depends on the QB and O-Line. $9 million is cheap as hell though.
  12. Maybe... Maybe not.
  13. Boca BIlls

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to sign with Miami

    Fitz is the wrong person for that... He will win them enough games to keep them out of that.
  14. Boca BIlls

    Clay Matthews as a defensive FA splash

    Is that link a rickroll or fairy guy?
  15. More b.c it's the truth. The Sabres are what is coming out that butt.