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  1. I think the “injury” saved Allen’s career. I really like our QB room now.
  2. JinxedBill1

    Adam Schefter: Julian Edelman Is a Hall Of Fame candidate

    In that thinking than Foles should be in the convo. What a joke. Sports media is turning into the same bs fake news as the regular news.
  3. JinxedBill1

    Does Brady finally hang it up now?

    At least one more year to tie/ better record for 4 straight sb appearances.
  4. JinxedBill1

    MVP sums it up

    Blah blah blah. Football is boring with the pats. Who cares. Greatest of all time...whatever I’ll tune out till I don’t have to Hear it anymore.
  5. JinxedBill1

    Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Aside from the Amazing music we will be hearing (sarcasm) will we also get a chance to be lectured by the intersectional coalition of diversity and social justice?!! That’s what I really want to see! Football stops being about football come the come the end of the championship weekend.
  6. JinxedBill1

    Updates from Senior Bowl week in Mobile, AL

    They had premade draft paths in the game that were narrated by Shefter and Mayock. One of the draft paths had a QB named Drew Lock that had all measurable but turned out to be a bust if you drafted him. I know this cuz I did and it set my franchise back. My bad with the confusion and this probably doesn’t go here. It’s just funny to me they made up qb names 10 years ago and they matched an actual irl kid.
  7. JinxedBill1

    Updates from Senior Bowl week in Mobile, AL

    Drew Lock was a QB in NFL head coach 09 that was a bust. Just saying. coincidently that’s the last good football game...
  8. The halftime show is not for fans like us. I usually put on the puppy bowl. SJWs can try to interject into football but it will be hard. The sport is overwhelmingly minority based.
  9. I have patriots fatigue. I don’t care about anything pats anymore. Nothing against op. Just tired of anything to to do with them. Yawn, whatever.
  10. Go Colts. Rooting for Frank.
  11. I’d try to pry Carlos Hyde away from Cleveland or go after Ingram to help our RB room.
  12. Both. Ultimately I think speed is better for Allen with a strong emphasis on hands, ball tracking, and route running.
  13. JinxedBill1

    Interesting Piece on Duke Williams"s background

    Hope he becomes a fighter for our team ready to earn every bit of what he feels he deserves.
  14. I live in Phoenix. I like the cards and wanted to see the other josh do well. No one tops the Bills tho.
  15. JinxedBill1

    First half thread: Wk 17 Dolphins at Bills (CBS)

    Miami trying to send Gase out with a bang.