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  1. Eisen and mayock were very good. Still think NFL network is the best overall
  2. Yep run on WRs coming in the back end of the 1st
  3. I kinda wanted Miami to get him. Would be fun to have the three in the same division.
  4. I have DTV and my NFL network is still working? Hope they don’t shut it down because I don’t have ESPN. DTV has been good to me as a traveling military member and now as a government contractor. If they try to jack my costs up tho I’m out of it. The only reason i have it is because of Sunday ticket. The day that goes I’m losing the dish.
  5. With all the players we signed I’m more inclined to think they will move up for a guy at the right price rather than move down. I think we sorely need a DT and hopefully that’s a trade up for Williams.
  6. It’s a meme that’s funny. It’s not showing trashing. It’s showing preference.
  7. Right. You don’t leave that dude with the money. Still gross he gets involved if he did indeed abuse her or the child. But she knowingly stays with him. Two parties at fault imo. Not like she was asking him what ice cream he wants and then bam! Check out Bill Burr on this. Guys got got to protect themselves. Just an allegation can ruin your career.
  8. I’m still waiting on the creative DE get that we were told about. Other than that I think we’re done tbh.
  9. I think 9 will be that DT unless they get trade down offers.
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