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  1. Gotcha. I’m just not a fan of the whole if she says it happens then he loses his job, reputation, etc. automatically. I know its AB and he’s an assclown but still.
  2. I’m still confused on why someone should lose employment over allegations. Im not a fan of Brown and even less of the Pats but allegations should not equal punishment. Metwo wo has gotten out of hand. Anyone can say anything about this now and someone is supposed to lose their job? I guess I’m in the minority now, I think everyone deserves their day in court before you rip their lives apart.
  3. Considering the options, I think we would have been well off with Hock or Metcalf given their debuts. I still like Oliver too. Let’s see as the season progresses.
  4. 😂😂😂Dolphins over Pats😂😂😂
  5. I’m out. How could the lions choke to the cards? Wtf Btw: Loving the team named “zacs brillant pick set” and he’s out due to not picking a team. Well played.
  6. The best way to deal with the Patriots is just to ignore them. Maybe then they will go away?
  7. BS call. He did say he was ‘giving him the business’ which I love 😂
  8. I saw that! I was like why is he talking about the Jets when he’s on the bills! I only mentioned the graphic because Peterman last year had similar issues with batted passes and bad luck. In no way am I saying Allen is Peterman. They just compared how bad the start was to last year which I found to be astute given both being terrible starts with similar bad luck. Again, I need a bigger sample size before I think Dabol is the answer here. My issues wasn’t Allen, it was Dabol
  9. Hot trash? The ricochet passes and the way the offense looked similar to Peterman last year. They even put the graphic up comparing the first half to Peterman! Did no one see that? Is no one here allowed to continue to be cautiously optimistic about this offense?
  10. Changed my Facebook avatar to the bills. Don’t you know that is above all else the most support you can give a cause?
  11. I kept thinking to myself that he looks just like Peterman did in the first half. Then I realized what the common denominator was. I get it the attacking of the offense at their weak point but my biggest gripe was not mixing up the playbook. I agree tho that he was fantastic and dug deep and won the ball game against the odds. I need a larger sample size before I commit to all this.
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