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  1. Well it’s espn so that’s how they get clicks and traffic now.
  2. I remember my first beer.... 😂
  3. All of our tight ends going out. Good thing we have solid depth there...
  4. I thought Kelso was fine just tended to ramble. Taster was terrible on the radio, fine in the both or on the sidelines.
  5. Bills design needed more effort. Overall I liked most of them
  6. Hey guys he’s old and a legend. Let brown do his thing. Nice they give Ford an intro
  7. Eisen and mayock were very good. Still think NFL network is the best overall
  8. Yep run on WRs coming in the back end of the 1st
  9. I kinda wanted Miami to get him. Would be fun to have the three in the same division.
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