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  1. Great results in Week 2! Of course what matters most is that the Bills win. But here's my first crack at the other Week 3 Rooting Interests (w/ AFC team records in parentheses): Thursday: - Jaguars (0-2) over Titans (1-1) Sunday Early: - Bills (2-0) over Cinci (0-2) - Dallas over Miami (0-2) - Green Bay over Denver (0-2) - Falcons over Colts (1-1) - TOSS-UP: Ravens (2-0) vs Chiefs (2-0) - Vikings over Oakland (1-1) - Jets (0-2) over Pats (2-0) Sunday Late: - TOSS-UP: Texans (1-1) vs Chargers (1-1) - 49ers over Steelers (0-2) Sunday Night: - Rams over Cleveland (1-1) Vikings and Rams are both favored and could send the Raiders and Browns both to 1-2. Falcons have a shot at the Colts. Thoughts on Ravens/Chiefs? Texans/Chargers?
  2. Not sure if this is done elsewhere. Please ignore/delete if so. I like to map out all the teams to root for to further the Bills changes of making the playoffs. Never too early to start. I ignore NFC vs NFC games for now. Would be interested to know if anyone feels otherwise about any of the games... This week we are rooting for: Sunday Early: - 49ers over Bengals - Lions over Chargers - Colts over Titans - Miami over Pats d - Bills over Giants - Seattle over Steelers - Arizona over Ravens - Jax over Houston (Houston the better team) Sunday Late: - Chiefs over Oakland (let KC run away with division title) - Bears over Denver Monday: Browns over Jets (tough call here IMO)
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