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  1. I was being 100% facetious. Winfield is one of my all time favorite players and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Lucky enough to run into him on a number of occasions. The polar opposite of what you'd expect considering he was a bad*** on the field. I was responding to a post that seemed to insinuate he played safety.
  2. Still trying to figure out a position for Jasper. Time will tell.
  3. Winfield was a safety? I'm confused.
  4. I don't think any team goes into the season with the intention of tanking. I do think there comes a point in the season where they start to think about it. It's just really difficult to pull off. Do you sit your QB? Sit all your best players for long stretches? Very tough. The only position you'd tank for is QB, so all the stars have to align to make it worth your while. GM's in baseball have much longer leashes so you see a ton of major rebuilds. It's far more beneficial to tank in basketball because one top 5 pick(at any position) can immediately transform your team AND it's easier to convince your players to "have a little fun out there." Take (unnecessary) chances. Much more difficult with football. And obviously, players are not down with a tank so you have to be sly about it.
  5. He averaged roughly 23 TD's and 10 picks a season in a pass happy Andy Reid offense. He was a solid runner, but he also took a ton of sacks behind a decent line. Much of that can be attributed to his subpar offensive weapons, but he held on to the ball way too long for my taste. Maybe better than good all things considered, but not a HOF'er. Fair or not, a Superbowl win would probably give him a stronger case, so I agree with you there.
  6. What I glean is that as long as White continues to allow completions, he's a 2nd tier CB. The "elites" apparently bat 1000.
  7. By that logic, Revis was highly overrated and exposed as a fraud by Stevie Johnson.
  8. I didn't want to use the word chip because some of them seemed to be somewhere between a double and a chip. I have waaaaay too much time on my hands!
  9. He was throwing to James Trash and Todd Stinkson for much of his career, so he gets a slight pass. Hall of Famer? Absolutely not. McNabb is the personification of a "good" quarterback. Nothing exceptional about his career.
  10. Man. I thought I was a pessimist. This guy puts all the naysayers to shame!
  11. Ok. So the link is interesting and does provide some insight. There were several occasions in which Star was doubled and several where he was not. What I do notice is that the double teams don't last long. They pretty quickly have him contained and one of the blockers moves on to a secondary target. So while that does provide value in slowing the play down, I don't see it as a traditional double. He clogs space. I get that. It'd be great if he could clog space and get a few TFL's or maybe even a sack. His teammates speak glowingly of him, so there's that. And I remember the game well. Cordarrelle Patterson was out there looking like Todd Gurley. Seems to me that BB took advantage of Edmunds youth as well as Milano's absence.
  12. I think you might be taking it a bit too personally. You threw it out there and made some strong arguments. It created a long dialogue about Jones and people have made solid cases on both sides. I'm slightly encouraged by Zay's offseason regimen and hope that gives him some much needed confidence on the field. He hasn't done anything exceptionally well to this point, and I'm not convinced he ever will. That being said, I believe he WILL be on the week one roster for better or worse. Meh. I'm pretty sure you're more interested in seeing the Bills do well than being proven correct on a random thought you had in February. If Zay actually breaks out and makes this thread look silly, the Bills are almost certainly in a good spot.
  13. That was the one year I felt confident we could contain the top QB's. If you want to have an elite defense, you get in the QB's face all day long. That's the way I view it anyways. Of course you need a solid MLB and guys who can cover. But if I'm given the choice, I'll take an imposing front four any day of the week.
  14. They made a ton of offensive acquisitions and they have their QB. I'm sure the offense will need to be addressed next offseason. There's no reason you can't sign Clowney AND address the offense next year. The time to strike is when you're QB is on his rookie deal. Why not NOW? Sustained success just seems like another way of saying next NEXT year. At some point, these guys gotta win.
  15. His sheer mass dictates that two men will often be engaged. Not a classic double team per se. I'm pretty sure opposing teams are not intentionally dedicating two blockers to a guy who never makes plays. And yes, Belichick basically ensured that Star would be singled up by Mason. One of the many reasons we got steamrolled in that game. Exactly.
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