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  1. Every time I try to give Allen some credit, there you are!
  2. I take your point, but would counter that the Bills did try to acquire AB whether some want to believe it or not. In fairness, the draft capital was much less significant than what you'd have to give up for a Clark or a Clowney. I'm not at all concerned with the money because as long as JA is on a rookie deal, there's plenty of room to maneuver. The reason I was all in was because I fully believe a STUD DE would make this team playoff caliber even if the offense were to reach just "average." Yes. Sustained success is important, but a franchise like the Bills may as well start winning THIS season. A)Winning is contagious and B)You start enhancing your brand and all of a sudden, Buffalo is a much more desirable FA locale. So one could argue(and I am) that a proactive, big time move like that could very well go hand in hand with sustained success.
  3. I think Hyde is elite. I think Poyer is good. Just notice a trend where our safety tandem is linked at the hip and often viewed as one player. Hyde has virtually no weaknesses while Poyer has tackling issues and is out of position a little too often. Very good safety, but not as good as Hyde.
  4. Yeah. That was the one game last season that was "stolen" from the Bills. There are things to dislike about McDermott, but his record in contested games is very UnBillsy. That was an anomaly during his two year stint. I don't think we were aggressive enough offensively OR defensively. Seemed to be sitting on that slight lead hoping it would hold up. Have to be proactive.
  5. Yeah man. That's your trademark disclaimer. You're slipping! Great post BTW.
  6. 6 should be 1 and 5 should be 2. Allen's improvement will be the most critical factor offensively(obviously). The overall talent is not GREAT, but if the real deal, he'll elevate those around him in year 2. My main concern defensively remains edge rushers. Lorax is a great dude, but ancient. Hughes is solid, but not elite. Murphy and Lawson? Mehhhh. Oliver will help, but maybe not enough. I would feel much more confident going into this season if we'd have swung for the fences and landed Clark or Clowney.
  7. Sounds like it's a good thing for his life outside of football, which is great. Doesn't seem like a good thing for his football career. He seems much more focused on the former, which is fine. Most likely camp fodder.
  8. Really. I think I'd recognize him. The hair! He's small and slow. I don't think he lasts very long in the league.
  9. Correct. He's an excellent player. You may not like his antics, but he definitely brought more attention to the team. "The ONLY thing keeping the brand alive." Ego driven nonsense.
  10. OK. Replace "right" with "legitimate reason" if we're playing the semantics game.
  11. But we will certainly have a right to HATE taking him at 74 if he ISN'T a productive player. 3rd round running backs are expected to be relatively productive right out of the gate. I prefer your scenario, but time will tell. I have my doubts about Singletary. Love his backstory. Love his ability to get into the EZ. Very concerned about his size/speed ratio.
  12. Did I log onto a Patriots board or TMZ? Seriously, what's the fascination? Beat them on the field; period.
  13. I'm not even taking a side. I think the Jets have some advantages and the Bills have some advantages. Just noting that skill position players(outside of QB) are not a defining metric when comparing two teams.
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