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  1. I place the blame for that loss on the pass rush. There was virtually no pressure on Mayfield during the final drive. We faced a very weak QB lineup in 2019, so the pass rush has got to be better. There's a lot of bodies in the front 7 and several guys with talent, so I'm hoping McD and Frazier can put together a stronger PR. Not a huge fan of Frazier's non aggressive approach. Ed Oliver's progress is going to play a huge role in all of this.
  2. You and I have easy access to alot of Utah games. Watched enough of them to come to the opinion that the guy is just a baller. His vision and "burst" jump off the screen. The 40 time doesn't wow you, but there were some issues at the combine and his pro day 4.52 is fine. He's quite a bit more of a homerun hitter than Devin IMO. Very impressive duo. But the whole "afraid to tackle him" thing is a bit much.
  3. Just wanted to chime in and say that I'm liking Brandon Beane more and more with each passing season. As much as they preach and genuinely believe in character, they are smart enough to recognize that talent ultimately gets you over the hump. They're leaving no stone unturned.
  4. He was my favorite draft pick and my personal opinion is that he'll be a stud back; better than Devin. But I think it's just you.
  5. Ugh. That was legitimately one of the most embarrassing moments in Bills history. Like, come on man! Chad Pennington had all the agility of a statue.
  6. Absolutely love this pick. I think Moss is going to be a better back than Singletary TBH. Watched A LOT of Utah games living here in Vegas and this guy POPS.
  7. Okay. I'm at "meh." Thanks for the info.
  8. Fair enough, but the combine numbers perfectly align with the player I see on tape. I think he'll be a solid contributor, but to say his floor is Lawson is a bit hyperbolic. I've heard that a few times already. If he's Lawson, it will have been an excellent pick. To the "explosive pass rusher who'll make impact plays," that's my number 1 gripe here. The front 7 is STACKED with solid players. I was hoping they'd draft a guy I felt confident could at least compete with the Desaun Watson's of the world coming off the edge.
  9. I'm trying to come around to "meh" because I trust McDermott to understand how a player will fit his scheme; just doesn't address my concerns about the deficiencies we have w/ our DE unit as a whole. Hoping the combine was an aberration.
  10. Aaron Schobel was a beast. He used to get crucified because he didn't "hold up well at the point of attack." I like DE's who fly after QB's, but that's just me.
  11. I watched Desaun Watson make our edges look silly in a PLAYOFF game and would have preferred to see them add someone who can track. Sue me.
  12. Did Tom Donahoe make this pick or what? Defense is desperately in need of ATHLETIC edge players and we draft a guy that ran a 5.1 40? Not happy with this pick, but trust McD on defense and all that jazz.
  13. Yep. Because that's of paramount importance. Priorities! Anyway, don't like McShay, but obviously wish him well. Young/seemingly healthy guy so I would assume his prognosis is good.
  14. Yeah. His throwing motion during games was robotic. He was never "just playing ball." Case study in not having the right mentality to be an NFL starting QB. You have have an internal killer instinct to excel; so many external influences that the greats are able to ignore. Very likable dude who just didn't have the "it" factor.
  15. @RealKayAdams To be perfectly clear, I will absolutely be voting for Biden because I don't want to see a runaway SC and I'd prefer progressive ideas not get vetoed. But I won't be doing so enthusiastically. Pretty sure he'll win Nevada, but I think he's only got about a 35-40 percent chance of winning the GE. Republicans walk in lock step with their candidate while Democrats cannibalize their own. Too many Bernie bros are gonna sit this one out, and that's a shame, even if I get it. Classic vote against candidate X scenario. Didn't work in 2016. Probably won't work this time around.
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