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  1. For sure, but that makes more sense at the track itself. We were a sportsbook and the race handle was not great/very sporadic. No way to allocate enough time for a writer(glorified cashier) to educate. And no matter how hard I'd try to steer them in the direction of "take a horse to win," they'd glance at the screen and want to know what the hell a .10 superbox was or why the show price was so sh***y. Drunk as hell but wanna know how to do a tri-key! Wouldn't have been a big deal, but I had people breathing down my neck because the Kentucky game was about to start. Good times, but I digress.

    Hypothetical : Trade down in 1st with Raiders?

    I would say our edge pass rush wasn't particularly good in 2018 and it's only going to get worse unless we address the issue. Hughes is getting up there and is an impending FA(as you said). Shaq is not a great pass rusher. Lorax is just about done. I'd like to double down on the sentiment that pass rush is likely a much greater priority than fans would think. It also happens to be most important aspect of a defense in this football era. The only way to contain the top QB's is by getting in their mug all day. Ferrell please!
  3. Horse racing man. Spot on. I worked at a sportsbook in Vegas for 10 years recently and it was almost startling to see someone in their 20's/early 30's playing the pony's. The young people that did were the worst because they had no idea what they were doing and trying to explain horse racing to a drunk 25 year old is like....well it's like something that sucks.
  4. The Billboard charts are still relevant to an extent, though the criteria has shifted based on techMology. I don't know where you come up with these references, but Rod Stewart and Jingle Cats is some grade A material. Never even heard of Jingle cats, but Rod Stewart is funny all on his own. No wonder Maggie wasn't all in.
  5. Top right figure may be worse than the top left. Why in the world would you want to precisely be off target?

    Gronk likely headed for retirement per Rapoport

    Hate cliche's but the last guy really does always get called for the foul. So strike first! Doesn't apply to the Gronk play as Pitts, Brown or SOMEONE should have retaliated consequences be damned.

    How to split Direct TV to my garage

    I can promise you that you have all the leverage. As someone else mentioned, people are fleeing DTV for Sling, Hulu, etc. We had DirecTV for a long time and constantly got better deals by explaining the other options. Eventually got out of the contract. Hate to be that guy, but felt like we were getting screwed financially. I glean that you don't want to switch which is cool, but know that you have the leverage when negotiating with DTV. It's pretty similar to Verizon in that they'll work with you knowing there are cheaper options.

    Gronk likely headed for retirement per Rapoport

    Not 100 % sure on PF's. It seems like regardless of # of penalties, they offset if both teams commit them. Don't quite remember exactly how that play went down.

    Gronk likely headed for retirement per Rapoport

    The lights went out for Merriman rather abruptly. It's one per player/play as far as I understand the rule. Never seen the same guy flagged twice on the same play. I've seen multiple players flagged, but not one guy multiple times. Next step is ejection/fine.

    Gerald McCoy: Cap casualty

    He's a SLIGHTLY better version Kyle Williams(And I love Kyle). 54.5 career sacks and 79 TFL's. This guy is a playmaker. I'd be all over this.

    Startling Star statistic

    I understand the value of defensive lineman and I understand the difference between 3T and NT. Just not a fan of Star. You make solid points, but we're still talking about investing 20 plus MIL at DT when we need edge playmakers. Ideally we draft a Clenin Ferrill to mitigate some of the allocation issues.

    OT Jonah Williams in the first

    The value is very likely to be defense, but I definitely prefer Taylor to Williams. If we go OL in the FIRST round, I hope it's via trade down. Gotta draft offensive lineman. Don't have to do it in the first round. Quenton Nelson ain't walking through that draft door this year.
  13. Like a utility infielder. It's not an exciting signing, but that's clearly how they view Sirles. The important decisions are forthcoming.
  14. He's got x million reasons to live! Forget the exact number. Total nonsense. Poverty can create misery but money can not buy happiness. That's how I view it anyways.