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  1. So that brings up yet another tricky point. I'm not even sold on Ford at GUARD. With his size, he SHOULD be able to run people over, but I haven't seen it.
  2. Center is such an odd position. There are so few guys that have the cerebral part down in addition to EXCELLENCE in the physical aspect of the game. An "effective" center really only needs to be a "solid" blocker as long as they're getting everything else right. Wood INDEED looked a whole lot better when he had help at guard. Urbik and Pears. Eeek. So yeah, I think Feliciano is fine at RG provided he's able to recover. I keep going back to that LG spot..
  3. Ugh. See. This is where it gets tricky. Morse got the cash, so he's gonna be here. He's going to be the center and "hopefully" with at least one better flanker, his play will improve. I'm somewhat remiss to really critique Morse because it's a forgone conclusion he's gonna be the center. So knowing Beane will operate under that premise, I'm interested to see what they'll do at the G and RT position.
  4. I would say RT is the only POSITION of concern personnel wise WRT pass pro. Nsekhe was certainly better than Ford when healthy. I saw your take on Ty earlier and perhaps that's correct. Maybe he can man down RT in 2020. We'll see. As far as overall issues with pass pro, I don't see any of the other 4 starters in 2019 as liabilities. There were definitely times when the communication/assignments were off(not a GREAT look for Morse or Daboll), but that wasn't necessarily a personnel issue. That's mainly on Daboll and Johnson. As far as PFF, there are a ton of diverging opinions and you very well may be right. I WILL say that Spain's run blocking "number" was exactly where I'd expect it to be, so there's that. The Bills need a "mauler"(becoming redundant with that word) and LG seems like the perfect spot to upgrade all things considered as it applies to the Bills situation.
  5. As far as PFF, I said "some" merit because I do know NFL teams use their info. I've read quite a bit about their methodology that I can't recall at the moment because I'm losing EVERY bet I made, but I believe the consensus is that there are flaws, but the info is still somewhat useful. I think a great deal of the pass pro issues came from one position and that's RT. There were times when they seemed out of sync with the play call, but I'd say the pass pro was LESS of an issue than the overall run blocking. In other words, I think it's easier to fix the issues with pass pro considering there was a serious liability at just one position.
  6. Knock these rankings all you want, but they certainly have some merit. Allen needs to get better. We all know that. Spain rated 45!!!! as a run blocker, which surprises me 0.0 percent. He needs to go. Cody Ford also graded low as a run blocker. That's a problem for a guy his size. My main takeaway is that the offensive line needs to add a couple part to become a competent RUN BLOCK unit. The pass pro wasn't all that much of an issue.
  7. I'm guessing that's Singletary right there at 203 and 19 top speed. He's a nice player, but the Bills need to add a back who places higher on such a graph.
  8. Yeah. I honestly had no idea Shakira was even still doing music. Either way, don't really care. I watch football games for football; not commercials or halftime theatrics. To each their own.
  9. I think the Bills were actually an underachieving team, which is at least partially why fans wanted Rex GONE. They had alot of talent and weren't getting proportionate results. McDermott and Beane went a different route and got rid of guys who didn't fit what they were building, but McD inherited a "talented" football team. They've gotten to the playoffs twice in 3 seasons, so I'm not complaining. That being said, they have A LOT to prove in terms of acquiring offensive talent.
  10. Agree completely on the keys for Allen and I'm also not sure about Jackson's longevity. It looks like the strategy is (wisely) to let him get his rushing yards, but take away the bread and butter tosses to the tight ends. It's a pick your poison situation, but it definitely "worked" for the Titans. I think the Bills had the same strategy; just happened to catch us a few times. If you look at the playoff game, he had 20 rushes for 143 yards which is pretty remarkable if you consider they were down from the start. Doesn't mean you just let him run wild, but the strategy (appears to be) to rely on the front 7 to slow him down "enough," but do all you can to take away those TE's. So again, I just don't know about this QB class. The class was billed as "generational," but I'm old enough to remember 1999; TIM COUCH/Donovan McNabb/AKILI SMITH/Daunte Culpepper/CADE MCNOWN. So that's 3 flat out BUSTS, one very good QB (McNabb), and one guy who had some decent seasons(Culpepper). Not exactly generational. It IS too early to draw final conclusions on this class, but there are some similarities emerging. As I said before, Allen, for me, is the wildcard. I wouldn't be surprised it he doesn't improve in the areas you mentioned and remains a middle of the road guy, but I also wouldn't be shocked if he puts in so much work that he continues to defy analytics. He's already exceeded my expectations, so I'm much more open to the possibility that I was wrong initially. I'm far from sold, but I feel better about his chances now than I did when he was drafted. Rosen/Mayfield/Darnold. I just don't see greatness or even the potential for greatness. But that's just like, my opinion.
  11. There is certainly an amount of projection involved, but two seasons in is not too early to start thinking about the possibility. Outside of Jackson, the other 4 QB's have some serious question marks. Based on recent history, we generally have a decent idea as to who these are by now. Time will tell. As far as Darnold and Mayfield go, they COULD turn into franchise guys, but I don't personally see it. Allen is the guy I view as being the least "settled."Definitely improved a great deal in year 2. Still has a LONG ways to go, but he's got the highest ceiling. Doesn't mean he'll get there, but he's got a better shot than the other two IMO.
  12. Rosen does not have the pre-requisite arm strength required to excel at the NFL level, especially when you take into account his lack of mobility. He's in this position because he's simply not a good QB. People get really hung up on first round draft picks and the expectations that come along with that. It means nothing. There's a LONG list of first round quarterbacks who washed out of the league. I don't care about his personality or any of that nonsense. He's not good. I understand he's played under rough circumstances, but he doesn't pass the eye test. I caught large segments of games in 18' and one thing stood out when Rosen was in there; even when he made the proper read, which he does pretty well, he didn't have the zip on his passes to get the ball to the receiver on time. Many of these throws occurred when he had a clean pocket and a solid platform to throw from. He also doesn't have a great feel for pressure and where it's coming from. Guys like Brees and Brady don't have great arms(still better than Rosen's), but they're ELITE at sidestepping pressure and creating platforms/throwing lanes. Baker's not that good.(IMO) Darnold's not that good(IMO.) Rosen is not good at all.(IMO) Jackson is good, but I'm not sure how long it'll last. Allen is really the wildcard here. If he's able to elevate his game, the class looks quite a bit better. If not, this could very well be a historically bad QB class. Brees has ELITE pocket presence, which allows him to sidestep pressure and create throwing lanes. That's how he's been able to do what he does with his physical limitations. Chimed in before reading all the responses. Appears my entire post has already been covered.
  13. Yeah. I really don't understand the deal with Kenyon Drake. All the guy does is ball and he gets bounced from Miami for nothing. I'd be all for that.
  14. Based on these metrics, the greatest area of improvement from Allen needs to be YPA. Russ was more than 1.5 better in this category. Josh needs to become more "efficient." That comes with better recognition, better timing, and better ball placement. "Taking what the defense gives" you doesn't necessarily mean the checkdown. Sometimes as the play develops, Josh has a tendency to lock onto his primary target and that leads to a degree of inefficiency. Having said that, he is raw. The hope is that experience will slow things down for him. It goes without saying the Bills need to upgrade the skill position talent. But I said it anyways.
  15. Nobody has to feel "bad" for the guy, but he paid the ultimate price for his horrible decisions. He paid his debt as far as I'm concerned. Anyways, life is complicated. Of course he had to be held accountable for taking lives. But recognizing the guy had some SERIOUS psychological issues going on should not be conflated with justifying his actions.
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