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  1. 1999 was also a GENERATIONAL QB class; Tim Couch......... Donovan McNabb; Very good career. Daunte Culpepper; couple good seasons Akili Smith...... Cade McNown........................................... I'd have no problem if they added a receiver later in the draft, but I'd prefer they use their early picks on edge and even OL. They've got to start developing some young talent (preferably maulers) because the line is lacking in that department. The draft is to build your overall roster and not cater to any one position. We've already used our first round pick on a WR. Let's not become Matt Millen's Lions.
  2. Just been scrolling, but this piqued my interest. If the FBI is paying you, there has been an EGREGIOUS accounting mistake.😅 At any rate, the virus is a bit worse than I initially expected, but appears to be far less threatening than the doomsday predictions from last week. I do have concerns about the FALL/WINTER because logic dictates such viruses don't like the warmer weather. Obviously makes a vaccine imperative. Trump has been all over the map because that's what Trump does, but throughout the chaos, hospitals are generally getting what they need. Mainly wanted to say that if the FBI is paying you, the agency is in far more trouble than even YOU'VE reported.
  3. I've made up my mind; I'm WITH Allen. But he needs to perform like an upper echelon QB to be treated as one. He'll gain respect both locally and nationally if/when he takes another stride as a passer. As far as Josh Allen hate, I see it EVERYWHERE nationally, but almost never among Bills fans. One thing that irks me a bit is when we compare JA to the other members of the 2018 QB class. Being the best of the class will mean nothing if the class ends up being a dud. Josh showed steady improvement from year 1 to year 2. No doubt about it. But he's got to take another big step in 2020 to get the kind of uniform, unconditional praise you're seeking.
  4. One thing I gotta say about this Ryan Tannehill talk; there's not a SINGLE NFL ORGANIZATION in their right mind who would sign up for 6 years of mediocrity and a boom in year 7 that may or may not reflect growth. He walked into a perfect situation in Tennessee and played very well in relatively limited action. The jury is very much out as to whether that production will continue moving forward. No team would give up a first round pick, let alone a top 10 pick for that. As a matter of fact, teams would social distance from even being in that situation so they'd never bring that in unless they were going to sit him on the bench for a long stretch of time. Not saying Allen can't be better than Tannehill, but if he isn't; that's a SERIOUS problem. JA is going to bust his *** because he's got incredible work ethic. He's a great kid who desperately wants to get better, which is far more than you can say about someone like Jay Cutler. But the proof will be in the pudding and that proof SHOULD come to fruition in 2020.
  5. Agreed. I think the Titans just felt comfortable enough with the rest of that REALLY GOOD squad that they decided to stick with Tannehill for now. Not to say he doesn't offer them value; he's good at what that particular team asks him to do. Where he excels is in the screen game, and because of their OL/run game, those are gonna be open. He can find the right guy downfield when the box is stacked and they take a shot. He was really good at protecting the football. So they figured they'd ride it out for a little while. The notion that he's turned into some kind of franchise QB after years of "seasoning" is not a belief I share. They're close and they didn't feel like changing "captains." They'll be looking for their franchise guy soon enough. The one thing I always wanted to know during the Tannehill era was whether he or Moore were going to start against BUF. Felt a lot better about our chances if it was RT.
  6. No doubt. I haven't done nearly as much of my own "scouting"(and I use that term loosely) this season, but the draft appears to be thin at DE. Seen you mention that a few times. I want Clowney to fill the gap and potentially put the D over the top, but maybe that's a pipedream. DE remains my main concern, but we'll see how it all shakes out. I just think we're getting a little carried away with the receiver thing because it was so AWFUL during McD's first two seasons. Not only is it not awful, it's actually now a position of strength.
  7. I remember a time when the narrative was that receivers weren't that important and it was all about the QB and the OLINE. Now, it seems that filling the roster with 5 stud receivers is a must. Neither is correct. But the reality is that the Bills are very much set at receiver. If you look at the position relative to DE, the argument regarding Beasley/Brown being 30 is greatly diminished. Diggs is number 1 receiver entering his prime. When you have a true number 1 in his prime and solid players like Brown and Beasley, you're in good shape. Doesn't mean you don't continue to add to the position, but you don't really want to use your 2nd round pick there. At DE, we don't have that young stud. Addison and Hughes are Beasley/Brown. That's fine. But the DE group doesn't have a DIGGS. This is a terrific question because people are really getting carried away with the idea of creating a Madden like dream team at WR. You've got an entire roster to fill, and it would be foolish to OVER allocate resources to any one of them. It's time for the OC and the QB to get the job done. That's the bottom line.
  8. WR is now a position of strength. If the number 1 player on Beane's board is a WR, go for it. I'd have no problem with them adding an addition WR, but it's in no way a need. The offense NEEDS another back. They could use some help elsewhere. But this take seems over the top. I believe the onus is now on the OC and the QB to show what they can do with a competent supporting cast.
  9. I share many of the concerns about Clowney's low PR production, but I would be ALL in a short term/HIGH DOLLAR contract. The sack numbers are concerning, but he appears to do everything well and has not always been tasked with rushing the passer. He's an elite ATHLETE. The defense desperately needs an elite athlete on the edge. Someone you know can track a ball carrier/QB(maybe it happens down the field in his case). I'm with you on the combination aspect. Clowney would be a perfect compliment to Hughes and Addison(both long in the tooth and neither elite athletically). I could see that combination generating a ton of pressure and wreaking havoc on backfields. If we're talking about a short term deal, sign me up.
  10. Adequate healthcare in the prison system for starters. In many prisons, you basically have to be in the process of dying before you'll be seen by a healthcare professional. Prisoners are sentenced to incarceration for a period of time to repay their debt to society; unless they are sentenced to death, adequate healthcare should be a given. AFAIK, they don't have the option to purchase private insurance. Dawkins is concerned about his brother's health. THE HORROR!
  11. Same. Wallace had one bad stretch and was otherwise solid. McDermott seems to be able to find CB's at Wegman's. If the pass rush improves, the secondary will look a whole lot better.
  12. Uhhh. Why? I'd like to think we all wish him well, but I envision this thread going off the rails. Again. Why?
  13. That's good, because the schedule is far more difficult in terms of QB's we'll face and the pass rush needs to get a whole lot better. Still concerned about edge, but we'll see what happens. You'd have to assume EO will only get better.
  14. Eh. Don't really agree with this take. The offense was actually pretty "aggressive." They just weren't effective. And I suppose they could have dialed up more blitzes, but there's not much McD could do about the lackluster collection of pass rushers.
  15. Yeah. I'm still concerned about the pass rush. I've always been a guy who believes that getting in the QB's mug early and often is the single most important aspect of a defense. That 2014 D comes to mind when I think of "ideal." Beane has a collection of solid players on the DL, so I'm hoping the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I think some of us got lulled into a false sense of security in 2019 based on the fact that we had an extremely easy schedule as it pertains to opposing QB's. Haven't dug into the DE prospects this season because my focus has been elsewhere, but I'll take a look at this Greenwald fella. If there's a stud RB in the 2nd who's clearly the BPA, OK. So be it. I like Devin, but the offense is going to need a guy (or two) with a different skill set because he's not a "complete" back. Just so much more "value" at edge if we're talking about a 2nd RD pick, but you play the board according to how it shakes out I suppose. I will be disappointed if they don't add an edge in the first 4 rounds. Gotta take a shot there because it remains a need.
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