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  1. Beasley has brought a certain swagger to the team. He's my guy right now.
  2. Ok. Since we're airing the grievances against Flutie here, I HATED the narrative that he MADE Eric Moulds. If you don't recall this, you weren't paying attention. The media/fans acted like Moulds was a PS talent who had some kind of "magical" emergence simply because Doug Flutie created his very being. Moulds was already balling with RJ before Flutie ever took the field. Stats don't lie. Moulds was most definitely a media victim of Flutie for a couple of years. Guy was a stud who "figured it out" in his third season. Some of my disdain for Flutie isn't so much Doug himself, but the ridiculous nonsense devoid of fact that surrounded his "mystique."
  3. Daboll? Frazier? I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Excellent piece and I'm not sure Rivera would accept a DC role, but I'd take him in a heartbeat over Frazier.
  4. That's pretty much the worst video ever made.
  5. I know I'm an awful human being, but I chuckled here. Glad he's alive and well. Got that energy! Heart attacks ain't stopping this man. He's the Bills version of the SNL Bears skit.
  6. STILL cautiously optimistic. I really envy the unbridled enthusiasm, but I'll never allow myself to get overly excited when it comes to the Bills. This team feels different and they haven't been in this position in a LOOOOOOONG time. Still...Nothing would shock me in terms of something going sidewards. I'll FULLY believe when the Bills are hoisting a Lombardi. I'm enjoying everything play by play and snap by snap, but taking nothing for granted. That Pittsburgh game has bothered me for a while....we shall see. I'll be rooting just as hard if not harder than the optimists, but we HAVE to win that game. Yeah. I'm THAT guy.
  7. I've been saying this since early in his rookie season; uptempo lends itself to PLAYING and not thinking. JA is at his best when he's PLAYING. Talent has never been a question. The results speak for themselves since the Cleveland game.
  8. During the 99 season prior to the benching, he had accumulated 19 TD's and 16 picks through 15 games. Threw for about 200 YPG, did nothing on the ground, and completed 55 percent of his passes. AMAZING player! Can't believe a team would bench a guy with this type of "magical" season.
  9. Everyone is talking about Edmunds and Milano, but Ed Oliver could be an underrated key for the Bills to contain LJ. He's obviously gotta keep an eye on the interior runs, but he doesn't really hold up all that well at the point of attack. Just a fact. What he does EXCEPTIONALLY well is track ball carriers from behind. I could see EO coming out of nowhere as LJ is dancing around making the LB's miss. Jackson is not a straight line guy, so his runs usually take time to develop. That gives EO the opportunity to sneak on over.
  10. Not really. I thought he had potential, but it was obvious he didn't have the pocket presence to be an NFL QB. If the question is Rob Johnson or Doug Flutie, my answer is neither. That number 1 defense lead by Ted Washington was amazing and the only thing worth remembering from the late 90's era. Flutie and Johnson BOTH sucked.
  11. People always forget that he had his shot in the playoffs. He stumbled and fumbled the ball away in the closing seconds as Armstrong easily stripped him near the goal line. "Mr Clutch" that Flutie. That Miami team went on to lose the following week by 35 points. Tennessee was a MUCH tougher game and the Bills should have won. It's easy to say Flutie could have scored 20 points, but that's the same argument people would make for Tyrod prior to the Jax game had we known the final score. Let's say someone like Fitz played and had a bad Fitz performance where he handed the ball to the Jags several times and the Bills lost 17-10. People would say Tyrod ball would lead to at least 17. Flutie just wasn't that good, so it didn't matter all that much which QB played against Tennessee. Not only is Flutie the most overrated QB in Bills history, the "DECISION" is also the most overrated coaching(OWNER) move the franchise has ever made. Neither Flutie nor Johnson were any good. That number 1 defense Wade Phillips put together was the sole reason the team was in the playoffs.
  12. Yeah. He'll pull a Costanza. "So I am breaking up with YOU."
  13. Please god no. The cereal was awful and that era was full of disappointment. I HATED Flutiemania because he wasn't really a Buffalo Bill. Not sure how to describe it, but he never seemed like "our" guy. And he was INCREDIBLY overrated to boot. Let that era GO.
  14. That rushing disparity is actually rather large and the reason Jackson is not a good comparison. Allen wowed as a rookie and is still a VERY good rusher, but he's not in the same ballpark as LJ(In THAT category). Again, Allen has been excellent 3 games in a row without getting to or even particularly close to 300. So in the context of one game, passing yards don't mean much. But the Bills, on a whole, are still averaging just over 21 PPG. So that begs the question; how are they going to increase that long term. They're going to need to gain more yards. Where are those yards going to come from? Well, the running game needs to get better for starters. But so does the passing yardage. Yards don't equal points, but there is a correlation. I'm super impressed with Allen and I'm close to being sold; but I don't think it's some crazy notion to believe the passing yardage will increase if A) Allen continues to improve and B) the PPG is going to rise, which it needs to overall. 300 yard games WILL come if and when Allen take another leap. He's certainly taken a few already. I think Mahomes is permanent elite-not so sure about LJ.
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