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  1. Would you trade winning for an obnoxious bandwagon fan base? Could happen if Bills get good.
  2. It is truly disgusting when there are 32 teams and vast majority are Pats fan. People are sheep.
  3. There seems to be an infestation of Pats fans here in Niagara, Ontario. Idiots.
  4. They let Aaron Hernandez go, but that was a murder charge and this was (if true) a rape. Do you think they let him go tomorrow? Do you care at this point? Im thinking more about Barkley this weekend. He could chew us up.
  5. Weird this all went down in last few days so he wont play against the Steelers
  6. I dare any of you to do something else on Sundays. This league and refs are trash.
  7. This sucks. NE will never go away unless there is a plane crash.
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