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  1. I know Roscoe was very fast, but Josh had a knack of getting open.
  2. Is this really the time to blame the defence. They have won a few games for us this year and despite that drive still played an alright game. They get a pass from me this time.
  3. Opening scene of Embedded at dinner scene I think Josh called him Hausch money as they sat around with their good looking women and Matt Barkley. What a bunch of amateurs.
  4. Have to be the draft. I still wouldn’t want AB here.
  5. He didn’t refuse it or anything though. Such a stupid name.
  6. Has this guy ever made a big kick for the Bills? I think Steve Christie was the best we ever had.
  7. I agree lets hope to beat browns but i wonder at what point we forget the division. Maybe we have a scenario where the pats and jets games in december are meaningless creating an extra bye before wildcard
  8. Do you want the Bills to go all out( rush injured players back etc) and try to win the division? Or should they take it slow and accept the fact they will likely be a 5 or 6 seed? This may even create a possible bye week / meaningless game in week 17 vs the Jets prior to the Wildcard at Hou/Ind/KC
  9. Those are good points. Can’t imagine Landry hurting Taylor. Taylor would of crippled him on the next pass his way.
  10. We need to respect the Browns despite the disfunction..they still have talent (i guess all nfl teams do) and beckham could light us up. I think the line should be pick em
  11. Likely 8-3 going to Dallas so i would think the Cleveland game is the most likely game to lose of the 3. That being said Miami is showing some signs of life and will still be tougher than we thought a month ago.
  12. Lol his tenure with the Redskins was post Buffalo, right? That had to be a tough week for the Skins though..it would be like Hyde or White dying. There is a brotherhood on the field.
  13. Gibbs called timeouts on back to back attempts. It was unsportsmanlike conduct 15 yds.
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