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  1. I agree. My thought is if he does unretire and becomes a FA, will this spark other players to retire so they can bypass and play for whoever they wish. I’ve read in some contracts that they can not do this. Not sure about Gronks.
  2. I know he jokes around, but I have seen crazier things if he really does want to come back. Still researching if he unretires would he be a FA/could he go anywhere/do the Pats get compensation. https://sports.yahoo.com/rob-gronkowski-confirms-he-is-actually-retired-but-then-immediately-suggests-he-could-return-143718537.html
  3. I usually take the day off but may have to work. Either way. I may be drunk in some random bar in Utah. 🤷‍♀️
  4. Bills trade down. QB gets selected at 9. Bills trade down again. Bills draft Anthony Johnson WR
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