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  1. Tasker has to get in. Best special teams player to have ever played for the NFL 100 year anniversary. Great marketing right there.
  2. Tasker has to get in the 2020 class. Polamalu Bruce Tasker Bosselli Lynch
  3. They got cute with the passing game last week. It happens. 41 pass attempts in a close game? 🤷‍♀️ Much respect for Fitz and the Phins, down the stretch they could win the rest of their games. Still think Bills are hungrier in this one. The team comes out this week, controlling the tempo and clock. Gore needs 73 yards to pass Barry Sanders for 3rd all-time in his hometown. Bills 24 - Dullphins 16. Gore gets his glory and we get our W
  4. I would be shocked if Gase was still the HC. He has failed his team on all levels as a coach.
  5. Pressure is on our young QB now to evolve, lead and start getting this team more point. This was a wakeup call for him. He knows that he has to take his game to another level. As much as I agree with we are one year away, push his buttons. He’s been clutch before. Would like to see Allen get pressured in blitz sets that he was experiencing during the Browns game. You have to sink before you can swim. Let’s eat and get to the playoffs!
  6. The missed field goals hurt. The overthrown deep balls hurt. The WR drops hurt. Daboll’s game plan was predictable, simple and unimaginative. I still think Daboll is a smart OC and will get better. The whole offensive side needs to come together, be accountable and push through this. This is a wake up call game. Bet we see a more intense group against the Phins this week. Please, Josh Allen slide!
  7. PR wise it could be the Chargers making noise. But, reality this could be the team that goes to London. Dean Spanos going for more money? Sounds like the Spanos family.
  8. I agree with you. The benefits are in traveling are rest, more game film and less training then the other team. It could work. Maybe.
  9. Bet he tried. Some teams want a ransom for some players. The team was mentioned in the Sanders and Sanu trades.
  10. Every team has a back to reality game. The Eagles were the hungrier team. They were embarrassed from the Dallas game. Hope this team feels the same and beats the Skins.
  11. Had this injury. Now that the patella has dislocated, it could easily dislocate again. He has to strengthen the tendons and muscles around the dislocation. They say three weeks, I bet it takes longer. If he pivots wrong, even in a brace, it could pop out.
  12. Pretty sure you get cleared by an independent doctor. So, Glenn is going to Glenn. Not the Bengals fault.
  13. I have always wanted him to have another shot. In real-time it is hard to sign him. The media would have a field day with questions on if/when he would start if he signed with the Bills. I do wish him the best. He deserves the right fit. The Bills are not that fit tho.
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