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  1. I have always wanted him to have another shot. In real-time it is hard to sign him. The media would have a field day with questions on if/when he would start if he signed with the Bills. I do wish him the best. He deserves the right fit. The Bills are not that fit tho.
  2. Both KC losses didn't shock me. I wouldn't be surprised if NE does lose to the Jets. Also, the Jets do have an easy pass schedule coming down the line.
  3. I love the Cowboys of the 1970’s. They Dplayers did cocaine. Hollywood Henderson talked about it on several podcasts on how he was so lit during halftime of the Super Bowl that he forgot what the score was.
  4. Just slide. It’s not a negative; it is a must in the game now. Slide, and he’s protected.
  5. This was one of my first posts was discussing the trade. I was stoked, crushing a paper for college. Then, there was no trade. 🤣
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