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  1. Possible Babich Ron Rivera 🤷‍♀️
  2. Less deep balls. Want to say we are 2 rec - 10,000 incompletes going long since Week 1.
  3. The odd thing about this rumor is it has smoke, but is it just a ploy to get more from other teams? I keep trying to find more info. All I got is twitter stuff and click bait pieces.
  4. The team fought through injuries and supreme high expectations last season, of which, sums up 2022. In my eyes, they did great. After Allen’s injury against the Jets, Davis’ stats declined. Business standpoint, Oliver could be still be traded. In the right system he can flourish. Tremendous athlete and team player. Still, see this team bouncing back. The moves in FA are great. The nucleus of the team is still there.
  5. Let him go! He is under contract and could go to AZ. Not a team player, only about HIM! Bye
  6. After the press conference with Josh, I was so irritated, (mostly all the time by Sullivan) but the fact he always focuses on shock stuff. It was almost an FU to the Bills and to Josh. Glad Josh gave him those FU eyes back followed by ‘OK’ back to Jerry. I get it. It’s his schtick. Well, it bit him finally. Bye Jerry!
  7. Airplane tickets bought. Just got tickets. Section 124 Row 1 It is me and my daughter. I’m in! ❤️🥳
  8. A chunk of it is going to signing our draft dudes. But, would be awesome to see what they could get after June 1st cuts Also, Salt Lake Bills Backers 4 Life! 🤗
  9. All stadiums are heading that way, if they havent yet--they will.
  10. BPA at 30 Unless a proposal is just too sweet af
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