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  1. mjt328

    T.J. Hockenson

    Last year's offense didn't use the Tight Ends very much in the passing game. Maybe that would change under Brian Daboll if we gave him a better TE to use. I don't know. If we are going to utilize his skills, then I'm OK with taking a top TE prospect in the late first round. But TE is just not a position that should go in the Top 10, unless he's a can't-miss "next Tony Gonzalez" player who is fantastic at both blocking and receiving.
  2. mjt328

    Hearing Broncos will let Matt Paradis test FA

    Ryan Kalil retired. When it comes to Center, the Bills only have two good options in Free Agency: - Matt Paradis - Mitch Morse After that, you only have a handful of guys with any real starting experience in the NFL. And I wouldn't consider any of those guys (Matt Skura, Spencer Pulley, etc.) to be upgrades from Russell Bodine or Ryan Groy. If you don't get Paradis and you don't get Morse (and believe me, there will be a very big market for both), then your only choice is looking to the draft. There are some decent 2nd-3rd Round options like Elgton Jenkins, Garrett Bradbury, Erick McCoy and Michael Jordan. But I never like going into the draft with a desperate need at any position. That's probably why Beane jumped on getting Spencer Long. Because if we strike out on all of the above, Long was probably the next best option.
  3. mjt328

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    I agree about Nick Foles. The problem is... before the Flacco trade, the draft placement for Denver was perfect for us. If you are looking for a trade-down, the best place to be is 1-2 spots before a team that needs a Quarterback. Miami and Washington no longer have the incentive to move into the Top 10, unless Denver can still convince everyone they will still be taking a QB at #10.
  4. mjt328

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    Brandon Beane did a great job getting a high 3rd Round Pick for Tyrod Taylor. Absolutely no doubt about it. However... the salary cap must be taken into account when talking about trades. Teams aren't just trading for a player. They are also trading for his contract. I've defended Beane trading away Marcel Dareus for a 7th Round pick. Regardless of how much Dareus' fell play off, it certainly wasn't to the level of a 7th Round Pick. Unless you factor in the contract we were shedding.
  5. mjt328

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    It's too early to judge 2018. But either way, it's really irrelevant to the point I was making. They did kill the 2017 and 2016 drafts, which has allowed them to overcome the "salary cap hell" they were faced with. For instance - They decided to trade away Brandin Cooks, knowing they would be unable to re-sign him in Free Agency the next season. But they never missed Cooks at all, thanks to them landing Michael Thomas in the second round the same year.
  6. mjt328

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    The Saints successfully maneuvered out of "cap hell" through excellent drafting. In fact, you may not find a better drafting team over the past few years. Teams with salary cap problems have trouble re-signing talent, adding free agents and may be forced to cut players under contract. The Saints have been forced to do this. You just don't notice the players they are losing, because they are easily replacing them with draft picks.
  7. mjt328

    Ravens trading Joe Flacco to Broncos

    I guess the possible Free Agents can be looked at as a positive. But it's definitely a negative for anyone hoping for a trade-down, or for more non-QB talent to drop in the draft. The QB needy teams now stand as: #6 - New York Giants #7 - Jacksonville Jaguars #13 - Miami Dolphins #15 - Washington Redskins Out best bet was for either the Dolphins or Redskins to make a move to get ahead of Denver (drafting at #10). It's still possible that Washington tries to move ahead of Miami. But now they have other teams like Denver, Cincinnati and Green Bay to negotiate with, which drives down the price we can ask.
  8. mjt328

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Free Agency hasn't started. The Draft hasn't started. Beane literally signed the ONLY offensive lineman with starting experience available in February. And people are freaking out like the front office is done adding players and ready to move into training camp. Besides. The best veteran signings are always the ones that fly under the radar. Remember all the criticism after we signed Jordan Poyer? One of the priority moves of this regime was to sign a safety from a 1-15 team with a terrible secondary.
  9. mjt328

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Going into the offseason, we needed (at the very least) starters at Center, Right Guard and Right Tackle. That's assuming Wyatt Teller progresses in his second season, and Dion Dawkins proves his sophomore slump was a fluke. And if the starters are bad, what does that say about our depth? To bring in a guy with 4-5 years of starting experience at multiple positions, at a reasonable contract, more than a month before Free Agency even starts - you really can't hate on this move. At the very least, he's depth and competition. Maybe a center. Maybe a guard. I've said it before. Even if we are VERY aggressive in Free Agency, there are no guarantees we get the guys we target. The market for O-Line this year is not great. And we don't have enough draft picks to address every position we need an upgrade in. It's good to have a solid backup ready just in case we strikeout getting the guys we really want.
  10. I agree with this. In retrospect, Brandon Beane's decision to trade AJ McCarron was clearly a mistake. He has readily admitted as much. If people want to criticize him, that's fine. But don't forget that MANY were calling for McCarron to get cut outright, and calling Beane a genius after the 4th preseason game for getting a draft pick in return. Personally, I would rather judge Beane by his entire body of work after some time on the job, rather than nitpick every little move he makes. On a side note, I really find the Nathan Peterman situation puzzling. What is it about the guy that inspired such confidence in both the coaching staff AND the front office. Heck, after the preseason - lots of fans were optimistic that he would start the whole season and bring us back to the playoffs. Think about all the decisions made by the Bills over the last 2 seasons, because of their unwavering confidence in Peterman. There is absolutely no way these things happen if Peterman looks anything in practice like he does in games.
  11. mjt328

    GM for a minute.

    C - Matt Paradis $5 RT - Ju'Wuan James $3 LT - Trent Brown $3 DT - Sheldon Richardson $3 TE - Maxx Williams $1 Move Dion Dawkins to LG and Wyatt Teller to RG. Trade down in the draft to get an additional 1st or 2nd Round Pick. My targeted positions in the first three rounds (4 picks): WR, RB, TE and DE In this scenario, I think Sheldon Richardson is a good deal and would fit better at replacing Kyle Williams.
  12. mjt328

    Mike Iupati Anyone?

    Has Bobby Johnson stated what kind of blocking scheme we will be running? He was with the Colts last year. From what I've read, the Colts ran a mix of power and zone concepts. Since we are giving our O-Line a total overhaul, I think Johnson would have the freedom to adjust to whatever talent he is given. In terms of Mike Iupati, I think the Bills should definitely take a look. The guard market is very thin in both free agency and the draft. When the guy plays, he's really good. If he manages to stay healthy, you may get a huge steal.
  13. Sure. You are always going to find examples of Day 3 picks (and even undrafted free agents) who become good/great starters. But if we are truly planning to compete for the AFC East next year, then we can't go into the season relying on rookies drafted 4th Round or later. In my opinion, that's not truly "addressing" a position. It's crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.
  14. It's hard to say what our best move is, until we see: A) What we land in Free Agency B) Who is on the board at #9 By my count, the Bills need serious upgrades at Center, Guard, Tackle, Wide Receiver and Tight End. Even if we re-sign Jordan Phillips, we still don't really have a 3-Tech Defensive Tackle. And even if you are in denial that Shady has lost a step, it certainly can't hurt to add another Running Back. That gives us seven glaring problems in the starting lineup, which need to be addressed if we truly want to compete for the playoffs/division in 2019. Personally, I think everyone picked on Day 3 of the draft is a long-shot to make an impact (at least during their rookie season). Which means (barring a trade-down), we can only really expect to address three of those seven holes on draft day. The rest need to be filled with free agents. Considering how much cap space we have, I think landing a half-dozen starting caliber free agents is certainly doable. But we aren't the only team competing for those guys, and some of the positions we need (WR and OG for instance) are very thin with guys that could truly be considered upgrades. If we strikeout in free agency, then Beane may have no choice than to move down for more Day 1-2 picks.