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  1. People don't remember the players the Saints were forced to let go, because they have done such an excellent job drafting. That's the only reason it took so long for the salary cap to totally catch-up. Just look at the receiving weapons for Drew Brees. The year they went to the Super Bowl, their main guys were Marques Colston/Devery Henderson/Robert Meachem/Lance Moore. The only guy who really got paid from that group was Colston. As the other guys started leaving or fading off, Jimmy Graham developed into a top tight end and replaced that production. Before the Saints got
  2. I have my own ranking system for draft picks. A - All-Pro/Pro-Bowler B - Solid Starter C - Rotational Player D - Backup/Special Teams F - Out of League Tre White is clearly an A, and one of the best corners in the NFL. Zay Jones was a major disappointment here, but has settled as backup for the Raiders. He just re-signed with them on a 1-year-deal. Grade him a D. Dion Dawkins is a solid B, as a solid starting left tackle. Matt Milano is also a B (maybe a B+). I think he's got some potential to become a Pro-Bowler in this league though.
  3. I'm not sure what our 2018 dead cap situation has to do with 2021. It has been off the books for 3 offseasons now. The idea behind taking on that dead cap at once, was to give us more flexibility in future years. And it worked. We suffered through a 6-10 during Allen's rookie season. Then jumped to 10 wins. Then to 13. I agree that Star Lotulelei and Mario Addison are overpaid, based purely on production. But sometimes you also need a veteran-bridge while rebuilding your roster. You can't just fill a team with rookies and expect to succeed. Part of the process has been ke
  4. Not sure we can really blame COVID. Other teams in similar situations found ways to spend money this offseason. Brandon Beane's mentality is just different than most GMs. The recent trend around the NFL is for teams to go ALL-IN after hitting on a franchise quarterback. The idea is to stack the roster like crazy before they are forced to pay said QB $30-40 million per year. This allows for a 2-3 year window, and hopefully you can get a trophy before the entire structure collapses. Then a rebuild becomes necessary. We are seeing this right now with the Chiefs, who are alre
  5. It would be great to have both. No doubt. I would love to see Singletary/Moss turn into superstars. It's just about allocating resources. Not all positions can get equal attention. If you decided to spend a Round 1-3 pick on all of the 22 starting spots, it would take over 7 years to address every position. Most teams can only afford between 5-10 players (depending on the QB contract) making over $10 million per year. My opinion is that Quarterback, Offensive Tackle and Edge Rusher always get first priority. They are followed by Wide Receiver and Corner
  6. Everybody would love to have 22 superstars, backed up by incredible depth at every position. But with the salary cap, teams need to prioritize the areas they consider most important. For example, this draft really showed how much Sean McDermott's defense emphasizes the D-Line over the secondary. In this kind of zone scheme, they don't see the need to obtain multiple lock-down corners. With enough pressure, they are confident Levi Wallace/Dane Jackson can do the job. Outside of a few exceptions (Tennessee for instance), I believe that RB is also way low on that li
  7. As Buffalo Bills fans, we have a history of all-time great running backs (Cookie Gilchrist, OJ Simpson, Thurman Thomas). Even during the playoff drought, we had two potential future Hall of Famers on the roster (Marshawn Lynch, LeSean McCoy), a couple first round picks (Willis McGahee, CJ Spiller) and the extremely popular Fred Jackson. Then you have Travis Henry, who ran for 1400 and 1300+ in back to back years. It's tough for people in this city to accept the facts, because for so many years THIS POSITION was pretty much all we had on offense. Outside of fantasy football,
  8. There are still two decent remaining options (at least) remaining on the free agent market: Richard Sherman and Casey Heyward I would like them to go after one of those vets. But I think it's just as likely we grab someone even cheaper at the vet minimum. As someone else said, I'm starting to believe Sean McDermott does not value the #2 corner position. He knows teams are going to play away from Tre White, and just wants someone who can tackle. Every other position on the roster has been aggressively addressed either in the draft or free agency. That spot has b
  9. You can't take the shots you don't take. Of course there is a chance Zach Wilson and Mac Jones bust. Tua didn't look very good as a rookie, so he could as well. But if those teams are going to take a legitimate step forward into contention, it all starts with drafting the right Quarterback. It's hard to believe all the years we wasted trying to build teams around guys like Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Kyle Orton. Instead, we should have drafted a QB in the first round every 2-3 seasons until we hit. The best thing for Buffalo would have been for the Je
  10. Looking through this thread, I find the player comps interesting. Rousseau is really nothing like Aaron Maybin, Shaq Lawson, AJ Epenesa in anyway that I can tell. Maybin was ridiculously undersized. Not just in weight, but also in his overall frame. It still baffles me that anyone believed he could put on the weight necessary to play Defensive End in the NFL. Rousseau is already 20 pounds heavier that Maybin, and still has plenty of room to grow. He has the potential to actually be a very big guy. If anyone reminds me of Lawson in this draft, it was Kwity Paye
  11. We can agree to disagree. I just don't see great burst or closing speed when watching Rousseau. Again, I'm not complaining about the pick. Just pointing out my observations. When you see a guy with his build (tall and skinny), you expect to see tape that resembles Azeez Ojulari. Constantly beating tackles around the corner with speed. But when you watch Rousseau, his best production is actually beating Guards inside like a 3-Tech Defensive Tackle. Anytime you see a player with odd characteristics, it makes them tough to rank (especially one who hasn't played
  12. It takes roughly 2-3 years for most players to develop. So you can't really judge a draft choice until that point. But the NFL Draft is a big event. Everybody wants to talk about how good each team did. The only way you can really judge at this point is by looking at value (where did the consensus rank him), and how well team needs were addressed. Maybe I'm looking different places than you are, but I can't find anywhere where Alex Leatherwood was ranked that high. I usually keep track of about a dozen sites (NFL.com, ESPN, CBS, Fox, NBC, Sports Illustrated, Spor
  13. Yep. That is the only downside of winning a lot of games. Drafting becomes infinitely more difficult.
  14. I said it for weeks. The media was too caught up in assigning a "type" of QB to Kyle Shanahan. Since he had success in the past with Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan, that must be the kind of Quarterback he prefers. Trading up for Mac Jones never made any sense, and would have been ridiculously stupid.
  15. I mentioned in another thread, the issue with Koramoah is usage. The talent is off the charts. But he's not just a typical position player. He's a hybrid chess-piece. The defensive coaching staff needs to have a plan for how to use him, or he's just going to sit the bench and waste space. He was my first choice as well. But that's without knowing the discussions happening inside One Bills Drive.
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