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  1. The Bills offense has been streaky and inconsistent, pretty much since Week 2 against the Titans. And during that period, there have been stretches where they have really struggled. Bad. I think people saw the trading for Nyheim Hines as a way to get the RBs involved in the pass game. Maybe bring another element to the offense. But just like everyone on the offense not named Stefon Diggs, he isn't doing ANYTHING. We aren't even TRYING to put the ball in his hands. It's baffling. The lack of creativity by Ken Dorsey is really starting to wear me down. It's literally been the same thing for 2+ months, and defenses are clearly catching on. No screens. No slants. Guys never open downfield. Just a total mess in the Red Zone.
  2. They won, so it must be good luck. Maybe it can become their new mascot, and they can replace that dumb elf at mid-field. A skunk actually fits the franchise very well.
  3. Fair or not... the expectations for the 2022 Buffalo Bills were probably higher than any other point in franchise history. Coming into this season, Vegas had us as hands-down Super Bowl favorites. Most of the media personalities also picked us to win it. I don't recall that even happening during the 90s (when teams like the 49ers and Cowboys were considered better). Fans who have been waiting 30, 40, 50+ years for a championship, spent the entire offseason building themselves up and saying "THIS IS OUR YEAR." At this point, the team simply has not lived up to those high expectations. Since the blowout in Tennessee, the team has been on a clear and obvious decline: - First the offense started looking streaky and sloppy, leading to the Week 3 loss in Miami. Although they are still putting decent points on the board, the fact remains: The Bills haven't had 4 quarters of strong offense since the Titans game. Even against the Steelers, the Bills only scored once in the second half. - Since the bye, the defense has struggled terribly. They went from a strength to a liability. It started with run defense, and has bled over to us getting torched in the secondary. We almost let the Packers back into the game. Lost two straight to the Jets and Vikings. And then barely scraped out wins against the Browns and Lions. Maybe the problem is injuries. Maybe it's player talent. Maybe it's coaching. The fact remains, this team needs to turn things around ASAP. The next three games will likely determine our season. If we get the Bills from Weeks 8-12, our best bet will be a Wild Card spot.
  4. I'm not boasting until the Bills take care of business over the next three weeks.
  5. As the season progresses, it becomes more clear which players are holding a team back. The ones who keep making critical mistakes at crucial times. In all three of the Bills losses, it can be argued that Gabe Davis cost us big with drops... and Isaiah McKenzie cost us big with mental mistakes.
  6. It's long past time for Isaiah McKenzie to take a seat, and let Khalil Shakir get some snaps. To be a good starting slot receiver in 2022, a player needs to: - Be shifty in small space, with the ability to get open with quick moves. - Be very reliable with his hands. - Have a instinct for getting a few extra YAC on third down. Cole Beasley had all three of these traits. Shakir has shown flashes of all three. McKenzie has some quick burst speed, but isn't a great route-runner, struggles to make difficult catches, and tries to avoid contact. He does have some usable skills with the right offensive coordinator. A creative play caller who can find 3-4 effective plays for a speedy gadget guy. That OC doesn't appear to be Ken Dorsey, who is struggling with much simpler stuff.
  7. The two main jobs of a WR are to: a) Get open b) Catch the ball If Davis can't be relied upon to catch the ball, then having him on the team is pointless. Any #2 who can simply catch the ball would be an upgrade. We can't afford to have a guy constantly killing drives. Put in Khalil Shakir or Tanner Gentry, or sign a guy off the street. Run the ball more. And I'm someone who was pumping up Davis in the offseason, expecting him to go off this year. (And no, I don't gamble or play fantasy football). Hopefully he turns things around quick, because he's one of the guys killing our season.
  8. His yardage stats are very misleading, because he's been totally boom or bust. For every big play he makes, he's also dropping a catchable ball. He had another one on Sunday that killed a promising drive (settled for a field goal), and almost blew an onside kick. As someone else mentioned, he dropped what should have been a touchdown against Miami (we lost by two points). He dropped a bomb on the final play against the Jets (would have put us in field goal range in a game we lost by three points). And if the refs called for a booth review, they would have taken away his sideline catch against the Vikings (on the drive that sent us to overtime). All of the criticism directed his way has been totally justified.
  9. I'm an old timer (been watching since the late 1980s), and that's probably why I feel so much urgency to win this year. I've seen how quickly the championship window closes in the NFL, and how few chances most teams actually get. This year we are watching the sun set on a few great/really good QBs. Aaron Rodgers had one Super Bowl win. Russell Wilson the same. Matt Ryan had one appearance. The idea that we have another 10-15 years ahead of us with elite Josh Allen is probably wishful thinking. I really hate to say it. But history is not on our side. Look at the careers of QBs who play his style (Cam Newton, Michael Vick, Steve Young). Those guys really had 7-8 years of high-level play, and then fell off a cliff. It's easy to say Allen will just adapt to becoming a pocket passer. But we really don't know for sure. Everyone thought Russell Wilson was an elite passer, until he stopped using his legs. There is a really good chance the defense takes a significant step back in 2023, due to free agency and the salary cap. The Bills really need to seal the deal with this group.
  10. To be fair, most of us came into the season expecting the Bills to win the Super Bowl. THIS YEAR. Anything less is going to be considered a massive disappointment and utter failure of a season. Regardless of injuries or adversity. Looking inferior to the team who has eliminated us two straight seasons SHOULD upset fans, and sound warning bells. Just one month ago (at the bye), we were in the driver's seat for the #1 seed in the AFC. Just defeated the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Boasted the best record in the conference AND had tiebreakers over every other division winner. In the course of only three games, the Bills managed to lose control of the #1 seed AND their own division. The AFC East still seems winnable, since we still have another game against Miami. But homefield in the playoffs already looks long-gone. Most of us aren't upset because we honestly feel the Bills stink or that they will miss the playoffs. Most of us are upset, because this team is repeating the same pattern as in 2021. Bad luck. Blowing winnable games. Losing to inferior teams. Letting homefield slip away. And it all culminating in another crushing playoff defeat in Kansas City.
  11. The Bills had a few questions going into the season (just like every team in the NFL). Especially on offense. Most of us didn't worry too much, because they all seemed like easy lay-ups. But just like typical Bills luck, almost every gamble we made on that side of the ball has totally backfired: Could Ken Dorsey step into the offensive coordinator role, and replace Brian Daboll? Since Dorsey had been on the staff for three seasons, and was handpicked by Josh Allen, most of us figured he would be fine. Maybe even an upgrade. If things got rough, all he needed to do was pull formations/plays from last season. Things looked good for a 2-3 games, and has been horribly inconsistent ever since. Our Red Zone performance is embarrassing. Could Gabe Davis take over the #2 receiver role? After two seasons of stellar play off the bench, and absolutely torching the Chiefs in the playoffs, many of us saw him as our version of "Reggie Wayne" or Torry Holt" in a record-breaking scoring attack. Instead, Davis has struggled badly with drops. Last week, the Vikings said he can only run three routes and is easy to defend. Could someone step into the slot role and replace Cole Beasley's production? Another slam-dunk, right? Beasley played hurt most of last season, and his head/heart didn't seem to be in it anymore. Jameson Crowder was a somewhat proven vet. Khalil Shakir was a promising rookie. And Isaiah McKenzie beat them both in training camp. At least one should work out. Crowder got hurt. McKenzie is good for one dumb mistake per game. And Shakir is invisible. Could the return of Aaron Kromer and addition of Rodger Saffold help upgrade the O-Line, and give us a strong pivot with the running game? For the most part, the answer has been no (hopefully Sunday was a positive sign). This team only seems to have consistency running with Allen, or when the defense is expecting the pass. Yes. The additions to our D-Line have been great, and we have two very promising rookies at cornerback. But that improvement has been totally offset by injuries. Micah Hyde gone for the season after Week 2. Tre White still not back after 10 games. Almost every starter has missed at least 1-2 games, if not more. This season has been especially frustrating to watch... when you consider the Kansas City Chiefs traded away one of their best players and haven't missed him in the slightest.
  12. I see a lot of smart@$$ comments, about how the Bills still rank high statistically in offense. The problem is, we ran up the stats big in Week 1-2 and then against Pittsburgh with two really big passing plays. Things have been trending down very quickly since that point, especially in the Red Zone. Starting in Week 3 (against the Dolphins), the offense has been very spotty and only played good for 1-2 quarters per game. They either start strong and fade after halftime, or start really flat and need to catch-up. With all the injuries on defense, the Bills can't afford to take multiple weeks to "figure things out" on the offensive side too. If we don't fix things quickly, this season is going to spiral out of control, and this team will be in serious danger of missing the playoffs.
  13. Hate to say it, but our chances at the #1 seed are probably gone at this point. Kansas City will probably lose another game. But then again, so will the Bills. And I still wouldn't count out teams like the Titans, Ravens or Dolphins. Winning the AFC East is going to be a real challenge.
  14. If you really think about it, those AFL Championships (1964 and 1965) are almost an extension of this franchise's ridiculous bad luck. The Bills were a very dominant football team those two seasons... which of course were right before the league's merged and the Super Bowl was created (in 1966). Had the Super Bowl been invented only 1-2 years earlier, we are the ones facing off against the Packers and quite possibly pulling off the legendary upset that made Joe Namath famous a few years later. By 1966, the Bills weren't quite as good. They got upset by Kansas City (who was easily defeated by Green Bay in Super Bowl I). Buffalo continued to stink for the next several years, and didn't even win another division title until 1980. Today, the NFL doesn't even recognize championships won before the Super Bowl era. I think all teams have heartbreaking losses on their resume. What sets Buffalo apart are the unbelievable collapses, which defy the laws of mathematical probability, and no sane person could ever believe actually occurred without witnessing it. Until Sunday, what are the chances that a team could make a 4th-Down Goal Line stand with a minute left on the clock... then fumble the snap on a QB sneak, while attempting to run out the clock? Probably .0000000001 in a million. But here we are.
  15. Wow. Probably the most respect I've ever had for Tom Brady. Good for him being honest with Antonio Brown, and trying to make him aware of his self-destructive behavior. You have to wonder how many "friends" in Brown's circle refuse to tell him the truth. Not surprised that Brown lacks any self-awareness about his own antics, and thinks making this public will paint Brady in a bad light.
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