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  1. Not just the two guys we drafted this year. We also drafted AJ Epenesa with our first pick last year. And we still have two veterans who aren't going anywhere in Jerry Hughes and Mario Addison. And there are many who think Efe Obada could be a steal as a free agent signing. And the team has been developing Daryl Johnson for a few seasons. Defensive Line is important. But at some point you need to invest in other places on the roster. Hunter made sense 3 months ago. Not anymore.
  2. Not as a Buc. They may consider him worthy of being there again, since it will be with a different jersey.
  3. Most NFL running backs are on the decline before finishing their second contract. Basically around 27-28 years old. Bell's days as a top running back are long over. This isn't 2017. I don't think he could beat out Devin Singletary or Zack Moss at this point. And he clearly doesn't have the kind of team-first attitude we want on this team. The guy wasted an entire year (2018) in the prime of his career, on possibly the most ridiculous hold-out I've ever seen. The franchise tag was more than generous, and the agent who steered him in that direction should have been fire
  4. The signs have been pointing all offseason that Brandon Beane wants to upgrade at the Tight End position. He said it himself. There have been multiple reports from media insiders, who have made strong statements about the Bills interest in trading for a Tight End. The restructure of Diggs' contract is also pretty strong evidence they are looking to make a signing or trade. Something is going to happen. Eventually. Maybe it's Zach Ertz. Maybe it will be someone else. My guess is that Beane made an insulting offer to the Eagles, and they are holding out
  5. I could see a lot of Bills players step up this year. Devin Singletary People forget that he was pretty good as a rookie. I believe last year's run-game struggles were caused by a multitude of factors (blocking, gameplan), and not just the running backs. AJ Epenesa The lack of a true offseason. Plus the weight loss. Plus him being a rookie. Despite this, I think he flashed at times. Drafting two edge rushers is really going to push him, and I think he's ready for the task. Dane Jackson One of my weekly surprises last season was seeing
  6. Whaley clearly had an eye for talent. But something was missing as a General Manager. It was hard to put a finger on exactly what that was, until Brandon Beane/Sean McDermott took over. For an organization to be successful, the front office must have a seamless relationship with the coaching staff. You can't just throw "good football players" onto a roster. You must consider the scheme, the personality fit with teammates, etc. It's not a coincidence that Whaley clashed with both Doug Marrone and Rex Ryan, or that he's throwing his former co-workers under the bus
  7. It's a very interesting contract. Time will tell if it's really brilliant, or whether is totally mortgages the Chiefs in the future. Mahomes basically signed a 10-year, $450 million contract. But only about 15 percent of that was guaranteed. This allows them to basically restructure each offseason, guarantee him a couple more seasons and push his overall cap hit down. Starting next year, the cap hit on Mahomes goes from $7.4 million to $35.7 million. The year after, it goes to $46.7 million. As his contract currently stands, the Chiefs are setup with $40+ milli
  8. Good list. I was also thinking of ball security. He seems to fumble a lot when he's running. It's the only negative side to ability to run around outside the pocket. He also definitely hasn't played his best football in the playoffs, or against the other premier teams. I want to see him occasionally dominate (think Miami, Denver, San Francisco last year) when he's playing an elite opponent. As he mentioned himself, there are also some specific throws/patterns that he could stand to improve his accuracy and timing.
  9. This is a fantastic breakdown, and should give Bills fans optimism for the future. It usually takes 2-3 seasons before poor/subpar drafting starts hurting on the field. After this season, the contract for Patrick Mahomes is going to hit Kansas City hard in the salary cap. They will likely be forced to make some decisions on many of the core veterans. And they haven't really drafted well enough to replace the guys going out the door. I could easily see the Chiefs eventually turning into a Seattle-like situation, where the QB is forced to carry a mostly subpar roster.
  10. The key here is the timing. June 1st is a key date for trades/cuts, because of how dead money is converted off contracts. Brandon Beane could have restructured Stephon Diggs at pretty much anytime after the season ended. He could have signed a player like Steven Nelson or Richard Sherman months ago during free agency. There is no rush for him to extend either Josh Allen or Tremaine Edmunds. The fact this happened today in the A.M., tells me Beane is eying a post-June 1 cut/trade candidate.
  11. This exactly. It's why he made the Top #100 last year (even many Bills fans were shocked when that happened). The coaches/players know what Quarterbacks are legitimately tough to play against. They know who is getting propped up by schemes, and overrated by statistics. Don't forget that guys like Mitch Morse and Cole Beasley said they signed in Buffalo because they wanted to play with Josh Allen. And that was after his rookie season.
  12. Think of the movie 300 and how the Spartans worked together to form a wall of shields, which was difficult for the enemy to penetrate. The offensive line is similar. Communication is very important, and understanding where the other blockers are going to be. At the same time, you can't just bring back terrible players every year, and expect to succeed due to continuity. That's why I think it was brilliant for Beane/McDermott to totally overhaul the O-Line all in a single offseason. In a sense they ripped off the band-aid, and can now focus on keeping the same guys in place.
  13. 1-Tech DT was a problem last year for two reasons: - Star Lotulelei unexpectedly opted out due to Covid - Harrison Phillips struggled coming back from his ACL injury Lotulelei is back this year. And Phillips has gotten another offseason to recover. So we are back to the 2019 rotation, which did pretty well. Not to mention, the D-Line is already overcrowded (mostly at Edge, but many of those guys can kick inside). You can only keep so many guys at each position group. I'm just not thinking Beane will make a significant move at this position.
  14. I was actually going to say the same thing. The Bills are going to strive for more balance this year. You can tell by the way Beane/McDermott talk. One of the focus points will be on improving the run blocking, getting the backs more involved and exposing our QB to less hits. I still think we are pass-heavy, but it won't be as drastic as 2020. The losses on the D-Line and injuries at Linebacker hurt us more than anyone expected last season. With Star Lotulelei back, some young additions to the pass rush and everyone (hopefully) healthy, I also expect our defense t
  15. Throw for throw, Dan Marino was definitely a better quarterback. But Jim Kelly was a significantly better leader, and a master at dissecting a defense at the line of scrimmage. As strange as it sounds, I don't think the Bills have the same success with Marino under center. It's like comparing Peyton Manning to Tom Brady. Or Steve Young to Joe Montana. In my opinion, Manning/Young were better QBs in a head-to-head comparison. But there is an art to winning big games, and there is something Brady/Montana possess that is above anyone else who every played.
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