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  1. mjt328

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    To me, it's hilarious that "McDermott's awful conservative approach" was the WHOLE POINT of this thread. He's supposedly a TERRIBLE coach, because he refuses to attack and be aggressive. Yet, here is an example of the Bills aggressively going for the touchdown INSTEAD of getting the easy first down... And apparently, that was ALSO a bad call by this coaching staff.
  2. mjt328

    McDermott is going to cost us in a big game

    I get so tired of head coaches being second-guessed for everything. The Bills had a chance to the lead with less than 8 minutes left in the 4th Quarter, during a tie-game. The option was his kicker (who is one of the league's best) to hit from 56 --- or -- 4th and 8 with a rookie QB and inconsistent offense. His defense had been playing pretty well, so he had plenty of confidence they could stop the Jets from mounting another scoring drive. If the Bills went for it on 4th and then DID NOT make it, people would be screaming how McDermott should have been smart and just taken the points in that situation.
  3. mjt328

    Bills defense is overrated.

    Most players say the biggest jump is between Year 1 and Year 2. However, some players (Shaq Lawson for example) are late bloomers and take a little bit longer. I would say that with MOST players, you can tell what kind of NFL player they will be by the middle of Year 3. Also, I would strongly contest that Tremaine Edmunds has made "minimal progress" since the season began. Back in the Baltimore and San Diego games, he was getting absolutely targeted/picked on - and was a total liability in coverage. That isn't happening any more. Yes, he's making mistakes in gap assignments and doesn't always shed downfield blocks on running plays. But that happens to every Pro-Bowl linebacker in the league. Overall, he's been a solid player as a rookie, with room to grow into something better.
  4. mjt328

    Bills defense is overrated.

    Why can't you teach instincts? It's basically just reading a play, recognizing what is happening quickly and then reacting. There is absolutely no reason that with on-field experience, film study and proper coaching, that Tremaine Edmunds cannot improve in this area. It's like the people that say ACCURACY cannot be taught. Well, except that accuracy usually comes down to mechanics and footwork - and there are literally hundreds of experts employed by college and NFL teams to help QBs improve in these areas. And there are literally hundreds of NFL quarterbacks (including veterans) who say they have been able to improve their accuracy over the years.
  5. mjt328

    Bills defense is overrated.

    The biggest reason young players improve in Years 1, 2, etc. is experience. Virtually every NFL player (even the ones who play GREAT as rookies) talks about how difficult it is to process the difference from college to the pros. It takes time for the game to slow-down. This is not a difficult concept. Out of all the things that confuse/baffle me about this message board... This may be the most puzzling. I just can't understand how football fans who watch this sport ALL THE TIME, are determined to judge young players as busts as ROOKIES. People were saying the same thing last year about Zay Jones. They are saying the same thing about Josh Allen this year. Seriously. Do people just sit on their couches at home, and after 13 games say "Well, I guess that Edmunds guy is never going to get it." Honestly, it's ridiculous.
  6. mjt328

    Bills defense is overrated.

    They are still a good defense. But probably not as good as they appeared earlier in the season. With the offense finally putting up points, teams aren't playing as conservative against our defense. They are opening things up and attacking a little bit more. And we are getting exposed in several different areas. - Our linebackers (Milano and Edmunds) are often caught in the wrong gaps or getting swallowed up in the run game. I known many people think we need to move Edmunds to the outside, but don't forget that he's only 20-years-old and has a very large frame. Don't be surprised if the coaches get him to put some weight on in the offseason, to help with shedding blocks. And hopefully the instincts improve with time. - The pass rush is inconsistent. I find this to be the case with 95% of teams around the league. They get lots of pressure one week, but can't the next week. Since Leslie Frasier is not the type of guy who likes dialing up blitzes, that means we probably need some more help on the D-Line. Shaq Lawson, Trent Murphy, Harrison Phillips and Jordan Phillips are all good players and valuable to our rotation. But none are great at getting QB pressure. Kyle Williams was that guy for a long time, but he's not consistent anymore. If we get a Top 3-5 pick, don't be surprised if we go DT. - Behind Tre'Davious White, our play at cornerback has ranged from mediocre to awful. I like Taron Johnson in the slot, but we need another starting outside CB and some better depth. We've tried multiple guys here, but nobody has been impressive.
  7. When people start getting excited about Josh Allen's performance Sunday, the assumption is that we are talking about his rushing totals. But for me, the encouraging part is his growth in the passing game. Forget all the scrambles. Look at his first touchdown throw to Zay Jones. Look at his second touchdown throw to Zay Jones. Look at what SHOULD HAVE been a touchdown throw to Kelvin Benjamin (but he predictably dropped it). Look at the 3rd Down sideline pass from out of his endzone. Look at that touch pass to Patrick DiMarco down the sidelines. Heck... Even look at the final play of the game. Yes, it was a little bit short. But consider how much skill it took to even get the throw off - and realize it was a fingertip from being one of the most amazing plays the NFL has seen all year. How many guys have the scrambling ability AND arm to make that play? Maybe Rodgers, Newton and Mahomes?
  8. mjt328

    Where are you on the spectrum??

    I always try to be realistic. When they drafted Josh Allen, I honestly was disappointed. After reviewing almost all of the games from his senior year, I just felt like he had too much to improve on. With all the "sure thing" quarterbacks that fail in this league, why draft such a huge project - especially when a more NFL-ready QB was staring them right in the face (Josh Rosen). Since training camp, I have closely followed Allen's progress. I read all the training camp reports I could find. I watched every preseason snap. I've read up on All-22 Reviews during the season, and gone back after the games to re-watch all of his plays. I'm very aware that Allen's rushing ability will only get him so far. He needs to become a good NFL passer to ultimately be successful. So every time he breaks out a 25-yard scramble, I'm excited for the team, but I take it with a grain of salt when considering his development. With that said... I think the potential we see in Allen's passing ability and his growth over the last 3-4 months has been very apparent. From pocket presence, to reading the defense, to release time, to accuracy, etc. He is improving. Now he's obviously still got a ways to go, and if the growth stops here - he will ultimately flame-out as a long-term starter in this league. No doubt. But at the same time, the improvement we are already seeing is more than we EVER got from EJ Manuel. He's already in a place that JP Losman took at least 2-3 seasons to reach. And I think his downside has already reached Tyrod Taylor/Ryan Fitzpatrick levels. Comparing Allen to the other rookie QBs around the league, you can see that all 5 guys are making similar mistakes. It's just too early to tell about any of them. The encouraging thing about Allen is that: a) He was considered "rawer" than the other guys about 6 months ago, and has already reached about the same level, and b) His potential/ceiling is much higher.
  9. mjt328

    Bills fans thoughts on our meltdown this year?

    I don't follow the Packers really close, but I do watch 5-6 of their games each season. It's hard for me to believe Mike McCarthy is THE problem after almost 13 years of being successful at that job. Seems more like a case of the head coach being the scapegoat. In one sense, the Packers front office has it REALLY easy. They have possibly the NFL's best quarterback, meaning they are completely set at the most important position (and have been since about 1992). If they can build even a half-decent roster around him, they should always be in serious playoff contention. But at the same time, Aaron Rodgers counts for almost 12 percent of the team's salary cap - by himself. The Packers don't have the luxury to be big spenders in free agency, and are often forced to let young talent walk (Micah Hyde for instance) right in their prime. So even though the toughest position is already taken care of, they cannot afford lackluster drafts and really need to make sure every contract dollar counts. With that said, I don't think the Packers have drafted well over the last 3-4 years. And it's finally caught up to them. The roster around Rodgers is simply NOT good anymore. At 35 years old (and injured), he is struggling to carry it all by himself. Remember that Rodgers' game has always been about his athletic ability and arm strength, so age will factor quicker than with someone like Tom Brady or Drew Brees.
  10. Remind me what our D-Line looked like at the end of 2017. We desperately needed help. The reason Murphy and Lotulelei are "rotational" is because we were able to ALSO add Harrison Phillips in the draft, Jordan Phillips in free agency - not to mention convincing Kyle Williams to stay another year, and getting a breakout season from Shaq Lawson. Both were good adds. Not Pro-Bowlers. But players that help make this team better. And if you don't see the improvement in our Defense this season, you simply don't understand football. Plain and simple. And for the millionth time. This rebuilding project was not about JUST 2018. It was about the long-term future of this team. If Beane had used his resources on the offensive instead, everyone would be complaining that he "ignored" the defense.
  11. When Brandon Beane speaks, it shows how clueless many whiny-@$$ people on this board really are. He clearly sees the deficiencies in our offense. He clearly saw them last offseason. But wanting something and being able to realistically obtain them is not always the same thing. We didn't have the salary cap space or the interest from guys they wanted in Free Agency, so the money went towards the defensive holes instead. After landing Allen, the draft board just didn't make it worth reaching for offensive linemen or offensive weapons, compared to the defensive talent sitting there. Beane isn't trying to rebuild the 84 Bears. He wants a powerhouse offense that can put up 30+ points every week. But he's not going to shell-out terrible/overpriced contracts or reach in the draft, just to satisfy an impatient fanbase. He knows the way to properly build a team is by being patient and smart.
  12. I have the same question. If the Bills kept him on the roster for 4 more games, Kelvin Benjamin becomes an unrestricted free agent. Assuming he signs a decent contract (not sure how likely that is), it factors into the compensatory pick formula.
  13. mjt328

    Is Shady done?

    Early in the season, I thought the issues were more related to the O-Line and poor play at QB. But as the year has gone on, I'm becoming more skeptical. There are times that he's got a lane, and the acceleration just doesn't seem to be there anymore. At 30 years old and 10 years in the NFL, we shouldn't really be surprised though.
  14. mjt328

    Trent Murphy Cap Hit

    We badly needed help on the D-Line this offseason, and Trent Murphy has been a solid rotational DE when healthy. Part of the reason that he's playing less is because the "younger and healthier" Shaq Lawson is developing into one of our better players. Not because he is playing bad. Overall his cap hit (https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/trent-murphy-14456/) the next two years is pretty easy to manage ($6.8 and 7.2 million). Especially considering the large amount of cap space we have available. And if the Bills decide to move on, the dead cap is only $3.5 and $1.7 million in 2019-2020 - not the large number that you stated in the original post. I'm also curious about your comment of Beane/McDermott "losing the locker room" this season, which is a total joke with absolutely no basis. This team was a finger-tip catch away from winning 3 games in a row.
  15. mjt328

    Do Bills fans have a napoleon complex?

    People are overly critical of Josh Allen because: 1. Many people didn't like him as a prospect, hated the pick and were very vocal about it. If he succeeds, they will be wrong. Which is very tough for some people to admit. 2. Almost two decades of failure have much of the fanbase skeptical and pessimistic about anything involving this franchise. They are afraid to let themselves get excited that he might be good, out of fear of being disappointed.