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  1. If you have been following the NFL that long, you know that things change. The Pats don't have our number. They have clearly had our number for the last 20 years. But we dominated them the decade prior. Buffalo has also won the last few meetings against the Patriots when they have been without Tom Brady. I understand the respect people have for Bill Belichick. But his coaching clearly isn't overcoming the roster problems so far this year. Early in the season, opponents weren't expecting the drastic change in offensive style and were caught off guard by Cam Newton's running ability. Defenses have adjusted and now their lack of offensive weapons is killing them.
  2. Yes, but I think you are missing the overall point. The Rams game further amplifies my point about inconsistency. The Bills played fantastic at the start of that game. Then totally fell apart in the second half. And then needed to comeback and win the game. Why can't this team ever play good on offense AND defense? Why can't they play good for 4 full quarters?
  3. Coming up on the midpoint of the season, the Bills will either be sitting at 6-2 or 5-3, and will be in the driver's seat for winning the AFC East. Yet it's not a stretch to say most fans are disappointed in the team's overall performance. I believe the biggest problem is a lack of consistency. During the Brandon Beane/Sean McDermott era, this team seems totally incapable of putting together a FULL four-quarter performance on both sides of the ball. When the Offense plays good, the Defense struggles to stop anyone. When the Defense shuts opponents down, the Offense can't score. When the team gets a big lead, they inevitably fall apart in the second half. When the team starts flat, they often come back in the 4th Quarter. For weeks they are unstoppable in the Red Zone. Then suddenly, they go 0-9 in a single game on scoring a touchdown. At the end of the day, the Bills do usually seem to emerge with a victory. But games we should be winning in blow-outs, always end up becoming nail-biters. And of course, we can't seem to get over the hump against the best teams in the league. It's easy to spot the places where the Bills have been underperforming over the last several games. But the lack of consistency is still a disturbing trend overall, and something I can't quite put my finger on. Is it a problem with coaching and scheming opponents? Do our players have trouble staying focused? Thoughts?
  4. Eh. I'm enjoying the Patriots demise. The only thing missing is that Tom Brady isn't involved. But they DON'T have competent QB play. How many teams could make the claim... "We would have done fine, if only our QB didn't suck."
  5. After his rookie season, the book on Josh Allen was that he was a great runner and could sling it downfield (recall most of his success was throwing deep to Robert Foster). But he wasn't good enough from the pocket and didn't have the touch to be successful in the short game. So Allen worked on his biggest weaknesses in the offseason. He improved drastically on the short and intermediate passes, and got much better operating from the pocket. But his downfield accuracy just wasn't there, at least until the last quarter of the season. As the season wore on, teams adjusted to the short passes and his biggest problems came against Cover 1 and Cover 0 looks with heavy pressure. Again, Allen went to work on his biggest weakness this season. Start hitting those deep shots. And in his first three games of 2020, he shocked the league and boasted possibly the best downfield accuracy in the entire NFL. Agree with the post above. What we are seeing right now is defenses reverting back to their early 2019 strategy. Force Allen to be patient and use short passes to pick down the field gradually, instead of taking the deep shot. I don't know if it was due to the pressure of playing top level teams or the fear of playing from behind, but Allen clearly tried pushing the ball way too much against the Titans and Chiefs. Patience was the answer. Yesterday, the offense put together NINE drives into scoring position. I'm not going to excuse their inability to actually put the ball in the endzone. But nobody can argue the offense was successful at moving the ball yesterday.
  6. Actually, I think the teams have been pretty close to what I originally expected. The Bills still have 5 games against teams who are .500 and under (Patriots x2, Chargers, Broncos, Dolphins). Two of those will be against rookie QBs. So even if we struggle against the top teams in the NFL, there will still be opportunity to finish with double-digit wins and take the AFC East.
  7. I don't believe Josh Allen has regressed. Defenses have adjusted to take away the deep ball. Against the Titans and Chiefs, he wasn't patient enough to take the check-downs and struggled. That changed today, and he began taking what the defense gave him. Although we couldn't punch it in the endzone, the offense moved the ball on every drive and didn't even punt once. Overall, he played very well. Just because Allen has "broken out" doesn't mean he's a finished product, or that he's stopped developing. Today was greatly encouraging, because the Jets tried to do the same thing he was struggling with for two weeks... and he was able to overcome it and play very well. If he continues to show patience and willingness to pick teams apart, those deep throws will eventually start opening up again.
  8. Let's watch how the season plays out. The Bills were "battling for first in the division" in 2018-2019 too. Then the Pats kicked our teeth in. If Arizona loses tonight, they will be 2.5 games out of 1st place and will have lost 3 out of 4.
  9. Only ran for 100 because of Allen. We don't need to be the Titans. But at some point, we need to establish a semi-successful running game with our RBs.
  10. Before the season, I said a successful 2020 would be: - Winning double-digit games - Winning the AFC East - Winning at least one playoff game The Bills are on pace to do the first two. But the last two weeks, I'm becoming more skeptical they can accomplish the third task. After 17 years without the playoffs, it's hard to complain at any measure of success. But if Sean McDermott goes into the offseason boasting an 0-3 record in the postseason, there are going to be a lot of fans questioning his ability to eventually lead us to a championship.
  11. Agree the problem is not coaching. But the most successful teams are not one-dimensional.
  12. Last year, everyone was complaining because Daboll was too conservative and not throwing enough. The last three games everyone is complaining because Daboll is throwing too much. The problem (as it usually is) is not with coaching. It's with our players not performing. Coming into the season, the story on Josh Allen was that he couldn't hit the deep ball. So over the first 3-4 games, defenses dared him to beat them over the top. And Allen responded by putting up MVP-like numbers with the deep ball. At the same time, the Bills were struggling to establish any kind of running game. What we have seen recently, is opposing defenses adjusting to our success throwing the ball deep. Similar to what WE did against the Chiefs, they are leaving open the check-downs and daring us to run the ball consistently. Against the Titans and Chiefs, Allen was not patient enough to take the check-downs. Instead, he tried forcing the ball down the field into coverage. Thankfully, Allen did a better job of this today. But we STILL haven't really established a running game. And it's one of the main reasons we also struggled in the Red Zone. Simply put. Our run blocking has been atrocious this year. This is not on Daboll. This is mostly on our interior line/guards, who are not getting any kind of push. Hopefully this changes when we get back Jon Feliciano.
  13. The Bills will run Sean McDermott's defensive scheme as long as he's the head coach. Period. Leslie Frasier is just calling the plays. But don't be fooled. This defense is McDermott's, and nothing in that scheme is going to change. Go back and look at his defenses before coming to Buffalo, and what kind of players they needed to be successful. Our current scheme/system is almost identical to what Carolina ran during its best years. The 2015 Panther team (which went 15-1) actually featured Star Lotulelei, Mario Addison and Josh Norman in the starting lineup. Tremaine Edmunds/Matt Milano are basically the Bills version of Luke Kuechly/Thomas Davis. Ed Oliver is the Bills answer to Kawaan Short. As I've said before. The Bills DO NOT need a total defensive overhaul. They don't need a totally new group of players on the D-Line. They don't need to move Edmunds and get a thumper at MLB. None of that fits what McDermott does. What we need is someone to fill-in for the loss of Lotulelei, and we need Milano to come back healthy.
  14. There are several reasons for Gregg Williams failing. Going back to his first year, Williams took over a team that clearly didn't need a full-blown rebuild. Two years earlier, the Bills had finished 11-5 and were considered a Super Bowl contender. The next year, they finished 8-8. But they still had tons of talent and one of the best defenses in the NFL. Most fans believed they just needed stronger leadership than Wade Phillips to get back to premiere status in the AFC. But Williams (and GM Tom Donahoe) came in and totally dismantled the franchise. They got rid of fan-favorite Doug Flutie at QB, blew up our massively successful 3-4 defense and proceeded to finish their first season 3-13. In my opinion, Donahoe did a pretty good job of stockpiling talent over the next couple years. The 2002-2003 Bills teams were actually pretty loaded with Pro-Bowlers. Drew Bledsoe, London Fletcher, Takeo Spikes, Sam Adams, Lawyer Milloy, etc. But it never really came together on the field. Building a team is like assembling a puzzle. Each coach has a different idea scheme/system, along with a different style and personality. To succeed, that coach needs to not only have talented players.... but also have players that fit into the puzzle that he's creating. For some reason, our talent just never meshed with what Williams wanted to do. Of course, all of these events also coincided with the emergence of the Patriots/Belichick/Brady, making it extremely difficult for anybody in the AFC East to have a real chance at winning that division.
  15. Fair argument. They certainly could have signed someone. Just like they could still sign someone today or tomorrow. My point is that prior to Free Agency/Draft, it's easier for a GM to come up with a solid plan to replace a position. Once those dates have passed, the options are usually not great. Just because some DTs have been signed elsewhere, doesn't mean they would have been a good move for us. I agree with you, that Beane believed either Harrison Phillips or Vernon Butler could fill the void. And he was wrong about that. Either way, the Bills are still 4-2 and could still sign someone to fix the hole at DT.
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